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Pokémon Ondo is the fourth Japanese ending theme song of the Pokémon anime series.



TV Size

♪ (Yes!)

(A-heigh-ho, heigh-ho, heeeiigh-ho!) (Well now, well now, now, now)

(K-K-Koffing K-Koff-kof shar!) (K-K-Koffing K-Koff-kof shar!)

The swirling whirlpool is Poliwhirl's stomach (Yes, yes) Although it's very very difficult There (Dig! Dig!), dig it there, woof, woof! Poké-Poké-Poké-Pokémon Ondo Get it with a one, two, three - yeah, yeah! Let's dance, dance, and be surprised (Victreebel!) Be surprised, be surprised, and withdraw (Golbat!)

Let's end it here just for now~

(Yes!) ♪

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