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Please note that this is a guide to help you along if you do not know how to make a user page and to show some of the functions you can have, i.e. you do not need to have all this. It is preferred that users personalize their user pages, so that they become unique.


To start out their userpage, some users like to add a box of information, or an infobox to their userpage. Infoboxes are easy to use, but can be difficult if you do not know what you are doing. To the right is an example of an infobox with some guidance as to what you would fill out in that section. To get your infobox to look like this, copy the following code and change what you would like to change. #909090 is the background color of the infobox, that is a basic gray and that color can be changed to whatever color you would like to personalize your infobox.

Welcome to my userpage!

Name Your username or first name here.*
A.K.A What you are also known as
Pokémon Used What Pokémon you use in your team
League Rank Your league ranking.

The following code can be placed on your userpage to make your infobox.

{|class="infobox" style=" width:17em; border:solid 2px #909090; float:right; text-align:left"
|colspan=2 style="text-align: center;"|
[[File:User welcome image.png|200px|Welcome to my userpage!]]
|valign="top" style="{{roundytl|20px}} background:#909090; color:#000000; width:140px"|'''Name'''
|style="{{roundytr|20px}} background:white"|Your username or first name here.
|valign="top" style=" background:#909090; color:#000000; width:140px"|'''A.K.A'''
|style="background:white"|What you are also known as
|valign="top" style="background:#909090; color:#000000;"|'''Pokémon Used'''
|style="background:white"|What Pokémon you user in your team
|valign="top" style=" background:#909090; color:#000000; width:140px"|'''League Rank'''
|style="background:white"|Your league ranking.

About Me Sections[]

On most userpages, you will find an about me section, this is where you can tell other users the basics about you. You can:

  • Share other sites in which you edit.
  • Share your username on other websites.
  • Share links to your subpages.
  • Show what you want to work on on this wiki.

Word Bubble and Previous Signatures Sections[]

Do you have a word bubble that you want to show off to the other editors? If so, feel free to place your template onto your userpage. Same goes with any previous signatures that you have.

Funny Edits Sections[]

Have you seen some odd, funny, or just downright weird edits that you want to show off? Some users have a funny edit section where they will place the URL for the diff link and show users what that edit was.

Signature Sections[]

Some users like to see who has seen their userpage. Kind of like a guestbook, some users have a signature section. This section is where other users can edit and compliment that user, or just say that they have dropped by.


If you need any help constructing your userpage, feel free to contact any one of the regular users or admins.