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Not to be confused with the anime special, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time & Darkness.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time (Japanese: ポケモン不思議(ふしぎ)のダンジョン (とき)探検隊(たんけんたい)HepburnPokémon Fushigi no Danjon Toki no Tankentai) and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness (Japanese: ポケモン不思議(ふしぎ)のダンジョン (やみ)探検隊(たんけんたい)HepburnPokémon Fushigi no Danjon Yami no Tankentai) is the second set of games in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series. The game was re-released around a year later with bonus Wi-Fi features, extra episodes and 2 new playable Pokémon.


The basic controls have little variance from others in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series. You can set moves and items to certain hot-keys, and you may link moves at Electivire's Link Shop just before heading out on your exploration. There are new items in the game such as Geo-pebbles, a downgrade from the Gravelerocks (items that you throw at enemies.) Another difference is that Heal Seeds and some Orbs become available as early as the first dungeon, unlike in Red/Blue Rescue Team. In the Type quiz that begins the game, there is a feature where you press your finger (or Stylus) against the touch screen so it can detect your "Aura" (this has no effect on which Pokémon you'll play as, but will determine what special item you receive. This feature determines your "aura" by the color you set your DS, DS lite, or DSi's menu for) Also, your Partner Pokémon cannot be of the same Type or Generation as the "Leader"; per example, if you are to be Torchic, you may choose between Generation I Starters, Generation II Starters, Generation IV Starters, and Fire-type choices will not appear. As well as these changes:The feature of Genders among Pokémon is added, along with Eggs, which can be cared for by Chansey at its Daycare Center.


Chapter 1 A Storm at Sea[]

After taking a personality quiz to determine which Pokémon the Player will become, the game begins. Once the quiz is completed, a mysterious dialogue will take place in which one character presumably falls from the grip of the other. After a violent storm, the Player washes up on a beach unconscious.

Meanwhile, the Partner (chosen after the quiz by the Player) tries to enter a guild despite being nervous. When they get near the guild entrance, a voice from nowhere detects identifies them and the surprise causes the Partner to lose their nerve. The Partner pulls out their personal treasure, a rock with a strange insignia on it, and laments that even bringing it with them wasn't enough to be brave enough. The Partner walks away in disappointment, unware that a Koffing and Zubat where watching him.. The two discuss the Partner's treasure and conspire to steal it.

The Partner goes down to the beach to watch the beautiful sight of Krabby blowing bubbles at sunset. The sight cheers the Partner up and notices the unconscious Player. They race to the Player's side and stirs them awake. The Partner introduced themselves and the Player explains that they are human. The Partner explains that the Players looks like a Pokémon and the Player discovers they've become a Pokémon and they don't remember anything. The Partner is doubtful of the Player's story, but determines they aren't a bad Pokémon. Suddenly, Zubat and Koffing attack the Partner from behind and steal their treasure. The Partner is too timid to fight back and the two escape. The Partner is unwilling to lose their treasure and decides to get it back and asks the Player to help them.

The two make their way through Beach Cave and confront Zubat and Koffing at the end and defeat them. The two drop the treasure and flee after vowing revenge. The Partner reclaims the treasure and thanks the Player for their help. The two return to the beach and the Partner elaborates that their treasure is the Relic Fragment, a name they gave it themselves. They continue by saying they always been interested in legends and lore and their dream is to explore all kinds of unknown places filled with treasure and history and they to join an exploration team to fulfill that dream. The Partner explains their earlier attempt to join the guild, and ask the Player what they will do next since they have no where to go before asking them to form an exploration team. With no memories and having no where to go, the Player decides to join the Partner for now and hopes that they may regain their memories in the process. The Partner is overjoyed and the go to Wigglytuff's Guild to sign up as apprentices to get proper training to become an exploration team.

Chapter 2 The New Guild Recruit[]

The Player and Partner reach the guild entrance and the Partner musters up their courage and approach the entrance. The voice from earlier identifies the partner and allows them to enter. The voice also asks the Player to stand on top of a grate covering a hole in the entrance and is unable to identify them. The voice is revealed to be coming from a Diglett who has trouble identifying the Player, but eventually lets them in as well. The two enter the guild and descend to its underground floors where they see several exploration teams and meet with Chatot, the right hand Pokémon of the Guildmaster, Wigglytuff. The Partner tells Chatot they want to form an exploration team and Chatot takes them to the second underground level where apprentices work. Before taking them to meet the Guildmaster, Chatot warns the two not be rude to him. Chatot presents the two to Wigglytuff who agrees to let them become apprentices and asks them to create a team name. After creating a team name (default Team Poképals) Wigglytuff registers the two as an official exploration team and gives them a Pokémon Exploration Team Kit with an Explorer's Badge for team identification, a Wonder Map to navigate, and a Treasure Bag to store items.

Chatot shows the two to their room and explains that their training will begin tomorrow. That night, the Partner expressed his excitement to the Player about becoming an exploration team before going to sleep. Meanwhile, the Player contemplates the situation, their memory loss, and their transformation into a Pokémon before putting the thoughts aside and going to sleep.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Explorers Of Time 38 14358

The Wigglytuff Guild; The Main Team is located to the far Right (Squirtle and Chimchar.)

The next morning, the two receive a rude and loud awakening from Loudred, a fellow apprentice, and go the morning briefing. With everyone present, Chatot calls in Wigglytuff, only for him to be half asleep. Everyone cheers their Guild's motto and gets off to work while Chatot teaches the two about requests from the Job Bulletin Board. Chatot reveals that more bad Pokémon have been appearing the Partner surmises this is because the flow of time is being messed up. The Player is surprised to hear this, but before they can think about it more, Chatot resumes his lesson. Chatot confirms the Partner is right and because of the increasing incidents, more jobs have been appearing as well as Mystery Dungeons. The Partner explains that Mystery Dungeon's are mysterious places where treasure an be found. Chatot assigns the two to help recover a Spoink's prized pearl from Drenched Bluff. The Partner is annoyed they were assigned such a small job, but Chatot puts them in their place and warns of the dangers of Mystery Dungeons. The two make their way to Drenched Bluff and retrieve the pearl from the depths.

Back at the guild, Spoink is grateful for having his pearl returned and rewards the two with power up items and money. However, Chatot reveals that most money from jobs goes to the guild and the two only get to keep 10% of the money much to the Partner's disappointment. That night the Partner expresses their excitement at being a part of the guild, their frustration of losing most of the money, and that the best part of the day was helping Spoink before going to sleep.

Chapter 3 The Scream[]

The next day, Chatot brings the two to the other Bulletin Board on the first sub-floor and explains it is the outlaw request board. The Partner is worried about going after a dangerous outlaw, but Chatot assures them that not all outlaws are strong and suggests they go after a weak one. Chatot then calls in Bidoof, one of the newer guild apprentices, to give them a tour of Treasure Town so they can prepare for their mission. Bidoof gives the two an official tour of the guild's bottom floor then takes them to the cross roads connecting Treasure Town, the guild, the beach, and the path towards Mystery Dungeons. He then takes them to the main Square of Treasure Town and the Partner describes the local businesses, Duskull Bank, Electivire's Link Shop (which is not currently open), the Kecleon Market, and Kangaskhan Storage. Bidoof asks the two to gather supplies and meet up with him to go out on their outlaw mission.

