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For the Pokémon Manga series also known as Pocket Monsters SPECIAL, see Pokémon Adventures.

This is a list of special episodes of the Pokémon anime.

General Specials

# Title Romaji transcription English translation English Title Airdates
アニメ ポケットモンスター問題検証報告 "Anime Poketto Monsutaa Mondai Kenshou Houkoku" Anime: Pocket Monster Problem Inspection Report N/A Japan: April 11, 1998
United States: N/A
SS001 ヤドキングのいちにち "Yadokingu no ichinichi" Slowking's Day N/A Japan: January 1, 2000
United States: N/A
SS018 Pichu Bros. Wild Adventure Pichu Bros. in Party Panic Japan: July 18, 2003
United States: December 1, 2003
SS027 戦慄のミラージュポケモン "Senritsu no Miraaju Pokémon" The Terrifying Mirage Pokémon The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon Japan: October 13, 2006
United States: April 29, 2006
SS028 ポケモン不思議のダンジョン 出動ポケモン救助隊ガンバルズ! "N/A" Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Setting Out: Pokémon Rescue Team Ganbarus! Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Team Go-Getters Out Of The Gate! Japan: March 23, 2007
United States: September 8, 2006
SS029 ポケモン不思議のダンジョン 時の探検隊・闇の探検隊 "N/A" Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Time Expedition & Darkness Expedition Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time & Darkness Japan: September 9, 2007
United States: July 27, 2008
SS030 ポケモン不思議のダンジョン 空の探検隊~時と闇をめぐる最後の冒険~ "Pokemon fushigi no dungeon sora no tankentai ~toki to yami wo meguru saigo no bōken~" Pokémon Mystery Dungeon - Explorers of the Sky ~The Final Time and Darkness Adventure~ Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky - Beyond Time & Darkness Japan: April 12, 2009
United States: October 9, 2009
SS031/SS032 ポケモンレンジャー 光の軌跡 "Pokemon Renjaa hikari no kiseki" Pokémon Ranger: Paths of Light Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs Japan: February 28 and March 7, 2010
United States: November 10, 2010

Movie Spin-offs

SS033 Mewtwo Mewtwo — Prologue to Awakening
ミュウツー ~覚醒への序章~
Mewtwo: The Prologue to Its Awakening
Japan: July 11, 2013
United States: January 11, 2014
SS035 Diancie Diancie, Princess of the Diamond Domain
鉱国のプリンセス ディアンシー
Diancie, Princess of the Ore Country
Japan: July 17, 2014
United States: November 6, 2014
SS038 Hoopa Hoopa, The Mischief Pokémon
The Minidjinni of the Word "Appear!": Hoopa
Japan: June 19, 2015
United States: December 3, 2015

Holiday Specials

The Indigo arc has four holiday specials. They were aired out of order due to the rescheduling following the Porygon episode incident, which could also be why they are titled 「番外編」 extra arc in the original Japanese title cards. They are listed below as follows.

J# E# Title Romaji transcription English translation English Title Airdates
#52 #53* げきとう!ポケモンひなまつり Gekitou! Pokemon hina-matsuri Fierce Fighting! Pokémon Girls' Festival Princess vs. Princess Japan: July 9, 1998
United States: September 4, 1999
#53 #54* こどものひだよ!ぜんいんしゅうごう! Kodomo no Hi da-yo! Zenin shuugou! It's Children's Day! All Assemble! The Purr-fect Hero Japan: July 9, 1998
United States: September 11, 1999
#65 62* ルージュラのクリスマス "Ruujura no Kurisumasu" Jynx's Christmas Holiday Hi-Jynx Japan: October 5, 1998
United States: December 11, 1999
#66 63* イワークでビバーク "Iwaaku de Bibaaku" Onix the Bivouac-ix Snow Way Out! Japan: October 5, 1998
United States: December 18, 1999

Pokémon Chronicles (Spin-off Series)

Main article: Pokémon Chronicles

Pokémon Chronicles consists of special episodes that prior to its release, were not dubbed into English. They may be found in the main article link above.

Mewtwo Returns

The only original series related specials that are specials of the main series and not extra spin-offs are the three parts of Mewtwo Returns, which are considered as part of Pokémon: Johto League Champions in terms of being placed between "The Grass Route" and "The Apple Corp!".

In the original Japanese airing and the dub releases, the indications of being split into multiple parts are cut and this special is considered a single episode that is over one hour long. In the original Japanese airing, it is cut in the same way other multiple episode specials are such as the removal of segments, and the dub follows this format too.

