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Pokémon Swarms are mass outbreaks that were introduced in Generation II. Swarms allow the player to capture Pokémon that are quite rare or unobtainable.

Generation II

Some trainers will give their phone numbers to alert the player if a swarm is taking place.


Pokémon Caller Route
211.png Qwilfish Ralph Route 32
206.png Dunsparce Anthony Route 33
193.png Yanma Arnie Route 35
209.png Snubbull Chad Route 38
223.png Remoraid Wilton Route 44
183.png Marill Parry Route 45

Generation III

In Generation III, swarms can be determined by checking the television.


Pokémon Location Version
283.png Surskit Route 102 and Route 114 E
270.png Lotad Route 114 R
274.png Nuzleaf Route 114 E
300.png Skitty Route 116 R/S/E
273.png Seedot Route 117 S/E

Generation IV

Diamond, Pearl and Platinum

In Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, after defeating the Elite Four and obtaining the National Pokédex, you can visit your rival's (Lucas or Dawn) house in Sandgem Town. Talk to the sibling, and she will tell you where a swarm is located.


Pokémon Location Version
084.png Doduo Route 201 D/P/Pt
263.png Zigzagoon Route 202 D/P/Pt
104.png Cubone Route 203 D/P/Pt
299.png Nosepass Route 206 D/P
246.png Larvitar Route 206 Pt
231.png Phanpy Route 207 D/P/Pt
206.png Dunsparce Route 208 D/P/Pt
209.png Snubbull Route 209 D/P/Pt
359.png Absol Route 213 D/P
325.png Spoink Route 214 D/P/Pt
096.png Drowzee Route 215 D/P/Pt
225.png Delibird Route 216 D/P/Pt
220.png Swinub Route 217 D/P
100.png Voltorb Route 218 D/P/Pt
083.png Farfetch'd Route 221 D/P/Pt
300.png Skitty Route 222 D/P/Pt
177.png Natu Route 224 D/P/Pt
296.png Makuhita Route 225 D/P/Pt
098.png Krabby Route 226 D/P/Pt
327.png Spinda Route 227 D/P/Pt
374.png Beldum Route 228 D/P/Pt
016.png Pidgey Route 229 D/P
127.png Pinsir Route 229 Pt
222.png Corsola Route 230 D/P/Pt
283.png Surskit Lake Verity D/P
238.png Smoochum Lake Acuity D/P
108.png Lickitung Lake Valor D/P
081.png Magnemite Fuego Ironworks D/P
309.png Electrike Valley Windworks D/P/Pt
287.png Slakoth Eterna Forest D/P/Pt

HeartGold and SoulSilver

After beating the game, check Professor Oak's Pokémon Talk on the radio station. Each day, he will say that a Pokémon was spotted in Johto or Kanto.


Pokémon Location Version
261.png Poochyena Kanto Route 1 HG/SS
343.png Baltoy Kanto Route 3 HG
316.png Gulpin Kanto Route 3 SS
302.png Sableye Kanto Route 9 HG
303.png Mawile Kanto Route 9 SS
369.png Relicanth Kanto Route 12 HG/SS
113.png Chansey Kanto Route 13 HG/SS
366.png Clamperl Kanto Route 19 HG/SS
427.png Buneary Kanto Route 25 HG/SS
370.png Luvdisc Kanto Route 27 HG/SS
211.png Qwilfish Johto Route 32 HG/SS
280.png Ralts Johto Route 34 HG/SS
193.png Yanma Johto Route 35 HG/SS
209.png Snubbull Johto Route 38 HG/SS
223.png Remoraid Johto Route 44 HG/SS
333.png Swablu Johto Route 45 HG/SS
132.png Ditto Johto Route 47 HG/SS
206.png Dunsparce Dark Cave HG/SS
401.png Kricketot Viridian Forest HG/SS
183.png Marill Mt. Mortar HG/SS
340.png Whiscash Violet City HG/SS
278.png Wingull Vermilion City HG/SS

Generation V

After defeating the Elite Four, you can check the message board inside the gates.


Pokémon Location Version
083.png Farfetch'd Route 1 B/W
360.png Wynaut Route 2 B/W
313.png Volbeat Route 3 B
314.png Illumise Route 3 W
449.png Hippopotas Route 4 B/W
235.png Smeargle Route 5 B/W
311.png Plusle Route 6 B
312.png Minun Route 6 W
161.png Sentret Route 7 B/W
453.png Croagunk Route 8 B/W
228.png Houndour Route 9 B
261.png Poochyena Route 9 W
236.png Tyrogue Route 10 B/W
285.png Shroomish Route 11 B
046.png Paras Route 11 W
084.png Doduo Route 12 B/W
353.png Shuppet Route 13 B/W
193.png Yanma Route 14 B/W
056.png Mankey Route 15 B/W
204.png Pineco Route 16 B/W
102.png Exeggcute Route 18 B/W


  • In Generation V, Pokémon Swarms were renamed as Pokémon Outbreaks.
  • In Unova, Route 17 is the only route not to have a swarm.


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