After talking to the Kecleon brothers at the Kecleon Market, a pair of young brothers, Marill and Azurill, come by to buy an apple. The Kecleon brothers explain that Marill and Azurill's mother is sick and they had to do the shopping in her place. The brothers come back after finding an extra apple they didn't pay for, but Kecleon assures them it was a gift free of charge. The brothers leave again, but Azurill trips and drops the apple which the Player picks up and returns. Suddenly, the Player is overcome by a dizzy spell and hears a scream for help that no one else notices. Marill comes back for Azurill and the two go on their way. The Partner notices something is bothering the Player and the Player tells them about the scream. Neither the Partner nor the Kecleon brothers heard the scream and the Partner believes the Player just imagined the scream. The Player is certain they heard Azurill scream for help, but they put it aside and return to Bidoof.


On the way back, they two notice Azurill and Marill talking to a Drowzee. Marill explains they were searching for a lost item and Drowzee thinks he know where it is and help the brothers look for it. The three leave to search for the item and Drowzee accidentally bumps the Player before leaving. Suddenly, the Player experiences another dizzy spell and sees a vision of Drowzee threatening Azurill who screams for help. The Player explains what they saw to the Partner, but the Partner finds it hard to believe and thinks the vision was just a bad daydream. The two meet up with Bidoof who begins to search the Outlaw Board for an outlaw to go after. Suddenly, Dugtrio, another guild apprentice, updates the Outlaw Board and the Partner sees Drowzee's profile on the board. Upon seeing this, the two go after Azuril and Marill immediately and find Marill alone in the crossroads. Marill explains that Drowzee and Azurill have disappeared and takes them to Mt. Bristle where they were headed. The Partner realizes that the location matches the Player's vision and the two enter the dungeon to find Drowzee and Azurill.

Meanwhile, Azurill and Drowzee have reached the end of the dungeon and Drowzee reveals he lied about knowing where the item the brothers are looking for is. Azurill notices Marill isn't with them and Drowzee explains that he needs Azurill to get into a small hole that's rumored to lead to a trove of stolen treasure the he is too big to enter. Azurill becomes scared and tries to run, but Drowzee catches him and begins threatening him like he did in the Player's vision. Before Drowzee can do anything, the Player and Partner arrive and Drowzee begins to get nervous when he learns the two are part of an exploration team. However, Drowzee notices the Partner is trembling and realizes the two are rookies and thinks they can't defeat him. The Partner gathers their courage and the two battle Drowzee and defeat him. Drowzee is knocked out and the two bring him and Azurill out of the dungeon. They meet with police officer Magnezone who arrests Drowzee and sends the bounty on him to the guild. Marill reunites with Azurill and they thank the two for saving Azurill.

Back and the guild, Chatot congratulates the two for capturing Drowzee and gives them their 10% share of the bounty. The Partner is disappointed that they got such a meager share after so much effort, but it satisfied with having saved Azurill thanks to the Player's vision. The Player wonders how they saw a vision of the future, but the two's grumbling stomachs prompt them to head to the mess hall for dinner.

That night, a powerful storm comes through and reminds the Partner that they found the Player on the beach right after a storm. The Partner asks the Player if it brings up any memories, but nothing comes to mind the two get to bed. Unable to sleep, the Partner inquires about the Player's ability to see the future and thinks its connected with them turning into a Pokémon. The Partner then begins to explain that time is getting messed up around the world and no one knows why, except for the theory that Time Gears are involved. The Partner explains that Time Gears are hidden across the world and each one protects time and keeps it flowing the region they are found. As the two talk, an unknown Pokémon makes his way through a forest towards a time gear and declares it is the first of many.

Chapter 4 The Gatekeepers[]

After two days of job requests, Loudred ask to two to help him. He explains the two are doing sentry duty for the day because Diglett has been assigned to Bulletin Board duty for the day. The Partner expresses confusion for the situation which infuriates Loudred. Loudred explains the guild has a sentry post to check for suspicious Pokémon, something the two experienced when they first came to the guild. The grate in front of the entrance leads down to the sentry post where the sentry identifies entrants and tells Loudred who decides whether or not to let them in. After completing sentry duty, the two are rewarded depending on their performance and head to bed.

Chapter 5 The First Official Expedition[]

After another day of job requests, Chatot makes an important announce; In a forest to the far northeast called Treeshroud Forest, a time has stopped completely! The guild is shocked by this news and Chatot elaborates that the stopping of time has cause the wind to stop blowing, clouds are frozen in the air, and the entire forest has become still. Guild apprentice, Sunflora gets an idea of what could cause a phenomenon like that and Chatot confirms her suspicious, the forest's Time Gear was stolen. He also explains that Magnezone is investigating the incident as other Time Gears could be in danger of being stolen. After the morning briefing ends, Chatot explains to the Player and Partner that their recent capture of Drowzee has impressed him and declares they will be assigned an official expedition. Chatot marks a waterfall on the Wonder Map, and explains that is where they will investigate and Intelligence suggests that the waterfall may be hiding a secret.

On the way out of the guild, guild apprentice Chimecho calls the two over and reveals he has started Chimecho's Assembly so exploration teams can recruit new member inside Mystery Dungeons.

The two travel to the waterfall where they makes contact with the powerful current of the falls. As the Partner wonders what to do, the Player gets another dizzy spell and sees a vision of an unknown Pokémon jumping through the waterfall and reaching a cave behind it. The Player tells the Partner about the vision and the Partner is concerned about the consequences of the vision being wrong, should they try to search for the cave. Ultimately, the Partner decides to believe the Player and the two jump through the waterfall at full speed. The two reach the cave on the other side, to the Partner's excitement, and the two begin exploring. After reaching the end of Waterfall Cave, the two reach a gem filled chamber and discover a gigantic gem is the end. The two try to pull out the gem to bring it back to the guild, but it's stuck tight. as the part keeps trying to pull out the gem, the Player experiences another dizzy spell and sees another vision. In the vision the unknown Pokémon from before pushes the giant gem and triggers a flood. The Partner happens to do the same thing triggers a flood that washes the two out of the cave and into a hot spring.

The Pokémon at the hot spring tell the two where they are and an elderly Torkoal shows them the hot spring's location on the Wonder Map. Torkoal offers to let the two enjoy a soak in the hot spring to wash away their fatigue. The two eventually return to the guild and report their findings to Chatot, who is excited at such a discovery. The Player wonders to themselves about the Pokémon that they saw in their visions and realizes it was Wigglytuff. The Player tells everyone they suspect Wigglytuff had already been to Waterfall Cave. Chatot is shocked that the Player would think something like that, especially since it was Wigglytuff who sent them to the waterfall, but agrees to ask him about it. When Chatot returns he reveals that Wigglytuff did indeed find the Waterfall Cave before, but forgot about it. The Partner is disappointed someone else got to the cave first, and Chatot explains that Wigglytuff be unpredictable and tells the two he expects their best efforts tomorrow.

That night, the Partner is still disappointed about having their discovery spoiled, but admits they had fun regardless. They thank the Player for joining the exploration team and helping them gather the courage they lacked before they met. The Partner then realizes that the Player's visions always start after they touch something, the visions are related to what has been touched, and they show the past and future. However, the Player realizes they have no control over the ability, but before they can discuss it further, Chatot comes in and brings the two to Wigglytuff. Wigglytuff reveals that the guild is going to mount a special expedition to a faraway area and Chatot explains that only chosen members get to go along. Normally, rookies wouldn't be considered to be part of the expedition members, but the two's hard work has convinced Wigglytuff to put the two on the list of candidates to go on the expedition. Chatot warns that if the two fail to keep up their work, they will not be selected as members of the expedition.

