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Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs (Japanese: ポケモンレンジャー 光の軌跡, HepburnPokémon Ranger: Tracks of Light) is the third game in the Pokémon Ranger series. It was released on March 6 in Japan and was released in America on October 4, 2010. The game takes place in a region filled with mysterious islands and ruins to explore known as Oblivia. On the launch day, players were able to download a special mission which allows you to capture Deoxys and transfer it over to Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver in multi-player mode. It also includes a multiplayer co-op feature to work together and capture Pokémon. A special feature for the game is the brand new "Ranger Signs" which summon certain Pokémon with new abilities, along with the returning "Poké Assist". The main evil team you end up facing is the Pokémon Pinchers.



The game starts in the skies of the Oblivia region. Latios or Latias (depending on which gender the Player chooses) is being chased by two people riding UFO-like vehicles, but they are intercepted by the Player riding a Staraptor. After the Pidgey sent to attack the Player are captured, Latios escapes into the distance and the two attack the Player with a plasma cannon barrage until they run out of ammo. Then, the Player's Partner Summer or Ben (also dependent on the Player character's gender) arrives to help. Suddenly, a new enemy wearing red clothing appears and attacks the Partner with a plasma cannon barrage. The Player intercepts the attack and is sent plummeting into the ocean while the Partner is captured.

The Player crashes into the ocean and their Styler falls of and the Player goes after a Mantyke that picks it up. After recovering the Styler, the Player discovers a strange symbol on the ocean floor before an unknown massive object sends them hurling into the ocean currents. Meanwhile, an entire squad of the group who were after Latios/Latias attack Dolce Island. A group of Pokémon listening to a Pichu playing a ukulele is attacked by the group and many of the island's Pokémon are captured by the group's control gauntlets.

A flashback plays where the Player and their Partner are summoned by Professor Hastings. The Prof. assigns the two a mission to stop a group of Pokémon Poachers call the Pokémon Pinchers. The group has started to become more organized for unknown reasons and the two rangers are assigned to go to the Oblivia region to investigate and stop them. Murph barges in and gives a brief description of the Oblivia region. The Oblivia region is made up of nine islands and is a peaceful paradise, so peaceful only one area ranger is stationed there. There also many ruins that attract archeologists. The two Rangers are then ordered to depart to the Oblivia Region.

The Player washes up on Dolce Island and the Player's Voice Nav. is damaged by seawater and the Player has to restart it by verifying their name. The Player explores the island and comes across Ukulele Pichu who attacks them, mistaking them for a Pincher. After Pichu is captured, the Player meet an old man who came to investigate the Pincher's arrival on the island. The man introduces himself as Booker, a master shipbuilder and the one who built Pichu's ukulele. Pichu goes off in search of its friends while Booker and the Player head to the eastern beach to take one of Booker's boats to Renbow Island. When they arrive at the beach, they discover Booker's boat wasn't tied to the pier and has drifted off. The Player manages to bring one of Booker's emergency boats down to the beach and they set off for Renbow Island along with Pichu who couldn't find his friends.

When the three arrive, they are greeted by a group of children led by Ralph. Booker takes the Player into his house while Pichu goes after some Pinchers who fly by without anyone else noticing. The Player is introduced to Booker's worry prone apprentice, Nick, and the Player explains how he ended up on Dolce Island. At that point, Booker notices Pichu is missing and Ralph bursts in a panic. Ralph reveals the UFOs came back and they went into Teakwood Forest and someone named Arley went after them.

Mission: Drive the Pinchers out of the Woods[]

The Player and Ralph go after Arley and the UFOs, and head into Teakwood Forest. While searching the forest, the two discover Pinchers in the woods and the Voice Nav. teaches the Player how to use Poké Assists. After making it to the end of Teakwood Forest, the two find two Pinchers guarding the entrance to Rasp Cavern. Pichu arrives to find its friends and the Pinchers try to capture it. Just before they can, the Player and Ralph interfere, and the Pinchers attack them with their Pokémon. After the Player defeats them, the Pinchers flee and Pichu heads into Rasp Cavern.

The two enter the cavern and find Arley blocking Pichu from moving forward. Arley explains that the Pincher's seem to be after something inside a monument in the cave. Pichu slips past Arley, and the others go after him. Meanwhile, the Pinchers pull something called an Emblem from the monument and are confronted by Pichu. Pichu tries to attack the Pinchers, but they easily repel him and break his ukulele in the process. The Player and Ralph arrive and discover what the Pinchers have done before they are attacked by them. After the Player defeats them, the Pinchers try to flee, only to be attacked by Raikou and chased away. Pichu takes the broken pieces of its ukulele and runs off and Arley arrives and points out the damaged monument and notes it was related to Raikou. Ralph thanks the Player for their help and the mission is cleared.

After returning to Cocona Village, they find a doctor named Edward helping out an old man. The old man explains that Raikou charged through the village and that it was aggressively hunting the UFO's. After Arley goes off with Edward, Ralph asks if anyone saw Pichu and an old woman explains that it went to Booker's house. There, the Player takes a Quest to go to Dolce Island with Ralph and bring back some special wood to fix Pichu's ukulele. After getting the wood, Ralph notices strange flashes coming from the Wireless Tower in the distance. When the two return, Booker has Nick fix the ukulele and asks the Player to patrol Cocona Village while the repairs are made.

0251Celebi Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

When the Player leaves Booker's house, a man asks for their help at the Village Plaza. When the Player arrives at the Plaza, the see a light coming from a monument called the stone of time. The light leaves the stone and forms into a Celebi that attacks the Player. After the Player captures the Celebi, it takes them back in time where a young boy named Ravio explains what happened and reveals they are in a place called Cocona Plaza that lies in front of several temples dedicated to honor a Pokémon called Arceus. Ravio asks Celebi to return the Player to their proper time. When the Player returns, they and Ralph go back to Booker's house to check on the ukulele. When they arrive, the ukulele has been fixed to Pichu's joy. Booker then tells the Player that the only Area Ranger in Oblivia, Rand, lives on the east side of Renbow Island and he has a daughter who is skilled with machines and could fix the damaged styler. When the Player leaves for Rand's house, Pichu follows them. Booker explains that Pichu thinks that it might be able to find it's captured friends if it goes with the Player and Pichu becomes a Partner Pokémon. Booker also reveals that Pichu's music can reach the hearts of other Pokémon and help with captures.

When the Player reaches Lapras Beach, they see a young girl asking to use a Lapras. The girl takes notice of the Player and asks them to recover one of the Pincher's UFO's that was lost in the ocean. The Voice Nav. encourages taking the mission because there is a threat the UFO could leak oil and pollute the ocean.

Mission: Salvage the Sunken UFO[]

After capturing Lapras to gain its respect, the Player rides it out to the Coral Sea and dives into it. The Player finds the UFO, and after blocking a current blocking the way and capturing two Pokémon that were startled by its arrival, a Kingdra appears and knocks the UFO further into the ocean. After catching Kingdra, the UFO falls into the depths of the Coral Sea and the Player once again goes after it. The Player finds the UFO in the lightless depths and brings it to the surface after capturing territorial Sharpedo.

Back on dry land, the girl discovers the UFO is named a Z.Z Flyer and Pichu displays hostility towards it. The girl declares Mission Clear and introduces herself as Nema, Rand's daughter. The Player explains their mission and Nema decides to take them to her house. On the way, they see Pinchers resting from being chase by Raikou and they attack the Player. After the Player defeats them, Raikou returns and resumes chasing the Pinchers. When they arrive at Rand's house, they discover Raikou's lightning has started a fire which the Player puts out. However, the fire restarts even bigger leading the Voice Nav. to teach the Player how to perform team target clears. Once the fire is completely out the Player and Nema go inside. The Player puts the Z.Z Flyer aside and Nema fixes the damage to the Styler, unlocking modification mode. Nema reveals that Rand is currently at the Wireless Tower on Mt. Latolato and offers to guide the Player there.

On the way to the Tower, the two discover Pinchers are on mountain and defeat them. When they reach the Wireless Tower, they find Rand battling three Pinchers and the Player helps drive them away. Everyone regroups at the Tower's maintenance shed where the Player is introduced to Rand's archeologist wife, Leanne. Rand is brought up to speed on the situation and reveals the Pinchers have overrun the Wireless Tower, preventing communications with other regions. The Player and Rand team up to retake the Tower. Suddenly, the Tower's electrician, Burkhart, arrives and warns that electricity is running throughout the tower and liable to shock anyone who isn't careful.

Mission: Liberate the Wireless Tower[]

0243Raikou Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

Upon entering the Tower, Rand teaches the Player about Agitated Pokémon. Before the two rangers can reach the next floor, they are blocked by Pinchers who attack with one of Ukulele Pichu's friends. After defeating the Pinchers, Ukulele Pichu's friend reunites with him and leaves for Dolce Island. After navigating the Tower's unprotected electrical wiring and more Pinchers, the rangers find the Pinchers from the cavern running to the top of the Tower with Raikou not far behind. The Pinchers from the cavern give the Emblem to the woman clad in blue leading them, who is planning on taking out the Tower's antenna, and inform her about the rangers and Raikou. Suddenly, Raikou appears and tries to attack the woman, only for the woman to avoid the lighting and it instead destroys the antenna. The rangers arrive and learn what happened before the woman flies off on a Z.Z Flyer leaving the Player to face Raikou. After the Player captures Raikou, a strange figure appears and is recorded by the styler before Raikou leaves. Rand declares Mission Clear and the two return to the Tower base.

