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The Pokémon Sled Jump Games (ポケゾリジャンプ大会(たいかい) PokéSled Jump Tournament) is a competition held on Ula'ula Island in the Alola region. It is a bobsled competition that is mostly held on Mount Lanakila. Before the competition, a trainer named Cerah did an exhibition jump with her Alolan Ninetales to show an example to the competitors. The Pokémon Sled Jump Games is where trainers and their Pokémon travel down a ski jump on a Pokémon-themed bobsled, which is mainly called a PokéSled. Once they're in the air, the participants must put on a spectacular display in order to impress the judges. The winner of the competition will receive a PokéSled made by the original Pokémon Sled Jump Master himself.

Known competitors

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