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Pokémon Ranger (Japanese: ポケモンレンジャー) is the first game in the Pokémon Ranger series. The main plot of is to play a Pokémon Ranger, a guardian of Pokémon and Nature, and enlist the help of Pokémon to defend the Fiore Region from those who would do it harm.

Unlike normal trainers, Rangers use a device called a capture styler to temporarily befriend wild Pokémon and use their abilities to overcome obstacles.


The game opens with the Player opening a letter from, Spencer, the lead Ranger of Ringtown, stating that they have been accepted as a Pokémon Ranger. With the letter, comes a Ranger uniform and a ticket for a ferry to Fall City.

When the Player arrives at the Fall City port, they find a Minun/Plusle (Depending on which gender the Player is) that runs off. Afterward, Spencer arrives and meets the Player. He begins to explain where the four Ranger Bases in Fiore, but is cut off by a Pokémon cry. The two search for the source of the cry and find a Houndoom acting aggressively towards the Minun/Plusle from earlier. Spencer deduces the Minun/Plusle must have pulled some kind of mischief that angered the Houndoom and tasks the Player with capturing the Minun, giving them a Capture Styler to do so. He demonstrates how a capture is performed by capturing the Houndoom and the Player captures the Minun/Plusle. The Pokémon are release and Spencer gives the Player a certificate that certifies them as an official Ranger, Spencer calls his Partner Pokémon, Fearow, to take them to Ringtown, but the Minun/Plusle grabs on to the Player's leg and comes with them.

When the three land in Ringtown, another Ranger and a Minun/Plusle (depending on which the Player captured) emerges from the Ranger Base and the Minun/Plusle that came with the Player is scared off. The new Ranger introduces themselves as Solana/Lunick (depending on which gender the Player is) and their Minun/Plusle is there partner. The three rangers head inside the Ranger base where the Player meets another Ranger, Murph, and his partner, Slowpoke. Spencer formally introduces the Player to the Ranger Base and declares them a part of the team. Suddenly, an elderly man called Larry enters the base raving about a crisis; his beloved Pokémon has escape into Lyra Forest. Spencer decides the situation is the perfect chance for the Player to get some experience and assigns them to the task.

Rookie Mission: Don't Fear Failure[]

The Player, Solana/Lunick, and Spencer meet outside of Ringtown in Lyra Forest and Spencer explains that the Player has to find Larry's lost Pokémon, capture it, and bring it back to him. After capturing Larry's lost Pokémon, a Taillow, the Player returns it to an overjoyed Larry who returns home with it. Suddenly, a kid approaches the Rangers and reveals there are some trees on fire. Spencer explains that a Target Clear is need to put out the fire and demonstrates how to perform them. He assigns the Player to douse the last fire and after the fire is out, the kid from earlier admits he started the fire by accident when he startled a Pokémon and it lit the trees on fire. Spencer lets the kid off the hook for his honest and the Rangers return to the Ranger Base.

Afterward, Spencer assigns Solana/Lunick and the Player to patrol Ringtown. At the start of patrol, the two rangers find the Minun/Plusle that came with the Player is being chased by Larry's Taillow and the Player captures the Taillow to calm it down with some help from the Minun/Plusle. Larry explains his Taillow was angry because the Minun/Plusle was jealous of the attention Larry was giving his Taillow and aggravated it. Seeing how much the Minun likes the Player, Solana/Lunick suggests they take it as their Partner Pokémon and the Player does so. The two rangers return to the Ranger Base where Spencer learns of the Player's new Partner Pokémon and explains how to use Minun/Plusle's ability in captures. Afterward, an elderly man enters the Ranger Base who introduces himself as Prof. Hastings, the inventor of the stlyer, and discusses a new, more powerful, styler called the Super Styler with Spencer. Spencer admits the Super Styler is incredible, but worries about the consequences of it falling into criminal hands. However, the Prof. isn't too worried, because it is only a prototype and it's existence is only known by the four leaders of the Ranger Bases. Since Spencer's Fearow is too tired from carrying both him and the Player to Ringtown from Fall City, Spencer assigns the Player to escort Prof. Hasting back to Fall City on foot.