Burkhart reveals he caught two of the Pinchers, but they trick him and escape. Rand and the Player go after them until they reach the Big Booker Bridge. There, they find the red Pincher who shot the Player out of the sky. Rand questions the Pincher on where the Player's Partner is, but the Pincher refuses to say anything else other than the Partner is safe before destroying a part of the bridge with Voltorb. Left with no other choice, the two return to Rand's house, but not before witnessing Raikou leap over the destroyed sections with ease.

Rand explains what happened and Nema notes that the currents prevent travel by boat and there have been no sightings of Staraptor to fly on. Rand decides to get Booker, the bridge's original builder, to help repair the bridge. Leanne inquires about the figure the Player saw and the Voice Nav. confirms the recording of the figure. Leanne decides to research the figure and Burkhart arrives and reveals its completely trashed and it won't be working anytime soon, preventing communications with other regions. Rand leaves to examine the Tower and he has the Player fetch Booker. After Booker is informed about the bridge, he rushes off to repair it and Nick adjusts Pichu's ukulele to make the music stronger.

Before the Player can return to Rand's house, Celebi appears out of nowhere and takes them back to the past. There, the Player discovers two people debating unusual occurrences inside the temples. The two notices the Player and introduce themselves as Tanvir and Kira. Celebi tries to drag the Player to the Temple but is stopped by Tanvir and Kira. The two reveal that the Pokémon inside the temples are acting up and they tried to speak with the Temple Oracles about it, but the door to the Temple is shut. Kira then has Celebi return the Player to their own time.

When the Player returns to the present, Nema reveals Leanne has finished her research and found something. Leanne first reveals what was on the Rasp Cavern monument, instructions about drawing an Emblem of light at the heavens to summon Raikou. She then notes the similarity between the figure emblem and capturing and theorizes they may be able to call Raikou for help. Nema decided to modify the styler to allow it to use the Emblem to summon Raikou. When she is done, the styler's Sign Mode is complete and the Player is able to summon Raikou. Leanne theorizes that the legendary hero of Oblivia may have used a similar method to protect Oblivia in the past and that many more of Oblivia's legends may be true. The Player uses Raikou to leap over the damaged bridge and reach Mitonga Island.

Upon reaching Tilt Village, the Player meets Murph, who arrived on a ship called The Union. Murph reveals that Prof. Hastings assigned him to take The Union to deliver a message: suspicious characters, suspected to be the Pinchers, have been seen at libraries all over various regions searching for information about Oblivia's legends and the book they seek, written by a man named Amun, may be somewhere on Mitonga Island. Murph reveals Amun's old mansion is on Mitonga Island and suspects the book to be somewhere inside. While searching for information on Amun, the Player and Murph see a magic show performed by a magician named Hocus and meet Edward the doctor again before returning to their search. They find an elderly man who reveals Amun's mansion is north and is supposedly haunted.

Mission: Investigate the Old Mansion[]

0154Meganium Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

On the way to the mansion, the two discover the main gate is locked shut and have to go through a Dusclops infested forest to reach the Old Mansion. Upon entering the Old Mansion, the doors close on their own locking the two inside and they are attacked by a trio of Misdreavus. While searching for Amun's book, the two see a Pincher enter a room, only for the door to be blocked because of a Dusclops. After further searching, Murph is scared witless by flying plates and falls through a hole. The Player finds Golbat to break down the obstruction to the previously sealed off room. Inside the room, the Player hears a voice from behind a bookshelf. After the Player activates a secret mechanism, the bookshelf retracts revealing Murph who reveals after he fell he wandered in the dark until he ended up behind the shelf. The two go behind the bookshelf and follow the path down a staircase that leads to a room guard by Pinchers. After defeating the Pinchers, the two enter the basement room where the blue clad Pincher is searching for Amun's book. The woman introduces herself as Blue Eyes and attacks the Player with a Meganium. After the Player captures the Meganium, Pichu zaps Blue Eyes with its electricity and paralyzes her. With Blue Eyes captured, Murph hopes it will lead to finding the Player's Partner and Pichu's friends. Murph finds Amun's book, gives it to the Player, declares Mission Clear and takes the captive Blue Eyes to the Union.

When the Player leaves the Old Mansion, Celebi appears and takes them back to the past. There, Tanvir wonders why Celebi keeps bringing the Player to the past and Ravio believes Celebi may want the Player to investigate the closed temples. Suddenly, the Temple's door opens and a Steelhead Oracle emerges and declares they will control the world using their special armor that can control Pokémon and attacks the Player with a Piplup. After the Player captures the Piplup, the Steelhead retreats. Ravio realizes that Celebi was trying to warn them about the strange activity in the temples, and that the Player was capable of helping. Tanvir notes the Steelhead seemed to be under a spell and grows increasingly worried about the Pokémon. Kira allows the Player to investigate the Temple, while Tanvir agrees to ask for their help. Before the Player is returned to the present, an elderly woman known as the Wise Woman tells everyone that the Player shouldn't say a word about what happened in the past. Celebi returns to the stone of time unlocking multiplayer mode.

When the Player returns to Tilt Village, Murph reveals he's been trying to question Blue Eyes and asks the Player to report to Rand. The Player reports what happened and give Amun's book to Leanne who reveals that friend Pokémon can be summoned with the right sign. Rand gives the Player a report to give to Murph about the repairs to the Wireless Tower, which are taking longer than expected. After the Player gives Murph the report, the red clad Pincher appears and introduces himself as Red Eyes. Red Eyes offers a trade, Blue Eyes for the Player's Partner at the Daybreak Ruins. Murph brings Blue Eyes out for the swap and she and Player travel to Daybreak Ruins. Before they can enter, two of Blue Eyes' subordinates try to free her before the trade can take place, but they are defeated.

Mission: Rescue Summer/Ben[]

0244Entei Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

As the Player and Blue Eyes travel through the ruins and are blocked by two more Pinchers who try and trade Blue Eyes for two of Pichu's friends. Blue Eyes is insulted by their methods and the two Pinchers change their plans and attack the Player with the Pichu instead. The Player captures the Pichu, and the Pinchers flee while the freed Pichu return to Dolce Island. After navigating the ruins mechanisms and more Pinchers, the two reach the spot for the trade, but Red Eyes isn't there. Blue Eyes notices there is another Involith monument, but before she can examine it, an Entei appears and attacks. After Entei is captured, a new ranger sign is registered into the Styler. Red Eyes arrives just as Entei leaves and he and the Player commence the trade. The Player and their Partner are reunited, but the Pincher take the emblem from the monument. The Pincher fly off on their Z.Z Flyers and Red Eyes covers their tracks with exploding Electrode. The Partner thanks the Player, and the mission is cleared.

The Partner reveals the Pinchers still have their Partner Pokémon, Staraptor, and is brought up to speed on recent events before revealing they stuck a tracker to their hideout while they were captured. However, the Partner's styler is broken, and the tracker can't be used until its fixed and they discover the Electrodes' explosion has sealed off the main exit. The Voice Nav. reminds the Player they have acquired Entei's sign, and the Player uses it to call Entei. Entei destroys some rocks blocking an alternative exit and the two return to Tilt Village. The two meet up with Murph who reveals the Big Booker Bridge has been full repaired and then head over to Rand's house. There, Rand is acquainted with the Player's Partner and the Partner reveals the Pinchers are planning to go after the legendary Pokémon Moltres. Leanne reveals she has translated some information from Amun's book: the Emblems inside the monuments are keys for unlocking an ancient gate. Nema repair's the Partner's styler and their tracking signal is picked up. The signal is coming from the south end of Mitonga Island, which is made up of sheer cliffs. Nema reveals she unlocked more modification options on the Player's styler as well as the Power Charge function. Rand declares he will patrol Oblivia while the Player and Partner attack the Pincher's hideout.

The two rangers reach the Peril Cliffs and find two Pincher who taunt their hideout will depart in two minutes before flying off.

Mission: Foil Blue Eyes's Operation![]

0160Feraligatr Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

The Rangers navigate the cliff's dangers with Raikou and Entei's help and leap on to the Pinchers submarine. They infiltrate the submarine just before it submerges and begin searching for Blue Eyes. After making their way through the submarine and the Pinchers guarding it, Pichu finds a metal crate holding the Dolce Island Pokémon and the Partner's Staraptor. The Player destroys the cage's door, frees the captive Pokémon, and the rangers resume their search for Blue Eyes. They make their way through more Pinchers and find Blue Eyes at the control deck. After defeating two more Pinchers, Blue Eyes tries to take her revenge for being captured and attacks with a Feraligatr. The Player captures the Feraligatr and a Pincher informs Blue Eyes has been contacted by "That person". Blue Eyes takes the message and afterward tells the Pinchers to initiate "Plan Z". Despite their protests, the Pinchers initiate the plan, and they flee as the submarine crashes.

