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For the Japanese, Korean and Chinese series that encompass this and Pokémon the Series: Gold and Silver, see Pokémon (Original Series).

English logo of "Pokémon the Series: The Beginning"

Pokémon the Series: The Beginning is the first series of Pokémon the Series which follows Ash's adventures through Kanto and the Orange Islands and corresponds with Generation I. In Japan and elsewhere in east Asia, it is the first and second part of the original 1997 Pocket Monsters anime.

The series covers a rookie Trainer from Pallet Town, Ash Ketchum, who begins his journey as a Trainer to become the most powerful Pokémon Master all of time. As Ash overslept on the day he was supposed to receive his Starter Pokémon, he ended up getting a disobedient Pikachu. However, after Ash protected it from a flock of angry Spearow, Pikachu began to earn Ash's trust and became his close companion. Joining him on his journey is a Water-type specialist from Cerulean City, Misty and the Pewter City Gym Leader, who also wants to be a Pokémon Breeder, Brock. During the course of their journey, Brock and Misty act as Ash's mentors and guide him throughout the series. Following them are Team Rocket, a villainous group that becomes obsessed with stealing Ash's Pikachu.

After Ash lost in the Kanto Pokémon League against one of his rivals, Ritchie, he was asked by Professor Oak to retrieve a mysterious Poké Ball, the GS Ball, so he could study it. In doing so, Ash traveled through the Orange Islands with Misty while Brock decided to stay with Professor Ivy for a while. They were soon accompanied by a Pokémon Watcher named Tracey Sketchit and soon after sailing through the islands with the help of a lost baby Lapras. This season ends with Ash managing to win the Orange League.

Once Ash and his friends returned with the GS Ball, Professor Oak couldn't figure out how to open the ball. Gary Oak, Ash's childhood rival, informs them of the Johto region where an old man named Kurt makes Poké Balls out of Apricorns. Professor Oak instructed Ash to take the Poké Ball to Kurt and in doing so, compete in the Johto League. During his travels to Johto, Ash is accompanied once again by Brock and Misty, while Tracey decides to stay in Pallet Town and work as Professor Oak's assistant.






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Name(s) Countries Television Services Day(s) and Time(s) Opening(s) and Ending(s) First and Last Airdate(s) Reruns
Pokémon the Series: The Beginning United States
United States
First-run syndication
Kids WB![Notes 1]
(The WB)
Unknown See here Unknown
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Sky One
SM:tv LIVE[Notes 2]/GMTV
(ITV plc)
8-8:25AM[Notes 3] CITV[Notes 4] (2019)
POP (May 13—June 17, 2019[Notes 5]
(Corus Entertaiment)
Weekdays - 4:00PM Unknown
Network 10
(Ten Network Holdings)
New Zealand
New Zealand
  1. ^ Program block
  2. ^ Morning program block
  3. ^ GMTV
  4. ^ "Snack Attack"
  5. ^ Aired in a near random order; missing episodes aired on June 30 and July 6, 2019)