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Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia (Japanese: ポケモンレンジャー バトナージ, HepburnPokémon Ranger: Vatonage) is the second game in the Pokémon Ranger series. The main plot of the game is to capture Pokémon in a unique way using the Nintendo DS's stylus and touch screen. The player character can then use their Pokémon to help them get past obstacles and battle a growing threat in the Almia region.


Ranger School[]

The game starts with the player character having to perform trial capture on a Pikachu. After performing the capture, the player character is inducted into the Ranger School, a school that trains Pokémon Rangers, Operators, and Mechanics. The player character is introduced to their homeroom teacher, Ms. April, and their classmates, most notably fellow ranger student Keith and Rhythmi, a student training to become on Operator. The player character is then given a tour of the school during which they meet the instructors for capturing Pokémon and using field moves Mr. Kaplan and Ms. Claire. When they are done with the tutorial, the player character must compete with Keith to help capture a herd of startled Bidoof. When all the Bidoof are captured, Keith has captured the most and wins the contest. Keith then strikes up a friendship with the player character and they and Rhythmi visit Ascension Square, a monument where it is said that if friends make pledges in front of it, they will come true. That night, the player character has to go through a test of courage made by the other students. The player character and Keith must collect four stylers from different areas of the school and bring them to the front of the basement lab. The player character completes the test, but before they can leave, they are ambushed by a group of Ghastly. After the player character captures the Ghastly, he and Keith are caught by the school's strict teacher, Mr. Kincaid, who shoos them away before returning to the lab to check with the school's genius student, Isaac, about a special experiment.

After each day at the school, the player character receives a letter from their little sister who discusses their parent's plans to move from the Fiore region to the Almia region.

The next ranger class is a meeting with a real Ranger. The class heads down to Ascension Square, where they meet the ranger, Crawford. After answering some questions, the meeting is cut short when Crawford is called away to rescue a Mantine.

The next day, the player character and his classmates (minus Keith who is absent) are informed Crawford had successfully rescued the Mantine. Ms. April then begins a lesson on Operators, people who support rangers by providing information for their missions. Before they can continue, Mr. Kincaid barges in and reveals that several special stylers that were to be used for the lesson have been stolen. Kincaid suspects Keith to be the thief due to his absence and history of trouble making, but the rest of the class tries to find proof of his innocence. The player character and Rhythmi find a trail of the missing stylers and follow it. The trail leads the two to Keith who has cornered a man. Keith reveals the man is the thief and when the thief tries to flee, he crashes into a tree causing a Slakoth to fall on his face. The player character captures the Slakoth and Ms. April arrives and learns what happened. The remorseful thief admits his guilt and explains he always wanted to become a ranger, but never managed to fulfill that dream. Thinking he could change things if he had a styler, the thief snuck into the school, but he got greedy and stole the all the special stylers. Seeing the thief is truly remorseful and that he never meant any harm, Ms. April lets him go and informs him that adults are eligible to enroll in the school and he can still fulfill his dream if he truly wants to. The three students explain what happened to the rest of the staff and they are praised for their efforts. The principal of the Ranger School, Principal Lambert, tells them of the word "Vatonage" which means "to reawaken light that has been submerged in darkness" and tells the students they shine like gems and to never lose that shine.

Rookie Mission: Soothe Pokémon on the Beach![]

The next class is a one-day internship where students visit locations relating to their desired job and gain experience. The player character and Keith are assigned to a ranger base in Vientown. On the way out of school, the two encounter Little Tim, a milkman who has a fear of Pokémon, being "attacked" by a pair of Bidoof. After capturing the Bidoof, Little Tim gives his thanks and is formally introduced to the player character. The two continue their journey to Vientown and meet a little girl waiting on the bridge connecting the ranger school to the mainland. The girl explains she is waiting for her big brother who is revealed to be Isaac, who arrives and reveals the girl's name to be Melody. Isaac and his assignment partner Ponte, a student known as the "conflicted marshmallow boy, take Melody home and the player character and Keith resume their trip. The two reach Vientown and enter its Range Base, only to find it empty except for the Operator. She explains that everyone else left for an important mission and gives the two a parcel and a letter from the base leader that says the two must take the parcel and take it to Breeze Hill. On the way to Breeze Hill, the two pass through Nabiki Beach where meet Mr. Woodward caring for a Pachirisu, Starly, and a Munchlax and he quizzes them on a Ranger's Partner Pokémon before they continue on. When they reach Breeze hill, they find the ranger team who reveal the mission was a welcoming picnic for the interns and the parcel contained the food.

They are introduced to Crawford from the outdoor class, Barlow the leader of the Ranger Base, Luana, the Base's newest ranger, and Elaine the base's mechanic. A boy from Nabiki beach interrupts the picnic to get help because Pokémon from the beach have turned hostile and have captured his girlfriend. The rangers and the interns arrive at the scene and capture the Pokémon. The player character has the choice of capturing one of the Pokémon that were with Mr. Woodward earlier. All of the Pokémon are captured, calmed down, and released, except for the one that the player character caught which has grown attached to them. The girl explains that a cargo ship passed by in the distance and after that, the Pokémon went wild. Barlow declares the mission clear and everyone returns to the Ranger Base. The Ranger Base say their goodbyes to the player character and Keith as they are return to the Ranger School, but before they can leave, Professor Hastings enters the base and takes notice of the two interns before they leave. Outside the base, they find the Pokémon the player character captured at the beach waiting, but the player character can't keep it because they are still a student and they say goodbye to it at the school bridge. The two meet up with Rhythmi and they discuss their internships before returning to the school.

Soon, graduation day arrives, and the player character says their goodbyes before the ceremony starts. During the ceremony, Isaac is named valedictorian, and the player character is called up as the class representative. Before the graduation certificates can be issued, an explosion is heard from the basement and Mr. Kincaid goes to check it out, only for two Tangrowth to emerge from basement and wreak havoc. The player character and Keith capture the Tangrowth, ending their rampage. Mr. Kincaid is revealed to be okay and even though nobody knows why the Tangrowth rampaged, the graduation ceremony continues. The player character is granted their ranger certificate and the graduation is completed.

The next day, the player character woken up by their little sister in their parent's new house in Chicole Village. They make their way to Vientown where Luana escorts them to the Ranger Base. They meet up with the base staff and change into their official ranger uniform and are given an official capture Styler that allows for Poke Assists. Barlow reveals strange occurrences have been happening in Vientown ever since the beach incident and that the player character will have to help with them. Barlow then assigns the player character their first official mission; deliver the Vien Tribune, Vientown's newspaper, with Crawford.

Mission 1: Deliver the Vien Tribune[]

The player character and Crawford deliver the Vien Tribune to all of Vientown and Chicole Village, except for Mr. Woodward. The two find the woodcarver at Nabiki beach with the Pokémon the player character caught during the rookie mission. Mr. Woodward explains the Pokémon has been waiting for the player character to return and the player character takes the Pokémon as their partner. Crawford gives Mr. Woodward the Vien Tribune and the two ranger return to the base. Barlow declares mission clear, and the player character calls it a day.

Mission 2: Investigate Marine Cave[]

The next day Barlow explains that strange sounds have been coming from Marine Cave and he believes it may be related to the strange occurrences. He assigns the player character and Crawford to search Marine Cave which has become accessible with the receding tide.

When the two enter Marine Cave, they hear pulsing sounds and find Pokémon acting strangely. A Zubat attacks, but after its captured it could be befriend. Crawford suspects it has to do with the strange force in the cave and the two continue their investigation. The two find a strange machine that appears to be responsible for the Pokémon strange behavior. They find a part of the cave that is unaffected by the machine and capture a Gastrodon from there to destroy it. With the machine destroyed, the Pokémon are returned to normal. Crawford tries to bring the machine's remains back, but they are far two heavy. Crawford decides to call the strongest person in Almia to help retrieve the machine and waits behind for them.

On the way back to Vientown, the player character meets with Little Tim's wife, Big Bertha, who reveals she was the one who Crawford called. The player character returns to the ranger base where Barlow explains that Crawford informed him about the machine found in the cave and declares mission clear. Barlow then promotes the player character to Ranger Rank 1, unlocking Poke Assists. Elaine shows the player character a newspaper about Keith, who was assigned to the Fiore region, doing well as a ranger. Suddenly, Little Tim barges in begging for help. Barlow determines Tim's request to be a Quest, requests that are to small to be considered missions, and assigns the player character to handle it.