Mission 1: Escort the Professor[]

On the way through Lyra Forest, the Player is ambushed by a Bellsprout and after it is capture, Prof. Hastings explains how to use Poké Assists. After clearing several obstructions with Field Moves, the two make their way into Krokka Tunnel. Suddenly, an earthquake causes rocks to separate the Player and Prof. Hastings. After the Player finds a way around the rock slide, two strangely dressed men who claim to be a part of the Go-Rock Squad appear, steal the Super Styler prototype from Prof. Hastings, and retreat. The Player and Prof. go after them and they reveal they caused the rock slide and attempt to block the way again to keep the two away, but only manage to block the way back through the tunnel. The goons retreat outside the tunnel, but when the Player and Prof. try to follow them, the discover a Rhydon that was enraged by them are forced to capture it. By the time the Rhydon is captured, the two goons are long gone and the Prof. decides to head to the Fall City Ranger Base to decide the next course of action. Despite the loss of the Super Styler, Prof. Hastings assures the Player that the mission was to get him to the Ranger Base safely and that's the Player did and declares mission clear. A ranger named Joel arrives outside the Fall City Ranger Base and Prof. Hastings explains what happened and everyone heads inside the Ranger Base to discuss it further.

Inside, Joel promote the Player to Ranger Rank to for their efforts in escorting the Prof. and leaves to speak privately with him. A Fall City Ranger named Aria returns to the Ranger Base and meets the Player just before Prof. Hastings and Joel return. Joel announces the theft of the Super Styler to all the Rangers and that all other Ranger Bases have been alerted to recover it. He then assigns the Rangers to begin gathering intelligence about the Go-Rock Squad. Since the Player's Ranger Rank is still to low to be involved in the recover search, Joel assigns them to handle the regular activities of the other Rangers and assist the citizens of Fall City who are in need of help.

Mission 2: Fall City Case Files[]

While helping out the citizens of Fall City, the Player notices a strangely dressed researcher berating a Machoke, before being showed away. After helping helping out Prof. Hastings assistant, the Player meets up with Aria and the two hear a cry near the clock tower and follow it. They discover a Machoke is attacking the clock tower and the Player captures it to stop it's rampage. Aria wonders why the Machoke suddenly went wild, but puts it aside and she and the Player return to the Ranger Base, unaware the researcher the Player met earlier was watching and responsible for the rampage.

Back at the Ranger Base, Joel commends the Player for their work and promotes them to Ranger Rank 3. Suddenly, a civil engineer enters the Ranger Base and reveals the city's waterworks have been overrun by Grimer. Since the Player is the only available Ranger, Joel assigns them to investigate and drive out the Grimer.

Mission 3: Grimer Outbreak[]

The Player enters the waterworks and meets a Fall City Ranger who explains he will round up the Grimer the Player captures. After capturing several Grimer and clearing their sludge, the Player discovers Elita is also in the waterworks searching for a member of the Go-Rock Squad spotted in the waterworks. When the Player captures the last of the Grimer, a Muk appears along with two more Grimer that threaten to contaminate Fall City's water supply. After they are captured, the Poison Pokémon are taken out of the waterworks and Aria reports that she couldn't find any members of the Go-Rock Squad and returns to the Ranger Base with the Player, completely unaware the Go-Rock Squad goon she was searching for was watching them.

Back at the Ranger Base, Joel promotes the Player to Ranger Rank 4 for their work in clearing out the Grimer. Afterward, Spencer calls in and reports the Go-Rock Squad has been spotted in Summerland and assigns the Player to investigate. However, Joel reveals the ferry to Summerland hasn't been working recently and suggest speaking to a man known as the "Lapras Guy" and see if he can be convinced to let the Player ride his Lapras to Summerland. When the Player reaches the port, they discover Krabby harassing the Lapras Guy's Lapras after he accidently stepped on them. The Player captures the Krabby, they ask the Lapras Guy if they can ride his Lapras to Summerland and the Lapras Guy happily agrees.

When the Player arrives at Summerland, they travel to the Ranger Base stationed there. The Rangers at the Base reveal that the Go-Rock Squad hasn't been spotted in Summerland and it has remained peaceful as usual. The base leader, Cameron arrives and confirms what the other Rangers explained, however, a Ranger names Percy storms in and reveals the Go-Rock Squad kidnapped his Politoed and took it into Olive Jungle. Cameron assigns the Player to go to Olive Jungle and rescue the kidnapped Politoed.

