The user page policy is a policy that applies to any user's profile page and discussion page.

  • User page:
    • Users cannot use certain templates. This is due to the fact certain templates add categories, which are only fit to be used for articles, not for profile pages. The templates will be removed and users warned.
    • Images intended for the sole purpose of a User page can be of other subjects other than Pokémon.
    • No more than three personal images are allowed to be uploaded and/or displayed on a user page. However, images that are being used in actual articles do not count toward the upload/display limit.
    • Above all, images must be clean or "workplace safe". This means images with excessive violence and/or gore, nudity, obscene text or gestures, offensive material to any person's ethnicity, religion or beliefs, and any other material that is likely to offend or disturb someone is not allowed.
  • User talk page:
    • Users cannot remove any content from their user talk page. Exceptions vary, from insults, advertisements or trolling content. If the user feels a subject can be considered as offensive, they can contact an administrator to review the subject.
    • When the user has 20 or more headers on their talk page, they can archive the talk page. To archive the talk page, the user needs to create a new page, named "User talk:<user>/Archive #", where the "#" is the number of the archive.