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Bureaucrats, Administrators, Content Moderators, Discussions Moderators and Rollbacks are users appointed to enforce the wiki guidelines and assist in the wiki.

Rollbacks are able to perform quick rollback on vandalism and false edits, while Content Moderators are able to perform deleting and locking of pages in the content areas.

Discussions Moderators hold similar rights to Content Moderators, but in the discussions area. Additionally, the discussions moderators are given the privilege to change the guidelines of the discussions area.

Administrators hold a higher rank than rollbacks and moderators, having all the tools that both ranks hold. Additionally, they are also able to block/unblock user and change the skin of the wiki they are appointed in.

Bureaucrats hold a different higher rank than the Administrators. While Administrators are able to promote the users to the Discussions Moderator and Chat Moderator groups, the Bureaucrats are able to promote/demote users to/from the Bureaucrat, Administrator, Content Moderator and Rollback roles. They are able to promote Bureaucrats, but are not able to demote them. This can only be done by the Fandom Staff, Wiki Manager and Fandom Helpers.

FANDOM Staff members hold the highest level in the entire FANDOM and Gamepedia network. They have full access to every rights including changing wiki URLs, adding different wiki features that an administrator is not able to, as well as promoting and demoting different users from the different user group. ‎

Wiki Managers are the users assigned to help a community with management issues. They are able to promote/demote users with specific ranks in any community. They are also able to give the bot rights and use administrative tools. ‎

How do I use my tools?

To have full understanding on how to use the tools, please head here.

How do I apply for the different user rights?

If you are wondering how to apply for user rights, this page will help you.

How are the Administrators able to grant Rollback, Moderator and Admin rights?

Only members with Administrator rank are able to promote users to a Discussions Moderator and/or Chat Moderator. Members with Bureaucrat rank are able to grant admin, content moderator, rollback rights. They are also able to grant bureaucrat rights and able to revoke bot rights, but unable to grant bot status and remove bureaucrat status.

What can Administrators not do?

Administrators should not use their admin powers to settle editing disputes; for example, to lock a page on a version he or she prefers in an editing dispute that is not vandalism. Admin powers should be used to help keep the wiki clear of vandalism, spam, and users who make malicious edits, but not for simple disagreements between users acting in good faith. Ideally an Administrator should not be considered "in charge". The ideal Admin is simply someone who is trusted to have a few extra buttons and to use them for the benefit of the wiki. Remember, being an administrator is no big deal.

To see users with current and previous rights, see our Hall of Fame.


User Status Bureaucrat since
Energy X Active December 28, 2015
Lordranged7 Active November 21, 2017


User Status Administrator since
ThePokémonGamer Active November 21, 2017
Shockstorm Inactive July 29, 2014 - February 6, 2016
May 15, 2016 - August 13, 2016
August 22, 2019
Alan Sycamore! Active May 15, 2020

Content Moderators

User Status Content Moderator since
Ellis99 Active January 21, 2016 - September 28, 2019 (Inactive from August 2017 - September 28, 2019)
June 16, 2020
Misch60 Semi-Active November 21, 2017
Jokeman20 Semi-Inactive January 23, 2019
Rachin123 Inactive May 25, 2016 - November 23, 2016
April 4, 2019


User Status Rollback since
Shadowdemon137 Inactive December 17, 2013
King Marth 64 Inactive June 7, 2014
DragonSpore18 Active October 28, 2016
CelsiusXS2 Semi-Active January 23, 2019
TheWikiOddish Semi-Active February 3, 2019
Mozart999 Semi-Active January 12, 2020
Kittystyler Active August 10, 2020
Dominoes Active August 20, 2020

Discussions Moderators

User Status Discussion Moderator since
Annabeth and Percy Semi-Active July 17, 2016
Billvee Inactive July 24, 2016
Trainer Micah 2


Active May 12, 2017
Paul the dragon trainer! Semi-active July 22, 2017 - November 13, 2017; March 8, 2018
Gary Oakkk Active September 23, 2017 - November 29, 2019
March 22, 2020
TheHacktivist42 Active June 13, 2020
Shashank Singh Active July 12, 2020
Lance Faulkner Active August 22, 2020
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