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Pokémon is a multi-media franchise that's owned and developed by the major Japanese games manufacturer, Nintendo. It is second only to the company's Mario Brothers franchise in terms of profitability — making it the world's second most lucrative video game franchise. Pokémon gets its fan base hooked on creature collection — to complete what's called the Pokédex — in order to achieve various goals and to improve their combat abilities. The franchise exists as several video games, a trading card game, televised anime, manga, and even theatrical films.
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Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games are released! Make sure to join the adventure in Hoenn and share your experiences!
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    Pokemon News - 06-03-16

    March 14, 2016 by Ellis99

    With your weekly Pokémon news blogs and reporter, Ellis99.

    This week, Shuffle events, 3DS themes, Pokken, etc.

    More Shuffle events have been released.

    A challenge for Kabutops has been released which wi…

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    With your weekly Pokémon news blogs and reporter, Ellis99.

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Outside the Pokédex
People find all sorts of different ways to enjoy the Pokémon experience, from exploring its music to attending conventions to playing in big tournaments. Pokémon isn't just about the Pokémon World itself; it's also a franchise that can help keep you social. Don't believe us? Check out these videos!
It may surprise the uninitiated, but Pokémon includes substantial library of songs over which players can bond. Here's the fun "Gotta Catch 'Em All Mix" — but there are plenty more! See how Pokémon has become a global community at events like the 2014 Pokémon World Championships — not to be confused with the in-universe Pokémon World Tournament. People like Pokémon for any number of reasons. In this video from 2013, players explain what's so great about the card game.
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Sudowoodo (ウソッキー Usokkii) is a Rock-type Pokémon introduced in Generation II. (more...)
National Dex: 185
Type(s): Rock
Species: Imitation Pokémon
Abilities: Sturdy, Rock Head, Rattled DW
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