# Ep Code Title Image
SS002 Mewtwo Returns (Part 1) Mewtwo Returns (Part 1)
MEWTWO SAGA - ミュウツー!我ハココニ在リ (1)
Mewtwo Saga - Mewtwo! I Am Here (Part 1)
Japan: December 30, 2000
United States: December 4, 2001*
SS003 Mewtwo Returns (Part 2) Mewtwo Returns (Part 2)
MEWTWO SAGA - ミュウツー!我ハココニ在リ (2)
Mewtwo Saga - Mewtwo! I Am Here (Part 2)
Japan: December 30, 2000
United States: December 4, 2001*
SS004 Mewtwo Returns (Part 3) Mewtwo Returns (Part 3)
MEWTWO SAGA - ミュウツー!我ハココニ在リ (3)
Mewtwo Saga - Mewtwo! I Am Here (Part 3)
Japan: December 30, 2000
United States: December 4, 2001*

XY Specials

The only specials of this series are the Mega Evolution Specials.

# Ep Code Title Image
SS027 Mega Evolution Special I
ポケットモンスター XY 特別編 最強メガシンカ ~Act I~
Pocket Monsters XY Special: The Strongest Mega Evolution ~Act I~
Japan: April 3, 2014
United States: May 31, 2014
Mega Evolution Act I.png
SS029 Mega Evolution Special II
ポケットモンスターXY特別編 最強メガシンカ ~Act ⅠⅠ~
Pocket Monsters XY Special: The Strongest Mega Evolution ~Act II~
Japan: November 6, 2014
United States: February 7, 2015
Mega Evolution Act II.png
SS030 Mega Evolution Special III
ポケットモンスターXY特別編 最強メガシンカ ~Act ⅠⅠⅠ~
Pocket Monsters XY Special: The Strongest Mega Evolution ~Act III~
Japan: March 19, 2015
United States: August 15, 2015
Mega Evolution Act III.png
SS032 Mega Evolution Special IV
ポケットモンスターXY特別編 最強メガシンカ ~Act IV~
Pocket Monsters XY Special: The Strongest Mega Evolution ~Act IV~
Japan: October 29, 2015
United States: December 26, 2015
Mega Evolution Act IV.png

Episode Pairs

These specials are normal episodes of the series, and pairs of episodes that are meant to end the series in order to focus on what happens after Ash's journey in the region comes to a close, but are considered specials as well due to not focusing mainly on Ash's journey. These are sometimes aired months later during the run of the next series.

Diamond & Pearl

# Ep Code Title Image
659 DP192 N/A
Dawn - Setting Off On a New Journey!
Japan: February 3, 2011
United States: N/A
660 DP193 N/A
Pewter Gym - The Greatest Crisis Ever!
Japan: February 3, 2011
United States: N/A

Best Wishes

# Ep Code Title Image
805 BW145 N/A
Cilan and Brock! Gyarados's Outrage!!
Japan: October 3, 2013
United States: N/A
806 BW146 N/A
Iris VS Clair! The Road to Dragon Master!!
Japan: March 27, 2014
United States: N/A


# Ep Code Title Image
947 XY141 The Legend of X, Y, and Z!
The XYZ Legend!
Japan: November 3, 2016
United States: January 28, 2017
948 XY142 N/A
The Strongest Duo! Clemont and Cilan!!
Japan: November 10, 2016
United States: N/A

Pokémon Sunday (Variety Series)