When the player character returns, the hear a loud thud coming from inside. They discover the sound was Big Bertha dropping the machine from Marine Cave into the base floor. Barlow declares that Prof. Hastings will examine the machine, but the professor is off on business in the Fiore region so it will take a while. The player character calls it a day and heads to bed.

Mission 3: Fight the Vien Forest Fire![]

The next day, Barlow informs the player character that the Vien Forest is on fire. Crawford is already out dealing with the fire, and Luana and the player character are assigned to help put out the fire. The two find the fire has not reached the outer area of the forest and discover a little girl named Mimi has lost three of her four Happiny. The two traverse the inner forest, which is where the fire is centered, in search of the Happiny, and discover broken machines like the one from Marine Cave. After finding all the Happiny and sending Mimi home, the player character and Luana meet up with Crawford.

Crawford is overwhelmed rescuing Pokémon and explains that the need the area move Rain Dance to stop the fire. Crawford's styler is malfunctioning from the heat, so he assigns the two to capture a Blastoise to put out the rain. Once they do so and the fire is completely extinguished, Crawford declares mission clear. Crawford wonders what caused the fire in the first place and why there are so many busted machines lying around. On the way back to base, the rangers discover a mysterious man who flees from them. The man stays silent and is brought back to the base for burn treatment and questioning.

When the player character returns to base, Barlow promotes them to Ranger Rank 2, unlocking new Poke Assists. Meanwhile, the man found in the forest is suspected of hiding information, is bound by rope, until he talks, and is nicknamed Ollie by Luana. Barlow assigns the player character to patrol the town to ease the fear caused by the fire. After patrol is over, the player character calls it a day.

Mission 4: Destroy the Strange Machines[]

The next day, Barlow informs the player character that Prof. Hastings is en route to the Ranger Base to examine the strange machine. He assigns the player character to escort the professor to the base. The player character meets the professor on the edge of Vientown and brings him to the base. When Prof. Hastings examines the machine, he notes he's seen similar machines in Pueltown and requests that the matter be investigated. Barlow assign the player character and Luana to investigate the machines in Pueltown. After passing through Vien Forest, the two reach Lookout Ridge and discover a construction site of a tower in the distance that is said to become a symbol of peace in Almia.

Just before the two reach Pueltown, they hear noises similar to the strange machine from the Marine Cave. When they enter Pueltown, they discover more strange machines and Pokémon are under their power. They meet Brook, the man in charge of the town's northern drawbridge, who reveals he saw shady characters placing the strange machines around town.

The player character and Luana destroy a strange machine and spot two shady characters pass over a bridge and discuss setting the machines known as "Gigaremo units". After the two clear the area of Gigaremos, Brook informs the them that he raised the north bridge before running of to capture the shady characters. The two rangers continue investigating and find a different type of Gigaremos and destroy them, freeing the Pokémon from their influence. The shady characters notice the ranger's actions and flee to tell their leader. The rangers follow them to the east side of Pueltown and find Melody surrounded by controlled Pokémon. Brook tries to rescue her, only to get trapped along with her. The rangers destroy the nearby Gigaremos freeing the Pokémon and their captives. Melody reveals she saw the shady characters head toward the harbor and the rangers decide to go after them while Brook takes Melody home.

The player character and Luana find an entire group of shady characters reporting to their leader about the ranger's interference and try to convince. The rangers confront the group. The group reveals themselves to be Team Dim Sun, a criminal organization that plans for world domination. They also try to reveal that placing Gigaremos around Pueltown was part of an experiment to see if the Gigaremo would allow them control over Pokémon. The TDS goons use their remaining Gigaremo to attack the rangers with Rattata and then a Toxicroak. The player character captures the attacking Pokémon, and the TDS goons escape on a boat. Brook arrives and tries to go after them but fails and returns to port. The two return to Vientown to make their report about Team Dim Sum. Barlow congratulates the two on driving Team Dim Sun out but is concerned about their plans. He declares mission clear and reveals Elaine an Prof. Hastings are taking apart the Gigaremo from Marine Cave and the player character calls it a day.

The next day, Elaine has disassembled the Gigaremo and Big Bertha has visited with some of her farm's famous pudding. Barlow has Big Bertha use the pudding to try and coerce Ollie into talking. It works and Ollie breaks down in guilt admitting the Vien Forest fire was all his fault. He reveals he was hired to activate some Gigaremos, though he did not know what they were. During the job he spilled the Gigaremo's fuel and accidentally lit it, causing the fire. Knowing he was just being used and never meant to do any harm, Barlow releases Ollie from custody and sends the player character on patrol. Ollie asks the player character to take him to his friend's house in Chicole Village.

On the way there, the player character's little sister claims a "hat ghost" has appeared on their family's farm and the two go check it out. Up investigation, the player character discovers the ghost was just a Kricketot under a hat and captures it. The Kricketot grows attached to the player character and becomes a Partner Pokémon. The player character's father decides to make the farm a waiting place for Partner Pokémon and dubs it Partner Farm. The player character and Ollie resume their errand and meet with Ollie's friend, who turns out to be his mom (the woman living next to the player's house). Ollie makes up with his mom and the player character returns to base.

At that time, Prof. Hastings discover a strange black stone in the Gigaremo and decides to take it back with him for examination. He also plans to hold a meeting the next day at the Ranger Union to discuss the new threat and asks Barlow to come with him.

Mission 5: Recover a Key From Sharpedo![]

The next day, Barlow requests the player character go to Pueltown to assist in a situation. When the player character arrives Barlow reveals the north bridge is stuck open preventing anyone from getting to the other side, including Prof. Hastings. The two head to the bridge to meet with the professor and Barlow reveals Brook is the bridge's operator and a citizen reveals he is currently at the harbor. When the player character and Barlow find Brook, he reveals the key for operating it was lost in the ocean when he tried to swim after Team Dim Sun. Barlow assigns the player character to retrieve the key and gives them a Micro Aqualung to breathe underwater. Brook has a ship take the player character out to the area where the key was lost, and the player character dives into the water. The player character finds the key, but a Sharpedo takes off with it. Barlow contacts the player character, learns what happened, and upgrades the assignment to a full Mission.

The Sharpedo escapes into the outer reaches of the sea and the player character follows it on a Mantine. When the player character tracks down the Sharpedo, they find it in distress from the key in its mouth and have to chase it down with help from the currents. After capturing it and recovering the key, the player character returns to Pueltown and the Barlow declares Mission Clear. He then promotes the player character to Ranger Rank 3, unlocking new Poke Assists and raising the number of Friend Pokémon to travel with them.

The three return to the north bridge and Brook lowers it, allow Prof. Hastings and the two rangers to continue. When they cross the bridge, they meet Murph, the head of PR for the Ranger Union, who takes them to Altru Park. There, the reunite with Isaac from Ranger School, who is now an employee at Altru Inc. and he offers to give the player character and Murph a tour of the building. On the way there, they discover it is the same building seen from Lookout Ridge. Inside the building, Isaac's tour is cut short with the arrival of Altru Inc.'s president Blake Hall. Blake gives his regards to the player character and Isaac before he and Isaac return to work. Barlow then contacts the player character and informs them a counter-Gigaremo meeting has started and he needs the player character's help. He requests the player character bring a Pokémon to destroy a red Gigaremo to Union HQ. The two travel to the Union's Conference room and the player character performs an example on how to destroy an inactive Gigaremo for other rangers. Prof. Hastings then gives an explanation about the Gigaremos and reveals the reason it wasn't working was because the stone he found inside it was removed. A Top Ranger named Wendy explains the Union will investigate the black stones and Team Dim Sun. She asks the player character a few questions about Team Dim Sun before the Union's Chairperson Erma gives a short speech asking everyone present to protect the Almia region and those inside it.