Chapter 6 Team Skull[]

The next day, Chatot informs the guild members the upcoming expedition will take place at a mysterious lake in the far east and the expedition will start in several days. While searching the request boards, the two notice Koffing and Zubat are there and learn they are part of an exploration team too. The two learn the partner has joined the guild and try to discourage them from continuing explorations, but the Partner refuses to listen to them and stands up to them, revealing they have been selected as a candidate for the expedition. Koffing and Zubat remain doubtful that the Player and Partner will be chosen because they are week and timid, and the Partner counters that Koffing and Zubat are weaker then them since they lost in their last meeting. Koffif and Zubat reveal they didn't have their leader with them at the time, as their team, Team Skull, has three members. Suddenly, a Skuntank arrives, knocks the Player aside with a release of horrible stench, and meets up with the rest of his team. Koffing and Zubat reveal they have found out about the expedition and it's potential gain and the three leave. The Player and Partner push aside Team Skull's criticism and move on with their guild work..

After a few days of guild work, Chatot announces that a new allies will be joining the guild's expedition and the new allies are revealed to be Team Skull. Chatot and Wigglytuff are seemingly unaware of Team Skull's true nature and believes them to be a friendly group. Chatot announces that Team Skull will be temporarily living at the guild so they will be able to coordinate with the build members during the expedition. This is depresses the rest of the guild, who are aware of Team Skull's sinister side, but this upsets Wigglytuff, and the fear of his rage is enough to rally the guild members to fake excitement to soothe him. Team Skull leaves and the Partner is worried about what they could be scheming, but move on to their guild work.

That night, Team Skull sneak into the pantry to snack on the guild's food stocks. The next day, Chatot asks the two to help replenish the food stocks that "mysterious" dropped significantly dropped. Chatot explains the guild's supply of Perfect Apples is completely gone and his fear of Wigglytuff's response when he learns of this is so great, he can't even say it. He tells the two Perfect Apples can be found in Apple Woods and reminds them this job it crucial. As the two leave for Apple Woods, Team Skull notices this and decide to mess with them.

When the two reach the deepest part of Apple Woods, they find a massive tree filled with perfect apples. Suddenly, Team Skull pop out from the tree and reveal they've been eating the Perfect Apples. The two prepare to fight, but Team Skull offers to help the two get some apples and Skuntank knocks some off the tree. The Partner refuses their offer, suspecting it's a trick, and Team Skull confirms their suspicion. The two prepare to fight again, but Skuntank and Koffing unleash their "noxious gas combo", a combination gas attack, which knocks the two out. When the two awaken, they discover all of the Perfect Apples are gone and only Zubat is still there, having been caught up in the attack. Zubat flees and the two are forced to return to the guild empty-handed.

Back at the guild, Chatot is horrified that the two failed to retrieve any Perfect Apples and refuses to listen to the reason why the two failed. Chatot punishes the two for their failure with no dinner for the night and has them join him when he goes to explain what happened to Wigglytuff. Chatot informs Wigglytuff that they failed to get more Perfect Apples and begins to cry while the entire room trembles with Wigglytuff's tremendously powerful wailing. Before the worst can happen, Team Skull arrives and delivers a Perfect Apple as "A token of friendship." This instantly satisfies Wigglytuff and earns Chatot's gratitude. Later that night, Zubat and Koffing ask Skuntank why interveined and Skuntank explains that their scheme has earned them Wigglytuff's trust. The three then scheme to steal the treasure out from the guild during the expedition. Back with the Player and the Partner, the Partner is frustrated that Team Skull got the best of them and go to sleep despite the hunger from missing dinner.

The next day, Chatot reveals the list of members going on the expedition will be announced soon and encourages everyone to work hard and make a good impression to be chosen. After everyone else leaves, Chatot informs the Player and Partner that they will most likely not be chosen as expedition members because of their recent failure. Depress by the news and starving from missing dinner, the two are at a low point, but they are cheered up when Sunflora, Bidoof, and Chimeco share some food they saved from the last dinner. Revitalized by the food and encouragement from the other members, the two are remotivated to try and earn a spot on the expedition.

Afterward, Croagunk asks the two to come over to his stand and reveals he has restarted his business, Croagunk's Swap Shop. The Swap Shop allows the two to trade rare items for other items.

After a few days of guild work, Chatot interrupt dinner to announce that the list of expedition members has been made and will be announced tomorrow morning. At bedtime, the Partner expresses their nervousness about tomorrow, but admits they don't regret anything, even if the two aren't picked as expedition members. As the Player tries to sleep, they think about how disappointed the Partner will be if they aren't picked and hopes both of them get chosen. Meanwhile, the unknown Pokémon that stole the Time Gear has discovered another Time Gear in an underground lake and notes there are three Time Gears left to steal.

The next day, announces the expedition members chosen by Wigglytuff from a memo. Loudred, Bidoof, Sunflora, Chimecho, and Corphish are chosen to go on the expedition to the Partner's disappointment and Team Skull's enjoyment. However, Chatot discovers he missed some members due to Wigglytuff's bad handwriting and announces the remaining members were also chosen to go. Chatot is staggered to learn that the entire guild is going, and has concerns about the selection process being a waste of time and leaving the guild empty. Wigglytuff assures Chatot that the guild will be locked up tightly, but Skuntank objects under the guise of the expedition having too many members. Wigglytuff answers that having everyone go will be more fun and the surprise of the answer silences Skuntank. Chatot then holds a briefing about the expedition, telling everyone to get ready as they won't be back for a while and that non-guild members cannot join the expedition. After the briefing ends, the guild members discuss their excitement about the expedition and everyone going.

After everyone is done preparing, Chatot explains the details of the expedition. The object of the expedition is to explore Fogbound Lake, a lake rumored to be located far east. However, it is surrounded by a dense fog and it's existence hasn't been confirmed. it's rumored a treasure of unbelievable beauty is hidden at the lake. Chatot marks the area where the lake is supposed to be on a section of uncharted territory on the Wonder Map. Since the lake is so far away from the guild, the guild members will encamp at the foot of highlands near the lake. Traveling in one big group would restrict mobility, so the guild members will split up into several teams and travel to the base camp. The Player, Partner, and Bidoof are teamed up and the expedition starts.

Chapter 7 The Guild's Big Expedition[]

The three make their way to a coastal cliff and decide to travel to a nearby mountain to rest. The Player notices the expedition has brought out the leader in the Partner and that they are slowly becoming braver and more confident. After passing Craggy Coast, the trio make it to Mt. Horn and determine they will reach base camp once they cross it. Since it's getting dark, the three call it a day. The next day, the three cross Mt. Horn and reach the base camp.

Chapter 8 Groudon's Heart[]

When the three arrive at the base camp, Chatot reveals they are the last to arrive and starts the strategy briefing. As everyone gathers for the briefing, the Player realizes they've been at the area before, but can't remember anything else. At the briefing, Chatot explains that somewhere in the fog shrouded forest, Fogbound Lake is rumored to be location. Several exploration teams have tried to find the lake, but no one has found it yet. Chimecho reveals that during the trip, he heard a legend about Fogbound Lake. The legend states that Fogbound Lake is home to a Pokémon called Uxie, and that Uxie is capable of erasing memories, meaning that if travels were to find the lake, they would lose their memories of it. Chatot and Wigglytuff assure the guild to put aside the legend continue the briefing. Chatot and Wigglytuff will remain at the base camp to gather intelligence from the members in the field as they search the forest, whose heavy fog is the main reason for the lake's obscurity. The members are assigned to search for the lake and try to find a way to lift the fog. After everyone else goes off to search, the Player thinks about their familiarity with the forest and it's relationship to the memory erasing Uxie and how it may be connected to them losing their memory.

