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This page is place where user can put a proposal forward to be voted on whether it should be approved or denied.

Rules and information[]

Modifications to policies, template mergers, format changes for specific types of pages (such as characters, moves, games, etc.), anything relating to the wiki's interface, and other changes are all considered proposals.

User rights proposals cannot be considered here because they have their own section. The administration is responsible for bringing any changes to the discussions board, and proposals for such changes are also not accepted here.

Requirements to Submit a Proposal[]

  1. You must have edited for more than three months and have more than 250 mainspace edits before the start of polling.
  2. All proposals will last for two weeks, unless discussion has closed after that time, in which case it may be extended at an Administrator's discretion. At this point, the proposal will be archived by a Content Moderator or higher.
  3. All suggestions must receive at least three votes in order to be approved, although the person making the proposal is not permitted to cast a vote in favor of it.
  4. Users must not use more than one account to vote.
  5. Please be clear, in your, title about what you are proposing.
  6. Sign all comments with four tildes.

Voting Criteria[]

  • You must be over three months old on the wiki.
  • You must provide a reason for your vote.
  • You must have over 250 main-space edits.
    • However, if you have less, you express your opinions about the proposal instead.