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The Pokémon Wiki Discussion Board is a place for like-minded people to gather. As with any Discussion Board, there are rules (with different categories found below) that are enforced by staff (Discussion Moderators and Administrators).

General Guidelines

These rules apply to everyone on the Pokémon Wiki Discussion Board.

  • Be civil and respectful to everyone, especially to differing opinions. Slurs, insults and similar discourse (even if made in joke) will not be tolerated.
  • Sharing/requesting personal images or information is prohibited, in the interest of our members' privacy. Sharing/requesting of pirated/banned (from FANDOM) content/links are also not allowed.
    • Asking to download or sharing links about Pokémon ROM hacks is strictly prohibited.
    • The sharing of links related to illegal emulators (which can be easily downloaded on phones or PCs) is strictly prohibited.
      • Screenshot sharing is included.
    • Sharing usernames of other irrelevant sites is strictly prohibited.
  • This is an English-language community. Only English language can be used here.
  • Spamming, trolling, vandalizing and impersonation of famous personalities are strictly prohibited and will result in a block. Returning on an alternate account after getting blocked is also not allowed as that constitutes sock-puppetry, and will also result in a block.
    • New account creation needs to be approved by an Administrator or Discussions Moderator.
  • More than three identical comments in frequent intervals is deemed spamming.
  • Reposting is not allowed.
    • However, if your post has less than three comments, you can message an active Discussions Moderator, get your post locked, and then repost.
  • Do not type in all caps. It is annoying and equivalent of shouting, and just causes unnecessary hysteria.
  • Mentioning users who are trolls, have left the Discussion Board or against their will is strictly prohibited.
  • No inappropriate usernames or profile pictures. Staff will request that you amend any offending content within eight hours, failing which a block will be issued.
  • Role-playing is strictly prohibited.
  • Keep posts and comments relevant to the topic. Irrelevant discussions will result in disciplinary actions.
  • Necroposting (commenting on very old posts) is not allowed. If you find anyone commenting on those posts, report them to staff members in the Pokémon Center post. However, this rule does not apply to posts created by staff.
  • Do not practice/promote mini-modding in the discussions. Users may help Discussions Moderators by using the REPORT POST button.

Post and Poll Rules

These rules apply to member-created polls and posts. Failure to abide will result in the poll/post being taken down.

Post Rules

  • Posts with meaningful questions such as, What/Who/Which is your favorite/least favorite, are allowed.
  • Posts directed only at another user are not allowed - these belong in chat or the user's talk page.
  • Posts and replies that only consist of mere emojis/emoticons with no other discernible context or depth will be deleted. Shipping posts are also prohibited.
  • Classify your posts in the right categories. If you unknowingly made an irrelevant post, your post will be locked with advice from the staff. Repeated instances of the irrelevant posts will be deleted immediately.

Poll Rules

  • Comparison polls are not allowed.
    • Exceptions to comparison polls:
      • If you have hosted an event and want to compare multiple participants' drawings/fusions/designs using polls.
      • Polls asking to compare - fanmade - drawings/designs/fusions (with the permission of the original creators).
  • Polls asking questions such as "What/Who/Which is your favorite/least favorite" and "Who will return/not return" are not allowed.
  • Meaningful polls asking for opinions are allowed. (Examples of meaningful polls include "Should I do A or B?". Examples of bad polls include "Is this Pokémon/character good/bad?").
  • An individual can make two polls per day.

Art Rules

These rules apply to members sharing artworks. Failure to abide will result in the artwork being taken down.

  • You must put your signature on your art piece. An artwork with no information related to the artist will be deleted for obvious reasons.
  • You must not trace any picture or artwork. If you are using something as a reference, give credits to the original artist as well.
  • Any posted art falling under the NSFW/L category will be taken down immediately.
  • Criticism must be fair and constructive. If it's just bashing, your comment will be deleted.
  • An individual is allowed to post two artwork per day.

Contest Rules

These requirements apply to members looking to host their events or contests.

  • To host an event, you must have at least 500 discussions posts.
  • Only one event at once.
  • Individuals are free to decide what kind of event do they want to post (must be related to Pokémon).
  • You must first share your contest details and request to have at least two interested Discussions Moderators assigned. At least two Discussions Moderators will be actively monitoring your contest.
  • You may request for your contest in this post. You may also see the list of ongoing contests here.

Indefinite Running posts

Several indefinite running posts hosting popular topics have been created for members to share respective content.

Important posts

While Staff are free to comment in the post allotted to members, the members are restricted from commenting in post allotted to the staff.

Pokémon Center post

Pokémon Center is a post where Discussions Moderators answer your questions, listen to your recommendations, and solve your problems related to the community.

Additionally, you can report users, posts or comments that violate the community guidelines.

Do not make a fuss about their decisions in public. If you feel you have been wrongfully punished, take it up on their talk pages. Message Administrators only when you have approached the Discussions Moderator and the issue was not resolved.

Discussion Council post

Discussion Council has been created for the Discussions Moderators (aka Councillors), where they are free to discuss, suggest or vote on any topic. The head of the Council is a Head Discussions Moderator (aka Head Councillor).

Functions of the Discussion Council

Some of the following points have been given about the Council:

  • With the support of a majority, the Council may pass new suggested features to the Discussion Board.
  • The Council can also pass block decisions with the support of a majority.
  • The Council is free to question or discuss the decisions or actions of any fellow Councillor.
  • A Councillor is allowed to make announcements or important posts with the consent of the majority.
  • AMA (ask me anything) related discussions will also take place in this post.
  • Promotion of new Newscasters will also be discussed in this post.
  • A Councillor must seek the advice and consent of two or more Thread Moderators before locking/unlocking any indefinite running post. Off-topic post, too. Administrators or Head Discussion Moderator can lock/unlock any post at their discretion.
  • If a fellow Thread Moderator has removed/locked someone's post or comment, it is mandatory to discuss with them before restoring/unlocking it.
  • All Councilors will discuss in this post.

Procedure for passing the resolution

Whenever a proposal for new features is tabled, the Councilors will discuss it for one week and vote in favor or against it with valid reasons. The same applies for block decisions but the time limit will be three days. The approval of the Head Discussions Moderator is necessary to extend the time limit. Once the motion is agreed to by a majority, the Administrator will be informed for its implementation or action. If this does not require administrative action, the Head Discussion Moderator may also enforce it on behalf of the Administrators.

Categories Information

The posts in Discussions Board are categorized into nine different categories.

  • General: For General works.
  • Fan Creations: Sharing self made artwork or any fan content post under this category.
  • Theories/Opinions: Can share theories and opinions under this category.
  • Polls: Can make polls under this category.
  • Fun and Games: Can make fun and game (except Pokémon GO, Pokémon Masters and Pokémon Showdown) posts under this category.
  • Anime and Manga: Can make anime or manga related posts under this category.
  • Events: Can host events/contests under this category.
  • Weekly Updates: Weekly news updates will be flashed under this category.
  • Important posts: Can comment on posts made by staff. Posts under this category will be made by staff only.
  • Staff Announcements: Staff use this category to announce updates, news, etc. Posts under this category will be made by staff only.


Discussion Staff are a very important part of the Pokémon Wiki Discussion Board, as they help regulate the discussions area.

  • Respect staff and their decisions.
  • Complaints related to staff should be discussed on talk pages only. Any such comments outside of talk pages will be deleted immediately.
  • Do not mention staff unnecessarily.
  • Disrespecting staff of other wikis in here, or our staff in other wikis is strictly prohibited. The offender will be banned.