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The Pokémon Pinchers are the villainous team in Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs. Their admins are Red Eyes, Blue Eyes, Purple Eyes. They also appear in the anime in a two-part episode. The Pokémon Pinchers were founded and are run by a secret society called the Societea. Their goal was to find and awaken Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres for the Societea. Their hideout locations are their Submarine and the Sky Fortress. After the player defeats Edward and Mewtwo, there is a final mission involving Blue Eyes, reformed Pinchers, and Lugia.


When the leader of the Societea, Edward, AKA, Ed "the thinker", discovered the golden armor, he also discovered a cache of control gauntlets and mysterious armor that could control Pokémon. The Societea formed the Pokémon Pinchers in order to have them awaken the three sleeping legendary birds so their power would raise the Sky Fortress and armed them with the gauntlets and armor to assist in the task. The Pinchers carried out the steps necessary to find and access the legendary birds by stealing the keys needed to reach their nests, finding information about their locations, and stalling the Pokémon Rangers to keep them from interfering. However, the Rangers continuously prevailed leading to the defeat of two Pincher Admins, Red Eyes and Blue Eyes. With the admins gone, it seemed like the Pinchers were defeated, but a new admin, Purple Eyes, made himself known and went after the last of the legendary birds, Zapdos, with a team of Pinchers using Steelhead armor. Purple Eyes was also defeated by the Rangers and prevented him from fully awakening Zapdos, but a disguised Ed "the thinker" awakens Zapdos himself and abandons Purple Eyes. Immediately after, the Societea made themselves known and raised the Sky Fortress to begin their world conquest. The Rangers managed to infiltrate the fortress, defeat three of the Societea members, and confront Ed 'the thinker". After Edward and his Mewtwo were defeated, Purple Eyes returned and utilized the full power of the golden armor to try and defeat the Player. However, the Rangers defeated the empowered Mewtwo and the golden armor was scattered across Oblivia. In the end Purples Eyes, along with the Societea minus Edward, were captured and arrested and Edward, who was banished somewhere far from Oblivia by Mewtwo, is stripped of any reason to return.




The Pinchers utilized several advanced technologies to aid them in their crimes. Normal Pinchers utilized control gauntlets that could "pinch" Pokémon and put under their control as well as personal transports called Z.Z flyers that could fly at high speed and fire plasma blasts. The Pinchers used a large submarine to transport pinched Pokémon, but it was sunk on orders from Blue Eyes after an infiltration by the Rangers. The Pinchers under Purple Eyes and the Societea utilized ancient Steelhead armor that was once used by ancient oracles. The armor possesses a mystical power that can control and influence Pokémon and can be used by anyone who wears it with no qualifications.


Grunts in the anime