Mission 6: Seek the Origin of the Quake[]

The next day, on the way back to Vientown, the player character and Barlow feel powerful tremors. A woman comes by and explains she saw a man with some big Pokémon head to the Peril Cliffs for mountain climbing. After they left, the tremors started and Barlow decides to investigate.

After navigating the cliffs via vines and springy grass, the two find a cliff where they see a Team Dim Sun goon operating a computer like machine and have two Rampardos ram into the wall, the force of which is causing the tremors. While searching for a path to reach the TDS goon, the two rangers discover an area littered with Yellow Gigaremos. Barlow deduces the goon is using the Gigaremos to make Pokémon keep others away and the player character destroys them, freeing the Pokémon. The rangers finally reach the goon and try to question him. The goon has the Rampardos attack the rangers, but they are captured and the goon's computer breaks down. Left with no other choice, the TDS goon flees, and Barlow is left wondering how he controlled the Rampardos without any Gigaremos. Barlow declares Mission Clear and tell the lady from earlier they can stop worrying about the tremors. Barlow promotes the player character to Ranger Rank 4, increasing the number of Poke Assists they can use. Resuming their return to Vientown, Barlow teaches the player character how to ride Doduo for faster travel and the two return to base.

Mission 7: Teach at Ranger School![]

The next day, Crawford reveals that Barlow went to Boyleland, to investigate the disappearance of all the Pokémon on the island. Crawford was put in charge and assigns the player character to perform as a teacher for the Ranger School's Outdoor Class and classifies it as a mission. On the bridge to the Ranger School, the player character finds two Team Dim Sun goons playing around with the same type of machine from Peril Cliffs, which they call a Miniremo, and using to control a Croagunk. The goons notice the player character and have the Croagunk attack. After the player character captures the Croagunk, the TDS goons are forced to jump in the water to avoid capture and the Croagunk becomes attached to the player character, becoming a Partner Pokémon. Upon entering the School Grounds, the player character reunites with their old teacher Mrs. April and they head to the staff room to discuss the class.

Principal Lambert welcomes the player character and tells the Outdoor Class will be held in Ascension Square like the last one. Ms. April also informs the player character that Mr. Kincaid has taken a leave of absence for unknown reasons and a new teacher has taken his place. The Outdoor Class commences, and the player character answers a few of the student's questions. Before the class can end, the two TDS grunts from the bridge return for revenge on the player character and use another Miniremo, which they reveal is TDS's newest weapon to attack the player character with Carnivine. The player character captures the Carnivine, causing the Miniremo's to break down and the TDS goons flee once again. The battle impresses the students, and the player character is given a rousing send off.

When the player character returns, Crawford explains he was informed by Ms. April about the TDS attack and declares Mission Clear. Elaine then shows the player character a newspaper article about Keith facing TDS in Fiore.

Mission 8: Look for Missing Barlow[]

The next day, the player character is assigned by Crawford to go to Boyleland to find Barlow, who has also disappeared. Luana explains that Barlow's location signal from his Styler has ceased in Boyle Volcano. Crawford declares the search a mission and explains that the player character can reach Boyleland by boat from the Pueltown port.

On the way to Boyleland, the player character witnesses a migrating herd of Drifloon which the boat captain interprets as a sign of good fortune. When the player character reaches the island village, they talk to the village elder, whose Mime. Jr also went missing, to get permission to enter the volcano. Using Drifblim to fly across the lava, the player character finds Barlow's deactivated Styler, but no Barlow. Upon further exploration, the player character discovers TDS goons discussing capturing Barlow and ditching his Styler. After the player character defeats two TDS goons, they try and cut off their path with a boulder, only to block themselves out with the player character. The two argue with each other and slip that TDS is using a secret harbor to hide a ship that will be transporting all the Pokémon they abducted from the village. After the player character destroys the boulder, the two goons attack them with Numel, but flee when the player character captures them. When they enter the Harbor, the player character discovers TDS transporting Pokémon and a tied-up Barlow onto a cargo ship. After slipping by TDS guards, the player character tries to enter the cargo ship, only to be stopped by the two goons from earlier. The player character defeats the goons again and rushes onto the cargo ship just before it sets out to sea.

The player character begins navigating the ship and discovers some TDS goons talk about the Kingston Valve, a plug that can sink the ship is removed, before defeating them. The goons flee to report to their superiors as the player character continues searching the ship and frees the village Elder's Mime Jr.

Mime Jr. guides the player character to room where the rest of Boyleland's Pokémon are being kept under control by a blue Gigaremo. The player character destroys the Gigaremo, freeing the Pokémon, and continues searching for Barlow. The player character soon finds Barlow, who is glad to see the player character, tied up in a dark room. The darkness prevents the use of a target clear to free Barlow of his bindings, so the player character frees and captures an Electabuzz to illuminate the room.

Once Barlow is freed and his styler is returned, he uses it to contact Crawford and decides to get control of the ship. Barlow uses a human target clear to bust down a locked door, but over does it and crashes into the captain's room which is filled with uniforms and hair spray scent familiar to the player character. After barging through more TDS goons, the player character reaches the upper deck. There, they discover Mr. Kincaid who reveals he is a leading member of Team Dim Sun. Kincaid summons a squad of goons to defeat the two Rangers, but it is defeated. Barlow confronts Kincaid and his Drapion, while the player character deals with another squad of goons. The player character defeats the second squad, but Barlow is defeated, and his styler is destroyed. Kincaid brags that the new Miniremo's are superior to the crude and heavy Gigaremo's. He continues by revealing a young boy, a once-in-a-century genius, created them. He took a job at the Ranger School to find and recruit that genius. Kincaid sends his Drapion on the player character, but the player character emerges victorious.

Kincaid, spiteful of his defeat, orders the Kingston Valve removed and that TDS abandon ship. Kincaid escapes on a Gliscor and gloats that without the Value, the ship will sink taking any evidence of TDS's plans with it. Barlow takes control of the ship to save the Pokémon on board and calls Crawford inform him of what's happening. Crawford warns the two that they need to find shallow water and beach the cargo ship before it sinks. The player character decides to return the Kingston Value to slow the sinking long enough to get the ship to safety. As the player descends, TDS goons and Pokémon flee to the deck to escape the rising water. The player character manages to get the Kingston Valve back in and this allows Barlow the time he needs to find a small piece of land to beach the ship.

Barlow crash lands the ship on the island, which turns out to be the Ranger School. The school staff and the rest of Vientown's area rangers head to the beached ship where the player character, the Pokémon and Barlow emerge unharmed, and Barlow declares mission clear.

For their efforts in saving Barlow, Boyleland's Pokémon, and uncovering Kincaid's cargo ship, the player character is promoted to the eleventh Top Ranger and is reassigned to the Ranger Union HQ. After a goodbye celebration from the Vientown Rangers and the player character's family, the player character reaches Lookout Ridge they learn Altru Tower is becoming closer to completion. Then, Wendy arrives on her Staraptor and takes the player character to Union HQ. They are dropped off in front of Murph who congratulates them on becoming a Top Ranger.

The player character meet with Chairperson Erma in the Union Conference Room where Keith arrives and is revealed to have become the twelfth Top Ranger. Prof. Hasting explains that more Top Rangers were needed to deal with Team Dim Dun and gives them new Fine Stylers with a Power Charge function. Keith introduces his Partner Pokémon, Buizel, and the two make their way to the Operations Room. Erma introduces the Top Operators for the Union, Linda, Marcus, and Rhythmi from Ranger School. Erma reveals it is no coincidence that the school trio all made it to the Union, and she reveals that Top Rangers have the authority to assign missions to themselves.

Mission 9: Support Sven at the Ruins[]

Suddenly, a call from Sven, another Top Ranger, alerts the Union that the Chroma Highlands are crawling with Team Dim Sun minions. Sven requests backup and the player character and Keith are assigned to help him. Erma explains the Sven was investigating the Dark Stones found in Gigaremo machines. Before they head to the Chroma Highlands, Wendy informs the two about how Top Rangers can use Staraptor to fly from place to place.

