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Pokémon RéBURST, or Pocket Monsters RéBURST, is a manga about a boy named Ryouga who goes against anything impossible. Ryouga has the power to fuse or transform into a Pokémon, a power known as "Burst". His burst power fuses him with the Legendary Pokémon Zekrom. People with the "Burst" power are called "Burst Warriors". Burst Warriors have a crystal known as the "Burst Heart". The Burst Heart contains the Pokémon that the Burst Warriors fuse with.

Main characters


# Chapters Cover
Vol. 1
  • The Beginning of the Adventure!
  • Ryouga's Secret
  • The Perilous Mt. Serables
  • The First Battle
  • Overwhelming Drawback...!
  • Ryouga's Feelings
  • A New Friend!?
RB Volume 1 cover
Vol. 2
  • The World's Best...!!?
  • The Compass of Light
  • Enigmatic Burst Warrior
  • Incomplete Burst?
  • True Strength
  • The Compass's Whereabouts
  • The Man Called Rend
  • This is Training!?
  • The Road to Zekrom
RB Volume 2 cover
Vol. 3
  • Ryouga and Zekrom
  • Two Burst Hearts
  • Many Lights
  • Burst Heart Survival Begins!
  • Eight Boxes and Two Buttons
  • Box Escape Survival
  • Add-up-to-10 Survival
  • Giant Warrior Dokan
  • Battle in the Gas
  • Once More, with Hariru...!!
RB Volume 3 cover
Vol. 4
  • Grown Strength...!
  • The Winner and The Loser...
  • The Remaining Four
  • Their Hidden Feelings...
  • Seesaw Balloon Survival
  • Pleasure of Fighting
  • Reversals and Secrets
  • Truth
  • The Switched Past
  • The Perfect Defense
RB Volume 4 cover
Vol. 5
  • Mastermind
  • Final Match Starts!
  • Left Arm
  • Unyielding Heart
  • Ray of Hope
  • The Power of Two
  • A Billion Yen and a New Journey
  • To Karuta's Village!
  • Battle on the Bridge
  • Reason Not to Return
RB Volume 5 cover
Vol. 6
  • Mother
  • Mysterious Beauty, Rug
  • 2 Against 1
  • Stolen Heart
  • The Path We Should Choose
  • The Strongman Tournament
  • To Lose is to Win?
  • The Closed Path
  • Garyuu's Assassin
  • Legendary Pokémon
RB Volume 6 cover
Vol. 7
  • The Three Assassins
  • The Three Generals
  • Ryouga and Amu
  • The Saviors Appear
  • What Happened to Hariru!?
  • Hariru's Evolution
  • Metal
  • Respective Barriers
  • Betrayal and Revenge and...
  • Evolution Against the Strongest
RB Volume 7 cover
Vol. 8
  • A Warrior's Tears
  • Father and Arcades
  • Trial
  • Fraud's Past
  • The One who would become Arcades
  • The Birth of the New Arcades
  • The CCourse of the World
  • The Eternal Tower
  • The Power of One and the Power of the World
  • Endless Adventure
RB Volume 8 cover
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