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By Ellis99
  • <br> AND <br/> → <br />
  • pokemon AND Pokemon → Pokémon
  • ==See Also== → ==See also==
  • ===Human=== AND ===Humans=== → ===Character===
By Energy X
Clarification needed: does that mean that all moved into Gold & Silver vol 1 go to vol 2? Or just the ones that were previously there? noreplyztalk 13:42, December 31, 2016 (UTC)

All these category moves are completed. - Jr Mime (talk) @fandom [VSTF] 17:30, July 3, 2019 (UTC)

I think we should just change the headlines on the anime characters pages from "seasons" to just their overall series. Since many of them are listed incorrectly, for example Ritchie (per dub names) first appeared in season 2, as season 1 is not all of Kanto. Seasons do not mean opening themes, and seasons do not mean subtitles, and the US DVD releases do not use seasons (but all TPCi seasons just have openings/subtitles matching seasons). The very definition of "season" is how many episodes the network buys every time for airing over a certain time period, such as a year for Pokémon, more than that such as multiple years for Phineas and Ferb's fourth season, and seasons are not made up by Pokémon's dub - they exist in pretty much all American series. Pokémon's seasons were never originally meant to match up perfectly with opening themes or subtitles and 4Kids' early Pokémon seasons didn't match them - the only ones that did were 4, 7, and 8 (and even season 4 had two opening themes as the first five episodes or so used the Pokémon Johto OP 3), so seasons do not mean episodes sharing opening themes, but they just coincide with them as of season 7.

You can see this mentions Pokémon's second season to begin on September 4, 1999 (i.e., the air date of Princess VS Princess). The official site also lists the seasons this way (link, notice the URL, and the picture from OI026), with different divisions depending on the series, such as ending off the listings with The Rivalry Revival for The Beginning, but keeping the URL episode numbers based on the actual season, these different divisions are not applicable in countries like the Netherlands for example. Sadly, Bulbapedia (which falsely claims that Viz Media DVDs use seasons), Dogasu (which does his best to properly explain the seasons, note the paragraph under "The English Dub" he has there), and the official Pokémon site (which stupidly gave titles to seasons that don't even match up with them, such as giving "Adventures in the Orange Islands" even though the season contains 27 Kanto episodes and 25 Orange ones, so just little more than half of the season 2 eps take place in Kanto) are the only ones that list the seasons by their actual correct season divisions. The only seasons stupidly given titles despite only matching episode blocks were seasons 5 and 6, called "Master Quest" and "Advanced" on news announcements and the official site, which worsens the confusion, but I know how the seasons work officially. While the official site does misleadingly give titles to seasons, at least they list them properly, which over half of the fansites do a horrible job at doing. Because of this, when CN announced they'd air Johto eps to celebrate and promote the HG/SS release back in March 2010, they aired the first six season 3 episodes that take place in the Orange Islands (OI026, OI027, OI028, OI029, OI030, and OI031), and ironically none of them were Johto-related. Apparently they thought the fanmade rule was right and that "season 3 = only Johto/OP 3" and someone from their headquarters told them to air the episodes officially marked for them as season 3 so they did but it was all Orange Islands. Adamant has also suggested that this could be blamed on the people from TPCi who sent them the episodes that were to be aired, as the site, which uses the correct season divisions for their lists and URLs, gives every season a name, such as giving "The Johto Journeys" to season 3 despite not having any Johto in it until episode #12.

"Indigo League" and "Adventures in the Orange Islands" aren't names of seasons, but names of episode blocks, and these names did not exist until the DVD releases invented them, in fact nowhere in the show itself do you see it named anything else other than just "Pokémon". "The Johto Journeys", "Master Quest", and "Advanced" are also names of episode blocks rather than seasons. The only reason they give these names to the seasons is because the later seasons actually do match such names, so it is a matter of consistency. This is how seasons work officially, and the series is sold to companies and television networks in this style. Which is why if Disney XD India airs season 6, you can expect them to take a break between "You're a Star, Larvitar" and "Address Unown", due to "Address Unown" being that season's premiere.

You can see Disney XD India placed a break in between Charizard Chills and The Pokémon Water War. There is no way the network will purchase an 82-episode season. Yes, the US DVD box set description and title (and formerly the set itself) called Indigo League "season 1" but none of the other DVDs have "season" on them and Viz Media released a Blu-ray that said season 1, contained all 52 episodes (and not some insane season number like 80), and yet people complained about it supposedly "missing tons of episodes". Go figure.