Mission 4 Where's Politoed[]

Soon after entering Olive Jungle, the Player meets a group of Go-Rock Squad leaders called the Go-Rock Quads. The Go-Rock Quads reveal they are interested in Legendary Pokémon and preparing "the ultimate styler" to control them and use them to cause havoc that will discredit the Rangers before leaving. The Player continues through Olive Jungle in search of the kidnapped Politoed, defeating several Go-Rock Squad goons wielding Super Stylers that allow them to control Pokémon, until they discover the goon that took Politoed has lost control of it and it escaped deeper into the jungle. However, before the Player can find the Politoed, two Mankey and a Primeape attack and the goon uses the distraction to recapture the Politoed. After the Fighting Pokémon are captured, the Player once again goes after Politoed and follows the goon into an ancient temple. They confront the goon who attacks with the Politoed and captures it, finally freeing it from the Go-Rock Squad's control, and it runs back to Summerland. When the Player leaves the temple, Billy from the Go-Rock Quads notes that Pokémon captured with a Super Styler return to normal if captured by a Ranger theorizing it's because the Ranger's feelings of friendship are stronger than the effects of the Super Styler, but quickly labels the idea ridiculous before leaving. Percy arrives and reveals his Politoed had returned to him and returns to Summerland with the Player.

Back at the Ranger Base, Cameron promotes the Player to Ranger Rank 5 and relays what happened to Prof. Hastings. Afterward, the Player receives a message from Spencer telling them to return to Fall City. When the Player returns, they are greeted by Spencer, who tells them to head to the Ranger Base. There, Spencer reveals the Go-Rock Squad has gone back into hiding and Prof. Hastings reveals they are using a variation of his stolen Super Styler, which is more powerful than a regular Styler and can control a Pokémon indefinitely. However, Spencer points out that Pokémon under the influence of a Super Styler return to normal when captured by another Ranger and realizes the Go-Rock Squad haven't perfected their Super Stylers yet. The Prof. leaves to consider the next move and Spencer assigns the Player to clear up the fallen rocks that the Go-Rock Squad moved in Krokka Tunnel with the help of Aria.

Mission 5: Clear the Rockfalls[]

The Player travels to Krokka tunnel and meets up with Aria, who has already cleared away a few of the rockfalls and tasks the Player to finish the job. During the search for a Pokémon strong enough to clear the rockfalls, the Player meets the Go-Rock Quads again who are looking for a legendary Pokémon hidden in Krokka Tunnel. Before leaving, they reveal they too have Stylers, they are planning to use them to control Pokémon for their own gain in addition to conducting tests to perfect them in order to create the ultimate Styler. After getting past some Go-Rock Squad goons and destroying the rockfalls, the Player is confronted by Tiffany from the Go-Rock Quads who uses a special instrument-type Styler to attack with a Camerupt. After the Camerupt is captured, Tiffany flees and Spencer arrives, declares Mission Clear finally returns to Ringtown with the Player and Solana/Lunick.

Back at the Ranger Base, Spencer promotes the Player to Ranger Rank 6. After patrolling for a little bit, the Player is assigned to rescue an old man who got lost deep inside Lyra Woods.

Mission 6: The Wayward Wanderer[]

The Player is joined by Solana/Lunick when they enter Lyra Forest and find a little girl who lost one of her Jigglypuff. Solana/Lunick stays behind to watch the girl while the Player finds the missing Jigglypuff. Once the Player finds the Jigglypuff, the little girl explains the old man who got lost startled them when he angrily shouted at them while heading deeper into the forest. Solana/Lunick takes the girl home while the Player heads deeper into the forest to find the old man.

After getting past territorial Weepinbell, the Player finds the old man grumbling to himself. The old man introduces himself as Gordor and tells the Player to escort him out of the forest. During the escort, Gordor displays strange behavior and hostility toward both Pokémon and Rangers. When the Player and Gordor leave the deeper part of the forest, the see a Go-Rock Squad goon who flees on sight. Gordor seemingly supports the Go-Rock Squad and sees them as more useful than the Ranger, before seeing himself him home. Murph arrives and heads back to the Ranger Base with the Player.

When the two return to the Ranger Base, Spencer promotes the Player to Ranger Rank 7 before wondering what Gordor was doing in Lyra Forest to begin with. However, he is interrupted by a call from Cameron, who requests the Player come to Summerland. Since the Player is now at Ranger Rank 7, Spencer reveals they are now capable of riding the Dragonite Bus to other Ranger Bases. Once the Player captures the Dragonite, they ride it to Summerland where Cameron reveals he found the remains of an underwater vehicle, called a submersible aquamole, that he wanted to gift to the Player once it's fixed. Solana/Lunick arrives and reports they found an ancient temple in the depths of Olive Jungle. Cameron reveals the temple is the Jungle Relic and there is a legend about it call the "four challenges" that Rangers use to test their skills. However, the fourth challenge is not to be complete, least is unleash a great calamity. Solana/Lunick suggests they and the Player go to Jungle Relic and Cameron reveals there is a switch that exposes a hidden set of stairs that leads into Jungle Relic.

