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Pokémon Shiritori (ポケモンしりとり) is the first Japanese ending theme of the Pokémon Journeys series.


Pikachu - Mew

Five groups of Pokémon appear on wheels surrounding Poké Balls.

This version was used in episodes PJ001 to PJ019

Mew - Zamazenta

Four groups of three Pokémon are seen dancing.

This version has been used since PJ020

Full version

A full version of the song was released on the Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel. This version contains both previous versions and a special transition never seen before.

Changes compared to the main versions:

  • The transition between a failed attempt and the successful attempt to do a shiritori is changed in both parts.
  • 10 groups of Pokémon appear on wheels surrounding Pokéballs, Great balls, Hyper balls, and Master balls.
  • The middle segment includes a special (muted) shiritori: Scorbunny > Mew
  • The four groups of pokemon are seen dancing two times, with the second 'round' being a modified version.


Pikachu - Mew


Let's play ポケモンしりとり

ピカチュ - ウツボッ - トランセ

ルギ - アチャ - モルペ

コダッ - クレッフ - イーブ

イシツブ - テッポウ - オニスズ

メタグロ - スバ メタモ


ポケモンの名前 つなげよう


それじゃ いくよ もう一回!

ピカチュ - ウソハ - チコリー

タマタ - マメパ - トゲデマ

ルカリ - オドシ - シード

ラプラ - スターミー - ミニリュ

ウインデ - イワー - クチー

トゲキッ - スリー - プテ

ライコ - ウッ - ウー

ルリ - リーフィ - アーマーガ

アバゴー - ラティア - スピ

アグノ - ムウ - マダツボ



ポケモンの名前 つなげよう

たくさん名前 覚えたら

できた! これで 大成功!

Let's play ポケモンしりとり


  • The song is based on a Pokémon name version of shiritori, in which the last syllable of a Pokémon's name is used as the first syllable of the next Pokémon's name, and stating a name which ends with the syllable ン n results in a loss, due to the fact that no word or name ever begins with that syllable.
  • The English ending is a muted version of the Pikachu > Mew shiritori's successful attempt. With the off-vocal version of the theme song over it
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