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This page describes a user's conduct of editing their personal page.

The userpage is a user's expression of who they are and what they do on wiki. Mixed with the userpage are the Message Walls and user subpages a user has created; this is called a person's userspace.


While everyone is allowed to have a userpage, a user cannot continuously edit their page as it will be considered spam. If a user is performing said "fluff" editing, they will be warned by the wiki's administration, and if it continues, may be issued a short block.

Users found editing other users' userpages without consent will be given a warning and/or be given a short block. However, this may slide for users fixing minor template/spelling fixes to a userpage.

Users cannot use certain templates. This is due to the fact certain templates add categories, which are only fit to be used for articles, not for profile pages. The templates will be removed and users warned.

A user shouldn't make their own templates just to place them on their own page. Instead, the code of that template can simply be used on the userspace. Codes can be tested at a user's personal sandbox by creating a page at MyPage/sandbox.

A user must not place links to articles that don't exist. Instead, they can link to a user's sandbox pages, or using external links.

Categories and Links[]

User subpages and blogs should not be placed in any categories, this includes putting them in existing categories that are intended to only be used with main pages or creating new categories that are not related to Pokémon. These user pages should also not link to non-existent pages, which especially includes redlinks to pages not about Pokémon.

User images[]

Personal images can be placed in the user namespace, which means they can only be used on the userpage, or in their Message Wall greeting. However, users are only allowed to upload ten images to their userspace. Any other images must be uploaded to other hosting sites, like Imgur.

The image cannot:

  • Be a real-life image of a user
  • Include vulgar language
  • Display explicit content