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The communication feature serves as a hub connecting people from various backgrounds who have a mutual interest in Pokémon. It enables users to interact, share valuable information, build new friendships, and ultimately enjoy themselves!

In order to maintain a safe environment for all members and visitors, the community has established a comprehensive set of principles. These principles outline what is considered acceptable within the community and what is not. By adhering to them, individuals can ensure that their interactions are respectful, inclusive, and conducive to a positive experience for everyone involved.

It is mandatory for every member of the forum to comply with the established principles. Instances of non-compliance will result in appropriate disciplinary measures. These measures are imposed to ensure order, preserve the community's integrity, and protect the well-being of all participants.

General guidelines

The main emphasis of these principles is on user behavior, which applies to the entire community, including the discussions forum, message walls and article talk pages.

  1. Upholding a respectful dialogue with everyone is essential, while refraining from engaging in any activity that could jeopardize the safety of others. Also, criticism should be constructive in nature, avoiding any form of bashing or personal animosity.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to ask for or share any sensitive information or links. Likewise, impersonating individuals is not permitted.
    1. Sharing or requesting links for Pokémon ROM hacks or illegal emulators is strictly forbidden. Screenshot sharing is included.
    2. Sharing own/others' usernames of other irrelevant sites is strictly prohibited.
  3. Comments in languages other than English will be removed in this English-speaking community.
  4. It is strictly prohibited to display or share any inappropriate, illegal, spam, or stolen content. Similarly, any form of advertisement, except for creative content such as arts, designs, stories, poems, etc., is also forbidden.
  5. Creating a new account and attempting to access it after being blocked by the Administrators will lead to the new account being blocked. Additionally, having multiple accounts will be seen as sock-puppetry and will result in the blocking of the other alternate accounts.
  6. Please note that this place is not designed for dating purposes or for creating fictional relationships between characters.
  7. Role-playing is strictly limited to the discussions forum and prohibited in all other areas. Only one, at a moment. If you wish to initiate one, please request it in this post and patiently wait for your turn.
  8. Staff team is a crucial part of our community as they help regulate it. So, it needs to be made sure that their decisions are respected and well followed. Any form of unnecessary mention or disrespect towards the staff will not be tolerated.

Discussions guidelines

The rules that govern the threads and comments related to Pokémon in the Discussions Forum. These rules, unlike the General Guidelines, are not applicable everywhere and are limited to the Discussions Forum only.

  1. Reposting and spamming are not allowed. Doing either of these will be regarded as attention-seeking. Users that violate these rules may have their posts removed, with a notice being given by any Discussions Moderator.
    1. However, if your post has less than three comments, you can message an active Discussions Moderator to request your post to be locked, and then repost.
    2. Spamming is defined as making more than three unanswered comments.
  2. Mentioning users who are trolls, have left the Discussion Board or against their will is strictly prohibited.
  3. Keep posts and comments relevant to the topic. Irrelevant discussions will result in disciplinary actions.
  4. Necroposting (commenting on very old posts) is not allowed. If you find anyone commenting on those posts, report them to staff members in the Pokémon Center post. However, this rule does not apply to posts created by staff.
  5. Do not practice/promote mini-modding in the discussions. Users may help Discussions Moderators by using the REPORT POST button.
  6. Low effort posts are not allowed. Be thoughtful when you're posting something, whether it be a post or a general poll. Be creative. Asking for opinions is fine, but unthoughtful and repetitive posts such as who will win may get taken down. A user can make two polls per day.
  7. Posts directing at a specific user is not allowed.
  8. A user can only share two artworks per day. Only original artworks can be posted with proper signature and crediting (if a reference is used). NSFW artworks are not allowed, as it directly violate the general guidelines. AI generated art is not allowed either.
  9. Separate sharing of Pokémon associated media is permitted. However, please ensure that the discussions board is not full of media material only.
  10. Only three contests can run at a time. Apply in the Pokémon Center post if you are willing to host one. Thread Moderators will allow you after verifying your profile.
  11. Indefinite running posts:
    1. Pokémon Center: A post made for complaints and feedbacks. All your queries regarding the discussions, as well suggestions and feedbacks should be posted in this post specifically. Nowhere else.
    2. Staff Discussion: A thread specifically created for staff members. All the necessary discussion amongst the staff will take place here.

Category information

The posts in Discussions Board are categorized into ten different categories.

  • General: For general discussions related to Pokémon.
  • Fan Creations: Share self made artwork or any fan content post under this category.
  • Theories/Opinions: Can share theories and opinions under this category.
  • Polls: Can make polls under this category.
  • Fun and Games: Can make fun and game posts under this category.
  • Anime and Manga: Can make anime or manga related posts under this category.
  • Events and Contests: Can host events/contests under this category.
  • Important posts: Can comment on posts made by staff. Posts under this category will be made by staff only.
  • Staff Announcements: Staff use this category to announce updates, news, etc. Posts under this category will be made by staff only.
  • Role-play: Can host Role-play under this category.