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Pokémon Quest (ポケモンクエスト, Pokemon Kuesuto) is a free-to-play spin-off game for the Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch platforms. The game was simultaneously announced and released on May 30, 2018, during a Pokémon press conference in Tokyo.[1] The mobile version of the game was subsequently released on June 27, 2018.[2]


The game begins with the player traveling by boat to Tumblecube Island, a newly discovered island that has traces of a now extinct ancient civilization. The player brings along a drone manufactured by Silph Co. called the MoBee IV. Shortly after arriving, the MoBee malfunctions and loses its collection of data on the island. The device requests the player to befriend a new Pokémon to recollect data on Tumblecube Island. The player is given the goal to discover treasure, befriend the island's Pokémon, and train them by embarking on expeditions.

At the start, the player is able to befriend one of five Pokémon:

  • Pikachu: An attacking Pokémon that boasts shocking electrical strikes.
  • Eevee: A well-balanced Pokémon that toys with its opponents with its tricky moves.
  • Bulbasaur: A sturdy Pokémon that roots itself to the ground for its tenacious defense.
  • Charmander: An attacking Pokémon that burns everything up with the power of fire.
  • Squirtle: A well-balanced Pokémon that can flow through any situation as magnificently as water.

Game mechanics

  • Pokémon are represented in a cube-like form and are called Pokéxels. It features all the original 151 Pokémon in their Pokéxel form.
  • The player can strengthen themselves by equipping special items such as Power Stones, which give Pokémon unique stats.
  • This game takes place on Tumblecube island.
  • The player can customize their Base Camp with decorations, and cook recipes to attract and add new Pokémon to their team.
  • During an expedition, the player has to battle against waves of several Pokémon before battling against the final boss, who is described as 'a strong-looking Pokémon', to clear a stage.

Downloadable Content

  • Expedition 3-Pack Bundle. Includes all three Expedition Packs.
  • Expedition Pack
  • Great Expedition Pack
  • Ultra Expedition Pack
  • Scattershot Stone
  • Broadburst Stone
  • Whack-Whack Stone
  • Wait Less Stone
  • Stay Strong Stone
  • Sharing Stone

Changes from the core series

  • A few status moves, such as Spore, does damage while other damaging moves such as Flame Charge doesn't do damage.
  • Pokémon that requires an evolutionary stone or evolution trading now evolves through level up since there are no evolutionary stones or trading in the game.