J# Title Romaji transcription English translation English Title
001 ポケモンリバイバル! みなみのしまだよ!ぜんいんしゅうごう!! "Pokemon Ribaibaru! Minami Shima da yo! Zen'in Shuugou!!" Pokémon Revival! It's The Southern Island! Everyone Gather!! A Way Off, Day Off
002 ポケモンリサーチ第1弾! ゲーム・ポケットモンスターエメラルド情報 "Pokemon Risaachi Dai 1 Tama!" Pokémon Research #1! Game Pocket Monsters Emerald Information
003 ポケモンリサーチ! 本当の“中華まん”を知りたい! "Pokemon Risaachi!" Pokémon Research!
004 ポケモンリサーチ第2弾! 動物の中で 一番臭いウンチをするのは? "Pokemon Risaachi Dai 2 Tama!" Pokémon Research #2!
005 ポケモンリバイバル! うずまきカップ!みずのコロシアムでだいバトル!! "Pokemon Ribaibaru! Uzumaki Kappu! Mizu no Koroshiamu de Dai Batoru!!" Pokémon Revival! Whirl Cup! The Big Battle at the Water Coliseum!! Dueling Heroes
006 ポケモンリサーチ第3弾! 人気のカレンダーをリサーチせよ!! "Pokemon Risaachi Dai 3 Tama! Ninki no Karendaa o Risaachi se yo!! " Pokémon Research #3! Let's do Research on Popular Calendars!!
007 ポケモンリバイバル! サトシVSカスミ!うずまきカップさいごのたたかい!! "Pokemon Ribaibaru! Satoshi VS Kasumi! Uzumaki Kappu Saigo no Tatakai!!" Pokémon Revival! Satoshi vs. Kasumi! The Whirl Cup Last Battle!! The Perfect Match
008 ポケモンリサーチ第4弾! アザラシのタマちゃんはどこに? "Pokemon Risaachi Dai 4 Tama!" Pokémon Research #4!
009 ポケモンリバイバル! あらしのサイクリングロード "Pokemon Ribaibaru! Arashi no Saikuringu Roodo" Stormy Cycling Road The Bridge Bike Gang
010 ポケモンリサーチ第5弾!サンタさんからプレゼントをもらう方法 "Pokemon Risaachi Dai 5 Tama!" Pokémon Research #5! How does Santa Claus deliver all his presents?
011 ポケモンリバイバル! ロケットだんとデリバード! "Pokemon Ribaibaru! Roketto-Dan to Deribaado!" Team Rocket and Delibird Dues and Don'ts
012 ポケモンリサーチ第6弾! くしゃみはなぜハクションなのか "Pokemon Risaachi Dai 6 Tama!" Pokémon Research #6! Why do we say 'achoo!' when we sneeze?
013 ポケモンリバイバル! さよならフシギダネ!オーキドていのぼうけん!! "Sayonara Fushigidane! Ookido Tei no Bouken!!" Goodbye Fushigidane! The Adventure at the Orchid Residence!! Bulbasaur...The Ambassador!
014 ポケモンリサーチ第7弾! お父さんの疲れの取りかた "Pokemon Risaachi Dai 7 Tama!" Pokémon Research #7!
015 イーブイ5しまい!おちゃかいでバトル!! "Iibui 5 Shimai! Ocha-Kai de Batoru!!" Five Eevee Sisters! The Tea-Party Battle!! Trouble's Brewing
016 ポケモンリサーチ第8弾!冬に氷ができるのは何でですか? "Pokemon Risaachi Dai 8 Tama!" Pokémon Research #8! Why does water freeze during winter?
017 ピカチュウとのわかれ…! "Pikachuu to no Wakare...!" The Parting with Pikachu...! Hoenn Alone
018 新たなる大地!新たなる冒険!! "Aratanaru Daichi! Aratanaru Bouken!!" A New Land! A New Adventure!! Get the Show on the Road
019 ポケモンリサーチ第9弾! 猫に小判の意味を知りたい "Pokemon Risaachi Dai 9 Tama!" Pokémon Research #9!
020 ポケモンリサーチ第10弾!世界一カライ料理は何ですか? "Pokemon Risaachi Dai 10 Tama!" Pokémon Research #10! What is the world's most spicy food?
021 ソーナンス!そうなんす? "Soonansu! Sou nansu?! " Sonansu! That's Right?! The Wayward Wobbuffet
022 ポケモンリサーチ第11弾!ポケパークのすごい所を教えて "Pokemon Risaachi Dai 11 Tama!" Pokémon Research #11! What kind of place is PokéPark?
023 ピッピとつきのいし "Pippi to Tsuki no Ishi " Pippi and the Moon Stone Clefairy and the Moon stone
024 ポケモンリサーチ第12弾!電話はなぜ相手の声が聞こえるの? "Pokemon Risaachi Dai 12 Tama!" Pokémon Research #12! Why can you hear sound coming from a telephone?
025 メタモンとモノマネむすめ "Metamon to Monomane Musume" Metamon and the Mimicry Girl Ditto's Mysterious Mansion
026 ポケモンリサーチ第13弾!カッパって本当にいるんですか? "Pokemon Risaachi Dai 13 Tama!" Pokémon Research #13! Do the kappa from Japanese myths really exist?
027 めざせメタモンマスター!イミテふたたび!! "Mezase Metamon Masutaa! Imite Futatabi!! " Aim to be a Metamon Master! Imite, Again!! Imitation Confrontation
028 ポケモンリサーチ第14弾!どうして涙はでるんですか? "Pokemon Risaachi Dai 14 Tama!" Pokémon Research #14! Why do we cry?