Three Challenges? and....[]

The two Rangers travel to Jungle Relic and reach the lower floors where there is an underground lake with an Entei statue in the middle. The two face the first three challenges of water, destruction, and win, and pass all three. Solona/Lunick suggest checking out the fourth challenge of fire, but only to look and not to complete it. However, they find the Go-Rock Quads with the challenge boss, Charizard. The Go-Rock Quads reveal the Charizard is in pain and it flies off. The two Rangers of after the Charizard and capture it to calm it down and heal it, but the Go-Rock Quads reveal they tried to capture the Charizard, but failed and accidentally injured it. Since they couldn't capture the Charizard, they decided to trick the Rangers into doing it for them and in doing so, completed the fourth challenge. The Go-Rock Quads after hinting about the Entei statue and the Rangers go to investigate the statue. When they arrive at the statue, it disappears and it seems the legend of a calamity was false. However, when the Ranger leave the Jungle Relic, an earthquake occurs inside and the two go back in to investigate.

Save the Jungle Relic![]

When the two Rangers return, they discover the lake has turned into molten lava and the area has turned into an underground volcano. Aria arrives, to help, having felt the earlier earthquake, and the three discover a live Entei where the statue used to be before it runs off. Aria leaves to take care of the situation herself and the Player and Solana/Lunick go after her to help fix the crisis they accidentally started. When they try to follow Aria, they are impeded by the Go-Rock Squad. After getting past the Go-Rock Squad goons, the two meet up with a retreating Aria, who lost to a member of the Go-Rock Squad and had her styler broken. Another earthquake goes off and Aria entrusts the two to handle the crisis. The two go on and are impeded by Clyde from the Go-Rock Quads who attacks with a Slaking. After the Player captures Slaking, the two go to the source of the earthquakes and find Gordor with Entei.

Gordor reveals himself to be the leader of the Go-Rock Squad and reveals he has perfected his Styler to being able to capture even legendary Pokémon, which he successfully tested on Entei. He also reveals he plans to replace the Rangers with the Go-Rock Squad and leaves the two to capture the rampaging Entei. Even thought the Player manages to catch and soothe Entei, Gordor escapes, satisfied with what he's accomplished and planning to power up his styler even more so it can completely control any Pokémon. The two meet up with Aria and explain what happened and the circumstances that led up to it. After being thanked by the Charizard from the fourth challenge, the Rangers return to Summerland's Ranger Base.

After explaining everything to Cameron, Aria returns to Fall City while Solana/Lunick stays behind and the Player is called by Prof. Hastings to meet him in Fall City. Immediately after arriving in Fall City, Prof. Hastings reveals the Go-Rock Squad have been mass-producing copies of his Super Styler at the Dusk Factory and he and the Player must travel there to shut down their operation.

Mission 7: Investigate the Factory[]

The Player and Prof. travel to Dusk Factory where the Prof. easily unlocks the security gate surrounding it. They enter the factory through the right entrance and witness the Go-Rock Quads leaving Garret to guard the factory while the rest leave for the Go-Rock Squad's base. The two find the factory's generator is powered by a captive Pikachu and destroy the cage holding it captive, freeing the Pokémon and shutting down a portion of the factory's power. However, the lack of power causes the factory to become dimly lit and this attracts Ghost Pokémon that try to scare Pokémon out of the Player's party. Despite interference from the Go-Rock Squad, the two manage to shut down the factory's power and cut off the Go-Rock Squad's supply of stylers. On the way out of the factory, the two are stopped by Garret who attacks with a Scizor. After the Player captures the Scizor, Garret reveals that shutting down the factory is a hollow victory because the Go-Rock Squad has nearly perfected the Power Styler, the same styler type Gordor has used to capture Entei, before leaving.

