NPOV (Neutral Point Of View) is a policy contained in almost every wiki or encyclopedia, including the Pokémon Wiki. This policy states that all articles are to be written without bias and with fair views. The purpose of this is to deal with conflicting viewpoints by taking a stand in not leaning to one view or another, but by remaining neutral. When bias is included into an article, it must be removed or written differently.

Being Neutral When Writing

Articles that contain subjects of debate should not be sympathetic or in objection to any side of the argument. Instead the article should present both sides, should they be a key factor to the article itself, without engaging in the argument.

When discussing the material, background should be provided on who believes what and why, and which view is more involved in popular consensus. Writers must think of it as being purely analytical, describing the sides of the debate without stating which is better.

Using certain terms in description of something must also be closely watched. Using negative statements such as "this character sucks" in an article is by no means allowed. In addition using other non-negative terms to describe something may also be unacceptable. Describing things with phrases such as "the best" or with words like "beautiful", should not be used when writing. These are matters of personal opinion and not of a neutral point of view. Should it be necessary to state something like the previous, talk pages should be used instead of articles.