When the two reach the Chroma Highlands, they discover a Team Dim Sun goon using Murkrow to create Dark Mist. After defeating the goon, the two receive a voicemail from Prof. Hastings who warn them that Dark Mist obscures vision and drains styler energy. Upon further exploration, they find more TDS goons who slip that there is a Pokémon who can lift the Dark mist and they have locked them away. After defeating the goons, the two free the captured Pokémon, which turn out to be Skarmory, and use them to clear the Dark Mist. With the Dark mist gone, the two are able to capture a Bastiodon and use it to open a secret passageway to the Chroma Ruins.

The two explore the ruins in search of Sven using Drifblim to navigate between floors. They eventually find Sven who is spying on an entire squad of TDS goons who are scavenging for Dark Stone. Sven asks the two to find a Skuntank to use its overwhelming stench to run all the TDS goons out. When the two return with the Skuntank, all the TDS goons are driven out.

The three Top Rangers continue exploring the ruins and discover a Spiritomb guarding the ruin depths. After the player character captures the Spiritomb, the three discover a chamber with a massive hole in the wall. Sven explains he was on the trail of a massive dark stone known as the Shadow Crystal, but Team Dim Sun got to it first. Sven also theorizes the crystal was guarded by a Darkrai. Keith wonders if Kincaid was behind the Shadow Crystal's disappearance, but Sven isn't sure. The three make their way through a tunnel and find an exit that takes them to an old shack from Altru Inc. The player character finds a badly burned dairy inside, but most of its contents are ineligible.

Sven takes the diary for examination and suddenly, someone in a TDS uniform emerges from the shack's bathroom. Keith recognizes him as Ponte from Ranger School. Ponte explains that all though he did join Team Dim Sun, he quit the first day after he saw what they were really about. He found the shack and explains its where Altru Inc. first started, and reveals he saw them digging up something that was like a giant piece of coal. Sven inquiries about the giant piece of coal, and Ponte reveals it was taken away by helicopter by the leaders of TDS and they also took off with a shipping container with cries coming from inside. The three finish questioning Ponte and leave the shack. Sven declares mission clear and leaves to give the diary to Prof. Hastings. Keith and the player character return to Union HQ.

Prof. Hasting surmises the recovered diary may be an important clue to TDS plans and the Shadow Crystal. He then promotes the player character and Keith to Ranger Rank 5, unlocking new Poke Assists and raising the friend Pokémon Limit.

The next day, Prof. Hastings reveal the diary is currently being deciphered and sends the Player on patrol. Afterward, the Player and Keith are told to go to the Union Research Room. There, the meet with Murph and a scientist named Nage who deciphers a section of the diary that says "Brighton." Murph remembers the word has something to do with the Altru Inc. building and the Player and Keith head to the building. There, the discover Brighton was the name of Altru Inc.'s second President Brighton Hall. On the way back to the Union, the two witness a rehearsal concert by the Go-Rock Quads from the previous game, who have reformed their criminal ways and formed a real band. One of the quartet, Clyde, has gone of to find inspiration for a new song to present at Altru's commemoration event because the song Altru's president provided them was horrible.

When the rangers return to the research room to report what they learned, Prof. Hastings reveals Brighton's current status is unknown. Nage then begins a presentation which reveals the diary was written around thirty years ago. During that time, the oil at Chroma Highlands was running out and Brighton was growing concerned. During the drilling of a new oil shaft, Brighton made a discovery, the Shadow Crystal and Brighton sensed that the crystal had immeasurable power. The Diary also briefly discussed Brighton's child Blake Hall, before redirecting to his belief the Shadow Crystal could solve Almia's energy concerns. That was all that was deciphered from the diary for now.

Mission 10: Get the Blue Gem[]

Prof. Hastings begins to see a connection between the Shadow Crystal and Altru and a curious Murph gets a closer look at the Dark Stone sample. When he does, his chest starts shining and it is discovered the shining is coming from a pendant he is wearing. Prof. Hastings discovers the pendant has weakened the Dark Stone's power and questions Murph where he got his pendant. Murph reveals his father gave him the pendant as a souvenir from Hia Valley. Murph's father is a leader of a research team in Hia Valley and had the pendant made from a blue stone named, Tears of Princes, by an old lady who lives there. The professor assigns the Player to go to Hia Valley and gather information on the Tears of Princes.

The Player uses a Floatzel to travel to Crysta Cave where they are attacked by a TDS goon. After defeating the goon, the Player enters Hia Valley where they rescue a man and an injured Empoleon from a TDS goon. The man introduce himself as Pamur, Murph's father, and reveals TDS has been attempting to reach Almia castle, an abandoned castle covered in ice. Pamur invites the Player to Shiver Camp where he reveals it was made by a woman named Mrs. Winter who lives near the camp. The Player and Pamur visits Mrs. Winter who reveals the name Tears of Prince came from an old book and folktale that were eventually lost to time. She also reveals the stone from Murph's pendant was found near Almia Castle and that it was believed to have come from a large crystal. The Player and Pamur return to camp for the night and the next day. The Empoleon the Player rescued has returned to full health and leaves for Ice Lake and the Player receives a voicemail from the Union that another part of the dairy has been deciphered. The newly deciphered part refers to a "Blue Gem" and the Player is assigned to search Almia Castle for the gem. The Player captures an Empoleon and uses it to navigate the river to Almia Castle.

Upon entering the castle, the Player discovers Team Dim Sun is also searching the castle for the gem. After navigating the castle's mechanisms and obstructions caused by ice, the Player finds a group of TDA goons discussing the Sinis Trio, TDS's top members, before they notice the Player and attack them with Seedot. After the Player defeats them, they continue searching the castle until they find a room with an energy barrier and one of the Sinis Trio, Ice, who attacks them with a Froslass. Even though the Froslass is captured, Ice leaves, confident the Player can't break the barrier or defeat the Pokémon guarding the Blue Gem. After Ice leaves, two TDS admins come in, not realizing Ice has left, and spill that two Pokémon of a certain species are needed to break the barrier before fleeing when they discover their blunder.

The Player uses two Riolu to break the barrier and enter a secret chamber where the Blue Gem is. Before the Player can grab the Blue Gem, they are attacked by its guardian, Lucario. After capturing Lucario, it entrusts the Player with the Gem, clearing the mission. When the Player returns to the outside, Rhythmi voicemails the Player to return to the Union. There, the Player presents the Blue Gem and Erma promotes the Player to Ranger Rank 6, shortening the time for the Power Charge function.

The next day, the Player and some of the Union staff go the top floor of the Union, where Prof. Hasting reveals he has created an amplification system for the Blue Gem's power which will project its power throughout Almia, rending the Gigaremos and Miniremos useless. Rhythmi reports the projection system is working and controlled Pokémon are returning to normal.

Mission 11: Get the Red Gem[]

The professor has Murph check the power of the Dark stone sample, but it has only weakened by a third. Linda comes in and reveals the freed Pokémon have fallen back under hypnosis. As the professor wonders what to do, Rhythmi and Linda's chests start shining. They are made to stand close to the Dark Stone and its power is nullified and the stone turns clear. Rhythmi and Linda reveal they had received pendants as souvenirs from Sven, a red pendant from Boyleland and a yellow pendant from Haruba Desert. Prof. Hastings announces that the three stone in harmony can completely neutralize the Dark Stone's power. While this phenomenon is being investigated, the Player is assigned patrol.

Afterward, Erma tells the Player to go to the Research Room to meet with Prof. Hasting. There, the Player and Keith are told that more of Brighton's diary has been deciphered and has revealed there are two more Tears of Princes Gems, one in Boyleland the other in Haruba Desert. The Player is assigned to search Boyleland and Keith is assigned to Haruba Desert and secure the gems.

When the Player returns to Boyleland, they discover a locked iron door that leads to another part of the volcano. After getting the Elder to unlock it, the Player uses Torkal to travel over the magma floes. During the search, the Player comes across members of TDS's Crimson Unit, who serve under another member of the Sinis Trio, Lavana. After navigating the volcano's danger and more TDS goons, the Player comes across Lavana. Lavana attacks the Player with an Infernape which the Player captures and Lavana retreats, believing the Player can't defeat the Pokémon guarding the Red Gem. After getting to the room where the Red Gem, the Player is attacked by its guardian, Heatran. After capturing Heatran, it entrusts the Player with the Red Gem before disappearing.

