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Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield are the first new pair of games of Generation VIII. They take place in the Galar Region. The Starter Pokémon that will be available will be Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble.


  • Similarly to Sun & Moon where a Rotom possesses your Pokédex, there is also a Rotom who instead possesses a phone. The phone can be attached to objects to upgrade them.
  • Two new mechanics, Dynamax and Gigantamax, appear. Dynamaxing allows for Pokémon to grow to great sizes and battle other giant Pokémon. Their moves also get Dynamaxed and have new attributes. Gigantamaxing is similar, but the Pokémon grows bigger and changes its appearance too.
  • Overworld roaming Pokémon return from Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee. Pokémon can also be found in random encounters within the grass. Overworld Pokémon also act differently from the previous game. Certain Pokémon wander around outside of grass, some Pokémon chase after the player, and some Pokémon will run or fly away from the player.
  • The Poké Ball Plus device can also work for these games. However, it won't function as a controller like it did in Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee.
  • You can lure wild Pokémon from grass by whistling. The player can also sneak through grass to get close to shy Pokémon that normally run away.
  • Overworld weather attributes reappear such as snow, rain, sun, and sandstorms. They can change what Pokémon appear. For instance, Wingull appear in the rain and Snover appear in the snow. Weather conditions can also stack. For instance, during thunderstorms, the effects of Electric Terrain and rain will both be present.
  • Bikes return after their absence in Sun & Moon. They can now speed up and can ride on water, unlike previous games.
  • The Galar criminal organization is Team Yell.
  • Poké Jobs are being introduced.
  • Pokémon Camp, a feature similar to Pokémon-Amie and Pokémon Refresh, and Partner Play is being introduced.


Starter Pokémon

Legendary Pokémon

Other new Pokémon

Galarian forms

Similarly to the Alolan forms in Sun and Moon, they have Regional variant in the Galar Region known as the Galarian forms. Galarian forms even has evolution of some of the Regional variant of Pokémon that is only exclusive to that type of Regional variant.

List of Galarian forms

Version Exclusive


No. Sprite Pokémon type
#633 633 Deino Type DarkType Dragon
#634 634 Zweilous Type DarkType Dragon
#635 635 Hydreigon Type DarkType Dragon
#782 782 Jangmo-o Type Dragon
#783 783 Hakamo-o Type DragonType Fighting
#784 784 Kommo-o Type DragonType Fighting


No. Sprite Pokémon type
#246 246 Larvitar Type RockType Ground
#247 247 Pupitar Type RockType Ground
#248 248 Tyranitar Type RockType Dark
#704 704 Goomy Type Dragon
#705 705 Sliggoo Type Dragon
#706 706 Goodra Type Dragon


  • This the second pair of Pokémon core series games whose region is based on Europe, the first being Pokémon X and Y (France).
  • Information on these mainline games was revealed on February 27, 2019, also known as Pokémon Day around the world, as it was the date that the first Pokémon games hit store shelves in 1996.
  • After five generations, the Poké Ball no longer serves as the handakuten in the Po (ポ) of "Poketto Monsutā" (ポケットモンスター) in the Japanese logos. Additionally, "Poketto Monsutā" is written in the style of the international logos of the franchise. The top stroke in the N (ン) is replaced with the Pokémon Gym logo, however.
  • These are the first main-line games to:
    • Release on a home console, as the Nintendo Switch is a hybrid of both home and handheld consoles.
    • Have a wide open-world sandbox area, similar to the PokéPark game series.
    • Have version-exclusive Gym Leaders that use different types.
  • The Pokémon Company and Uniqlo once held a collaborative T-shirt design contest in May 2019 to select the designs of the champions as the player characters' outfits. Unfortunately, since both the champion and another contestant's designs had violated the contest rules, Uniqlo ultimately halted this project with the Pokémon Company.


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