After the crash, the rangers awake to find the submarine was rammed into the rocks on the seafloor and the submarine is standing on end. The submarine's position makes it impossible to climb out and the rangers are at a loss at what to do until a rope drops down. Just as they leave the control deck, it begins to flood with water. When they get to the next floor, they discover one of Pichu's friends rescued them and a warning announces that the ship will sink in ten minutes. After climbing past the submarine's debris and the rising waters, the rangers and the submarine's Pokémon make their way to the exit hatch. There they see two Pinchers who reveal that Blue Eyes got trapped by a crate while protecting them. Everyone works together to move the crate and free Blue Eyes before everyone exits the submarine and reaches the surface. When the rangers and Pokémon surface, they noticed Blue Eyes has fled and everyone is rescued by Murph with the Union. Murph explains that Nema noticed the styler's signals were staying in the same spot for an unusually long time, so he came to check it out. With the submarine sunk and the Pokémon rescued, Murph declares Mission Clear.

After the Union is docked at Tilt Village, the Partner wonders what Red Eyes and his Pincher team are up to. Suddenly, Murph exits the Union in a panic and reveals there is a hole in the ship's hull and that means the ship is out of commission until its fixed. The Partner decides to report to Rand about the submarine, then find someone to fix the Union, and finally go to Dolce Island to return to the Pichu to their home. After reporting to Rand, he suggests getting Booker to fix the Union. The two speak to Booker who upgrades Pichu's ukulele further and leaves to repair it in a hurry. Finally, the Pichu are returned to Dolce Island where they give a thank you performance. Ukulele Pichu says goodbye to his friends and stays with the Player as their Partner Pokémon.

When the group returns to Renbow Island, Ralph finds them and delivers a letter he got from Blue Eyes. The letter reveals Blue Eyes's reason for sinking the submarine: the message she received in the submarine was about her being demoted from leader due to her failures. She commenced Plan Z to her unleash her frustrations and apologizes to the rangers. The last part of the letter states that Red Eyes is heading to Faldera Volcano and that information is payback for saving her life. Ralph reveals the volcano is located in southeast Oblivia and the rangers return to the rangers return to the Union to check on its repairs.

When they return, Booker has finished the repair and Nick reveals he built the ship himself. The rangers take the Union to Faldera Volcano to stop Red Eyes and protect Moltres.

Mission: Protect Moltres[]

0006Charizard Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

Two Pinchers attack the rangers at the volcano base, but they are defeated and retreat while create a lave river to block the ranger's path. The rangers block the lava river and continue making their way up the volcano. The Pinchers let lose some Pokémon to try and stall the rangers, but they slip past them and defeat the Pinchers again. The rangers make their way into the Volcano and get past its fiery obstacles and more Pinchers. When they arrive at the entrance to the summit, they see Red Eyes use the Emblem stolen from Daybreak Ruins to open the Ancient Gate blocking the way. The Player uses Entei's ranger sign to open the door and follow Red Eyes. When they reach the summit, they see Red Eyes trying to awaken Moltres with his control gauntlet. Red Eyes's goons attack the layer to buy time, but even though they are defeated Moltres is awakened. Moltres flies off and the Pinchers fly off for their next target, but when the Partner tries to stop them, Red Eyes has his Charizard destroy their styler. The Player takes the Partner's Staraptor and flies after the Pinchers. After evading the Pincher's Plasma Cannons and Pokémon attacks, the Player catches up to Red Eyes who attacks with his Charizard. After the Charizard is captured, two more Pinchers arrive and announce that their next target is Articuno, but Red Eyes cuts them off before they can say more and they all escape.

The Player returns to the Union where the Partner reveals that even though the Pinchers awakened Moltres, they just let it go and their next plan is in motion. Murph declares Mission Clear, and they all return to Rand's house. The rangers report what happened, and Rand states he has no idea where to find Articuno. Leanne reveals the carpet they are all standing on has a picture of Articuno and that the weaver may know about Articuno. The carpet weaver lives on Sophian Island which can only be reached by Staraptor and the Partner's Staraptor is exhausted from the battle with Red Eyes. Rand reveals that no Staraptor have been seen recently and Burkhart arrives and explains he saw Pinchers around a storehouse on Hinder Cape. Rand and the Player go to investigate while Nema repairs the Partner's styler. The ranger find a Pincher locking Staraptor in a metal crate and drive him off. After destroying the crate, all the captive Staraptor are freed and Rand concludes the Pinchers were trying to stop them from flying to other islands.

Back at Rand's house, the Partner's Staraptor is rested and the Player and Partner fly toward Sophian Island. Before they can land, they see Pinchers once again going after Latios/Latias, but it escapes, and the Pinchers attack the rangers instead. The Pinchers are defeated and the Partner wonder why the Pinchers are after Latios/Latias before they land at the Aqua Resort. There, they meet a woman named Supurna who offers to call Pokémon captured in the sky. When the two search the Aqua Resort for the carpet weaver, they meet a woman named Kasa who directs them to the weavers house. However, the weaver isn't in his house, but the Partner notices they have the same Articuno rug from Rand's house. When they leave the weaver's house, the two meet Edward and old man rushes into the resort shouting he saw Suicune in a state of anger heading toward the Canal Ruins. Two old women dismiss his story and tell him to talk to Weber, the carpet weaver, about it. The Rangers decide to follow the lead to find Weber.

The two make their way to the Canal Ruins and find a local who reveals that the Pinchers are currently battling Suicune and Weber went after them.

Mission: Appease Suicune's Wrath[]

0245Suicune Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

The rangers find the Pinchers cornering Suicune, but it escapes thanks to the ranger's intervention. The rangers follow Pinchers into a ruin in an underground lake. When the Player finds the Pinchers, they set up a barricade to stall for time. After the Player destroys the barricade, they follow the Pinchers and find them taking another Emblem from an underwater Involith Monument before they attack. After they are defeated, the Pinchers flee with the Emblem. When the Player leaves the underwater lake, they find the Partner and Suicune trying to stop the Pinchers, but they escape again. and Suicune goes after them. The Rangers follow the Pinchers and find a whole group of them barely containing Suicune. The Pinchers send Suicune at the Player to distract both of them and escape. After Suicune is captured, another Ranger Sign is registered into the Styler. Then, a man calls out to the ranger from across the river and introduces himself as Weber. Weber explains that when he went after the Pinchers, he ended up trapped on the other side of the river. The Player uses Suicune to walk across the river and rescue Weber, clearing the mission, and they all return to Weber's home.

Weber thanks the rangers for helping him and the Partner asks him about the connection between Articuno and the rugs. Weber explains his ancestor created the design after he met Articuno, but he doesn't know how his ancestor met the legendary Pokémon. Suddenly, Leanne, who came on the Union, arrives and compliments Weber's work. Weber appreciates the compliment and reveals the carpet is made from Mareep wool. This angers Pichu and he tries to fry the carpet with electricity before stopping after Weber assures him the wool is not yanked out but is collected after natural shedding. The Partner notices the carpet lit up when Pichu shocked it, and Leanne has Pichu zap it again revealing a hidden message. Leanne reveals that Mareep wool's tendency to store static was used to conceal the message. The message in the carpet is in Oblivia's ancient script which Leanne translates. The message reveals that Weber's ancestor met Articuno on a snow-capped peak and Weber determines the peak in the message is Mt. Sorbet. Leanne returns home while the rangers prepare to climb Mt. Sorbet.

When the rangers leave Weber's house, the see Kasa, Hocus, Arley, and Edward having a tea party. The four explain they are all old friends who traveled the world together and the rangers say their goodbyes as they head for Mt. Sorbet.

Mission: Chase After Red Eyes[]

0157Typhlosion Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

When the rangers make their way to the mountain, the find two Pinchers who prepare to attack them, but the noise triggers an avalanche. The rangers are protected by a stone stack, but the Pinchers are swept away. After making past the avalanche zone, the rangers make their way up the mountain and find Red Eyes who sends his lackeys to stall the rangers as goes to the summit. After defeating the Pinchers and making their way through another avalanche zone, the rangers are ambushed by more Pinchers and after they are defeated, the rangers make their way into the mountain. There, they catch up with Red Eyes who once again sends lackeys to stall them while he uses the Canal Ruins Emblem to open the ancient gate to Articuno. The Player follows Red Eyes using Suicune's Ranger Sign and finds him and his remaining lackeys trying to awaken Articuno. The rangers are too late and Articuno is awakened and flies off. A Pincher tries to get Red Eyes to go after a third target, but Red Eyes pushes his lackeys aside and decides to battle the Player to avenge his previous losses. Red Eyes attacks the Player with a Typhlosion, but the Player manages to capture it. Humiliated and humbled by his loss, Red Eyes admits defeat, quits the Pinchers, and flies off with his lackeys in tow. With Red Eyes gone, the Partner declares Mission Clear, and the Rangers return to Rand's house.

The rangers report the events on Mt. Sorbet and Rand asks them to meet him later, in Cocona Village. When the two arrive at the village, they find a festival being thrown and Rand reveals it is the Rainbow Festival. Rand explains the festival is the perfect way to celebrate the defeat of the Pinchers. The Player and their Partner are nominated to play the role of the Hero of who searches for the grail. Booker explains the search for the grail is the festival highlight and the rangers have to acquire the grail from Rasp Cavern by passing a Hero's Trial. Booker takes the Ranger's to the trial site. After passing the trial puzzle, Nick grants the Player the grail and they all return to the village where the Dolce Island Pichu and Ukulele Pichu perform a special rainbow dance for the festival. The next day, Nick reveals he made one last adjustment to Pichu's ukulele for the festival celebration. Suddenly Murph calls the Player and tells them there is a big problem at Rand's house.