Upon exiting the volcano, the village Elder asks them to take his Mime Jr., which has grown attached to the Player, with them as a Partner Pokémon. When the Player returns to Union HQ, they present the Red Gem and Erma promotes them to Ranger Rank 7, increasing their friend Pokémon limit.

The next day, Erma informs the Player that Keith has confirmed a folklore about the Yellow Tears of Prince in Haruba Desert. He also confirmed the Yellow Gem is in Hippowdon Temple. The Red Gem is set into the amplification system and Rhythmi delivers a message from Keith saying the Yellow Gem's guardian Pokémon is giving him trouble but says not to worry. Prof. Hastings sends the Player to go to Hippowdon Temple to ease any concerns.

On the way to Pueltown to chart a boat to Haruba Desert, the Player goes through Altru Park where the Go-Rock Quads, with Clyde who has returned to the group, rehearsing. Clyde has found new lyrics to use at the performance during Altru's birthday to replace the horrible lyrics that were provided by Altru Inc. Suddenly, Altru President Blake Hall and his stooge Wheeler arrives to deliver a speech. Blake reveals that during Altru's 70th anniversary, Altru Inc. will present a new dream energy that will eliminate the need for oil and is clean efficient and limitless. Blake finishes his speech and he and his staff leave.

Mission 12: Rescue Wailord[]

Afterward, the Player charts a boat to Haruba Desert, but during the ride a giant waterspout jets up from the sea. The Player dives into the ocean to investigate. They find a Wailmer and a Wailord captured by four sinister beams coming from strange devices. The Player designates the situation a mission.

After destroying the first trap, a member of the TDS Marine Unit discovers the Player and attacks them with Seadra and Horsea. The Player defeats the TDS goon, they continue the mission and destroy another trap. After defeating more TDS goons and navigating a deep-water area filled with Qwilfish with the help of Mantine, the Player destroys the third trap. When the Player reaches the fourth and final trap, the remaining TDS goon attacks them with a Kingdra. After the Player captures the Kingdra they destroy the final trap, freeing Wailord and clearing the mission. However, the TDS Marine Unit return, reveal the Wailord was meant to be used as a replacement for the lost cargo ship, and kidnap the Wailmer to give to their superiors under the guise that it's a "Wailord Mini." Then, Wailord takes the Player to an Oil Field Hideout where Wailmer was taken.

Mission 13: Reveal the Hideout's Secrets![]

The Player discovers Sven is also at the hideout and he reveals that he tracked the helicopter that took the Shadow Crystal to the hideout and that the hideout was an old oil rig that used to belong to Altru Inc. The two join forces to investigate the hideout. The quickly discover that Kincaid is on the rig and he has been ordered by TDS's boss and the Sinis Trio to soon to cease the production of Miniremo's and shift the staff over to a main project called "the Incredible Machine".

After exploring the hideout and defeating some TDS goons, the Player and Sven split up for a while. The Player reaches a room filled with TDS goons who attack them with Slakoth. After being defeated, the goons gang up and force the Player out and lock the room. The Player is forced to go the direction Sven went and finds him stealing blueprint for the Incredible Machine from a scientist, who turns out to be Isaac who is working for Team Dim Sun, unware of its evil nature. real nature. After fending off an attack from a TDS goon who somehow knows Isaac, Sven learns of Isaac's and the Player's history. Sven decides to take Isaac to the Union to meet with Prof. Hastings and Isaac happily agrees to go. Isaac asks to say goodbye to Kincaid before leaving and Sven agrees to his request. On the way, Isaac unlocks a room with a Skuntank inside that Player uses to force the goons in the locked room to unlock in order to escape the stench.

After clearing the rest of the hideout's security and some more TDS goons, the three find the TDS Marine Unit, who reveal they delivered the Wailmer to Kincaid. On the way to Kincaid's office, the Player receives a voicemail from Keith asking for help, but his speech is strange and crude. The three continue to meet Kincaid who is angered by the Marine Unit's deception. Kincaid notices the trio and Isaac announces his intention to go to the Union. Kincaid sees Sven has the data for the Incredible Machine and orders his subordinates to attack. Sven handles them while the Player battles Kincaid and his Gliscor. Even though he is defeat, Kincaid gloats the Incredible Machine is 99% complete and that he infiltrated the Ranger School to recruit Isaac to help complete it. Suddenly, the Wailord begins ramming the base to free Wailmer and Kincaid washes his hands of Isaac and his underlings and flees in an escape pod.

Wailmer escapes the hideout through the hole Kinciad's escape pod left and Isaac is in shock at learning Team Dim Sun were exploiting him for evil purposes. Meanwhile, Kincaid gets his comeuppance when he is harassed by the Wailord who repeatedly rams his escape pod. Sven informs the Union of his findings and declares Mission Clear and Prof. Hastings promotes the Player to Ranger Rank 9, adding a second level of Power Charge to the styler. The Player is then ordered to continue their earlier assignment to support Keith. Before taking Isaac, who has become downcast upon learning the truth, to the Union, Sven drops the Player off at Haruba Village, which is caught in a powerful sandstorm.

Mission 14: Get the Yellow Gem![]

The Player discovers a man named Henry has mistaken a Gigaremo for a coffee make and the Gigaremo is causing Hippopotas to create the sandstorm. After destroying the Gigaremo, the Hippopotas are returned to normal, and the Sandstorm ends. After Henry learns of his blunder, he apologizes, and the Player gets another strange voicemail from Keith. When the Player reaches the entrance to Hippowdon Temple, an Explorer reveals a Hippowdon is needed to fill in the hole that prevents passage into the temple.

After capturing the Hippowdon and entering the temple, the Player gets another unusual Voicemail from Keith requesting help before discovering Keith's Buizel alone. Buizel goes deeper into the temple and the Player follows it. After following Buizel throughout the temples and avoiding its traps, the Player reaches an underground chamber with the Yellow Gem. The Gem's guardian, Cresselia, attacks the Player and after the Player capture it, Cresselia entrusts Player with the Yellow Gem. Upon exiting the chamber, a TDS helicopter appears and inside it is the last of the Sinis Trio, Heath, who reveals he was sending the strange messages instead of Keith. He also reveals he planned to get the Yellow Gem from Cresselia after Keith captured it, but Keith failed to capture Cresselia. Heath then used Keith's styler to send messages to get the Player to retrieve the Yellow Gem. He then forces the Player to trade the Yellow Gem for a captive Keith. As Heath makes his getaway in the helicopter, he sends a Magnezone to attack the Player.

After capturing Magnezone, the Player frees Keith apologizes for getting caught and reunites with Buizel. Keith and the Player return to the Union. Erma and Prof. Hastings learn what happened at the temple and decide to devise a new plan.

The next day, Prof. Hastings reveal he was unable to analyze the blueprint for the amazing machine because they were password protected. Isaac is still too withdrawn to ask for assistance, but more of Brighton's diary has been deciphered. Three years after he discovered the Shadow Crystal, Brighton learned of the three gems and how the Shadow Crystal fears their harmony. The entry confirms that the three gems can neutralize the Shadow Crystal. Isaac enters and reveals he did understand what he thought he did and through the Ranger's kindness he's accepted he was being used. He reveals the blueprint's password is "Melody", after his little sister and Prof. Hastings tells the Union's researchers.

A conference is held where the blueprints for the incredible machine are shown the incredible machine is revealed to be the soon-to-be-completed Altru Tower. Prof. Hastings observes that the Shadow Crystal is placed at the top and leaves to think. The Rangers are ordered to patrol until a plan is formed. Several hours later, a meeting is held to discuss Altru Tower. Isaac reveals the tower's immense height was so that it could broadcast the Shadow Crystal's power over all of Almia, and also discusses its other functions. Hasting's reveals that more of the diary was deciphered. The entry reveals that Blake Hall drove Brighton out of Altru and has plans for world domination. Suddenly, there is a tremor and Isaac determines it was a test of the incredible machine. However, the tremor indicated that the test was a failure because Isaac never finished the final program. Isaac warns that even without the final program, the machine will still work at a reduced strength. Prof. Hastings reveals through extensive research, the Union learned that there is no way to cut power to the Incredible Machine, so the must disable the Shadow Crystal. He declares that the Rangers will storm Altru Tower from the outside and use the two Gems they have to hinder the Shadow Crystal as much as possible. Sven and Wendy are assigned to bring the Gems to the Shadow Crystal via Staraptor. The Player and Keith are ordered to be on standby at the Union in case something goes wrong. Prof. Hastings declares the mission Operation Brighton.