When the two head out to explore the forest, the Partner finds a strange warm stone and picks it up. After making their way through the forest, the two discover an area with waterfalls pouring down. The two find Corphish, who also hasn't found anything relating to Fogbound Lake, but he did find a statue of a Pokémon that none of them recognize. The Partner discovers an inscription on the side of the statue that states "Reignite the life that burned within Groudon, then the sky shall blaze with the sun's heat, the path to treasure shall be revealed." The inscription reveals that the statue may hold the secret to finding Fogbound Lake. Using the clues from the inscription, the group determines the statue is of a Groudon and the Partner has the Player touch to the statue to try and trigger one of their visions. The attempt works and the Player hears a voice that states placing the Drought Stone in Groudon's heart will lift the fog. The Player doesn't recognize the voice from the visions and realizes that Drought Stone is the stone the Partner found earlier. The Partner discovers the statue has a hole in the middle and inserts the stone into it. The statue's eyes glow and it releases a burst of light that clears the fog. The Partner discovers the fog was concealing a giant plateau that's the source of the waterfalls and the reason no one could find the lake is because it was never in the forest.

Corphish offers to let the rest of guild know about their discovery while the Player and Partner go on ahead. after Corphish leaves, Team Skull appears and reveal they plan to steal the treasure for themselves. Skuntank and Koffing prepare to unleash their noxious gas combo on the two, but they are interrupted by Wigglytuff, who was chasing after a Perfect Apple that rolled away. Wigglytuff has the Player and Partner go off to keep exploring and when Team Skull offers to go with them, but Wigglytuff refuses to "trouble his friends like that!" Left with no choice, Team Skull opts to knock out Wigglytuff and chase down the Player and Partner as well as steal a treasure Wigglytuff is rumored to have on him.

Chapter 9 The Mystery of Fogbound Lake[]

The Player and Partner find a cave entrance that leads into the plateau and the Partner is thrilled to explore the area. Back at the Groudon statue, Team Skull attacks Wigglytuff with their noxious gas combo. When the two reach the halfway point of Spring Cave, they hear distant roaring, but keep going regardless of the dangers. The Player is anticipating meeting Uxie, and hoping they can finally figure out who they were before they lost their memory. They tell the Partner about their realizations they had when they reached base camp and the Partner vows to help the Player get their memory back.

When the two reach Steam Cave Peak, the Partner senses extreme tension in the air. Suddenly the roaring from before starts again, and something coming makes the ground shake. Back at the Groudon statue, Corphish brings the rest of the guild to the statue, but no one can find Wigglytuff. Suddenly, the area begins to shake and the guild members hear roaring. The guild makes their way to the Steam Cave entrance, unaware that Team Skull, having been brutally defeated by Wigglytuff, is lying in pain near the statue.

The Player and Partner are approached by a Pokémon that resembles the statue, and the Partner recognizes it as Groudon. Groudon introduces himself as the guardian of Fogbound Lake and vows not to let the two leave alive! As the guild makes their wave through Steam Cave, Corphish asks Chatot about Groudon. Chatot explain that Groudon is a legendary Pokémon that is said to have raised continents from the sea and when Corphish asks what would happen when facing Groudon, Chatot responds it would be akin to suicide. Back at Steam Cave Peak, The Player and Partner gather their courage and face Groudon in battle.

The two manage to defeat Groudon, who collapses and disappears in a flash of light. A voice reveals that wasn't the true Groudon and that it was actually a conjured illusion. The voice reveals themselves to be the guardian of Fogbound Lake and the Partner explains they only have good intentions. The voice decides to believe the Partner and reveals itself as Uxie. Uxie then escorts the two to Fogbound Lake.

Uxie shows the two Fogbound Lake, and explains that water comes up from below the surface and forms the lake. Uxie then tells the two to take a closer look at the an object in the middle of the lake. The object is revealed by a Time Gear, the reason why Uxie guards the lake. Uxie uses his Groudon illusion, created from his psychic powers, to scare away trespassers, and when the trespasser is strong enough to defeat the illusion, Uxie erases their memories. The Partner asks if Uxie took away the Player's memories and Uxie reveals that no human has ever come to Fogbound Lake and that he can only erase memories of the lake itself. Suddenly, Wigglytuff arrives and discovers the Time Gear. The rest of the guild arrives and discovers the beautiful view of Fogbound Lake caused by erupting water, dancing Volbeat and Illumise, and the light from the Time Gear. Wiggly declares such a view to be the true treasure of Fogbound Lake. The Partner tells the Player that even though they didn't learn anything about the Player's past or find treasure, they are happy to share the incredible view with the guild. As the Player watches the view, they wonder why they were familiar with the area and why the Time Gear stir mysterious feelings in them.

Uxie decides not to erase the guild's memories, the guild having earned his trust. However, Uxie asks the guild to keep the lake a secret to protect the Time Gear. Wigglytuff agrees, knowing that Time Gears are being stolen and that the remaining ones must stay safe. Chatot declares the guild members will return to the guild and the expedition ends.

Chapter 10 Dusknoir[]

Life returns to normal at the guild until a Pokémon called Dusknoir arrives and asks to speak to Wigglytuff. Loudred and Sunflora explain to the Player and Partner that Dusknoir is new explorer who has become famous quickly. He works solo on his explorations and is incredibly knowledgeable. Keeping his promise to Uxie, Wigglytuff lies to Dusknoir that the expedition to Fogbound Lake was a complete failure. Dusknoir reveals he plans on staying in Treasure Town and Wigglytuff tell this to the rest of the guild to their excitement.

That night, Team Skull, having been humiliated by their defeat of Wigglytuff, conspires to get their revenge on the guild. Knowing they have no chance against Wigglytuff, they decide to take their revenge on the Player and Partner.

The next day, the two are assigned by Chatot to check out Kecleon Market to see if they plan to start adding Perfect Apples to their wares. At the Market, the two discover Dusknoir chatting with the Kecleon brothers. After the two learn from Kecleon that Kecleon Market will not be planning on selling Perfect Apples, Marill and Azurill come by in a hurry. The two reveal the lost Water Float item they were looking for has spotted on the beach, unaware that Team Skull overheard them. The Player and Partner return to the guild and inform Chatot that Kecleon Market does not plan to sell Perfect Apples, much to his disappointment. That night, Chatot reveals that a second Time Gear was stolen, but it wasn't the one from Fogbound Lake. He emphasizes no one must reveal anything that happened a Fogbound Lake. Before the Player and Partner go to bed, the Partner wonders who would be stealing them and why.

Meanwhile, at Fogbound Lake, the Pokémon stealing Time Gears has arrived and Uxie initially believes the guild sold out the Time Gear's location. However, the thief reveals that no one told him the Time Gear's location and that he already knew about the location for a long time. The thief then prepares to steal the Time Gear from Uxie.

The next day, the Player and Partner are visited by Azurill and Marill. The two reveal that someone stole the Water Float before they could get to it and left a letter say the Water Float is the deepest Part of Amp Plains. Marill has already tried getting the item back, but the plain's many electric Pokémon overwhelmed him. The Partner promises to retrieve the item and they and the Player to Amp Plains. As the two make their way through the dungeon, back at Treasure Town Marill and Azurill tell the Kecleon brothers what happened and Dusknoir comes along and also learns what happened. When Dusknoir learns that the Player and Partner are at Amp Plains, he becomes frantic and leaves for the dungeon in a hurry.

