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Pokkén Tournament is a fighting game developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It was teased in August 2013 in a Japanese event. On August 26, 2014, it was officially announced by Famitsu. It was released in Japanese arcades on July 16, 2015, and eventually released worldwide on the Wii U on March 18, 2016.


The game features the traditional arcade fighting style. Pokémon fight with the same moves they have in main series. They can also Mega Evolve. However, despite having gameplay from the Tekken series, characters from Tekken aren't featured or playable in the game.[1]


Pokken all characters.PNG



  • Cubone - Uses Bonemerang to attack the opponent from a distance. The attack also drags opponents in closer.
  • Diglett - Uses Dig to attack opponents from below.
  • Magneton - Uses Tri Attack to attack the opponent from a distance. It can cause two random negative statuses if it hits.
  • Quagsire - Uses Mud Bomb to attack the opponent from the ground.
  • Dragonite - Uses Draco Meteor to attack the opponent over a large area.
  • Victini - Uses V-Create to heal HP, refill the Synergy Gauge, and make all the users attacks critical hits. The opponent can also get damaged if they interact with Victini while it flies offscreen.
  • Espeon - Uses Morning Sun to remove any negative statuses and heal HP. More health is recovered if there is less time in the match.
  • Umbreon - Uses Snarl to absorb the opponents Synergy Gauge and prevent critical hits.


  • The name Pokkén is derived from Pokémon and Tekken. The game's logo is similar to Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
    • Interesingly, the game is named Pokémon Tekken in German.
  • The fighting engine is somehow a combination of other 3-D arena-based fighting games, such as the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series and Dissidia Final Fantasy.
  • The special attack combos are similar to Rage Arts from the upcoming Tekken 7.
  • It is the only Pokémon production in where its' English dub wasn't recorded in the United States. Instead the dub was recorded in Japan in where the voice cast was comprised of native English-speakers.
  • The Wii U version of Pokkén Tournament has no playable Bug or Steel-type Pokémon, and no versions of the game have any playable Normal-type Pokémon.
  • The Pokkén controller also works on PlayStation 3. The logistics behind the tech to cause such an enigma remain unknown.