When the Player and their Partner arrive at Rand's house, the see Murph tending to an unconscious Rand. Rand awakens but is injured and Murph explains that he found Rand unconscious and the Leanne and Nema were missing. Rand reveals Leanne and Nema were kidnapped when a huge group of Pinchers attacked them and knocked him out. Before he fell unconscious, Rand overheard someone planning to use Leanne and Nema as hostages. The Partner doesn't think that either Blue Eyes or Red Eyes would be the culprit and Rand can't recall what the leader looked like. Suddenly, the Partner gets a signal from Nema that is coming from a waterfall on Sophian Island. Rand has to stay behind because of his injuries and the remaining rangers go to rescue Nema and Leanne. When the rangers reach Silver Falls, they discover a secret entrance leading to find an ancient ruin behind it.

Mission: Rescue Nema and Leanne![]

0445Garchomp Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

Inside the ruin, the rangers are attacked by a Pincher, but he doesn't know anything about Nema or Leanne. As they search further, they are attacked by an ancient warrior called a Steelhead attacks the two with Pokémon controlling armor. When the Steelhead is defeated, he retreats and has Claydol sentries guard the halls. After slipping past the Claydol, the rangers find Steelhead armor on display and are attacked by another Pincher. As the rangers continue their search, they are called by Nema who reveals she and Leanne are being held in a room with a red door. However, an unknown voice catches Nema in the act and the call is cut off. After pushing past another Steelhead, the rangers are contacted by Rand who reveals they are in the ancient Oblivia Ruins that Leanne has long searched for. After the rangers defeat two more Steelhead and remove an obstruction, the find the red door Nema spoke of and hear Nema scream from the other side. A voice on the other side tells the rangers to wait while they interrogate Leane, and the rangers are ambushed by Steelhead-controlled Pokémon. The Player defeats a few waves of Pokémon and Pichu slips through the hole the Steelhead use to send out Pokémon and unlocks the door.

The rangers enter the room, and the Partner determines that the Steelhead are just Pinchers under armor. The Steelhead call for their leader who introduces himself as Purple Eyes and the rangers see Leanne and Nema being held captive. Rand arrives out of nowhere and frees Nema while Leanne is freed as well. Purple Eyes introduces himself as the true leader of the Pinchers, reveals he was the one who demoted Blue Eyes at the submarine, and that he has obtained the information he needed from Leanne. He attacks the Player with a Garchomp which the Player manages to capture. Purple Eyes is undaunted by his loss and escapes.

Everyone goes over what happened and Rand confirms the Pinchers are still a threat. Leanne reveals the Steelhead armor was a part of an Oblivia legend; the armor has the power to turn evil thoughts into power and an evil ruler tried to use that power to conquer the world, but he was stopped by the Hero of Oblivia. The evil ruler learned of a set of golden armor that grants its wearer immortality which Leanne learned about in Amun's book. Rand declares Mission Clear and Leanne reveals Purple Eyes wanted her to decipher the ruin's murals to locate Zapdos. The though of all three bird Pokémon being awaken terrifies Leanne and everyone returns to Rand's house.

There, Leanne asks every to meet in her library to discuss Purple Eyes's next step. Leanne explains that if Purple Eyes awakens Zapdos, the last of the legendary bird Pokémon, then Purple Eyes could somehow access an ancient fortress that once brought disaster to the world. Leanee reveals that the murals she deciphered reveal that Zapdos rests on Mt. Layuda, an uninhabited island that is constantly surrounded by lighting. Nema upgrades the The Player and their Partner's stylers Power Charge and the two rangers leave for Mt. Layuda. Before they arrive at the mountain, the rangers see Pinchers going after Latios/Latias again and go after them. They manage to distract the Pinchers just before they can shoot down Latios/Latias and the Eon Pokémon escapes. The Pinchers split up to stop the rangers and go after Latios/Latias. The rangers defeat the Pinchers and resume their mission to Mt. Layuda. However, the constant lightning strikes surrounding the island are too much for the Staraptor to handle and the Rangers turn back, but not before seeing Latios/Latias making its way through the lightning with ease. The Rangers follow Latios/Latias to Tilikule Island and decide to investigate.

The Rangers find an Involith monument on the island, but it has no Emblem. Instead, there is a picture of Oblivia with five marks carved into it, one of them on Tilikule Island. The Player gets a call from Leanne who reveals she has discovered that Latios/Latias also has an Emblem, and that the Emblem is shaped from lines that are connected through five small monuments on different islands. The Partner realizes that the monument's locations correspond with the map and finds the first monument. The monument's inscriptions are the first part of an ancient poem about Latios/Latias which has a translation plate set by Amun who the Partner theorizes once investigated the monuments.

Mission: Solve the Mystery of Tilikule Island![]

0381Latios Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

After searching Oblivia for the monuments and dealing with interference from Pinchers at Dolce Island, Faldera Island, Sophian Island, and an underwater volcano in the Eastern Sea, all five monuments are activated. The rangers return to Tilikule Island and the Involith monument lights up and Latios/Latias appears. The Player captures Latios/Latias and its Ranger Sign is entered into their Styler clearing the Mission.

0380Latias Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

With Latios/Latias's help, the Rangers are able to navigate through the lightning and land on Mt. Layuda. There, the Partner sees crashed Z.Z flyers indicating that the Pinchers are going after Zapdos.

Mission: Catch Purple Eyes[]

0376Metagross Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

The rangers find two Pinchers who try to attack them, but are quickly defeated. After passing through a water filled lightning field, the rangers have to make their way through Steelhead, Pinchers, and a barrier placed by them. The rangers continue on through another lightning field and more Pincher obstacles until they reach the ancient gate. Using Raikou's ranger sign, the Player unlocks the gate and arrives on the mountain summit. There, Purple Eyes and the Pincher's are trying to awaken Zapdos. After the Steelhead goons are defeated, Purple Eyes decides to defeat the Player himself with a Metagross. Metagross is captured and Purple Eyes is prevented from awakening Zapdos. Suddenly, a concealed individual riding a Z.Z Flyer appears and reveals Purple Eyes is not in charge of the Pinchers. The individual fires Purple Eyes, awakens Zapdos who flies off, and somehow knows the rangers names before flying off. The rangers give chase while Purple Eyes vows he isn't finished yet.

During the chase, the Partner reminds the Player that with all three legendary birds awake, disaster will occur. The rangers chase the individual to the Oblivia Ruins where they see Steelhead take Kasa inside. When the rangers catch up to Kasa, the Steelhead attack while Kasa escapes further into the ruins and the rangers follow her into a new room that was unlocked with Zapdos's awakening. There, they see Kasa, Arley, and Hocus who claim they are having a tea party and having the Steelhead as hired help. Edward arrives, and Arley starts acting strange before saying he hates acting and drops the farce. Edward reveals he was the one who awaken Zapdos and Hocus reveals the four of them make up The Societea; the force behind the Pokémon Pinchers. Edward reveals he the Societea plans to take over the world and the introduce their real selves. Kasa is a master of disguise, Hocus was a crafty miraculous magician, Arely was a former wrestler, and Edward is really Ed "The Thinker" the mastermind. The four of them were perfect thieves who stole from across the world 40 years ago. However, the group broke up because of old age and Edward moved to Oblivia where he couldn't stand living such a simple life and above all, being old. Ed learned of the legendary Golden Armor and the Societea reveals they have acquired the armor before Ed reveals he gathered the Societea and began gathering information until they found the armor, and with them were the Steelhead armor and Control Gauntlets that the Pincher's used. Ed also reveals the ancient ruler of Oblivia had a power that could threatened the entire world and that he plans to resurrect that power. The entire ruins shake and the Societea and Steelhead disappear behind a door. The rangers flee the ruins and once outside, see a giant fortress rise from a lake and ascend into the sky.

The Societea revel in their new power and Ed tests out the fortress's destructive power by using its cannon to destroy Dolce Island in an instant. The Societea announce across Oblivia that they are its new rulers. Meanwhile, Leanne deciphers a part of the murals that state that the three legendary birds were fooled by an evil power and that the Hero of Oblivia used the Rainbow Grail on the Rainbow Dais and unleashed a shining rainbow that freed the birds. The rangers try to fly to the fortress, but the Societea discover this and have the legendary birds create an unbreakable barrier around the fortress that forces the rangers to retreat to Rand's house. The Partner explains what happened Leanne has everyone come to her study to reveal her discovery about the Rainbow Grail. Leanne theorizes that using the Rainbow Grail on the Rainbow Dais may free the legendary birds from The Societea.

Mission: Destroy the Fortress Barrier[]

0250Ho-Oh Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

When the rangers arrive at Booker's house to claim the Rainbow Grail, the find the Dolce Island Pichu waiting there. Booker explains that his emergency boats rescued all the Pokémon on Dolce Island and asks why the rangers are visiting. The rangers reveal their need of the Rainbow Grail and the Partner takes it to the Dais in the village. However, when Booker tries to calm Nick's worries about the grail being broken, he reveals the grail used in the festival is just a replica and that the real one is hidden somewhere else. He and the Player rush to the Dais and explain the situation and Booker reveals that the real Grail can obtained through the real Hero's Trail and the Rainbow Dais in the village is also a fake. Booker takes the rangers to the real trail site that lies beyond the festival trial. After passing all the trails, the Player must capture an Absol to obtain the Rainbow Grail.