The Player and Prof. return to the Fall City Ranger Base where the Player is promoted to Ranger Rank 8 for their work shutting down the factory. Joel returns to the Ranger Base where he reveals they have discovered that the Go-Rock Squad's base is somewhere in Sekra Range, just north of Wintown, and Spencer is there searching for it. The Player is assigned to help Spencer, but since they have never been to Wintown, the Dragonite Bus can't be used to travel there. However, Prof. Hastings remembers there is an underwater tunnel between Summerland and Wintown that exits near Wintown and asks the Player to ask Cameron about it.

When the Player reaches Summerland and speaks to Cameron, he reveals that the underwater tunnel exits in a cavern near Wintown. He suggests using the submersible aquamole he found earlier to traverse the tunnel, but the mechanic fixing it reveals the parts needed to fix it were accident dropped in Olive Jungle during delivery.

Find the Aquamole Parts[]

The Player helps the mechanic find the parts and track them to a lake. However, when the mechanic tries to retrieve them, he accidentally kicks a Magikarp into the lake and angers a Gyarados that attacks. After the Player captures the Gyarados, the mechanic reclaims the parts and the two head back to the Ranger Base. As the mechanic fixes the aquamole, Cameron asked the Player to search for a Ranger named Elita when they get to Wintown.

Mission 8: Aquamole to the North[]

The Player takes the aquamole to Panula Cave and meet a Ranger named Chris who guides them through the cave. As the two travel through the cave, they feel several tremors go off before meeting with Elita. Elita reveals there are several Piloswine blocking the way in search of a missing Swinub. Elita and Chris go off to find a Steelix, the source of the tremors, and the Player finds and returns the missing Swinub to its heard, clearing the path. Soon after, the Player is attacked by the Steelix causing the tremors and captures it. Chris and Elita meet up with the Player and spot a Go-Rock Squad goon who reveals he set the Steelix loose to shut down Krokka Tunnel with tremors. The Rangers give chase, but the goon escapes into Sekra Range and meet up in the Wintown Ranger Base.

Elita promotes the Player to Ranger Rank 9 for their performance and tells the Player their next mission: infiltrate the Go-Rock Squad Base to provide a distraction for Spencer, who has already infiltrated the base, so he can recover the Super Styler prototype stolen from Prof. Hastings.

Mission 9: Hideout Infiltration![]

Upon entering Sekra Ranger, the Player spots the Charizard from Jungle Relic flying by and it is followed by Aria who reveals it is still injured and that Elita asked her to join forces with the Player to calm it down. After getting past some Go-Rock Squad goons, and a fog caused by an enraged Altaria, the two find the Charizard rampaging. The Player captures the Charizard and Aria treats is wound and sets it free. The Player continues the search for the Go-Rock Squad Base while Aria is ordered to return to Wintown by Elita and the Player discovers the base is hidden inside the cliff and finds it's disguised entrance.

Inside the base, the Player meets with Chris, who tells them to make a distraction for Spencer. While traversing the base, the Player meets up with Solana/Lunick and the two confront the Go-Rock Quads. After defeating, Tiffany, Clyde, Garret, they reveal that the Power Styler is completed, though only one exists. The three retreat and the Rangers follow them to a chamber where the entire group is waiting. Billy reveals that Gordor is in Fiore Temple with the Power Styler before attacking with a Larvitar, Pupitar, and Tyranitar. The Player captures all of Billy's Pokémon and Billy activates the base's self destruct system. Billy reveals the Go-Rock Quads are Gordor's children and that they are abandoning him and the Go-Rock Squad and planning to start over from nothing. The Go-Rock Quads escape and Spencer arrives as the base begins to collapse, having recovered the stolen Super Styler prototype. Spencer orders the Player and Solana/Lunick to escape while he stays behind to rescue the Pokémon the Go-Rock Squad keeps in the base. The two escape the base and meet up with Cameron and Elita who fly the two back to Wintown on their Pokémon.

At Wintown's Ranger Base, Elita confirmed the Go-Rock Squad Base has been destroyed and promotes the Player to Ranger Rank 10. She and Cameron assure everyone that Spencer will be fine and Elita assigns the Player and Solana/Lunick to confront Gordor at Fiore Temple.

