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Polteageist (ポットデス Pottodesu) is a Ghost-type Pokémon introduced in Generation VIII.



Polteageist resembles a living teapot. It has a pair of yellow swirly eyes and a purple body. Its feet dangles at the bottom of its body as well.


If it gains its trainer's trust, Polteageist may allow its tea to be sampled. However, anyone who consumes this type of tea in large amounts will have an upset stomach.

Polteageist seeks refuge within the table-wares of houses and eating establishments. It is able to reproduce itself via transferring its own powers inside leftover tea. Because of this, Polteageist is often considered to be a pest in people's homes.

Natural abilities

Polteageist's body is made entirely out of black tea, which is believed to have a very distinct aroma and flavor.


  • Polteageist is similar to Rotom and Honedge:
    • All are based on the concept of a ghost/specter living inside an inanimate object.
    • Polteageist, Rotom, and Honedge are Ghost-types, with Polteageist having a single type as Rotom is part Electric and Honedge is part Steel.


Polteageist is most likely based on a ghost inhabiting a teapot. More specifically, it may be inspired by the morinji-no-okama, a youkai spirit from Japanese folklore that manifests as a possessed tea kettle.


Poltegeist's English name is a combination of poltergeist and tea.

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