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The Pokémon Wiki Discord is a place where people can discuss freely with wiki editors, staff members, and other Pokémon lovers.

Community rules are mentioned in this page.

Community Guidelines

There are a few sub-categories in this section, in which all the community rules are mentioned.

General Guidelines

These are general rules, which apply to the entire community.

  • Read the Discord Terms of Services and the Guidelines.
  • Respect everyone and their differing opinions.
  • Only English comments are allowed.
  • No usage of foul language (exceptions are damn, hell, and crap and their euphemisms).
  • No slurs and insults are allowed.
  • No soliciting of any personal information from anyone on the server.
  • No spamming, trolling, vandalizing, and unnecessary all-caps comments.
  • No impersonation of famous personalities or other users.
  • Do not advertise any server link inside the server. Any kind of promotion (including DM advertising) is also strictly prohibited.
  • Sharing links and attaching files (in the chatting lounge) is a privilege given to very few members.
  • No NSFW content and related discussions.
  • No alt accounts without staff permission.
  • Initiating a conversation related to a banned user of the server is strictly not allowed.
  • Every channel has its purpose detailed in its description. Do read them and post content accordingly.
  • No requests for any piracy-related downloads and links to emulators, ROMs, etc.
  • Returning on a new account after being banned is not allowed and is against Discord ToS.
  • No inappropriate profile pictures or usernames.
  • DO not mention the staff team unnecessarily.
  • If you have a query and want a staff member's assistance, mention them separately or DM them.
  • Mini-modding is not allowed. If you find something going the wrong way, you can simply contact the available staff to sort things out. However, jumping in the matter for no apparent reason and trying to moderate on your own shall not be tolerated. In addition, members involved might be banned by the staff as well.
  • Do not raise a fuss about moderation actions taken against you on the server. If you feel that you have been wrongfully punished, please DM a higher-level staff for assistance.
  • The exploitation of rule loopholes is not allowed. Kindly forward any loopholes via DM to the staff members.
  • The rules listed in this channel are non-exhaustive. The Administration reserve the right to add/append the rules at any point in time. In general, if common sense tells you that what you are thinking to do is against the rules, it probably is and it would behoove you to avoid doing it at all.

Art Rules

The rules below are for community artists.

  • You must put your signature on your art piece.
  • Artwork with no information related to the artist will be deleted for obvious reasons.
  • You must not trace any picture or artwork. If you are using something as a reference, give credits to the original artist as well.
  • Any posted art falling under the NSFW category will be taken down immediately.
  • Criticism must be fair and constructive. If it's just bashing, you'll be muted, or removed.

Fanfiction Rules

These rules are in place for those who share fanfics in the community.

  • Links to these fanfiction/host sites will be allowed: Fanfiction.net, Wattpad, archiveofourown, Google Drive, and FANDOM Pokémon Wiki. All other fanfiction sites are prohibited.
  • Links to NSFW fanfictions housed within the allowed fanfic links, as well as posting of NSFW links disguised as accepted links are strictly disallowed. Offenders will be banned from the server. Users are encouraged to report such links to the staff if they encounter them.

Bot and Voice Rules

These rules are for those who use our community's bot and voice channels.

  • Use bot commands in the bot-commands channel only. Music commands should only be used in the music channel. Likewise, Pokémon bot(s) commands must only be used in the pokébot-commands channel.
  • Behave like a mature user and you will be treated as such. Do not verbally abuse, troll, or bother anyone inside the voice channel.
  • Do not ear-rape in the voice channels. Songs played through the music bots must be safe-for-work.
  • General conversations/discussions should be carried out in the general-discussion channel. Any music playing should be done under the Music Channels.