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This page lists rules about images and videos uploaded on the Pokémon Wiki.


  1. Uploaded images that are placed on articles must have a descriptive name - a name that represents the image. Images with gibberish names will be deleted and edits reverted.
    • Images on other communication pages can be added, however.
    • Specifically for episode and chapter pages, it is advised to use the format containing up from two to four letters, three numbers and number of the image for that episode, as well as the image extension. E.g. for episode "TB001: Pokémon - I Choose You!", the image is named "TB001 1.png", the second one is "TB001 2.png" etc.
  2. The images must not be copied from other fan sites, such as Bulbapedia, Filb.de or Serebii (you must ask Joe Merrick, the owner of Serebii, to use his site's images). Such images will be deleted.
  3. It is favored upon if the images are of good quality, without company logos, and of high resolution. Replacing images with small or low-quality images, or images with logos (e.g. Cartoon Network) results in a block.
  4. For articles, it is preferable to upload PNG images instead of JPG or GIF formats.
    • PNG format should be used whenever possible, except for lists pages that display episodes or chapters.
  5. Images must be categorized whenever possible. A category can be written during or after uploading the image.
  6. Images can have a short summary, containing a basic description of what the image represents, where has it been copied from or from which episode or chapter it is from.
  7. Fan-art images cannot be placed on articles.
  8. Images that are not placed on any page on the Wiki will be deleted.
  9. Images must have one of these license tags:
License tags
Tag Description
{{Fairuse}} Fairuse template is used on most files: it is used to tag an image that passes the U.S. copyright laws. Images from games, manga, anime or any other official media should be tagged with this template. Self-made images can be tagged with this license.
{{PD}} If the image is released in Public Domain or its license has expired, it should be tagged with PD template.
{{GFDL}} GFDL template is used for images tagged by GNU Free Documentation License.
{{From Wikimedia}} Wikimedia template tags an image taken from a different Wikimedia. Preferably, linking to the source is permitted.
{{CC-BY}} CC-BY (a newer version of CC-SA license) template notes that the image originates from FANDOM. Thus, any image or video should be tagged with this license, and a link to the source should be provided as well.
{{Unknown}} The unknown template simply means that the source is unknown. This template should be avoided.


  1. A video must strictly feature official content about Pokémon franchise.
  2. Videos should be under 5 minutes short.
  3. Videos should be categorized in a similar manner like images do.
  4. Videos should originate from official channel sites, like the official Pokémon channel on YouTube.
  5. Other videos should not be uploaded, but can be placed as a link to that video.