Mission 10: The Fiore Temple[]

The two Rangers travel to Fiore Temple, but a Go-Rock Squad goon blocks the gate with a door that can only be opened with a Fire field move. Fortunately, the Charizard from earlier arrives and clears the door to repay the Player for all the help. The two continue on and after solving the temple's puzzles, reach the temple where Gordor is. After getting past more Go-Rock Squad goons, the two confront Gordor, who reveals the Power Styler, a device that strips Pokémon of their wills and gives Gordor absolute control over them, along with Raikou, Entei, and Suicune under his control. He also reveals he will command the legendary Pokémon to unleash their powers on Fiore and plans to stage the Go-Rock Squad stopping the calamity in order to discredit the Rangers and replace them. Gordor sends Raikou and Suicune to attack the Player, but they manage to capture them. When Gordor tries to attack with Entei, The Player's and Solana/Lunick's Plusle and Minun sabotage and destroy the Power Styler. Free of Gordor's control and furious at him for controlling him, Entei prepares to attack Gordor and the Player has to intervene. After Entei is captured the legendary beasts leave and Spencer arrives and sees that Gordor escaped, but he tells the Player they did the right thing by protecting Gordor. Spencer tells the Player and Solana/Lunick that Gordor will eventually see the error of his ways and explains Joel helped him get out of the collapsing base.

Meanwhile, Gordor tries to flee Fiore Temple, but is stopped by Prof. Hastings, who used to work with Gordor. The Prof. questions Gordor why he performed such evil acts and Gordor reveals he always felt inferior to Prof. Hastings and everything he did was prove himself better than Prof. Hastings. The Prof. asks Gordor to end his evil ways and join him so he can use his gifts to help people, but Gordor refuses the offer and leaves as the Prof. tells him the offer will always be open to him. The Rangers meet up with the Prof. on the way out, they are thanks by the citizens of Fiore and their fellow Rangers, ending the main story.


After the credits, Spencer informs the Player the Go-Rock Squad has officially been disassembled. Having proved themselves by capturing the legendary beasts, Spencer allows the Player to take Pokémon out of their natural habitat without any restrictions. He then tells the Player they have free reign to do what they wish so they can further sharpen their skills. Prof. Hastings arrives and asks the Player to field test, the Ranger Record, a new feature for the Styler that records the Player's actions and accomplishments. The Prof. leaves after inviting the Player to visit his lab in Fall City. When the Player visits the Prof., he suggests the Player stay the night.

The next day, the Prof.'s assistant reveals that Joel has requested the Player's assistance with a new mission. The Player goes to the Fall City Ranger Base where Joel reveals there have been abnormal occurrences at Safra Sea and asks the Player and Aria to investigate them.

Special Mission: Search the Safra Sea![]

When the two Rangers reach the port, a sailor reveals the lighthouse has gone dark and asks the Player to help fix it. The two discover Staryu have infiltrated the lighthouse basement and caused the power outage. Once the Staryu are captured. the two head back outside and discover Krabby are going wild in the tourist center. After the Krabby are captured, the two then deal with a school of Carvahna that have surrounded the pier. Aria wonders why so many ocean-dwelling Pokémon are acting strange and spots countless whirlpools near the pier. She asks the Player to investigate while she protects the port and the Player takes Lapras out to investigate. The Player and Lapras get sucked into the whirlpools and come out in an underwater cavern where a Kyogre emerges. The Player discovers the Kyogre is injured from a battle with Groudon and the strange occurrences have been caused by Kyogre's thrashing about in pain. The Player captures and treats Kyogre for its wound before heading back to the port. They report what happened to Aria and the two head back to report to Joel. Joel is informed about what happened and declares mission clear.

When the Player next speaks to Spencer, the latter reveals that Cameron has set up a vacation stay for them and Solana/Lunick. However, when the Player arrives in Summerland, they discover its abnormally hot and Cameron reveals there have also been earthquakes recently and that Solana/Lunick have gone to the underground volcano in Jungle Relic to investigate. After another earthquake goes off, Cameron cancels the Player's vacation and join Solana in investigate Jungle Relic to find the source of the abnormal phenomena.

Special Mission: Summerland Recue Duo![]

The Player travels to Jungle Relic and find Solana/Lunick's Plusle/Minun next to a boulder Solana/Lunick is trapped behind. The Player destroys the boulder and frees their fellow Ranger. A loud roar echoes through the area and the two follow the sound. Along the way, the two are attacked by a surviving member of Go-Rock Squad, but easily defeat him and continue on. They find a hidden chamber and inside is an injured Groudon that's the source of the strange phenomena. The Player captures the Groudon and Solana/Lunick discovers the source of the Groudon's pain is a wound inflicted by the Kyogre the Player previously captured. Groudon is released and the two head back to Summerland's Ranger Base and Cameron declares mission clear.

