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The responsibility of managing the Pokémon Wiki is delegated to a select group of executive roles by FANDOM, namely Bureaucrat, Administrator, Content Moderator, Thread Moderator, and Rollback. The group of individuals fulfilling these roles is commonly referred to as the wiki staff. The presence of Wiki staff is essential for the smooth functioning, as they are responsible for both administration and user assistance.

Staff members are awarded a special badge, which is displayed on their profile pictures. Also, names of all the current and former staff members are mentioned in this page. Staff members' policies are present in this page.

If you are wondering how to apply for user rights, this page will help you.

The Bureaucrats hold the highest rank and are the most experienced and reliable users. They have the authority to promote or demote individuals to or from the positions of Administrator, Content Moderator, Thread Moderator, and Rollback. While they can promote anyone to the role of Bureaucrat and demote someone from Bot status, they cannot do the reverse. Bureaucrats have the ability to unblock themselves from any unauthorized block, but for other tasks, they typically require administrator rights.

Administrators hold a rank one level below Bureaucrats and have the authority to exercise all privileges of a Content Moderator, Thread Moderator, and Rollback. They are able to promote or demote individuals to/from Thread Moderators, modify community design, protect, unprotect, delete, undelete articles, blogs, images, etc., as well as block, unblock, or modifying existing blocks.

Content Moderators are equipped with the necessary tools to effectively moderate the content section of the Pokémon Wiki. They have the ability to delete, undelete, protect, and unprotect articles, blogs, images, and can also utilize the Rollback feature.

Thread Moderators, also referred to as Discussions Moderators, are entrusted with the necessary tools to moderate the discussions section of the Pokémon Wiki. They possess the authority to delete, undelete, lock, or unlock threads and comments. Additionally, they are active members of the Discussions Board Council, which engages in discussions and provides recommendations for potential enhancements to the Pokémon Wiki's Discussions Board to the Community's Administrative Council.

While any user has the ability to undo another user's edit, it requires multiple clicks to do so. However, those who possess Rollback rights can effortlessly revert any user's edit with just a single click.

Community Administrative Council

The Community Administrative Council, consisting of bureaucrats and administrators, is entrusted with the responsibility of handling all administrative decisions and implementations related to the community. It serves as a forum for administrators to engage in dialogue and collectively address a wide range of issues, fostering integrity, cooperation, and coordination among them.

Before reaching a verdict, the Council will engage in comprehensive discussions and meticulous evaluations of each matter. The decisions made by the Council will be of equal importance to those put forth through the Proposal feature.

The Council's decisions are mandatory for everyone, and failure to follow them will lead to the enforcement of appropriate administrative actions.

The functions executed by the Council are as follows:

  • To determine resolutions regarding all community matters and modify or nullify the decisions made by any executive.
  • To appoint or dismiss individuals to/from the positions of Content Moderator, Thread Moderator, and Rollback.
  • To ensure that every executive or member is held responsible for their action in relation with the FANDOM Pokémon Wiki.
  • To modify the overall community designs, encompassing templates, pages, and other elements. This includes adding, removing, or making diverse modifications to templates, categories, and more.
  • To address block appeals and make decisions on matters related to blocks.
  • To add, remove, or modify any community policy.
  • As the Custodian of community administration, the Council ensures that no changes are made to the administration without its prior knowledge and approval. It holds the authority to penalize or summon any executive who makes uninformed modifications to the community administration.
  • To discuss, decide and implement all possible features to the community.

All decisions made within the Council must be reached through a mutual or majority consensus and implemented by either the relevant authority currently present or the Council's Secretary.

Council's Secretary

To serve as the Secretary to the Community Administrative Council, a Thread Moderator is assigned an administrator rank, as the Secretary is always an administrator ranked staff member.

The role of her/him involves the following functions:

  • To ensure that the community stays updated with all the decisions passed by the Council.
  • To make sure that the community is adequately staffed for smooth operations and to suggest suitable candidates for roles like Content Moderator, Thread Moderator, and Rollback after a comprehensive evaluation.
  • To serve as a liaison between the administration and different groups and individuals.
  • To provide regular updates to the Council of Administrators regarding pertinent discussions within the Content Development Council and the Discussions Board Council.