029 おニャースさまのしま!? "O-Nyaasu-sama no Shima!?" Lord Nyasu's Island!? Meowth Rules!
030 ポケモンリサーチ第15弾!ポケパークの秘密をおしえて "Pokemon Risaachi Dai 15 Tama!" Pokémon Research #15!
031 ラジオとうのたたかい!じくうをこえて!! "Rajio Tou no Tatakai! Jikuu o Koete!" The Battle of the Radio Tower! Go Through the Airwaves! Air Time
032 ポケモンリサーチ第16弾! 発明家になるにはどうしたらいい? "Pokemon Risaachi Dai 16 Tama!" Pokémon Research #16!
033 たまごをまもれ!あらしのなかでうまれたいのち! "Tamago o Mamore! Arashi no Naka de Umareta Inochi" Protect the Egg! The Life that was Born Inside the Storm Hatch Me If You Can
034 ふしぎのくにのアンノーン! "Fushigi no Kuni no Annōn!" The Mysterious Country of the Unown! Address Unown
035 バンギラスとヨーギラス "Bangirasu to Yōgirasu!" Bangirasu and Yogirasu! Mother of all Battles
036 ポケモンリサーチ第17弾! 昔の子供はどんな遊びをしていたの? "Pokemon Risaachi Dai 17 Tama!" Pokémon Research #17! How did kids play in the olden days?
037 カスミ!ブルーバッジをゲットせよ! "Kasumi! Buruu Bajji o Getto se yo!" Kasumi! Get the Blue Badge! The Blue Badge Of Courage
038 ポケモンリサーチ第18弾! 子供から人気が出るにはどうすればいいの? "Pokemon Risaachi Dai 18 Tama!" Pokémon Research #18!
039 ポケモンとはなせます!?ポケモンのことば ポケモンのきもち! "Pokemon to Hanasemasu!? Pokémon no Kotoba Pokémon no Kimochi!" You Can Speak to Pokémon!? Pokémon's Language, Pokémon's Feeling! The Poké-Spokesman
040 ポケモンリサーチ第19弾! ポケモン映画はどうやってつくるの? "Pokemon Risaachi Dai 19 Tama!" Pokémon Research #19!
041 ポケモン☆サンデー 生放送 公開生放送!in 東京ビッグサイト "Pokemon Sandee Nama Housou! in Toukyou Biggu Saito" Pokémon Sunday Special Live Broadcast in Tokyo Big Site!
042 ポケモン・ザ・ムービー! "Pokemon Za Muubii!" Pokémon the Movie Lights, Camera, Quacktion!
043 ポケモンリサーチ第20弾! おすし屋さんにあるトロって何ですか? "Pokemon Risaachi Dai 20 Tama!" Pokémon Research #20! What is a Trolley?
044 映画「ピカ☆ピカ星空キャンプ」 "Eiga [Pika Pika Hoshi Zora Kyanpu] " Movie [The Glittering Starlit Camp] Camp Pikachu
045 ポケモンリサーチ第21弾! 色って何種類あるんですか? "Pokemon Risaachi Dai 21 Tama! Iro tte Nan Shurui arun desu ka?" Pokémon Research #21! What Different Kinds of Colors are There?
046 みずポケモンぎらいのジョーイさん!?カスミのいかり! "Mizu Pokémon Girai no Jooi-san!? Kasumi no Ikari!" The Joi-san Who Hates Water Pokémon!? Kasumi's Fury! The Joy of Water Pokémon
047 ポケモンリサーチ第22弾! 光る玉の正体は? "Pokemon Risaachi Dai 22 Tama! Kono Hikaru no Tama no Shoutai wa Nani ka Wakaru?" Pokémon Research #22! Do You Understand the True Character of this Shinging Ball?
048 ポケモンリサーチ第23弾! ロバートの夏休み自由研究・つくば de リサーチ!! "Pokemon Risaachi Dai 23 Tama!" Pokémon Research #23!
049 ポケモンクイズマスター日本一決定戦 ( 前編 ) "Pokemon Kuizu Masutaa Nihon-Ichi Ketteisen (Zenpen)" Playoffs for Japan's Number One Pokémon Quiz Master (Part One)
050 ポケモンクイズマスター日本一決定戦 ( 後編 ) "Pokemon Kuizu Masutaa Nihon-Ichi Ketteisen (Kouhen)" Playoffs for Japan's Number One Pokémon Quiz Master (Part Two)
051 ヤドキング!おうじゃのしるし! "Yadokingu! Ouja no Shirushi!!" Yadoking! The Symbol of the King! A Crowning Achievement
052 ポケモンリサーチ第24弾!運はなんで当たらないの? "Pokemon Risaachi Dai 24 Tama!" Pokémon Research #24! The riddle of good luck and bad luck.

Planetarium Specials

J# Title Romaji transcription English translation Air date
1 天空からの挑戦 Tenkuu kara no chousen The Challenge From the Sky Japan:
2 あつまれ!ポケモン・プラネットセンター Atsumare! Pokemon Puranetto Sentaa Assemble! The Pokémon Planet Center Japan:
3 あつまれ!ポケモン星まつり Atsumare! Pokemon hoshi matsuri Assemble! The Pokémon Star Festival Japan:
6 ポケットモンスター サン&ムーン プラネタリウム Poketto Monsutaa San & Muun Puranetariumu Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon: Planetarium Japan: September 10, 2017
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