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Poni Island.png

Poni Island is an island in the Alola region which is almost deserted. It is mostly used for training or trading according to the NPCs. The Guardian Deity is Tapu Fini and can be found in the Ruins of Hope. The island consists of:

Island Challenge

There are only one Trial Captain and Island Kahuna.

Name Class Location Type Totem Pokémon
No Trial Captian No Trial Captain Vast Poni Canyon Dragon 784Kommo-o.png
Mina.pngMina Trial Captain Seafolk Village Fairy 743Ribombee.png
Hapu.pngHapu Kahuna Vast Poni Canyon Ground No Totem (Kahuna Battle)


  • Hapu was appointed Kahuna by Tapu Fini the minute the player character enters the Ruins of Hope. The previous Kahuna had passed away some years prior to Sun and Moon.
  • The first trial was held on this island.
  • Poni Island is based on Kauai.
  • Poni Island's name comes from the Hawaiian word "poni," meaning "purple," as both Tapu Fini, the island's guardian god, and Hapu, its kahuna, are associated with the color. It may also come from "pony" as Hapu's signature Pokémon is the horselike Mudsdale.
  • Poni Island is the only island where Ash Ketchum never partook in a minor trial prior to a Grand Trial.