Adamant has made it clear here where he is named Dephender on that forum, and he's actually a Serebii Forums Super Moderator (even though Serebii himself lists seasons 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6 wrong) and he has explained this in comments,

"season 2, 3 and 6 both used two different opening themes" "Seriously now, guys - the seasons are set in stone. When US and foreign companies license the series from 4Kids/PUSA/whomever, they buy them season by season. If company x licenses "Pokemon season 2" from 4Kids, they get Every episode from "Princess VS Princess" to "Charizard Chills", not the episodes taking place in the Orange Islands. American fans may make their own silly season divisions, but that has no effect on what is the official seasons of the series as far as everyone this actually matters for is concerned. As has been mentioned, these season breaks are VERY clear in certain countries, where one new season will be purchased and aired every year, and reruns being done after all episodes of that season have aired. Yes, the DVD box sets call the Indigo League episodes "season 1" and the Orange League episodes "season 2". They lie. End of story." "Saying the second seasons starts with Pallet Party Panic/The Lost Lapras/any other episode that's not Princess VS Princess IS a silly season division. And yes, American fans make those. I've seen it." "Season 2 is Princess VS Princess to Charizard Chills. Someone buying the rights to "Pokemon season 2" will receive those episodes. The season sets claiming otherwise are lying. Those are the facts. Accept them." "Okay, make it American/UK/Australian fans, then. Non-English speaking countries tend to have much clearer season divisions made by their dub companies and TV stations."

That is the very definition of season, as networks air seasons, and whenever they announce "season [X]", they will air "SEASON [x]", not "saga/subtitle/opening theme [X]". Only seasons 4 and 7-present match opening themes. Additionally, no one buying the rights to season 1 receives IL018, IL035, nor IL038, those are just fanmade season divisions that aren't even close to accurate. IL018 was a one-off special, it's not attached to any season.

The seasons thing was handled by Kids' WB in the sense that any season would begin in either August or September on a Saturday morning lineup that applied to ALL of its shows. Both of these news articles have the Saturday morning lineup (which Pokémon was apart of in those older days) as beginning on "September 13, 2003", and Address Unown thus aired on that date, because Kids' WB! purchased the 52-episode season, and season 5 was purchased as 52 episodes as well. The reason why Hulu years back had "season 6, episode 1" starting from AG001 is because they were licensing the Ruby and Sapphire series' season 6 episodes (and the first 12 episodes of season 6 are apart of the previous series that they didn't have the rights to show), not all of season 6, and AG001 is just the first episode of season 6 to be in Hoenn, but it's really the 13th episode of that season. A Hoenn cap event back in September-October 2017 listed the Trainer ID as based on the original air date of season 6, Address Unown (thus September 13, 2003) and not the original air date of AG001 (November 1, 2003).

Thus, I think what should be done is this and use series, and these names are taken from the Pokémon TV section:

  • "Season 1: Indigo League" [in scare quotes, because the wiki incorrectly uses that "season 1" label to refer to the Indigo League episodes in season 2] ---> The Beginning
  • "Season 2: Adventures on/in the Orange Islands" --> The Beginning
  • "Season 3: The Johto Journeys" --> Gold and Silver
  • Season 4: Johto League Champions --> Gold and Silver
  • "Season 5: Master Quest" --> Gold and Silver
  • "Season 6: Advanced" --> Ruby and Sapphire
  • Season 7: Advanced Challenge --> Ruby and Sapphire
  • Season 8: Advanced Battle --> Ruby and Sapphire
  • Season 9: Battle Frontier --> Ruby and Sapphire
  • Season 10: Diamond & Pearl --> Diamond and Pearl (as in "Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl")
  • Season 11: DP Battle Dimension --> Diamond and Pearl
  • Season 12: DP Galactic Battles --> Diamond and Pearl
  • Season 13: DP Sinnoh League Victors --> Diamond and Pearl
  • Season 14: Black & White --> Black and White
  • Season 15: BW Rival Destinies --> Black and White
  • Season 16: BW Adventures in Unova and Beyond --> Black and White
  • Season 17: Pokémon the Series XY --> XY
  • Season 18: Pokémon the Series XY Kalos Quest --> XY
  • Season 19: Pokémon the Series XYZ --> XY (or maybe XYZ since the official listings usually separate the XY part and XYZ part into two separate "series")
  • Season 20: Pokémon the Series Sun & Moon --> Sun & Moon

