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This page describes the rules of communication on the Pokémon Wiki. It covers talk pages (articles, users, other talk pages), forums and user blogs, as well as their comments. This does not cover the Discussions section of the site, which has its own policies. In addition, user proposals and their rules are found on this page.


  1. New messages should be put with a basic level two header (e.g. ==Title==).
    • Discussions on a user talk page will take place on only one talk page (the page in which the initial message was posted).
  2. Do not add random content or opinions relating to the subject of the article on talk pages. Messages such as these will be removed.
    • Opinions can be shared on forum pages, user blogs or on Discussions.
  3. User talk pages are not extensions of user pages, talk pages are not meant for the user's personal content and info. As such, that will be reverted and removed.
  4. Please sign all messages with four tilde (~~~~). If a message is unsigned or a user forgot to sign it, {{Unsigned}} template can be added to the message.
    • If the signature contains an image, it should not be larger than 25px in height and 40px in width, and has to be fit with image policies.
  5. User talk pages messages should not be deleted or removed, unless they contain inappropriate content. Instead, they can be archived. This can be done by clicking on the dropdown button on talk page and press "Archive". This is the suggested method.
    • Archiving is usually done when at least 50 new messages have been added to the talk page.
  6. Talk pages shouldn't be spammed with several messages regarding the same subject.
  7. Cussing, trolling, provoking, intimidating or aggravating users is not allowed.
    • This extends to any irrelevant discussions, such as politics or religion, which if warnings are not heeded to, bans may be applied to the respective parties of such conversations.
  8. Writing messages, with all words capitalized, or by using emojis, is not permitted.
  9. Pasting irrelevant links, vandalizing, removing content without reason or evading bans by using another account is not permitted. For these offences, users held responsible are blocked without warning.
  10. Impersonating users in any way is forbidden. Lying about having user rights (being a sysop) is not permitted, either.
  11. It is advised for users not to share personal information. Other users, however, must not reveal personal information of another user without the latter's permission.
  12. Discussions from other sites must not be brought or continue on this wiki. Community Central can be used instead.
  13. If two users are having a dispute on the content of the article, in a way they undo each other's edits, that article has to be placed on the last version before the dispute began. In such case, the users have to discuss how to improve the article, having a civil tone and polite discussion, using official sources to prove their point if necessary.
    • If a consensus is reached, the article can be reopened before the article's lock expires. If there is no consensus, the article remains in the version before this dispute began.
  14. New additions and proposals to the wiki should be discussed through forums.
    • Certain votes, like wiki design's change, should be conducted in a manner to show possible choices first, before voting.