When the Player and Partner reach the end of Amp Plains, the reach an open area and see the Water Float. Suddenly, a voice begins threatening the two for trespassing and the two try to hide. The voice reveals that hiding is useless, and the two come out and are surrounded by a Luxray and a pack of Luxio who attack. After fending off the initial attack, Luxray tries to attack the two with a powerful electric attack, ignoring the Partner's attempts to explain the situation, but the attack is intercepted by Dusknoir. Dusknoir explains that the two did not come to invade their territory and apologizes on the two's behalf for the misunderstanding. Luxray chooses to believe Dusknoir and allows the group time to complete their errand and he and the Luxio leave. The Partner thanks Dusknoir for saving them from and asks him why Luxray and the Luxio were so hostile. Dusknoir explains they are a nomadic tribe that take residence in the Amp Plains this time of year due to its stormy weather. Once they were attacked in an ambush and were severely wounded, since then, they became distrustful of trespassers to the point it became a law among the group. The Partner retrieves the Water Float and wonders who took it in the first place. Dusknoir theorizes that someone wanted the two to be attacked by Luxray's group and discovers the culprits are hiding nearby. The culprits are revealed be Team Skull who are chased off by Dusknoir's presence.

The group returns to Treasure Town and deliver the Water Float to Marill and Azurill, who give their heartfelt thanks. When Kecleon praises the two for their recent achievement as well as their quick discovery of Azurill's previous kidnapping, the Partner admits they only figured it out thanks the Player's visions. When Dusknoir inquires about the visions, the Partner realizes Dusknoir's vast knowledge may be able to figure out what the visions are. Dusknoir identifies the phenomenon as the Dimensional Scream and this leads the two to ask him more about the mysterious surrounding the Player. The three go to the beach where they can talk in private and the Partner tells Dusknoir about what happened to the Plater. The Player notices Dusknoir gave off the slightest grin when he heard their name and Dusknoir claims he doesn't know about happened to the Player, but he does know about the Dimensional Scream. The ability allows the wielder to see the past or future when they touch something, how some acquires the ability is unknown, but it manifests sounds and images across time through objects. Dusknoir offers his cooperation in helping unravel the mysteries surrounding the Player.

Suddenly, several Pelipper begin flying above the Beach and Dusknoir realizes it could be a sign of some kind. Bidoof comes rushing to the beach and tells the two that all guild members have been ordered to report to the guild.

Chapter 11 Grovyle the Thief[]

Everyone gathers at the guild's outlaw bulletin board where Chatot reveals another Time Gear was stolen and the Time Gear was the one from Fogbound Lake. Dusknoir discovers the guild's deception involving the Time Gear and is brought up to speed about the events of the expedition. Chatot explains that a single intruder snuck into Fogbound Lake, knocked out Uxie, and stole the Time Gear. Uxie was taken under officer Magnezone's protection and he revealed the identity of the thief. The thief's outlaw poster was put on the board and is reveal to be a Pokémon called Grovyle. Everyone is upset that the Time Gear was stolen after they promised to keep it a secret and Wigglytuff rallies the guild to capture Grovyle. Dusknoir offers his assistance in the hunt for Grovyle and Chatot orders everyone to get for the search.

After everyone is finished preparing, Chatot declares the guild will search for Time Gears so they can find Grovyle when he comes to steal them. Dusknoir and Chatot have identified different locations where Time Gears could be hiding and form several teams to search the different locations. The Player and Partner are assigned to search Northern Desert, a vast desert that lies beyond an uncharted section of the Wonder Map.

After the two reach the end of the desert, the find only whirlpools of quicksand and nothing else. The Player gets the same feeling of familiarity they had at Fogbound Lake, but with no where else to search, they and the Player return to the guild. Back at the guild, the rest of the searches are revealed to be failures as well. Dusknoir decides to rethink their search strategy and the guild calls it a day.

The next day, Chatot asks the guild to search for Time Gears on their own while he and Dusknoir come up with a new search strategy. The Player remembers the familiarity they felt at the quicksand pits and wonders if there is a secret to them. They tell the Partner about their suspicions and they agree to go back and search again. When the two return to the quicksand pits, the two find there is nothing but the quicksand pits. The Player realizes the pits are the key to the mystery and tells the partner they need to jump into the pits. The Partner decides to trust the Player and the two jump into the quicksand pits and sink below them into an underground cavern. The two proceed to explore the cave to find a Time Gear.

When the two reach the end of Quicksand Cave, they discover an underground lake with a Time Gear. Before they can get a closer look the room goes dark and voice threatens the two not to touch the Time Gear. The voice is revealed to be a Mesprit, the protector of the Time Gear, who attacks the two. After Mesprit is defeated, the Partner tries to explain that they don't want to steal the Time Gear, but Mesprit doesn't believe them, revealing Uxie used his telepathy to inform her of what happened. Suddenly, Grovyle arrives, knocks everyone aside despite their efforts to stop him, and steals the Time Gear. Mesprit apologizes for mistaking the two for being thieves. When Grovyle steals the Time Gear, time in the area begins begins to stop and everyone is forced to escape to avoid getting trapped in time.

Chapter 12 The Only Option[]

Everyone returns to the guild where they report what happened and Mesprit is put under officer Magnezone's protection. Everyone is stumped as to what to do next, but Dusknoir realizes there are clues among the thefts. Both of the recently stolen Time Gears were taken from hidden lakes and were guarded by Uxie and Mesprit. There is third being related to Uxie and Mesprit that known as Azelf, and Dusknoir theorizes that Azelf may also be guarding a Time Gear at a hidden lake. Dusknoir gets an idea to use the Player's Dimensional Scream on a crystal Bidoof took as a souvenir from Crystal Cave to see if it triggers a vision that shows a hidden secret involving a Time Gear.

The idea works and the Player sees a vision of Azelf being defeated by Grovyle who proceeds to go after the Time Gear. The Player describes the vision to the guild and Chimecho asks the Player if the vision was of the past or future. The Player is unsure whether or not the vision's events already happened, but Dusknoir explains that since Mesprit was only contacted by Uxie, the vision is likely one of the future. The guild psyche themselves up to go to Crystal Cave, and Chatot asks Wigglytuff to give the order to go, only to find out he fell asleep. After an embarrassing moment, Wigglytuff awakens and gives the order to go after Grovyle.

When the two reach the end of Crystal Cave, they discover three giant crystals that change color when touched. The Partner realizes the crystals must be a clue to finding the Time Gear like the Groudon Statue and quicksand pit. When the Player touches one of the crystal, it triggers the Dimensional Scream and the Player hears someone talking about making the colors of the crystals one and making them the color of Azelf's spirit. Using hints from the conversation, the two are able to figure out the secret of the crystals and they begin shooting out a beam that creates a pathway to Crystal Lake.

When the two reach Crystal Lake, they see the light from the Time Gear and Grovyle battling Azelf. They arrive just after the events of the Player's vision and rush over to help. Azelf reveals he was contacted by Uxie and Mesprit and set up a security measure. Azelf uses his psychic powers to cover the lake in crystal, preventing Grovyle from reaching the Time Gear. Before Grovyle can take his anger out on Azelf, the Player and Partner arrive and battle him. Regardless of the battle's outcome, Grovyle proves to be too strong and heavily injures the two. The Player is barely able to remain conscious, while the Partner only has enough strength to stand in between Grovyle and Azelf. When Grovyle attacks again, Dusknoir appears and stops him. Dusknoir and Grovyle talk, revealing they know each other and the Dusknoir has been chasing Grovyle for a while. Grovyle vanishes without a trace and Dusknoir goes after him. The Partner reaches the end of their strength and fall unconscious just as the rest of the guild arrives and brings everyone back for treatment.

The two awake back at the guild and Chimecho reveals Azelf is currently at the guild. The Partner reveals that they discover Grovyle and Dusknoir have known each other the whole time. Suddenly, the guild a message from officer Magnezone's deputy Magnemite that everyone needs to gather to the main square of Treasure Town for a major announcement.