When the rangers return to the village, the others are waiting for them. Leanne reveals that the location of the real Rainbow Dais is a mystery, but the Player seems to recognize the symbol on the mural depicting the Dais. The Player realizes the symbol is the same as the one they found one the ocean floor from when they were knocked out of the sky. Leanne theorizes that the symbol may have been a part of an ancient temple that sank long ago. The Voice Nav. manages to find the record of the Dais's position and the rangers head to the Western Sea where the Dais lays.

When the Player finds the Dais, the set the Rainbow Grail on it and a Giant Rainbow shoots out from it and spreads across the sky, calling a Ho-Oh. The Dais rises into the sky where Ho-Oh appears, and the Player has to capture it. After Ho-Oh is captured, its Ranger Sign is registered into the styler and Ho-Oh frees the legendary birds causing the barrier to disappear. With the barrier gone, the mission is cleared. The rangers fly to the Sky Fortress and after evading its defenses, land on its exterior. When they land the Societea send the Steelhead to deal with the rangers.

Mission: Protect the Peace of Oblivia[]

After unlocking the main entrance, the rangers travel inside the fortress. After the rangers make their way through the Steelhead guarding the fortress, Kasa Arley, and Hocus split up to battle the rangers and seal the entrance blocking Ed's chamber. Before the rangers can battle the Societea, Rand and Nema arrive on the Z.Z Flyer the Player recovered. Rand goes outside to find a way to disable the fortress's weapons while Nema stays behind to recharge the Player's styler.

0486Regigigas Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

When the Rangers face Arley, the have to make their way past several agitated Pokémon to reach the switches that unlock Arley's chamber. When they reach Arley, he attacks them with a Regigigas. After Regigigas is captured, Arley disappears in a flash of light and a part of the seal on Ed's Chamber is broken.

0132Ditto Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

When the Rangers face Kasa, the Player gets separated from their Partner while trying to disable a trap. While trying to find the way back to the Partner, the Player finds a Pokémon being contained in a stasis tube. When the Player reunites with their Partner, they find the Partner acting strangely as the "accidentally" set off multiple traps. When the Player reaches Kasa's chamber, they find the Partner is already there and someone looking exactly the Player enters. The imposters is revealed to be Kasa who attacks them with a Ditto that transforms into the legendary beasts. After Ditto is captured, Kasa also disappears in a flash of light and a part of the seal is broken.

0169Crobat Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

When the Rangers face Hocus, he creates an illusion that they are standing on clouds and separates Pichu from them. After the rangers find Pichu, they get past the illusion to Hocus's chamber. There, Hocus creates another Illusion where the rangers are flying in the sky and attacks them with a giant Crobat. After Crobat is captured, Hocus disappears in a flash of light and a part of the seal is broken.

When all three are defeated, the sign that unlocks Ed's chamber is revealed and the Player opens the door. The rangers confront Ed and demand he surrender, but Ed refuses to give up his goal of world domination and eternal life. Rand joins up with the rangers and Ed decides to summon the strongest Pokémon under his control, Mewtwo. After the Player captures Mewtwo, Ed is in shock and decides to take out his frustration by destroying Renbow Island. Fortunately, Rand disabled the Fortress's main weapon with one of Nema's inventions.

0150Mewtwo Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

Growing desperate, Ed decides to gather the pieces of the Golden Armor he distributed among the Societea to defeat the Player, but Purple Eyes teleports into the chamber with a Gardevior and reveals he stole the other pieces of the Golden Armor. Purple Eyes takes Ed's armor piece and powers up Mewtwo. Mewtwo attacks Ed and Rand disappears along with him when he tries to protect Ed. Purple Eyes has the powered-up Mewtwo attack the Player, but the Player manages to come out on top once again. When Purple Eyes is defeated, the Golden Armor breaks off of him and the pieces fly off in four different directions. Before he collapses, Purple Eyes reveals that without the Golden Armor's power, there is nothing holding the fortress up and when it falls the resulting wave will sink all of Oblivia. The Sky fortress begins to fall and Leanne contacts the Player and informs them that she was listening in on the battle and that she learned something that could save them. In the past, the Hero of Oblivia used Ho-Oh's power to stop the fortress from falling in the past. The Player uses Ho-Oh's Ranger Sign to summon the Pokémon who envelops the fortress in a rainbow that softly lowers the fortress into the sea.

VS Mewtwo Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

After the Fortress harmlessly lands, Rand returns from wherever Mewtwo sent him. Rand reveals Mewtwo release him and sent Ed far from Oblivia and with his ambitions foiled, Ed will never return to Oblivia. The group is picked up by Murph on the Union who reveals he found the rest of the Societea floating in the sea on a log and took them into custody along with Purple Eyes. Everyone thanks the Player for all they done and the mission is cleared. With the crisis over, everyone returns to port and the main game ends.


Three months after the Pincher incident, the Player and their Partner are ordered to return to Oblivia to patrol while Rand and Leanne are at a conference in an another region to discuss all their new findings. After meeting with Rand and Leanne before they leave for the conference, Murph arrives and reveals he's been put in charge of survey Pokémon in the sea with the Union and that Prof. Hastings will be coming to Oblivia soon. The Partner leaves to patrol the Aqua Resort and when the Player meets with them, Supurna asks for their help. She reveals that the legendary birds are roaming the skies in distress and scaring off all the other flying Pokémon. The Player and Partner decide to investigate.

Mission: Calm the Sky's Rage[]

0144Articuno Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs
0145Zapdos Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs
0146Moltres Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

While searching for the legendary birds, the rangers come across Red Eyes in his Z.Z Flyer who learns about the situation. After tracking down the out of control legendary birds in the sky, they all retreat toward their respective mountains. The rangers follow them up the mountains where all the native Pokémon have becomes unusually aggressive. After capturing each of the legendary birds and obtaining their Ranger Signs, the rangers discover pieces of the Golden Armor have landed in their nests and they remove them. With the armor pieces gone, the legendary birds return to normal and the Oblivia skies become peaceful again. The rangers report to Supurna who declares Mission Clear. However, the Partner wonders why the armor pieces were with the legendary birds and where the final piece of the armor is. Suddenly, they get a message from Red Eyes who asks them to meet with him at the base of Mt. Sorbet. When they meet with Red Eyes, he reveals he found the final piece of the Golden Armor. Red Eyes theorizes that the birds were trying to shake off the influence of the armor pieces. However, Red Eyes refuses to just hand over the final piece of armor without compensation and attacks the Player "for old time's sake" with a Blaziken. After the Blaziken is captured, Red Eyes reveals he wasn't using a control gauntlet to control Blaziken and that he was kidding about selling the armor, which he leaves behind before flying off. The Partner considers just destroying the Golden Armor that has caused nothing but trouble, but Prof. Hastings calls in and is informed about the Golden Armor. The Prof. tells the rangers to return to Rand's house where he decides to take the Golden Armor to the Union to research it before it is destroyed.

Days later, Rand and Leanne return and Rand expresses his surprise at the sudden return of the Golden Armor. The Prof. suspects the armor intentionally went to the legendary birds to have them protect the armor pieces until a new evil master would appear. With Oblivia's future protected, the Prof. decides to let the Player explore Oblivia on their own initiative as a reward.

Final Quest[]

Go-Rock Oblivia![]

After all other quests have been completed, the final quest becomes available at the Aqua Resort's port. The client is the manager for the Go-Rock Quads who asks that the Player find three of the four members who are missing. The Player is brought to the only member not missing, Tiffany, at Weber's rug shop. Tiffany, explains that the group split up to find the best parts of the Oblivia for inspiration for new songs. However, the other members haven't returned yet and Tiffany's only clue about their whereabouts is that Garret said he was heading for a snowy mountain.

The Player finds Garret trapped in an avalanche zone on Mt. Sorbet and rescues him. Garret thanks the Player for rescuing him and they head back to the Aqua Resort. There, Garret reveals that Clyde said something about a big bridge on another island. The Player find Clyde at the Big Booker Bridge, but a Sneasel steals his memo pad and he goes after it. After capturing the Sneasel, Clyde tries to take the pad back, but two Weavile attack and the Player has to capture them. The Player and Clyde return to the Aqua Resort where the band members try to figure out where their last member, Billy, is. Suddenly, a boy bursts in and reveals that people in stranger armor stole his Riolu at Silver Falls and that Billy went after them.

The Player goes after Billy and the Riolu in the Oblivia Ruins. There, two Steelhead are planning to use the stolen Riolu to lure out a rare Lucario and hide by posing among statues. When the Player arrives, the find the Riolu and Billy arrives as well. The Steelhead decide to have the Riolu attack the two to keep them from ruining their plans, but the attack is cut off by the arrival of a Lucario who thinks the Player and Billy are causing the Riolu to suffer. After the Lucario is captured, Pichu discovers the hiding Steelhead and scares them off. The Player, Billy, and the Riolu all head back to the resort and the Riolu is reunited with its trainer.

The band discusses the best thing about they found about Oblivia and all agree it is not the sights, but the one of a kind Ukulele Pichu they all took an interest in. Murph arrives and Billy explains that it was Prof. Hastings who invited them to Oblivia before Murph takes everyone to the Wireless Tower for their live concert. During the concert, the Go-Rock Quads present Ukulele Pichu as a special guest and Pichu joins the concert. Prof. Hastings notes that Ukulele Pichu may be the first Pokémon in the world to play an instrument in concert and that the Player has cleared all the Quests in Oblivia.

