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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky - Beyond Time & Darkness (ポケモン不思議(ふしぎ)のダンジョン (そら)探検隊(たんけんたい) (とき)(やみ)をめぐる 最後(さいご)冒険(ぼうけん) Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, Around Time and Darkness—The Last Adventure) is a special based on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky.

Episode plot

Dialga, along with its three Lake Guardians: Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie, guard the artifacts known as the Time Gears. However, the artifacts were stolen and time started changing, as new dungeons started to appear throughout the realm. Pokémon started becoming confused and violent, which is why exploration teams were created: to arrest outlaw Pokémon, discover new dungeons and treasures and help those in need. However, dark times befell the land, putting the world of Pokémon in danger.

Wigglytuff, the guildmaster, had sent Chimchar and Piplup on a quest. Chatot doubted if they will be safe to reach the Hidden Land, but Corphish reminded Chatot they have the Relic Fragment. Sunflora remembered the fragment would allow them to pass by Dialga safely. Bidoof considered Chimchar and Piplup lucky, while Loudred believed Chimchar and Piplup would be taking a rest on Lapras' back by now. Wigglytuff falls asleep with his eyes closed, disappointing Chatot.

Elsewhere, Lapras was carrying Chimchar, Piplup and Grovyle, the latter telling the Temporal Tower would be destroyed. Grovyle explained time started to stop before the Time Gears were taken. This was due to Dialga becoming Primal Dialga. Chimchar and Piplup realized if the Time Gears were not delivered to Temporal Tower soon, the whole time will stop, and Dialga would certainly attempt to stop them. To prevent these events, Grovyle clarified Dialga must be stopped. Lapras carried the trio and showed a foggy spot, where they could access the Hidden Land. They went up and rode the waves. They found themselves in the skies and went towards a floating piece of land, the Hidden Land. Piplup remembered when he woke up as a Pokémon, he could not believe he was a Pokémon and that others can talk. Fortunately, he teamed up with Chimchar and became a member of Team Poképals, then started to complete missions. After a lot of training and completed missions, they achieved the golden rank.

Piplup told Chimchar while he did not remember anything from his human life, Piplup thought he knows why he is here: to save the world. Grovyle noticed the Temporal Tower in the distance, where lied the edge of time. Chimchar wondered how will they access the floating tower, so Lapras advised them to take a path to the temple and find the Rainbow Stoneship. Team Poképals entered the temple and come to the top, where Chimchar noticed the floor design having the same image as the one on his Relic Fragment. Piplup noticed a stone tablet. Grovyle saw it is written in Unown language, which he and Piplup can read from, since he did research in the future. Piplup admits he forgot how to read the language, so Grovyle read the letters. Close to the temple, a rift started opening. Grovyle removed the mud and found a place for a stone to be put it, since the entire temple is the Rainbow Stoneship, which would transport them to Temporal Tower.

Chimchar attempted to place the stone, but he, Grovyle and Piplup were attacked by Sableye. A Dusknoir appear and took the Relic Fragment. Dusknoir admitted Dialga sent him and Sableye to protect the future by defending the temple. Dusknoir left the Sableye, who attack Team Poképals. Dark clouds gathered at the village, where the guild members gathered to attack. However, Wigglytuff doubted that will be of use, though they had to believe in Chimchar and Piplup in succeeding in this mission. The members hold hands, hoping Team Poképals to not give up, as time stops for them. Chimchar used Flamethrower, Piplup striked with Hydro Pump and Grovyle attacked with Bullet Seed, hitting the Sableye. Grovyle was more focused on Dusknoir, who planned on going to the future with the Relic Fragment to keep Team Poképals away from Temporal Tower.

Grovyle used Energy Ball, Chimchar Fire Spin and Piplup Whirlpool, combining the attacks to sweep Sableye away. Dusknoir almost reached the portal, but is pulled by Grovyle. Dusknoir started spinning, getting away from Grovyle's grasp and used Dark Pulse, hitting Team Poképals. Dusknoir claims they don't have the strength to defeat him, Chimchar saw Dusknoir is too strong, but Grovyle was certain that he had a weak spot. Piplup reminded Chimchar they were fighting this for their friends and the world. Dusknoir started charging, so Team Poképals realized they had just one chance to defeat Dusknoir. Dusknoir used Shadow Ball, but the move was countered by Grovyle's Energy Ball, Chimchar's Fire Spin and Piplup's Whirlpool. The attacks pushed over to Dusknoir, who got hit and was defeated. The Sableye retreated, while Chimchar took the Relic Fragment and went up. Grovyle and Piplup followed him, but Dusknoir reminded Grovyle if they defeat Dialga, then future Pokémon, including Dusknoir, Grovyle and Piplup (who came from the future), would disappear.

Piplup asked Grovyle if that was the truth. Grovyle confirmed this, but they came here to save time, for as long as time flows, there will be peace. Grovyle admited when he came to the world for the first time, he could have seen sunlight, since there is only but darkness in the future. Grovyle reminded Piplup that even if they would disappear, the future will be kept safe, a sacrifice they had to accept. Piplup understanded this, as they had to defeat Dialga to keep the time from stopping and to keep the world from being consumed in darkness. Grovyle admited there is something that has changed since they came here, since in the future they were fully prepared for what is to come and there was nothing to lose. Chimchar yelled they should get up. Grovyle realizes Chimchar has grown fond of Piplup and would be sad to hear what will befall Piplup. Chimchar was annoyed at Grovyle and Piplup, since they are taking too much time discussing. Suddenly, Dusknoir regained power and uses Dark Pulse, attacking Chimchar and taking the Relic Fragment.

Chimchar hit Dusknoir, who dropped the fragment. Piplup received the fragment, so Dusknoir uses Dark Pulse, though Grovyle takes the hit. Despite being wounded, Grovyle ran and held Dusknoir and jumps into the air, planning on going back to the future with him. Chimchar was terrified, doubting he is as strong as Grovyle (who cannot return back), but Grovyle has full confidence in Chimchar's skills. Grovyle jumped off and threw away the bag to Piplup and Chimchar, containing the Time Gears they have to set up. Grovyle was glad to have met Piplup and thinks of him and Chimchar of being a great team. Grovyle hoped they will protect the sunrise for everyone's sake and disappeared into the portal with Dusknoir, with the portal closing soon. Piplup and Chimchar cried for their friend, but Chimchar promised to make a better world for the future. Piplup doubted Chimchar knew Piplup would disappear once they stop Dialga and Chimchar would be left alone, meaning the team would be disbanded. Chimchar tells this was for Grovyle, as he placed the Relic Fragment in the spot.

The Rainbow Stoneship took Piplup and Chimchar to the Temporal Tower, where Dialga awaited.

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