Mission 15: Protect Ranger Union HQ![]

Suddenly, there is an explosion on the bottom floor and Murph warns the Player someone has attacked the Union. The Player goes to the bottom floor where Heath is waiting. Heath reveals the Yellow Gem is being kept in Altru Tower before attacking them with an Electivire. After the Player captures the Electivire, more explosions occur upstairs, and Heath reveals he was just a distraction.

When the Player returns upstairs, they find Keith defending Isaac from Ice. Ice tries to convince Isaac to come with him, but Isaac sees through his trickery. Suddenly, Lavana arrives and reveals Melody, who is her captive. Lavana threatens to do Melody harm unless Isaac comes with her to complete the final adjustments to the Incredible Machine. Isaac has no choice but to agree and he leaves with Melody and Lavana. Ice, upset he was upstaged by Lavana, attacks the Player with Garchomp to cover his escape. After the Garchomp is captured, Murph reveals that third floor is also being attacked. The Player goes to the third floor where Wheeler, Blake Hall's stooge, is attacking the floor with a horde of Bidoof. After the Player captures the Bidoof, Wheeler is rescued by a TDS Goon and the attack is ended.

With the attack over, Prof. Hastings declares that Operation Brighton's priorities have changed, and Isaac and Melody's rescue is the top priority. For defending the base, the Player and Keith are promoted to Ranger Rank 9, maximizing the Friend Pokémon limit.

Mission 16: Execute Operation Brighton![]

Rhythmi reports that a powerful barrier with three layers has surrounded the top of Altru Tower. The Player and Keith are assigned to free Isaac and Melody, recover the Yellow Gem, have Keith take the Yellow Gem and join with Sven and Wendy, and disarm the barriers so the other Top Rangers can bring the Gems to the Shadow Crystal. Operation Brighton is official commenced.

When the Player and Keith reach the Altru Building, they discover all the Altru Inc. employees have been fired and TDS has taken over the building. After defeating a TDS goon guarding the entrance and his Yanmega, the two enter the building.

Several TDS goons attack the two with several waves of Pokémon, but they are all defeated. The goons try to use brute force to expel the two, but the Rangers from Vientown arrive and help capture the goons. The Player and Keith get to the elevator and manage to figure out Isaac's password to operate it. Suddenly, the elevator stops and is breached by a TDS goon who attacks the Player with a Dusclops. After defeating the goon, the Player and Keith use the rope ladder the goon used to enter the elevator to get into Altru's ductwork. The two navigate the ductwork, defeat more TDS goons, and reach the 9th floor through a vent.

There, they discover the room the Yellow Gem is being stored in is locked by a gate that can only be opened by destroying four special Miniremo units belonging to TDS admins. After finding all four admins and destroying their Miniremo, the gate is unlocked and the Player battles and defeats a fifth admin. The Player and Keith retrieve the Yellow Gem and the captive Altru scientists reveal Isaac and Melody are on the 10th floor and disable the electric lock.

The Player and Keith reach the 10th floor and are ambush by TDS goons, but their attackers are defeated. The two then disable an electric field blocking the way to the room Isaac and Melody are in. Even though the field is disabled, the door is locked tight, so the two call in Barlow to use his human target clear to break into the room. However, Barlow's strength alone isn't enough, so all three rangers perform the human target clear and break into the room. Upon entering, TDS goons holding Isaac and Melody hostage reveal that Isaac has finished making the final adjustments before attacking the Player. The goons are defeated and are captured by Barlow who takes Melody to back home to safety. Isaac then joins the Player and Keith in disabling the barrier. The three make their way through the last of the TDS goons and reach the Incredible Machine.

Keith takes the Yellow Gem and prepares to meet with Sven and Wendy on a Staraptor. However, Lavana appears and attacks Keith with her Magmortar, sending him flying and causing him to drop the Yellow Gem. Lavana reclaims the gem, but before she can attack the Player, the Incredible Machine activates and Lavana determines it will reach max power at midnight, the day of Altru's birthday. Lavana retreats into the Incredible Machine and has her Crimson Unit attack the Player. After defeating the Crimson Unit, Prof. Hastings sends a voicemail to the Player and learns of what happened to Keith. The professor decided to send a search part for Keith while the Player continues their mission to destroy the barrier. He also reveals that the Union scientist have upgraded the Player's Styler with the three Tears of Princes shards taken from the pendants, turning the Player's Fine Styler into a Vantonage Styler, after the ancient word. The Vantonage Styler allows the Player to befriend Pokémon under enemy control.

The Player and Isaac enter the Incredible Machine and receive a voicemail from Sven and Wendy who inform the barrier is made of three layers. Isaac explains that a circuit ball feeds power to the barrier and each circuit ball is guarded by a member of the Sinis Trio. The Incredible Machine reaches its first power level and begins powering up to the second level out of three. The Player first confronts and defeats Heath and his Rhyperior and destroys the first circuit ball after Isaac disables the security around it. With the first circuit ball destroyed, one of the barrier layers is disabled with it. The Incredible Machine continue powering up, but with the circuit ball destroyed, the process is slowed, and its computers begin to malfunction. They Player then confronts and defeats Lavana and her Magmortar who reveals she no longer has the Yellow Gem. Isaac disables the security around the second circuit ball allowing the Player to destroy it. The second barrier layer is disabled, but the Incredible Machine nears power level two. The two then confront and defeat the last of the Sinis Trio, Ice and his Gallade. Isaac tries to disable the security program for the final circuit ball, but Ice reveals he put in his own program which Isaac doesn't know. The Incredible Machine's power reaches level two and Ice reveals power level three will be reached must faster. Isaac continues trying to crack Ice's security program while Ice and the rest of the Sinis Trio attack the Player all at once with their Pokémon. The Player captures the Pokémon, causing Heath to flee to top of the Incredible Machine to warn Blake Hall and Lavana to run away completely. Ice is confident his security program can stall the Player and Isaac, but Isaac manages to crack the program. Ice surrenders the Yellow Gem and runs away in defeat. After the final circuit ball is destroyed, the barrier is complete deactivated.

With the barrier gone, Sven and Wendy are ordered by Prof. Hastings to get a close to the Shadow Crystal with their two gems. Meanwhile, a dark shadow being controlled by several Gigaremos begins to act up as the Incredible Machine's influence begins spreading across Almia. The Player and Isaac come across one last electric barrier which Isaac disables, only for him to get stuck in a trap forcing the Player to continue. The Player reaches the top of the Incredible machine where Heath, Wheeler, and Blake are waiting with the Shadow Crystal.

The Incredible Machine's power begins to reach the farthest reaches of Almia, putting Pokémon under its control and making them suffer. Blake reintroduces himself to the Player and gloats that the Player is too late as the Incredible Machine is now at full power. Blake continues gloating that he now has control over all of Almia's Pokémon and that he plans to fulfill his promise of presenting a dream energy to Almia, by using Pokémon as slaves and even soldiers. Wheeler then attacks the Player with a Bidoof, only to be easily defeated. Black throws Wheeler aside and uses the Incredible Machine to attack the Player with a Dusknoir from Hippowdon Temple. Even though the Player captures the Dusknoir, Blake is unfazed as he can access all the Pokémon in Almia. Suddenly, the Yellow Gem the Player holds begins to flash and Blake realizes what they plan to do with them.

Blake scolds Heath for failing to protect the Gem but is cut off by Sven and Wendy who prepare to bring the three Gems to the Shadow Crystal. Left with no choice, Blake decides to summon the strongest Pokémon at his disposal, Darkrai. Darkrai's mere presence frightens Wendy and Sven's Staraptor as it emerges from the Dark Shadow from earlier. Darkrai tries to drag the Player into darkness, but Keith returns and rescues them just in time. Keith takes the Yellow Gem and Blake, furious at being continuously thwarted, turns the Incredible Machine to a forbidden power level, level dark. Against Wheeler and Heath's warnings, Blake activates Level Dark and orders it to attack Keith and the other rangers. Instead, Darkrai ignores Blake's orders and sucks Wheeler into darkness and the control system on the Incredible Machine shatters. Heath flees in terror and Blake is also sucked into darkness by Darkrai. A shroud of darkness begins to surround the machine, preventing Keith and the other Top Rangers from getting close. The Player tries to capture Darkrai, but Darkrai had closed its heart, and the Styler has no effect.

