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The official photo for Pokémon RéBURST.

Pokémon RéBURST (ポケットモンスターRéBURST, Poketto Monsutaa RéBURST, Pocket Monsters RéBURST) is a shounen manga based around Pokémon. It ran from March 9, 2011, and ended on October 10 of the following year. The manga primarily stars a super-strong boy named Ryouga and his two friends (a weird journalist named Yappy and an investigator girl named Miruto), though a ninja named Karuta and a female thief named Rug join them later on.

Like the name suggests, certain characters in the manga have what is known as "Burst." Burst is a special power that allows people to fuse with or transform into a Pokémon; specifically, Ryouga's power fuses him with the Legendary Pokémon Zekrom. Other people with Ryouga's power are called "Burst Warriors," and they have a crystal that is known as a "Burst Heart." With the power of Burst at their disposal, Ryouga and his friends fight back against an evil organization known as the "Great Gavel." They also journey in search of a strange man known as "Arcades," a person who has knowledge of what happened to Ryouga's missing father.


  • Ryouga
  • Miruto
  • Yappy
  • Karuta
  • Rug
  • Arcades


# Chapters Covers
Vol. 1
  • The Beginning of the Adventure!
  • Ryouga's Secret
  • The Perilous Mt. Serables
  • The First Battle
  • Overwhelming Drawback...!
  • Ryouga's Feelings
  • A New Friend!?
RB Volume 1 cover.png
Vol. 2
  • The World's Best...!!?
  • The Compass of Light
  • Enigmatic Burst Warrior
  • Incomplete Burst?
  • True Strength
  • The Compass's Whereabouts
  • The Man Called Rend
  • This is Training!?
  • The Road to Zekrom
  • The Gatekeeper Boy
RB Volume 2 cover.png
Vol. 3
  • Ryouga and Zekrom
  • Two Burst Hearts
  • Many Lights
  • Burst Heart Survival Begins!
  • Eight Boxes and Two Buttons
  • Box Escape Survival
  • Add-up-to-10 Survival
  • Giant Warrior Dokan
  • Battle in the Gas
  • Once More, with Hariru...!!
RB Volume 3 cover.jpg
Vol. 4
  • Grown Strength...!
  • The Winner and The Loser...
  • The Remaining Four
  • The Hidden Feelings...
  • Seesaw Balloon Survival
  • Pleasure of Fighting
  • Reversals and Secrets
  • Truth
  • The Switched Past
  • The Perfect Defense
RB Volume 4 cover.jpg
Vol. 5
  • Mastermind
  • Final Match Starts!
  • Left Arm
  • Unyielding Heart
  • Ray of Hope
  • The Power of Two
  • A Billion Yen and a New Journey
  • To Karuta's Village
  • Battle on the Bridge
  • Reason Not to Return
RB Volume 5 cover.jpg
Vol. 6
  • Mother
  • Mysterious Beauty, Rug
  • 2 Against 2
  • Stolen Heart
  • The Path We Should Choose
  • The Strongman Tournament
  • To Lose is to Win?
  • The Closed Path
  • Garyuu's Assassin
  • Legendary Pokémon
RB Volume 6 cover.jpg
Vol. 7
  • The Three Assassins
  • The Three Generals
  • Ryouga and Amu
  • The Saviours Appear
  • What Happened to Hariru!?
  • Hariru's Evolution
  • Metal
  • Respective Barriers
  • Betrayal and Revenge and...
  • Evolution Against Evolution
RB Volume 7 cover.jpg
Vol. 8
  • A Warrior's Tears
  • Father and Arcades
  • Trial
  • Fraud's Past
  • The One Who Would Become Arcades
  • The Birth of the New Arcades
  • The Course of the World
  • The Eternal Tower
  • The Power of One and the Power of the World
  • Endless Adventure
RB Volume 8 cover.jpg


  • Unlike most of the other installments in the Pokémon franchise (which are typically lighthearted and family-friendly), Pokémon RéBURST is serious and full of adult themes. The manga is also unique in that it is the only place in the entire Pokémon franchise where a female character's underwear can be seen- near the end of chapter 10, Miruto's underwear can be seen when a Zorua transforms into her and attacks Ryouga.
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