Chapter 13 Dusknoir's Secret[]

When everyone gathers in the main square, Azelf is reunited with Mesprit and Uxie. Dusknoir is also there and he reveals that Grovyle got away during the chase. The Partner asks Dusknoir about their history with Grovyle, Magnezone interrupts so Dusknoir can proceed with the announcement. Magnezone reveals that the Time Gear at Crystal Lake by Dusknoir, but Dusknoir reveals Grovyle will attempt to steal the Time Gear again and there is more to the story than anyone knows. Dusknoir admits he knew Grovyle before the thefts and that Grovyle is a notorious criminal from the future. To avoid capture in the future Grovyle went to the past and plotted to cause the planet's paralysis, a state where the world's time is frozen. The more Time Gears that are stolen, the more the time freeze caused by their theft spreads until the entire world is motionless and in ruin. The current problems with time are being caused the Time Gears theft. Corphish asks Dusknoir, how he knows so much about Grovyle and his plan and Dusknoir answers that he too is from the future. He explains he was sent from the future to capture Grovyle and used knowledge from the future in order to aid his search, which is how he became so knowledgeable. In order to keep his prescience a secret from Grovyle, Dusknoir hid his identity as he searched.

Everyone offers their help in stopping Grovyle and Dusknoir rallies them and Azelf comes up with a plan. In order to get by the crystals blocking the Time Gear, Grovyle will have to defeat Azelf and the plan is to use that fact against Grovyle. Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf's plan is to spread a rumor that the three will seal the Time Gear, preventing it from ever being stolen. This would provoke and bait Grovyle into attempting another theft where he can be corned. Dusknoir shares the plan and asks everyone to spread the rumor in order to bait him into the trap. However, Dusknoir states he alone will confront Grovyle because a large party will alert him the trap. Dusknoir, Azelf, Uxie, and Mespirit return to Crystal Lake and the rest of the Pokémon use their efforts to spread the rumor will continuing their guild duties.

After a few days of guild work, deputy Magnemite delivers a message that the plan worked and Grovyle has been captured. The message also says that Dusknoir is going to return to the future with Grovyle via a dimensional hole through time that has been opened in Treasure Town main square. Dusknoir asks that the guild come see him off before he leaves. The guild leaves for the main square and discover the dimensional hole, but Dusknoir has yet to arrive. Azelf reveals that all the previously stolen Time Gears have been recovered and Dusknoir arrives with a bound and gagged Grovyle and two Sableye. Dusknoir thanks everyone for their help in capturing and declares his capture will lead to peace for the world. Grovyle tries to say something in response to this, but his gag keeps him from saying anything. Dusknoir entrusts Uxie, Mespirit, and Azelf to return the stolen Time Gears to where they belong and says his goodbyes. Grovlye is forced into the dimensional hole and sent back to the future by the Sableye, who go into the portal as well. Before Dusknoir enters the dimensional hole, Dusknoir asks the Player and Partner to come up so he can say goodbye. Suddenly, Dusknoir grabs the two, declaring they will come with him, and drags the two along with him into the dimensional hole! Before anyone else can do anything, the dimensional hole closes. The Player, Partner, and Dusknoir are all thrown to the future.

Chapter 14 Into the Future[]

In the future, which is dark, lifeless, and ruinous, Dusknoir tell his master, Dialga, he succeed in the capture. Dusknoir then declares "Those who seek to alter the course of history must be removed from history" and prepares to see through Dialga's next order.

The Player and Partner awaken in a dungeon, with no idea where they are. The Partner remembers Dusknoir grabbed them and took them through the dimensional hole and realizes the two are in the future. Suddenly, a group of four Sableye enter the room, tie the two up, blindfold them, and carry them away. The two are unblindfolded and discover they have been tied up on posts next to Grovyle. Grovyle reveals they in a stockade... and about to be executed! The Partner is confused to why they and Player are being executed along with Grovyle. A full group of Six Sableye come in and Grovyle reveals they are the jailers and Dusknoir's henchmen. Dusknoir himself comes in and, ignoring the Partner's words, orders the execution. The Partner is shocked Dusknoir would order their execution, but Grovyle silences them and secretly makes a plan for escape. Grovyle tells the two that Sableye attack with their claws, and those attacks could breaking their bindings. When that happens, three will lash out with an attack the moment they can move and escape.

The Sableye attack attack with Fury Swipes, but three endure the assault until the ropes are cut and they implement Grovyle's plan. The three stun the Sableye with their surprise attack and Grovyle uses a Luminous Orb to create a blinding flash for the three to disappear in. Dusknoir and the Sableye leave the stockades in pursuit of the three, unware they were hidden underground with Grovyle's Dig. The three escapes the stockades before Dusknoir can discover their trick.

The three run as fast as they can to escape stockades and the Partner asks Grovyle if there is way back to the past, but Grovyle puts the questions aside until they can get to a safe distance. They escape the stockades and make it outside where the Player and Partner discover the state of the world. Before they can fully take in the dark future, the three hear the Sableye coming and are forced to keep running. After more running, the Partner needs to rest and the group takes a break at a natural alcove. Grovyle explains the rest must be quick before they get moving again, but the Partner objects to keep traveling with Grovyle, not trusting him. Grovyle points out that Dusknoir isn't the one to be trusted, considering the events of the stockade, but the Partner still finds it difficult to trust him. Seeing he won't convince the Partner to trust him, Grovyle goes off on his own and recommends the two get moving again soon. Before Grovyle can leave, the Partner suggests waiting until morning, when it's light out. However, Grovyle regretfully reveals the morning never comes and the future is a world of perpetual darkness and that planet has been paralyzed before leaving. The Partner wonders how the planet's paralysis could have happened since the Time Gears where returned. The sounds of the Sableye nearing prompt the two to keep moving.

After getting through Chasm Cave, the two take a rest and the Partner discover a waterfall frozen midfall. The Partner realizes this because of the planet's paralysis and wonder why Dusknoir betrayed them and brought them to the future. Hoping to figure out what's going on, the Partner asks the Player to touch the waterfall to trigger the Dimensional Scream to see if it can lead to any answers. The attempt fails, and the two are forced to keep going to stay ahead of the Sableye.

After getting past Dark Hill, the two reach a high vantage point where the Partner discovers the true scope of the planet's paralysis. The Partner begins to wonder if Dusknoir, who saved them multiple times and was always so kind, really was deceiving them the whole time. The Partner is lost at what to believe and what to do and begins to despair. However, the Player refuses to lose hope and suggests that the two find Grovyle to discover the truth and find a way back to their time. The Partner is still reluctant to trust Grovyle, but with no other choice, they have to pin their hopes on Grovyle and decide to search for him. Before they set out, the Partner gives the Player their heartfelt thanks for giving them hope and declares the two will get back home. The two follow the only path the Grovyle could take and go after him to get answers.

As the two make their way through the Sealed Ruin, Grovyle wonders how they are doing as he keeps going. Before he can leave the ruin, a voice begins threatening Grovyle for trespassing and reveals itself as Spiritomb and attacks Grovyle. When the Player and Partner reach the end of the dungeon, they discover Grovyle is trapped in strange energy. Grovyle reveals there is an enemy near and Spiritomb reveals itself and attacks. After the Player and Partner defeat Spiritomb, it releases its spell on Grovyle and flees in cowardice. The two then tend to Grovyle who reveals that Spiritomb is normally timid, but like many Pokémon who live in the dark future, it became bitter and aggressive. Grovyle asks the two if they are willing to trust him and the Partner replies they are still unsure, but they are willing to hear Grovyle out.