And then maybe just update the image categories to be based on the series names rather than seasons, as seasons are just so the networks and companies can buy the show from TPCi/4Kids/whomever, and many of them are listed incorrectly here -- not all episodes are apart of a season, and some episodes are apart of different seasons from what the wiki lists. There is a specific definition of season, and the wiki's lists do not use the word correctly, I think we should have the sections and categories of images and biographies based on series. We already have official confirmation that the 20th season has ended and we don't know what season 21 will be called. There's no point in just speculating or stretching things out to false information by saying anything beyond SM043 is in season 20. I always laugh whenever I find a list on here that has more than 52 episodes, because networks in the US purchase Pokémon for 52 half-hour episodes that can be shortened but TPCi can't go beyond what the network purchased (any show has the network purchasing a certain number of episodes that run for a certain length, as you see this mentioned all the time in news articles where they announce new seasons of American shows, like Milo Murphy's Law I think is on a season break and I believe Disney XD purchased around 20-30 half hour episodes of the second season of it, and the Milo Murphy's Law subtitle is kept throughout and so is the opening theme, yet it has multiple seasons, because seasons are a concept of the American TV broadcast industry in this country, they have absolutely nothing to do with the show's opening theme). It is a mistake and a misuse of a word to call them "seasons" if they have absolutely nothing to do with the episodes a network purchases (or the episodes that are licensed out, because Hulu purchased season 6 from the Ruby and Sapphire series and not the whole Pokémon series in around 2012/2013/2014/2015/whenever they did thus they got Ruby and Sapphire episodes from AG001 and not the season 6 episodes from JE147 but the networks buy the season from Pokémon overall, thus a season 6 run will begin with Address Unown, and even in The Beginning, season 2 begins with Princess VS Princess, because season 6 had 52 episodes in it and did not begin with AG1) ("yea it does if the season has a new name its a new season even the dvd releases acknolowedge that" - Response: No, the US DVDs use opening themes and subtitles but it's not the official seasons way other releases use. See the Australian DVDs which use the real official seasons and not openings and subtitles.). Non-American/non-Japanese fans tend to remember seasons easier as the show is exclusively presented that way there. In America, breaks were short or didn't exist at all - but other countries insert breaks like 6 months or a year in between one season ending, the network buying the next season, or the dubbing company in that matter if it's a non-English speaking country, and the network going on to air that season's 52 episodes. Like the German airings did it that way, there wasn't a break between IL082 and OI001, but there was a break between IL057 (the final season 1 episode) and IL052 (which was skipped during season 1 and held up until season 2 where it was made that season's premiere episode). They had breaks in those countries, unlike us in the USA where the network would just give us timeslots and expect us to follow them to know where seasons began and ended. The US DVDs do not go by seasons at all. "Season" means how many episodes they buy every time - opening themes and whatever subtitle that episode just happens to be using does not dictate which season it's in, and it's only as of season 7 do they coincide. This is why the Australian DVDs release their season sets the way they do - for example, season 2's set is "Princess VS Princess" to "Charizard Chills" not OI001-OI036. Here, they have the box set saying "49 episodes" and the only reason they did that is because "Holiday Hi-Jynx", "Stage Fight!", and "The Mandarin Island Miss Match" are banned and as of 2014, as far as official English sources are concerned those episodes no longer exist.

The official site previously recognized the subtitles as different concepts from seasons so under Pallet Party Panic, they put "BEGIN ORANGE ISLANDS EPISODES" to say that's the first episode of the Orange Islands and the 28th episode of season 2, as they used to consider the seasons to be nameless and only give names to arcs, but now they give the arc names to seasons (but they still list the seasons correctly, for example the Indigo League season 2 episodes are listed in season 2 (as in "season 2 episodes 1-27") and not as "season 1 episodes 53-79" (the way the fansites incorrectly have it)). When season 2 ended on Disney XD in India, it ended with Charizard Chills, and it began with Princess VS Princess (Disney XD India doesn't use the series divisions, they only use the seasons of Pokémon overall, so they don't end it with OI036, but with OI025). Because Disney XD in India is a licensee and whenever they announce they'll air "season [X]", this means the actual real official seasons, not "theme songs and subtitles".

Same goes for the word "banned" -- we should just list the undubbed episodes, but we shouldn't call them "banned" if they were not banned for controversial reasons. "Tentacool & Tentacruel" and "The Tower of Terror" weren't banned, people just like throwing that word around a lot - the episodes are apart of the 52-episode first season and are available to all who license it, TV and DVD/VHS companies around the world, or streaming service companies like Hulu or Netflix and whatever one American network decides not to air is up to them. Holiday Hi-Jynx wasn't officially banned by the Pokémon companies until 2014, it was just removed from reruns due to complaints but remains in season 2 and was licensed out until 2014 when it was decided to put a blanket ban on all three of the black Jynx episodes from season 2. The 9/11 episodes were prohibited from reruns by a single network due to similarities with real-world recent terrorist attacks, yet still remains licensed out whenever any US or foreign company buys the first season, which is why I laughed years ago when people made it out to be such a huge deal that Boomerang and Cartoon Network (a channel that placed no broadcast restrictions on those episodes, due to not being the same channel as Kids' WB!) aired those episodes - like I said, they're still apart of the season and any licensee such as a US or foreign network or company who buys the rights to the season and those episodes are aired on a regular basis in other countries and are even on digital formats - the fact that CN and Boomerang (a different channel than the one those episodes were banned on) aired Tentacool/Tentacruel and Tower of Terror shouldn't be news to anyone.

So I'm just listing the bot request here for that seasons --> series thing in the categories and biographies. Because some of the listings are based on misconceptions and misunderstanding of the difference between seasons and arcs, which is a common confusion that is unfortunately overly common. And not all of them are in seasons, IL018/IL035/IL038 are not apart of any season for example. And series encompass a more specific generation-based range of episodes rather than small random divisions that are created specifically for television and re-release licensing purposes.

PokémonGamer* 23:52, January 2, 2018 (UTC)

New requests:

  • Template:GenXPokémonSprites → SpriteGallery
  • Change "|b1 - |b8" parameters → "|badge" (Template:Episode)
  • "Character (anime/Adventures)|Character" format → "Character (anime/Adventures)" format (Template:Pokémon Character Box)
  • Template:Pokémon Character Box → PokémonCharacterBox
  • Template:Pokédexentries → PokédexEntries
  • Remove categories of move images by type.

Energy X 12:14, December 28, 2019 (UTC)

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