The next time the Player speaks to Elita, she reveals she suspects something is happening at the Fiore Temple, since suspicious characters have been seen near it, and she asks the Player to investigate with Chris.

Special Mission: The Temple's Sinister Shadows?[]

When the two Rangers arrive, they find a suspicious creep guardian the front who attacks with a pack of Ekans. After the Player captures the Ekans, the creep runs off and the Rangers give pursuit. When the two reach the door to the back part of the Temple, they discover its been sealed again and the puzzle has changed since last time. After solving the puzzle, the two go to the back temple where they learn the creep and his associates are really remnants of the Go-Rock Squad. Once the two reach the top of the temple, they find the Go-Rock Squad is trying to capture the legendary Pokémon Rayquaza and use its power to rebuild their organization. However, they are incapable of capturing it and their attempts have infuriated Rayquaza, forcing the Player to capture it to calm it down. Once Rayquaza is calmed, it is released and the two Rangers return to Wintown's Ranger Base. Elita is informed about what happened and declares mission clear.

Browser Completion[]

Once every other Pokémon in the region is registered in the Player's Browser, a Snorlax in Sekra Range finally awakens, allowing it to be captured. Once Snorlax is captured, the Player gets a call from Spencer congratulating them on their achievement and asks them to return the Ringtown Ranger Base. There, the Player is congratulated by all the Rangers they met during the game and given a special certificate to mark the occasion.

Extra Missions[]

These mission must be download wirelessly and can be replayed any number of times. These missions are accessed from the main menu.

Recover the Precious Egg![]

A strange egg washes up in Summerland and is recovered by Cameron, who gifts it to Prof. Hastings. The Prof. realizes the egg is from the Sinnoh region and takes it to show the Ringtown Rangers. However, on the way to Ringtown, the Prof. is ambushed by remnants of the disbanded Go-Rock Squad who steal the egg so they can use it to help rebuild their organization. The Prof. reports the theft to the Ringtown Rangers and everyone realizes the grunts who stole the egg know it's a Manaphy egg and that Manaphy are the only way to find a hidden underwater temple that holds a treasure known as the sea crown that could help rebuild the Go-Rock Squad. The Player and Solana/Lunick are assigned to recover the egg and quickly find the grunts. The commander flees with the egg while some grunts stay behind to stall the Rangers, but they are quickly defeated. After tricking the commander into running into a dead end, the commander attacks with a group of Pokémon. After he is defeated, the commander tries to flee again, but is caught by none other than Gordor. The egg is returned to the Rangers and Gordor reveals he has reflected upon his actions and realized how petty he was when he thought about how the Player saved him from Entei. He finally decided to atone for his actions and admits it was the Player who his change and asks them to give his regards to Prof. Hastings. The Rangers bring the egg back the Ranger Base and report Gordor's reform and Spencer declares Mission Clear. Spencer also reveals that Murph found a radio bug in the Prof.'s lab that the Go-Rock Squad holdouts were using to spy on the Prof. and learn of the Manaphy Egg. Since Pokémon Eggs have never been hatched in Fiore, the Prof. decides to send it to the Sinnoh region to be taken care of.

Gain Deoxy's Trust?![]

Spencer reveals a Deoxys was spotted in Lyra Forest, but is extremely aggressive for unknown reasons. He assigns the Player and Solana/Lunick to capture the Deoxys and calm it down before it hurts someone. He also reveals he tried to capture the Deoxys a few days ago, but he failed because it was impossible for him to connect with Deoxys on an emotional level, and the idea of such a Pokémon puts him into a depression. The two Rangers find Deoxys outside Krokka Tunnel in its attack form, where it flees inside. the Player manages to find and capture Deoxys, but it remains hostile and turns into its defense form and flees deeper. Spencer calls in with information that Deoxys can only be captured in its normal form. The Player captured Deoxys again, but the capture fails and it flees after turning into its speed form. Solana/Lunick begins to suspect Deoxys' hostility is slowly fading and the Player tries once again to capture Deoxys. After another failed capture, Deoxys turns into its normal form and Solana/Lunick realizes its no longer angry and instead challenging the Player to capture it. The Player captures Deoxys one last time in its normal form and finally manages to connect with it emotionally. With its hostility soothed, Deoxys is released and the two Rangers return to the Ranger Base. Back at the base, Spencer is delighted to hear Deoxys was connected with and declares mission clear. Spencer also realizes his blind desire to capture Deoxys instead of bond with it was the reason he couldn't capture it, and his rushed attempts were the cause of Deoxy's hostility. He apologizes to his fellow Rangers and Deoxys flies over the base to let Spencer know his feelings were understood.