Chapter 15 The Secret of the Planet's Paralysis[]

The three take refuse in a hidden gap in a cliffside and Grovyle begins to explain how the planet became paralyzed. The planet's paralysis began in the Partner's time period with the collapse of Temporal Tower, which was governed by Dialga, a legend Pokémon that controls time. From Temporal Tower, Dialga maintained the flow of time, but when it collapsed, time fell out of control until the planet was paralyzed. When time went out of control, so did Dialga. Dialga lost all sense of reason and became ruled by darkness, turning into a complete different being, Primal Dialga. Primal Dialga's only goal is self preservation, so he wants anything that could change history, including Grovyle who was actually trying to stop the planet's paralysis, gone. The Player and Partner are shocked that Grovyle was actually trying to save the future instead of destroying it. The Partner asks Grovyle why they were stealing Time Gears if they wanted to stop the planet's paralysis and Grovyle answers that inserting the Time Gears into Temporal Tower will stop its collapse, which is already underway in the present.

Grovyle also explains the areas where time was frozen after the Time Gears where taken will return to normal when Temporal Tower is restored. The Partner then asks Grovyle about what Dusknoir said about him and Grovyle reveals that Dusknoir is an agent of Primal Dialga. When Primal Dialga learned of Grovyle's attempt to change the past, he sent Dusknoir after him. The Partner refuses to accept Dusknoir would do something like that, but the Player knows that the Partner truly does accept the truth, but is unwilling to admit it. The Partner decides to leave and find Dusknoir to discover the truth, but Grovyle convinces them to act on what they think is right, not what he or Dusknoir thinks. The Partner asks Grovyle what he will do next and Grovyle answers that he will go to the past again to stop the planet's paralysis and to do that, he will need the help of a Pokémon called Celebi. Grovyle tells the two to decide on their own and leaves. The Player decides to find a way backs to the past to stop the planet's paralysis and they and partner agree to with Grovyle.

At the ruins of Temporal Tower, Dusknoir tells Primal Dialga that his trap has been set and asks for Primal Dialga's help if it is need. The Player, Partner, and Grovyle reach Dusk Forest, where the Player gets another feeling of deja vu. Grovyle reveals this is where Celebi lives and that Celebi has the power to cross time. This ability will allow the three to get back to the present, but trying to change history, Celebi has become a target of Primal Dialga. Before they leave to search for Celebi, the Partner, still distrustful of Grovyle, questions him about continuing stealing Time Gears if they get back to the past. Grovyle admits he will continue his search for the and the Partner, promise to stop him if he was lying about trying to save the future. Grovyle asks the Partner to put that aside until they can actually get back home and three enter the forest, unware a Sableye is following them.

When the group reaches the end of Dusk Forest, where is appears Celebi is missing and the Partner begins to fear the worse. Fortunately, Celebi reveals herself and Grovyle asks for her help again. Celebi promises to lend her aid in ending the future of darkness and joins the group. Grovyle asks her where the Passage of Time is and she reveals it's on a nearby plateau. Celebi seems to recognize the Player for a second, but dismisses her suspicions. The Partner asks Grovyle what the Passage of Time is and he reveals that's a corridor that spans dimensions and time. Celebi uses the Passage of Time to cross into distant time periods and it can take the group to the present.

When the group reaches the plateau, they discover the Passage of Time is waiting. Before Celebi can open the Passage of Time, Dusknoir appears and his Sableye surround the group. Grovyle realizes that Dusknoir intentionally let them find Celebi so they could capture everyone planning to change history in one fell swoop. Grovyle then tells everyone to prepare to push past their enemies with force. Dusknoir reveals that Grovyle's plan will fail, because he did not come alone. Primal Dialga arrives on nearby ledge and Grovyle admits they can't defeat him. Grovyle surrenders to Dusknoir, but reveals there is still hope because he has a partner who went with him to the past. The two were separated during their previous trip through the Passage of Time, but that partner is still in the past and will see their mission to prevent the planet's paralysis through. Dusknoir just laughs at Grovyle's claim and asks him to tell him the partner's name. Grovyle reveals his partner's name, and it the same name as the Player's. The Partner reveals this to Grovyle who denies they are the same because his partner was a human. Dusknoir reveals the Player's transformation into a Pokémon and admits when he first met the Player, he suspected nothing, but came realize the Player's identity when he learned of their Dimensional Scream ability and their transformation into a Pokémon. Dusknoir used the Player's amnesia to gain their trust so he could drag them back to the future with Grovyle. The Player is shocked at finally discovering the truth of who they are and Dusknoir prepares to dispose of the group once and for all. As the Sableye close in and Grovyle is unable to react, the Partner takes action and comes up with an idea. They ask Celebi to take them through a short window of time to reach the Passage of time, but Celebi warns the Primal Dialga's power over time will easily detect them. Celebi takes the group through a small leap in time to take them to the Passage of time, and even though Primal Dialga shatters the tunnel, the group is past their enemies and the Player, Partner, and Grovyle escape through the Passage of Time after saying their farewells to Celebi, who escapes capture.

Chapter 16 A New Dawn[]

The Player, Partner, and Grovyle wake up on the beach outside of Treasure Town in the present. The Partner recognizes where they first met the Player and Grovyle reveals the accident sent him to Eastern Forest. The Partner asks Grovyle to tell them about time travel, but decides they should go to Wigglytuff's guild and talk there. However, Grovyle objects to this plan because he is still considered an outlaw in the present. The Partner comes up with an alternative location and the three sneak through Treasure Town to Sharpedo Bluff, a cliffside resembling a Sharpedo. The Partner reveals a hidden set of stairs that lead to an open space inside the cliffside where the Partner used to live before coming to the guild.

That night, Grovyle express his surprise at the Player's transformation and amnesia. The Partner asks Grovyle to tell them about the Player's past and Grovyle agrees to tell everything. The Player and Grovyle investigated the planet's paralysis, using the Player's Dimensional Scream ability. Grovyle reveals the Dimensional Scream only works in the presence of a trusted partner and its set off by triggers connected to Time Gears, which was used to find the Time Gear's locations in the past. However, the Partner remembers times the Dimensional Scream went off with triggers that had nothing to do with Time Gears, such as with Drowzee and the Waterfall Cave. Grovyle surmises that the Dimensional Scream's differ the present time than in the future. After find all the Time Gear locations, some of which were stirred up during previous adventures, the Player and Grovyle went to the present via the Passage of Time. However, turbulence during the travelling through time separated the two, and the somehow turned into a Pokémon and given amnesia. Grovyle also reveals that the Player was his closest friend and is glad they are safe.

Grovyle decides to figure out their next move and declares he will go after Time Gears again. After Grovyle confirms any damage to time cause by the removal of the Time Gears will be undone, the Partner decides to go with Grovyle. After a night of rest, Grovyle awakens and notices the Partner is missing. He goes outside and finds them staring out at the ocean in deep thought about the Player's origins. The sun begins to rise and after the events in the future, the Partner is renewed by the beautiful sunrise. Grovyle reveals he's lived in the dark future his whole life and was staggered when he first saw the sun rising, but it further strengthened his resolve to change the future. Grovyle asks the Partner how they managed to stay brave when they were surrounded in the future and the Partner isn't exactly sure as to why, but guess it had to do with the Player being there by his side. The Partner then shows Grovyle his Relic Fragment and reveals how he used to be cowardly, until he met the Player and he slowly became brave thanks to them. Grovyle admits the Player had the same effect on him and he and the Partner share a special bond with the Player.