Browser Completion[]

After 300 Pokémon are inserted into the Browser, the Player must enter Rand's house to start the final Mission. When the Player enters Rand's house, the see two Pinchers begging for help. They explain that earlier in the morning, a bunch of Pinchers were diving for treasure in the Eastern Cave, but they lost sight of they're leader, Blue Eyes. When they found her, but she was trapped under a rock deep in a cave and they couldn't get to her. The Pinchers beg for help once more and reveal Blue Eyes is running out of air in her air tank.

Mission: Rescue Blue Eyes[]

The Player takes the Union to the Eastern Sea while Rand stays behind to interrogate the Pinchers. When the Player dives into the sea, the Voice Nav. Warns them that the currents are becoming chaotic and unnatural. The Player finds a former Pincher waiting for him and he explains that Blue Eyes is stuck in the deepest part of the cavern, but before they can get there, they are attacked by a different Pincher thinking that the Player is out to get them. After the Player captures the Pincher's Kingdra and explains the situation, the Pincher warns them that there is an enraged Pokémon going wild. The Player soon finds the agitated Pokémon swimming around in a fury and enters the cavern's depth. After catching another confused Pincher and setting the record straight, they reveal Blue Eyes has little air left. The Player finds Blue Eyes and shares some of their air with just in time before freeing her. Blue Eyes reveals that she got caught in the situation while grabbing what appears to be the Rainbow Grail and that her followers only came to help her. The two make their way to the surface while being chased by the agitated Pokémon. They reach the Union and the Pokémon emerges from the ocean which Blue Eyes identifies as the legendary Pokémon Lugia. After the Player captures Lugia and records its Ranger Sign, the Pokémon flies off. Blue Eyes assumes that Lugia was trying to protect the Rainbow Grail she found, but Murph thinks differently as he takes the Union back to Tilt Village.

There, Blue Eyes takes credit for the entire incident, but Rand says that he got a different story from the Pinchers. Actually, the Pinchers were the ones after the treasure and went into the sea on their own, but there was a violent current caused by Lugia and one of them got trapped. The Pinchers contacted Blue Eyes who saved them, but got trapped in the process. Prof. Hastings declares Mission Clear and Blue Eyes begins to wonder if Lugia would come back to reclaim the treasure. Rand reveals that all Blue Eyes has is an old replica made for the Rainbow Festival that somehow got in the ocean. The Pinchers remember there was a lot of trash in the cave and admit they were partially responsible for it. Rand surmises that the ocean currents take the garbage to the cave and Blue Eyes realizes that Lugai was furious at its home being polluted. Blue Eyes then questions the Pincher who attacked the Player with Kingdra and he admits the Kingdra were just close to him. Murph decides to take everyone for a ride in the Union, during which Prof. Hastings discovers that by capturing Lugia, the Player has completed the Almia Browser. Everyone congratulates the Player for their achievement.

Multiplayer mode plot[]

When the Player returns to the past Tanvir explains that the temples will expel the Player after a certain amount of time, and that certain conditions may need to be met to reach the end of the temples. Kira then introduces the Player to Nelia who manages the Player's Partner Pokémon in the past before telling them to talk to her to get into the temples.

Forest Temple[]

Drapion in the Forest Temple[]

After completing the Temple, the Player brings its unconscious Steelhead Oracle back to the Plaza. The Oracle has no memory of attacking the Player with his Drapion and Tanvir and Kira can tell he is telling the truth. Tanvir asks the Player to continue in helping them investigate the temples. When the Player agrees to aid them, Celebi activates its Ranger sign on a nearby monument allowing the Player to call their Partner Pokémon from the past to the Present.

Where Are You, Sunkern?[]

After completing the Temple, the Player brings its unconscious Steelhead Oracle back to the Plaza. The Oracle remembers the Forest Captain, the head Oracle of the Forest Temple, called him last night and he ended up controlled by the Forest Captain. Kira and Tanvir cannot believe the peaceful captain would do such a thing. They also tell the Player they used to be Oracles, but they resigned when their armor, which is powered by the feelings of the wearer, caused Pokémon to suffer when their rage from a big fight amongst each other was conveyed into them. Tanvir warns the Player that Steelhead armor can be used by anyone, which in itself is a problem. Tanvir suspects an evil mind is behind the wrong goings at the Temple, and determines that they must find the Forest Captain.

Torchic and Treasure Chests[]

After completing the Temple, the Player brings its unconscious Steelhead Oracle back to the Plaza. The Oracle believes that the Forest Captain making him control the Pokémon in the Temple and making them suffer was just a dream, until Kira explains it was real. The Oracle believes that the Forest Captain is in his temple, and Ravio asks him about where his father is. The Oracle explains that Ravio's father, Ellios, is in the Light Temple, but that is all he knows. Kira explains that Ravio's father is also an Oracle and Tanvir assures Ravio that his father stands above the other Oracles and that he will be fine.

A Hoard of Treasure Chests[]

After completing the Temple, the Steelhead Oracle awakens and follows the player back to the Plaza. The Oracle is shocked that the Forest Captain would make him do such horrible things and agrees to help investigate the temples.

Pidgeotto and the Switch Path[]

After completing the Temple, the Player and Tanvir wait for Kira to return from scouting the temples. When she returns, she reveals the Temple's paths are changing and Tanvir suspects the changes are to keep the Player away from the Forest Captain. Tanvir warns the Player things will only get harder from that point forward.

A Pokémon Forest in the Way[]

After completing the Temple, the Forest Captain Dasios wakes up without any memory of what he was doing. Tanvir and Kira see that Dasios was also under control and ask him what he knowns. Dasios reveals that the only thing capable of controlling the Oracles is the Golden Armor worn by Ellios. Ravio refuses to believe his father would do something so horrible, but Dasios says he is only stating the facts about Ellios's Golden Armor and the only other thing he can think of is that Ellios has been thinking on how to control a Pokémon in the Light Temple called Arceus, but he doesn't know why.

Meanwhile, Ellios has gained control of Arceus with the help of the Golden Armor and a powerful orb that gives him even more power that was given by to him by the Dark Captain Sabios. Ellios reveals that the orb was created by the power absorbed from the Temple Pokémon, which is why the Steelhead were being controlled and they were making the Temple Pokémon suffer. Ellios plans to use Arceus's power to create a prosperous ideal world he desires and sees his actions as a necessary sacrifice. Suddenly, Steelhead arrive and reveal the Player has freed the Forest Temple Oracles from control. Ellios tells Sabios to reinforce the other temples and Sabios complies.

Back at the Rainbow Plaza, Ravio still refuses to believe his father is behind everything. Now that the reason behind the temple incidents are clear, Tanvir asks the Player to help save Arceus and bring Ellios to his senses. Dasios unlocks the Fire Temple, which is needed to reach the Light Temple.

Fire Temple[]

A Scorching Shower of Flames[]

After completing the Temple, the Steelhead Oracle awakens and follows the Player back to the Plaza. The Oracle is horrified by what he has done and leaves to help the Temple Pokémon.

Which Switch for Mime Jr.?[]

After completing the Temple, the Player brings its unconscious Steelhead Oracle back to the Plaza. When he awakens, he introduces himself as Kira's sister Thane. Thane is brought up to speed on the trouble in the temples, and promises to help out however he can.

Shaken by Aggron's Footsteps![]

After completing the Temple, the Player brings its unconscious Steelhead Oracle back to the Plaza. The Oracle awakens without any memory of his actions like the others. Tanvir asks the Oracle about the Fire Captain Flegos, but the Oracle can't remember anything unusual about the captain. Tanvir explains that all the Oracles are good at heart and if Ellios is behind the events at the Temple, it is only because someone is manipulating him. Afterward, Tanvir leaves to investigate Teakwood Forest.

As Tanvir investigates the forest he finds it to be empty of Pokémon and an unknown voice begins speaking to him.

Graveler's Terrible Rocks[]

After completing the Temple, the Forest Captain Flegos comes to his senses without any memory of what he was doing. When he and the Player return to the Plaza, they discover Tanvir lying on the ground unconscious. Kira explains that when Tanvir didn't come back, they searched for him and found him unconscious in the bushes. Tanvir is taken to recover and Flegos opens the Ice Temple which is needed to reach the Light Temple.

Meanwhile, Ellios is informed that the Fire Temple has been freed and Sabios begs for a second chance to protect the remaining temples.

Ice Temple[]

Time, Time, Time![]

After completing the Temple, the Steelhead Oracle awakens and is informed about what is happening. The Oracle is shocked that someone is making the peace devoted Oracles like him and the Ice Captain Pagos hurt Pokémon. The Oracle offers his support and when the Player returns to the Plaza, they discover the freed Oracles are searching for the one who hurt Tanvir.

Save the Frightened Vulpix[]

After completing the Temple, the Player brings its unconscious Steelhead Oracle back to the Plaza. Like the others, the Oracle doesn't remember anything before being controlled.

Round and Round! Find the Floor![]

After completing the Temple, the Steelhead Oracle's Empoleon sticks around as the Oracle wakes up. The Oracle remembers what he was forced to do to his Empoleon, which he has a very strong bond with. The Oracle returns to the Temple to fix what he caused and Ravio is moved by their bond. Ravio runs off to Teakwood Forest with Celebi after tricking Kira to get away.