Suddenly, the Tears of Prince begin glowing and send light to the Player's Styler, powering it up. The Player battles Darkrai once again and finally manages to capture it. The darkness surrounding the tower is lifted and the Top Ranger finally bring the Tears of Prince to the Shadow Crystal. The gems light neutralizes the Shadow Crystal's darkness and Darkrai frees Wheeler and Black before leaving.

Blake feels as if he's just woken up from a nightmare and Prof. Hastings arrives and reveals Blake is righter than he knows. He gives Blake the restored diary and reads the last section aloud. Brighton sought the Shadow Crystal as an energy source for Almia, but it was guarded by Darkrai. around a year later, Brighton held a ceremony near the Shadow Crystal to change his son's Wyatt name to Blake. two years later, Brighton had learned the Shadow Crystal absorbed negative feeling and the darkness of people hearts and that darkness had influenced itself over Blake, turning him evil and cruel. The rest of the diary's entries were about the secrets of the Tears of Prince and ancient legends in Almia. Blake remembers his father told him about the gems, but the Shadow Crystal's hold on him was too strong and he became obsessed with the Shadow Crystal until that hold was finally broken by the three gems. Blake is escorted out for questioning, something he gladly agrees to do, and Barlow reveals he freed Isaac. The other Top Rangers arrive, and Prof. Hastings declares mission clear.

The three gems are revealed to be surrounding the Shadow Crystal and removing its effects on Almia's Pokémon. The Go-Rock-Quads perform their new song to celebrate the ending of the crisis and Isaac takes a day off to play with Melody. Keith admits the Player has long surpassed him and is glad he was able to help them at the Incredible Machine. Barlow tells the Player to return to their parent's house in Chicole Village to celebrate a job well done. The Player takes a Doduo to Chicole Village where they meet with their family and head to their bed for a well-earned rest. Back at the Incredible Machine, the Shadow Crystal's darkness is completely gone, and it has now become the Luminous Crystal. Darkrai circles the crystal one last time before leaving, it's duty of protecting the world from it finished. The main game is completed.


A week after Operation Brighton, the Player is woken up by their Little Sister who tells them that their Mom wants to talk to them. The Player's Mom reveals that Chairperson Erma wanted to see them. At the Union, for their work during Operation Brighton, Erma promotes the Player to Ranger Rank 10. Erma then gives the Player an entry pass for the Capture Arena, a facility where rangers can hone and test their skills. However, she doesn't tell them its location leaving them to figure it out. She also tells the Player there are still Quests to complete and there is a race to complete the Almia Browser. The final part of the main game can be visited when the player talks to the Drowsy Guy at the top of Altru Tower.

The Capture Arena[]

In order to find the capture arena, the Player must travel to the second port in Haruba Village where the Wailord from the Sea of Wailord is waiting. The Wailord takes the Player to the capture arena where they can battle rare and powerful Pokémon. After completing the Arena, the Player is awarded a medal on their character page.

The Final Quest[]

After the Player completes all other Quests, the final one becomes available. Ollie's Mom explains that Ollie, who is still feeling guilty for the Vien Forest fire, has been going out into the forest and she asks the Player to check on him. When the Player finds Ollie, he explains that he's decided to restore the Vien Forest, so he's been searching for a Celebi, which has the power to heal nature, but he's had little luck. The Player searches the depths of the forest and finds a Celebi which they capture and bring back to Ollie. Ollie asks Celebi to heal the forest, but Celebi disappears, and Ollie realizes it was angry with him. Ollie admits Celebi was right because he blindly accepted a shady job that ended up causing the fire and that he might have done even more damage during his search for Celebi. However, when Ollie expresses he truly wishes that forest could be healed, Celebi returns and restores the forest. The citizens of Vientown saw the light created by Celebi and arrive to see the healed forest. With that the final Quest is cleared and Prof. Hastings arrives and gives them the final power-up, the Supreme Defense.

Completing the Almia Browser[]

After 266 entries are made into the Almia Browser, the Player returns to the Union where Murph brings them to the third floor. There, Rhythmi reveals that the Union has received reports about a whirlpool of sand appearing inside Hippowdon Temple. Erma recalls that there is a powerful Pokémon somewhere in the temple and Rhythmi confirms that Pokémon is Regigigas. When the Player travels down the whirlpool of sand and places a Regice, Regirock, and Registeel on three pedestals, a door opens to a room where the Player can battle Regigigas. After capturing Regigigas, the Almia Browser is completed and the Player is called back to the Union. In recognition of being the first Ranger to complete the browser, a special marked is etched into the Player's Styler.

Extra Missions[]

Recover the Manaphy Egg![]

Mimi visits the Vientown Ranger Base asking for help. While out on a walk, Mimi and her Happiny met a Chansey and one of the Happiny threw away the round stone it always holds. It kept looking for round things and throwing them away and Mimi got angry with it, the Happiny then ran away. Luana offers to help search for the missing Happiny and Barlow assigns her and the Player to search. Immediately after leaving the Ranger Base, the Player, Luana, and Mimi find Little Tim chasing after a berry he got from the jam maker after it mysteriously disappeared. Mimi realizes that her Happiny must have taken the berry and throw it away like it was doing earlier. After searching some more, the three find another berry discarded by Mimi's Happiny and follow a trail of discarded berries to Nabiki Beach. There a couple tells them that Mimi's Happiny has been staring at a round object floating at the edge of the water. The three find Happiny who runs away and Mimi goes after it. Luana recognizes the object as a Manaphy egg and realizes Happiny was looking for it the whole time. Barlow arrives and reveals Prof. Hastings wants the ranger to protect the egg and declares the assignment has become a full mission. After following Mimi, the two discover that Happiny had blocked the path and went up to Breeze Hill. After clearing the rocks blocking the way, the three find Happiny, along with a Pichu and Glameow, protecting the egg. After the Pichu and Glameow are captured, the egg begins shaking and Luana explains the situation to the Pokémon. Mimi realizes that after seeing the Chansey with its egg, her Happiny wanted one of its own and she apologizes for getting angry. The rest of Mimi's Happiny arrive and return the fourth one's stone it discarded. With everyone happy, they all return to Vientown where Prof. Hastings is waiting. Barlow declares mission clear and the professor decides the best thing to do would be to take the egg to the Union until they are able to return it to its habitat. All of Mimi's Happiny volunteer to transport the delicate egg to the Union.

Rescue Kidnapped Riolu![]

Sounds of explosions have been coming from the Ranger School and the Player is sent to the Vientown Ranger Base to investigate. Barlow declares the area Rangers will patrol the area while the Player investigates. Before Crawford can leave for Chicole Village, a timid boy from there named Kyle arrives and reveals he knows what is causing the explosion. He explains that they are being cause by a Riolu who knows Aura Sphere. Crawford doesn't believe Kyle because Riolu can't learn Aura Sphere, but Kyle affirms that that he used to know that Riolu before he moved to Almia. Luana and Barlow believe Kyle and ask him to go with the Player. When the two arrive at the Ranger School, Kyle and Riolu reunite, and Kyle apologizes for leaving without saying goodbye. Suddenly, the reunion is interrupted by a remnant TDS admin who reveals that when the Shadow Crystal was purified, the Miniremo units under the Oil Field Hideout were shielded from the purifying light and retained their power. The admin attacks the Player with two Tangrowth, but when they are captured, a second admin uses his Miniremo to take control of Riolu. The two escape on Drifblim and have Riolu attack with Aura Sphere to cover their escape. In the flash created by the attack, Kyle hears Riolu's voice and awakens in the Ranger Base. Kyle reveals that Riolu told him he was taken to the middle of the ocean on a dark seafloor and Elaine determines that Riolu is being held in the Oil Field Hideout. Kyle decides to go, despite everyone's objections, and Barlow decides to let him go with the Player. When the two arrive at the Oil Field Hideout and make their way past TDS goons, they find the admins who have Riolu attack again, but the attack misses and knocks out the lights. Kyle hears Riolu's voice when it uses its aura to communicate with him and guide the two out of the dark hall. The two confront the admins in Kincaid's old office and Kyle calls to Riolu to break free of their control. Riolu begins to resist the Miniremo's control, and the Player captures it, freeing it completely. Sven arrives and helps bring everyone back and arrest the remaining TDS members. At the Union, everyone discusses the remaining Miniremo and what to do with Riolu. Kyle is offered to let Riolu live with him in Chicole Village, but he declines as Riolu came because it was worried about him and those worries have been cleared. However, Kyle is worried that more people may try to use Riolu for evil purposes. Chairperson Erma tells Kyle the experience he went through has made him brave and Prof. Hastings offers to let a reliable trainer take care of Riolu and Kyle accepts the offer.

