Aria Kalos Queen

Aria, the top Pokémon Performer of Kalos: Kalos Queen.

A Pokémon Performer is a Pokémon trainer who trains their Pokémon to show off their talents and perform in front of audiences. All Performers must be female in order to participate in Pokémon Showcases. There are two sections. Theme Performances include styling, making Poké Puffs, etc. You can use more than one Pokémon depending on the task.

Pokémon styling is when Performers let their love of fashion style their Pokémon using makeup, jewelry, accessories, and dresses/costumes, and then walk on the runway. Baking Poké Puffs are another theme performance. Performers use their skills to bake Poké Puffs. The stage comes with kitchens and ingredients. Free Performances let you and your Pokémon dance and make use of the Pokémon's talents together, in which you can use up to six Pokémon.

The winner of the Pokémon Showcase gets a Princess Key. Three Princess Keys are required in order to compete for the title of Kalos Queen. Aria's the current Kalos Queen, and Serena and Shauna are aspiring Pokémon Performers.

Known Pokémon trainers who are performers



  • Pokévision is most often used as a way for Performers to promote themselves outside of Showcases.


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