In the forest, Ravio discovers the lack of Pokémon and he and Celebi separate to cover more ground. Sabios finds Ravio and lies that Ellios isn't the one controlling the Steelhead Oracles. Sabios claims he is investigating what's happening and Ravio reveals the Player's presence in the past. Suddenly, Steelhead surround Ravio and Sabios reveals that he is the one manipulating Ellios and the captains with a spell and that he plans to stop the Player's interference.

Afterward Celebi returns to the Plaza alone and Kira worries for Ravio's safety.

Rush Ahead! Don't Look Back![]

After completing the Temple, Ice Captain Pagos is freed from control. Kira asks him if he's seen Ravio, but he does not know where he is. A recovered Tanvir returns and learns that Ravio has disappeared and wonders if he is with his father. Pagos confirms that Ellios is harmless in his right mind, but suspect Sabios is pulling the strings by using his skill in deception and that he is planning something. Tanvir realizes that Ellios may be under Sabios's spell and that he might also be keeping Ravio from his father. Pagos unlocks the Thunder Temple which is needed to reach the Light Temple.

Thunder Temple[]

Are You for Riolu?[]

After completing the Temple, the Steelhead Oracle awakens, and the Player informs them of what has been happening. After the Oracle agrees to help, the Player returns to the Plaza where the three freed captains are waiting. The captains announce they will search for Ravio and head out.

Pikachu Pursuit![]

After completing the Temple, the Player brings its unconscious Steelhead Oracle back to the Plaza. When the Oracle comes to his senses, he rushes off to take care of the Pokémon he hurt.

A Shock Everywhere You Turn[]

After completing the Temple, the Player brings its unconscious Steelhead Oracle back to the Plaza. The Oracle is confused by who was controlling him and at first suspects that the Thunder Captain Brotos was responsible before Tanvir sets him straight. The Oracle notes that the Dark Temple Oracles have been acting strange and leaves to rest.

Panic at the Perplexing Temple[]

After completing the Temple, the Thunder Captain Brotos comes to his senses and the two return to the Plaza. There, Brotos opens the Dark Temple which is needed to reach the Light Temple. Kira asks Brotos if he's seen Ravio, but he doesn't know where he is. Suddenly, a freed Oracle arrives with a letter for Tanvir. The letter is from Sabios who says he found Ravio injured in Teakwood Forest. Sabios claims he and Ellios are too busy to take care of Ravio and asks the Player to retrieve him. Tanvir warns the letter is trap from the Player, but the Player goes anyway.

The Player meets with Sabios in Teakwood Forest, and he has Ravio being held by Steelhead. Sabios reneges on his word and decides to keep Ravio captive, but before he can attack, Celebi rescues Ravio and the Temple Captains arrive with their Pokémon. Sabios is forced to teleport away using his armor, and everyone returns to the Plaza.

Ravio apologizes for running off and Kira sees that Sabios claim that he was injured was false. Kira gives Ravio some encouraging words and he vows to become strong like the Player.

Dark Temple[]

A Fork in the Dark[]

After completing the Temple, the Steelhead Oracle appears to be actually loyal to Sabios and runs off. When the Player returns to the Plaza, the see the Oracle was captured, but he quickly escapes again. Tanvir believes the naivety of the Steelhead is the main reason Sabios is able to control them so easily and asks the Player to relieve them of their suffering.

Danger! Surrounded By Pokémon![]

After completing the Temple, the Player brings its unconscious Steelhead back to the Plaza. The Oracle remembers arguing with another Oracle that was thinking up evil plots when Sabios appeared and took control of him. The Oracle warns that some of the Dark Temple Oracles willingly follow Sabios.

Ground-Shaking Dragon Pokémon[]

After completing the Temple, the Steelhead Oracle awakens and runs off vowing revenge.

Meanwhile, Ellios learns of the Player's progress in the Dark Temple. Sabios tries to explain the power of the Player's styler, but Ellios refuses to hear it and leaves to confront the Player himself. After Ellios leaves, Sabios decides Ellios has outlived his usefulness and steals the orb filled with Pokémon Power. He plans to construct a flying fortress to rule the world using the orb's power.

Glowing Roads in the Darkness[]

After completing the Temple, Ellios teleports away to get Arceus to defeat the Player. The Player, Tanvir, and Ravio follow him to the Light Temple. When Ellios reaches the chamber where Arcues was, he finds both the orb and Arceus gone. The Player and the others arrive and Tanvir and Ravio explains Sabios's deception. Ellios refuses to believe that Sabios would betray him until he is shown the letter he wrote to lure the Player out. Ellios realizes the truth and thanks everyone for bringing him to his senses. Suddenly, Arceus appears in a fury and Ellios teleports the others away while he stays to battle Arceus out of repentance.

Back at the Plaza, the Player prepares to go to the Light Temple to save Ellios.

Light Temple[]

At last, Arceus and the Light!'[]

After completing the Temple, Arceus disappears in a flash of light and Ellios is teleported back to the chamber, though his Golden Armor scatters itself across Oblivia. Ravio brings Ellios back to the Plaza and Tanvir confirms that all the Pokémon are returning to normal. The Player is thanked for their work and Ellios promises to find the disappeared Sabios and take care of the aftermath to maintain the peace of Oblivia's past. Celebi returns the Player to the future after one last goodbye.

Side Missions[]

Protect the Blue Sphere![]

0490Manaphy Egg Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

A little girl name Aluna tells the Booker that a blue sphere washed on the beach and the adults are too distracted by it to work. Booker asks the Player to look into the situation and the Player heads to Lapras Beach where the adults are still focused on the blue sphere which is said to enrich those who possess it. An adult sees two shadows going after the sphere and begin pushing it out to the ocean current. Suddenly, a Pincher appears and tries to take the sphere for himself. The adults beg the Player to go after the sphere and Aluna has had enough of their obsession, she asks the Player to protect the sphere from the Pincher. The Player takes a Lapras out to the Coral Sea where the Pincher has caught the sphere. The Pincher attacks the Player but is defeated and drops the egg into the depths as he flees. The Player catches the sphere before it can become damaged by the fall and the Voice Nav. determines the sphere is alive. The Player brings the sphere to the beach where Booker realizes the sphere is in fact a Manaphy egg. The adults realize their foolishness and return to work while Aluna realizes the egg wasn't meant to end up in Oblivia and Booker promises to send the egg to a trainer who will take care of it.

Investigate the Odd Eruption![]

0485Heatran Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

Murph is angry because there was volcanic activity reported on Faldera Volcano, so he put out an order to keep people away from the island, but there was a group of tourists that ignored his warnings. The volcanic activity is growing more dangerous and somehow the source of them is moving. Rand asks the Player to protect the tourists with Murph and two make their way to Faldera Volcano. When they arrive on the island, a couple of the tourists are waiting by the dock and Murph admonishes them for their selfishness. One of the tourists reveals that one of the group members is still inside the Volcano. After saving a tourist from Charmeleon angered by the eruptions, she reveals there is a tourist with a Bidoof still in the volcano. The two find the remaining tourist and retrieve his missing Bidoof. The tourist reveals that whatever is causing the Eruptions is moving toward the mountain peak before going to the Union. The Player decides to investigate the eruptions and heads up the volcano. The two discover the source of the eruptions is a Heatran using the move Eruption which Heatran cannot normally learn. They go after the Heatran which ignores them and keeps going up the mountain. When they reach the top, the Voice Nav. determines that the Heatran cannot control its Eruption attack and Murph realizes that Heatran was heading to the summit to reduce the damage it was causing. The Player captures Heatran to calm it down and stop its rampage and the two take the apologetic tourists and Heatran to Tilt Village. Back at Rand's house, everyone discusses how Heatran could learn Eruption and decide to have a trainer in another region take care of the Heatran.

Rescue the Lost Shaymin[]

0492Shaymin Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

On her birthday, Leanne returns to Rand's house with the feeling something was watching her. Rand tells the Player there have been reports of Pinchers in the area and everyone heads out to find the stalker. Leanne discovers the stalker was in fact a Shaymin who runs away. Rand notes Shaymin isn't normally found in Oblivia and he and the Player go after it. The Shaymin goes deep into the vegetation and the rangers follow it to a small gracida flower patch where Shaymin is enjoying itself. Rand decides the Shaymin should be captured so it can be brought to a much larger gracida flower patch. After the Shaymin is captured, Rand realizes the reason it was following Leanne was because the perfume Nema gave her for her birthday smell like gracida flowers and Rand prepares to relocated it. Suddenly, Pinchers who call themselves the Z.Z. family appear and try to take the Shaymin to sell it. Shaymin turns into its sky forme and flies away and the Pinchers go after it. The Player follows them on Latios/Latias and drives the Pinchers away before capturing Shaymin to calm it down. Afterward Shaymin is brought to Rand's house and Rand wonders why the Shaymin would follow Leanne if it was already in an entire field of Gracida. Leanne remembers Shaymin is the gratitude Pokémon, and it was attracted toward her feelings of gratitude toward Nema for making the perfume for her. Rand decides to have Shaymin sent to a trainer in the region it came from.

Deoxys and the Odd Temple[]

0386Deoxys Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

After completing the Temple, the Wise Woman identifies Deoxys and determines its behavior was because it wished to go home after being used by the Oracles. The Wise Woman suggests sending Deoxys to another region to be taken care of.

