This Ludicolo is a Water/Grass-type Pokémon owned by Poncho.


AG067 7

Ludicolo using Protect against Ash's Corphish's Bubble Beam.

Poncho came with Ludicolo to entertain the heroes. Seeing their sandwiches, Poncho challenged Ash to a battle, who sent Corphish to battle against Ludicolo. Corphish started with Vice Grip, but Ludicolo dodged and used Protect against its Bubble Beam attack. Ludicolo used Double Team to surround Corphish. Corphish started banishing the illusions with Crabhammer, but the actual Ludicolo used Focus Punch, heavily damaging Corphish. The latter tried to use Vice Grip and Bubble Beam, but, like before, Ludicolo evaded the attacks and used Protect. Corphish attempted to use Crabhammer, but was defeated by Ludicolo's Focus Punch and Hyper Beam attacks. Poncho was pleased and took away the sandwiches, which he and Ludicolo ate. However, Poncho felt bad for taking the sandwiches, even if it was a part of a bet. Corphish arrived to challenge Ludicolo once more, but they were attacked by Team Rocket. Fortunately, Corphish managed to rescue Poncho and Ludicolo and blasted Team Rocket away. Per Ash's request, Poncho sent Ludicolo against Ash's Torkoal. Ludicolo evaded its Flamethrower attack and retaliated with Focus Punch, but Torkoal countered the attack with Iron Defense. Ludicolo created illusions with Double Team, but was burned by Torkoal's Flamethrower. The rest of the battle, however, was not shown.

Known moves

  • Using Double Team
  • Using Protect
  • Using Focus Punch
  • Using Hyper Beam
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