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Pokémon Showcase as shown in the anime.

The Pokémon Showcase (トライポカロン, TryPokaron) is a Pokémon competition that is only held in the Kalos region. This competition is where Pokémon Performers go to train their Pokémon and show off their talents in front of audiences.

All Showcases are hosted by Monsieur Pierre. His Klefki gives the Princess Key to the winner.


Pokémon Performers must be female in order to participate. Performers must first go past the Theme Performance where 3 performers are sent out at a time with their Pokémon to take on the task assigned to that particular Showcase. The Performer in each group that completes the task the best according to the criteria moves on to the Freestyle Performance round.

In the Freestyle Performance, the Performers that advance from the Theme Performance perform a choreographed routine that shows off the bond they have with their Pokémon. When all performances are complete, the audience in the venue then use their Glowcasters to vote for the Performer they thought did the best job, each vote corresponding to the color of the Performer's key. The Performer receiving the most votes wins the Showcase and is awarded a Princess Key.

In the Rookie Class, Performers must collect three Princess Keys from the various Showcases held around Kalos to qualify for the Master Class tournament. It is there that the title of Kalos Queen will be awarded.


  • The Theme Performances include Pokémon Styling, making Poké Puffs, answering a Pokémon Quiz, Performing with Props and more, depending on the specific Showcase tournament.
  • The Free Performances are when you Perform a Performance that shows the bond and uniqueness of both the Performer and Pokémon.

Showcase Locations

Location Class Theme Performance Winner
Lagoon Town Rookie Unknown Unknown
Coumarine City Rookie Pokémon Styling Shauna
Dendemille Town Rookie PokéPuff Baking Serena
Anistar City Rookie Pokémon Quiz Serena
Couriway Town Rookie PokéPuff Performance Jessie
Fleurrh City Rookie Rhyhorn Herding Serena
Gloire City Master Class None Aria


  • Pokémon Showcases are very similar to Pokémon Contests by showing off a Pokémon's talent.
  • Collecting a Princess Key in winning a Showcase is similar to the way Coordinators collect Ribbons and the way Trainers collect Badges from Gym Leaders.
  • All three classes have their own championship finals: the Master Class for Performers, the Grand Festival for Coordinators, and the regional Pokémon League Conferences for Trainers.
  • When the XY and XYZ series began airing on Disney XD, the Pokémon Showcase was renamed to the "Pokétacular".