Find Giratina's Griseous Orb[]

0487Giratina Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

Leanne reveals she's received a letter stating that a huge discovery has been made at the Oblivia Ruins, but she is still scared of that place since she was held hostage there and Nema asks the Player to go with Leanne as a bodyguard. At the ruins, Leanne discovers hidden writing and suddenly it begins to get dark. A portal appears and from it emerged Giratina. The Player captures Giratina, but the Pokémon is still hostile, and the Player and Leanne flee the room. Leanne wonders why Giratina is in the Oblivia and why it looks differently than other depictions. Leanne decides to investigate the ruins from any clue about Giratina and the letter.

After some searching, the two find a Steelhead in the ruins and follow him. Leanne investigates the Steelhead armor displayed in the ruins and discovers the armor is linked to a device and that one of the armors is missing pieces. She determines that if they can replace the missing parts, the device might move. The two continue searching and find the Steelhead from earlier who claims he has done nothing wrong and runs away only to be caught by Claydol and carried away. After finally, cornering the Steelhead Leanne determines he sent the letter and that he tried to stand up to Purple Eyes for kidnapping her. The Steelhead ditches his armor and is revealed be a former Pincher who Leanne asks about the discovery he wrote about. The Pincher reveals he deciphered the writing Leanne found earlier and that the writing said the ancient Steelhead of the past hid a certain item called a Griseous Orb. The Steelhead of the past tried to use Giratina to defeat the Hero of Oblivia and stole its Griseous Orb to keep it from leaving. Leanne realizes that Giratina has always been searching the world for the Griseous Orb and that the Orb is hidden in the previously discovered device. Using the Pincher's armor, Leanne activates the device and she and the Player are teleported to a secret space in the ruins.

They find a statue in the space, but before they can investigate it, they are attacked by two Magnezone. Leanne retrieves the Griseous Orb and the two are teleported back to the ruins. The two leave to deliver the Griseous Orb to Giratina and the Pokémon changes into its Origin Forme, but it's still enraged. After the Player captures Giratina again, it leaves to return to its own world. The Pincher arrives and thanks them on behalf of Giratina and declared Mission Clear. Leanne asks the Pincher if they know why Giratina returned to the ruins and the Pincher thinks it is because of the Sky Fortress's return. Leanne reveals that the Pincher is correct and offers a job as her assistant as thanks for helping her overcome her fear of the ruins.

Pledge to Arceus[]

0493Arceus Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

Rand, Leanne, Murph, and Prof. Hastings are investigating distortions in space at the Sky Fortress. The four are at the center point of the distortion, but they don't see anything wrong. Suddenly, three new distortions appear in the Fortress.

Nema informs the Player and their Partner about the situation, and they get a call from the Prof. who tells them to get to the Sky Fortress and that the distortions are spreading. The rangers met up with the others and Prof. Hastings explains the distortion keeps getting worse. He also reveals Rand left to investigate and he tells the ranger to meet up with him. While searching for Rand, the Rangers find and capture the legendary Pokémon Giratina, Dialga and Palkia. After they are captured, the distortions they were causing end, but during the process they find an unconscious Rand. Rand awakens mildly injured and he explains his styler was broken and he returns to the others. When all three are captured, Prof. Hastings call them back to the main chamber in a panic.

When the two return to the main chamber, they discover Arceus is waiting there. Arceus shows everyone its memories of Oblivia's past, including when Ellios took control of it and when Sabios in the Golden Armor used the orb to power the Sky Fortress. The images end and Prof. Hastings tries to tell Arceus the events of the past that caused it pain will not repeat. However, Arceus's rage isn't quelled, and it prepares to destroy the entire Oblivia region that has been been the holder of the Fortress. Everyone begs Arceus not to go through with its revenge which would destroy all the genuine bonds between people and Pokémon in the Oblivia region. The pleas get through to Arceus but suddenly, Purple Eyes appears. Purple Eyes reveals he has reflected on his actions and the result was that he can no longer trust people. He attempts to bond with Arceus, whom he believes shares a common enemy in humanity, and encourages it to destroy the world and wipe the slate clean so a new one can be built with Arceus as its ruler. However, Purple Eyes' monstrous request and complete misunderstanding of Arceus's nature reignites Arceus's fury to the point a wall of rage forms around it preventing capture.

Before Arceus can act, Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina appear to and break down Arceus's wall of rage. The Player manages to capture Arceus and Prof. Hastings assures it that the Sky Fortress will never be used again. The Partner pledges that Arceus will never have to feel such sorrow again and it prepares to teleport away and take Purple Eyes with it. Purple Eyes is taken away despite his pleas, revealing all his previous words were insincere, and the legendary Pokémon teleports away. Prof. Hastings notes that Arceus will release Purple Eyes when he truly changes his wicked ways, and the distortions disappear. Rand speculates that Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina came through the distortions to stop Arceus and Prof. Hastings declares Mission Clear.


The general gameplay is similar to Shadows of Almia, with some noticeable differences.


The capturing process remains the same as Shadows of Almia, with a few additions. The Styler now has a power-up function that ups the power of each loop after five consecutive loops. The power-up keeps getting stronger with each five loops until the Styler is lifted, setting the power back to regular. There are also new upgrades that can be unlocked with Ranger Points that are obtained through missions, Quests, and getting an S Rank on a capture (the latter applies only once per species).

There are also two new states Pokémon can be encountered in: frightened and agitated. Frightened Pokémon are less likely to attack, but they also move a lot more. Agitated Pokémon have a second, red friendship gage that must be dropped down to zero before the Pokémon returns to normal. Agitated Pokémon only receive a tenth of the friendship points by looping, but Poké assists remain the same making them effective against this state. Some Pokémon, most notably bosses, will become agitated in the middle of the capture instead of at the beginning and will often have different attack patterns while in the state.

Poké Assists[]

Poké Assist no longer consist of a single set boost and instead, the Pokémon is placed on the field and attacks. The Poké Assist attack causes friendship points to be added to the friendship gauge, but if the Pokémon is attacked while it's on the field, it will be removed from the party.

Riding Latias - Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

Sign Mode[]

Riding Suicune - Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

The most significant chance in gameplay. Throughout the game, special symbols called Ranger Signs can be found and recorded. Using sign mode to redraw recorded Ranger Signs, the Player can summon Pokémon to aid them. Rangers Signs can be found during story mode, Quests, and there even a few signs that cannot be found in game and were revealed through external means, such as official web sites and magazines.

Partner Pokémon[]


Pokémon Assist

Unlike the previous Pokémon Ranger series game, Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia, there is only one option for a partner Pokémon during story mode, Ukulele Pichu. Pichu will randomly appear on the screen during a capture and if selected will enter the field and play music which grants friendship points if they hit a Pokémon. Throughout the game, this ability will be enhanced multiple times.

During flight with Latios/Latias, the Pokémon will occasionally appear on the screen and if touched will create a cyclone that draws Pokémon to the center of the screen.

0172Ukelele Pichu Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

However, this is not the case in Multiplayer Mode where there are a wide variety of choices for a partner Pokémon. The default partner is Piplup and more Partner Pokémon can be acquired by collection slates. When a Pokémon is captured in a temple, there is a chance it might drop a slate that will allow the Player to access that Pokémon, or another in its evolutionary line, as a Partner. The chance of which evolutionary form the Pokémon that could become a partner is more likely to be the species that dropped the slate that another. Clearing a temple with an "A" or "S" rank will result in guaranteed set slates as a reward and there is a 10% chance of obtaining the boss Pokémon of that temple. Partner Pokémon in the past can have their Poke Assist's effects, power, and recovery time upgraded up to five times each with Assist Points that act like experience points in Multiplayer Mode.

Multiplayer Mode[]

VS Tyranitar Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

Players can work together in special multiplayer missions. These missions are accessed in Cocona Plaza, which can be reached by traveling through time at the stone of time in Cocona Village. There, Players can play a secondary story and up to four Players can work together to complete special temple missions. Unlike regular missions, these can be replayed any number of times and capturing works differently than in normal missions. Missions are cleared by completing the Temple's requirements and capturing its boss Pokémon.

Each mission has a time limit, and the mission fails if the players do not clear the mission before time runs out. Power ups can be found in the temples that can extend time and recharge the Player's Styler energy. There are also special power ups with field move symbols that can enhance the Player's movement speed, Styler power, Styler durability, and Partner Power. These special power ups are applied to the Player that obtains them, but they can be shared with each Player in the room if the field move used to open it matches its symbol. The Styler is less powerful in the past and loses its charge function as well as the ability to increase Styler Power with every consecutive five loops, but Players can perform special combo moves with each other when they work together on the same capture.


List of Pokémon[]

List of Quests[]

Boss Pokémon[]

Post Ending Boss Pokémon[]

Wi-Fi Event Pokémon[]

  • Deoxys - Back in time (Available to transfer to game cartridge) Deoxys and the Odd Temple ~ Must have at the least 2 people to complete - Turns into the different forms depending on conditions met
  • Heatran - Faldera Volcano
  • Shaymin (Land Forme) - Renbow Island - Latolato Trail;

Sky Forme - The Sky

  • Giratina (Altered Forme) - Sophian Island - Oblivia Ruins

Giratina (Origin Forme) - Sophian Island - Oblivia Ruins/Sky Fortress


  • U.S. information about this game was revealed in an E3 conference. PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure and the new 3DS were also revealed.
  • This is the only game so far where a Pokémon is seen using human technology.