Rescue Celebi![]

The Player and Murph are assigned to find and protect a Celebi spotted in Lyra Forest from the Go-Rock Squad. The two travel to Lyra Forest and immediately find Celebi, but it is scared off when a group of Go-Rock Squad grunts arrive. After defeating the Go-Rock Squad grunts, the two find Celebi being corned by one last grunt, but Celebi knocks the grunt aside and flees. Murph becomes worried about Celebi and asks the Player to capture it to calm it down. Once the Player captures Celebi, they and Murph release it once Murph realizes its recovered. The two head back to the Ranger Base and report what happened. Spencer is impressed with the Ranger's Performance and the compassion for Pokémon Murph displayed and declares mission clear.

Find Mew, the Mirage[]

The Player is called to Summerland by Cameron to find a Mew that was spotted by Percy in Olive Jungle. However, no one believed Percy and now he denies ever seeing Mew to avoid being called a liar. Cameron explains Prof. Hastings needs Mew's data for his Styler research and assigns the Player to find and capture Mew. After capturing the elusive Mew, the Player brings it to Prof. Hastings and Percy. Prof. Hastins promises to display the data collected to enhance the Styler's performance and prove Percy told the truth and Mew is released. Percy is grateful for the Player's efforts and everyone returns to the Ranger Base where Cameron declares.


Unlike the main games, where Pokémon are caught using Poké Balls, Rangers use capture stylers to temporarily "capture" wild Pokémon an enlist their aid.

In order to capture a Pokémon, the Player must make contact with a wild Pokémon in the overworld to initiate the capture sequence. During the capture, the Player must use the stylus to create a capture line and draw consecutive loops around the Pokémon. When the number of loop reaches or exceeds the Pokémon's loop count, the Player can lift the stylus and the capture will be complete. During the capture, the Pokémon will move around and occasionally attack. If the capture line is broken either by touching the Pokémon or is hit by an attack, the line will break and the Pokémon's loop count will be reset. When the capture line is hit by an attack, the styler takes damage and is destroyed if it's energy reaches zero. Once a Pokémon is captured, it is added to the Player's party. Pokémon in the Player's party can assist the Player either by performing Target Clear's or with Poké Assists.

Target Clears are used to remove obstacles such as fallen boulders or logs. Most Pokémon had a field move such as Crush and Cut used to clear a specific target. Each Field Move has three different strength levels and stronger Pokémon tend to have a high strength level.

Poké Assists provide temporary power boosts to the styler, with different Pokémon types creating different assists. Poké Assist can only be used during a capture and require the use of a Pokémon currently in the party. Using a Pokémon's Poké Assist causes that Pokémon to leave the party.

At first, the number of Pokémon allowed in the party is limited to four, but as the Player's Ranger Rank rises, the numbers increases with the maximum being seven. Captured Pokémon cannot be brought out of the area they live in and all captured Pokémon must be released to move to another area. This restriction is lifted in the Post-Game.

Connecting with other games[]

The connection with Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum was used to transfer an egg received from a special mission, in which the player in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum would receive Manaphy. Manaphy is only obtainable by this method, other than special events. Moreover, the only way that it hatches is transferring it to those games. To unlock this mission after you beat the game, go to the Ranger Net.

There are 3 missions to complete, and then you'll be able to unlock this mission. Select the Ranger Net and then simultaneously press the buttons R, X, and left to get the option to enter the password and save. From there, you'll be asked to turn off the console. When you return to the game, there will be a new mission in the Ranger Net called "Recover The Precious Egg!"

  • In European editions, the code is: C58f-t3WT-Vn79
  • In American editions, the code is: P8M2-9D6F-43H7

To transfer the egg to Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, you'll need two Nintendo DS consoles. One of them must be the game Pokémon Ranger, and in the other DS, there must be the DPP game. You must enter the Ranger Net on the DS with Pokémon Ranger in it. Once there, select Check the egg. Tap the egg and send a message through wireless communications. On the other DS with DPP, go to the title screen, and instructions should pop up. Follow the instructions.


  • Pokémon Ranger is one of the only Pokémon games where you can't choose a Pokémon type at the start.