Liberate the Tower![]

Altru Tower is taken over by an unknown group and the Player and Keith are assigned to liberate the tower from them. Chairperson Erma reveals that an eerie shadow has been seen flittering around the tower recently. The two reach the tower and discover a barricade was placed and search for Pokémon to help clear it. Before they go downstairs, they hear a mysterious cry but can't find its source. When they search for Pokémon downstairs, they find TDS goons trying to take over the floor and they reveal they are being led by a new leader. After they are defeated, the goons flee after revealing that TDS has been reformed as Team Debonairs. The researchers on the floor reveal that Team Debonairs' leader is trying to remove the Tears of Princes gems. After clearing the barricade and entering the tower, the two make their way past more Team Debonairs goons until they reach the floor where Ice was battled. After clearing a circuit ball barricade, the two discover they have been locked inside by Team Debonairs goons. Suddenly, Darkrai rises from a shadow in the room and pulls the two into its shadow. The two awaken to discover they are on the next floor and that Darkrai helped them. Darkrai wants to help protect the Luminous Crystal and joins the Player's party. The group reaches the top of the tower where they see Kincaid, who is the leader of Team Debonairs, trying to remove the Tears of Princes gems to return the Luminous Crystal to the Shadow Crystal. Kincaid has his minions surround and trap the group and the Player uses Darkrai's Area Move to teleport the goons away through Darkrai's shadow. The group confronts Kincaid who attacks with a Drapion and Gliscor. After Kincaid is defeated, Prof. Hastings arrives and reveals it is impossible to turn the Luminous Crystal back to the Shadow Crystal because the darkness in people's hearts is nothing compared to the light inside and that Kincaid's efforts were meaningless. Prof. Hastings declares mission clear and notices Darkrai was the shadow seen around the tower and theorizes it was still protecting the Luminous Crystal. He tells Darkrai that the Rangers will protect the crystal and offers to take it somewhere it can belong.

Dialga in Hia Valley!?[]

The Player wakes up in their bedroom, but the house is empty. When they Player leaves, a police officer tells them the house was recently bought and the family is going to move in soon. When the Player reaches the edge of the village, they meet Wendy who tells them that they've been sent to the past and they must go to Almia Castle. Wendy explains that the two of them went to Almia Castle to take a Dialga into protection. They found it deep in the castle and it was injured and used its Roar of Time to send them to the past. The two return to Almia Castle to capture Dialga and return to the future. After getting past the castle's obstacles, the two find Dialga still injured. Wendy warns the Player that if the capture takes too long, Dialga will be prompted to use its Roar of Time to send them back to the past. After Dialga is captured, it calms down and Wendy treats the wound on its leg. Wendy wonders how a Pokémon like Dialga could get hurt as it did before Dialga disappears into a rift. The two leave the castle and get a call from Prof. Hastings who says the two were gone for about ten seconds. Wendy tries to explain the situation but decides to just leave it be and declares Mission Clear.

Palkia in Haruba Desert![]

Prof. Hastings assigns the Player to help in investigating to see if there were residual effects of the Incredible Machine. Sven calls in and reveals something weird is happening in Haruba Village and requests backup. The Player is assigned to assist Sven, but before they can leave for Haruba Village, Sven and Henry arrive confused as to how they got there. Sven realizes what is happening and leaves without explaining and the Player and Henry go after him. Upon exiting the conference room, they two come out in the middle of Haruba Village. Sven explains that there is a distortion in space, sending people to distant places unexpectedly and Henry goes into one. The two Top Rangers go after him and end up in Hippowdon Temple, where Sven senses something wrong. He theorizes that a Pokémon called Palkia is responsible for the distortions and Rhythmi calls in and confirms there is an incredibly powerful Pokémon in the Temple. The three travel across Almia via the distortions and begin closing in on Palkia, and hear it suffering. The group finds Palkia and discover its wounded and it must have distorted space because of the pain. After Player captures Palkia, Sven treats its wound and it disappears into a rift. Afterward, Henry thanks the two rangers for taking him across Almia and Sven declares Mission Clear.

For the Bride and Shaymin![]

Prof. Hastings tells the Player they received a wedding invitation, but he withholds the identity of the marrying couple. He and the Player go to Altru Park, where the wedding is taking place, and discover the couple is Ollie and Elaine. Before the wedding can continue, two remaining TDS interrupt the ceremony and claim they want Elaine's bouquet. The bouquet is revealed to be a Shaymin that runs off and the goons go after it so they can use it to help resurrect TDS. The Rangers go after the Shaymin and search Pueltown for it and the TDS goons. When the Player and Prof. Hasting finds the Shaymin, but they are attacked by one of the goons and the Shaymin escapes. The two find the Shaymin again, but the second goon arrives and reveals they plan to sell the Shaymin for money to rebuild TDS and attacks. After the goon is defeated, the Shaymin escapes again. The two go after the Shaymin and discover it has been cornered by the two goons on the bridge. The Shaymin turns aggressive and attacks the two, scaring them off. The Player captures the still angry Shaymin and the rest of the rangers capture the TDS goons. Prof. Hastings declares Mission Clear and the wedding resumes with Shaymin participating. Ollie expresses his gratitude for everything the rangers have done for him, and Elaine express hers for all the help Ollie's given. Luana wonders why Shaymin posed as Elaine's wedding Bouquet and Prof. Hastings explains that it was probably because of Shaymin's status as the Gratitude Pokémon, and it was attracted by the couple's feeling of gratitude. Shaymin begins running around the couple and releases a shower of flowers and causes the entire park to bloom. Shaymin disappears in the middle of the bloom, presumably to go where there are more feeling of gratitude, and Elaine promises to never forget this day.

Partner Pokémon[]


The Front Screen

The player character can have up to 17 partner Pokémon (one for each type available at the time) but may only use one at a time. The first partner Pokémon is a Starly, a Munchlax, or a Pachirisu. These 3 partners you can get from the main plot, along with a few others, but for the others you are required to complete certain quests.


  • It takes place in a new region called Almia, located near Fiore.
  • Generation IV Pokémon appear in the game with a total number of 270 different Pokémon species. Just like the original Pokémon Ranger, not all current species of Pokémon appear.
  • The Partner Pokémon in the game are no longer limited to only Minun and/or Plusle but have been extended to a total of 17 different options, though only one can be taken at the time.
  • Besides field moves, the Rangers can now use other types of moves, such as area moves, which allow the player character to move faster or across certain terrain, for example, riding or flying Doduo, Mantine or Staraptor.
  • The Capture Styler has been improved and instead of using a set number of loops in a row, now transmits a set amount of friendship that can last for a short time before it begins to deplete.
  • Quests are introduced, small missions that are not mandatory, but are rewarded with power-ups to the styler.
  • New Pokémon are obtainable through Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. These include Darkrai, an egg of Manaphy and a Riolu knowing Aura Sphere. They can be obtained through special missions.
  • The main menu changes depending on the time of day. The top screen will be day during daytime and will be night during nighttime.


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The main antagonist of this series is the Team Dim Sun, who aims to control all the Pokémon in the Almia region with mysterious Gigaremo and Miniremo devices.

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