Pokémon Wiki Standards: General
  • The Pokémon Wiki is not a hosting site, we are not Facebook; user pages should contain content about your wiki information and how you will improve the site.
  • If the article is smaller than 300 bytes please put stub template on the article.
  • Do not tag for deletion if it is unneeded.
  • Edit articles with correct and accurate official information*.
  • Create an account before editing if you do not already have an account.
  • No fan art allowed.
  • If you have finished an article more than two paragraphs and has a stub template tagged on it, please remove it
  • Do not copy content from Bulbapedia or any other site with incompatible licensing.
Pokémon Wiki Standards: Etiquette
  • No cussing on talk pages. (Mild words such as "damn", "hell", and "crap" don't count as cussing.)
  • No edit warring.
  • Please sign all messages with four of these ~~~~.
  • If a message is unsigned or you forgot to sign it, add the {{Unsigned}} template to the message.
    • Don't come back to the comment to resign it outside of the same minute frame, signing it later results in an incorrect timestamp.
Pokémon Wiki Standards: Talk Pages
Pokémon Wiki talk guidelines
  • Do not add random opinions relating to the subject of the article on talk pages, that is what the forum is for, messages such as these will be removed.
  • User talk pages are not extensions of user pages, talk pages are not meant for the user's personal content and info such as that will be reverted/removed.
  • User talk pages messages should not be deleted or removed, but instead archived, this is the suggested method and if an administrative warning is in the messages, it is required that you have it in the archive.
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