Morning comes and the three agree go after Time Gears. Grovyle suggest going after the Time Gear in Treeshroud Forest, due to it being unguarded. The three travel to Treeshroud Forest, but Grovyle feels the atmosphere of the forest is different then his last visit. When the group reaches the end of the forest. they discover time in the area is still stopped, even with the return of the Time Gear. Seeing that its presence won't change anything, Grovyle takes the Time Gear and asks the Partner to gather information in Treasure Town about the state of the world.

Later, the Partner returns to Sharpedo after gathering information and reveals what they learned. The lake trio returned the Time Gears to their proper places, but time still remained frozen in those areas. To make matters worse, the stopping of time is spreading. Grovyle determines this is because Temporal Tower is beginning to collapse. He elaborates that Temporal Tower gives structure to time, and it's destruction will cause the complete collapse of time, leading to the planet's paralysis. The only way to stop the collapse is to insert the Time Gears into Temporal Tower, but there is a big problem, it's location is unknown except for that it is located somewhere called the Hidden Land. Grovyle decides the group should split up, he will keep going after Time Gears while the Player and Partner search for the Hidden Land. which is believed to be beyond the sea. The two go down to the beach to try and think of a way to cross the ocean, but come up with nothing. With no idea of where to start, and little time to waste, the Player decides to go the guild for and tells the Partner this. The Partner, while wanting to return to the guild, is unsure whether or not the guild members will believe them about Grovyle and the future. However, the Players persists that they will need all the help they can get and the Partner agrees that it is the right decision.

Chapter 17 The Guild's Crew[]

The two go to the guild's entrance where the Partner steps on the sentry view to alert the guild of their presence. Immediately after Diglett discovers it's the Partner and Partner, the entire comes out to welcome them home.

The two reveal what they learned to the guild, but Chatot doesn't believe them. The Partner persists they are telling the truth, but Chatot cannot find any part of their story to be plausible, especially the part about Dusknoir being the bad guy. However, Sunflora points out that Dusknoir did grab the two and pull them into the Dimensional Hole. The rest of the guild agrees that Dusknoir intentionally took the two through the Dimensional Hole and it would confirm their story to be true. Bidoof voices his belief that he trusts the Player and Partner over Dusknoir and the rest of the guild voices their belief too. Wigglytuff also chooses to believe the two and declares the guild must begin the search for the Hidden Land. However, Loudred points out that Chatot has yet to agree to believe the Player and Partner, but Wigglytuff reveals that Chatot believed the two along. Chatos bursts out laughing and admits he did believe the two from the beginning, but hid it to test the guild's faith (though the rest of the guild is doubtful of this).

Wigglytuff declares the guild's efforts will be focused into spreading the word of the threat to the world and finding the Hidden Land. Wigglytuff suggests that the Player and Partner ask Torkal, the town elder whom the two met during their first expedition, for information on the Hidden Land. The next day, the two travel to the Hot Spring to speak to Torkal who has heard of the Hidden Land before. It was a legend that stated the Hidden Land lies beyond the sea in a hidden place only the chosen may find. Certain qualities are need to be chosen, but Torkal struggles to remember what those qualifications are. He eventually remembers special proof is needed to enter the Hidden Land, but that is all he can remember.

The two return to the guild and share their findings. That night, the Partner is disappointed they couldn't get much information from Torkal and wonders how Grovyle is doing. The next day, Torkal arrives at the guild, having remembered more detail about the Hidden Land. The proof needed to go to the Hidden Land bears an inscription of a unique pattern. Torkal described the pattern as intricate and rare and the Player realizes that fits the description of the pattern on the Partner's Relic Fragment. The Partner presents the Relic Fragment to Torkal, who confirms it was the pattern of proof. Wigglytuff reveals that he and Chatot have seen the pattern before inside of an inlet called Brine Cave. Chatot is nervous about returning there because a vicious bandit resided there, but the guild isn't deterred. Torkal returns to the Hot Spring and the guild gets ready for the expedition to Brine Cave. However, Wigglytuff asks Chatot to stay behind due to the danger they faced last time, but Chatot insists on going. Wigglytuff has to run an errand, so Chatot is put in charge of the expedition.

As Torkal makes his way out of the guild, he voices his surprise at the guild's attempt to the Hidden Land and he is overheard by Team Skull and take him away to pry information out of him. While gathering supplies for the expedition to Brine Cave, the Player and Partner return to Sharpedo Bluff to see if Grovyle returned and discover a note from him. The note reveals that Groyvle has collected three Time Gears and he plans to join up with the two when all five are collected. He reveals that thanks to the two's efforts, Azelf, and the other lake guardians have agreed to assist him, but he plans to stay away from Treasure Treasure to avoid attraction attention from Dusknoir, who is likely to go after them again. Grovyle's message also states that three should either meet up in Sharpedo Bluff or the beach if they want to meet. The two then go down to the beach to see if Grovyle is waiting.

Chapter 18 Lapras[]

When the two reach the beach, they find Grovyle isn't there. The Partner then expresses their surprise that the mystery of their Relic Fragment being connected to the Hidden Land and how it became the beginning of all the two went through. While staring at the sunset, the Partner sees a Pokémon traveling across the water and the two return to the guild, unaware that Team Skull was listening to them. Having confirmed what Torkal told them, Team Skull conspires to steal the Relic Fragment again and use it to get the Hidden Land.

That night, Wigglytuff meets with the Pokémon the Partner saw earlier, who is revealed to be Lapras. Lapras expresses his thanks to Wigglytuff for keeping an old promise, but Wigglytuff reveals due to the current circumstances, he will be unable to keep that promise any longer. Wigglytuff then questions Lapras about the pattern he saw before.

The next day, Chatot reveals Wigglytuff is absent, but the guild will resume the expedition to Brine Cave. The guild turns to Chatot to lead the expedition and everyone goes to Brine Cave to search for the pattern that matches the Relic Fragment. Corphish asks Chatot about his knowledge of the area and Chatot explains he and Wigglytuff explored the area before. In the depths of the cave was a pattern, but they were attacked by a group of vicious Pokémon that knocked him out. When he regained consciousness, Wigglytuff was tending his wounds and Chatot remembered. The guild splits up into groups, Chatot going with the Player and Partner, and enter Brine Cave, with Team Skull secretly following them.

When Chatot, the Player, and, the Partner reach the halfway point, they are ambushed by Team Skull who steals the Relic Fragment and escape deeper into the dungeon. Chatot, who has finally learned of Team Skull's true nature, goes after them in a fit of rage. The Player and Partner follow the others and reach the end of the dungeon where they find Team Skull defeated and injured. The Partner realizes that the group of vicious Pokémon living in the cave was responsible for what happened. Koffing confirms this and Skuntank assures the two they will be fine. He explains that Chatot chastised them we he found them defeated and kept going deeper into the cave. Skuntank admits Chatot's condescending words gave them the motivation to pull themselves together, if only to get back at him. However, the Partner is still worried about the Team's condition, even after all they did, something that surprises Skuntank enough to "drop" the stolen Relic Fragment. Skuntank refuses to admit he intentionally gave up the Relic Fragment and promises the two they will be back up to their old tricks soon enough and tells them to go after Chatot, who is going after the vicious Pokémon of the cave on his own. As the Player and Partner go after Chatot, Zubat and Koffing discuss Skuntank's redemptive actions, though Skuntank still keeps up his tough act.

The two meet up with Chatot, who reveals he saw a glimpse of the vicious Pokémon when he gave chase. The three search for the lurking Pokémon, but there is nowhere for them to hide. Chatot feels a sense of foreboding and remembers the one glance he got of the Pokémon was when attacked from above. Chatot spots the Pokémon on the celling, who are revealed to be a Kabutops and pair of Omastar, and who attack the Player and Partner. Chatot takes for the blow for the two and Kabutops and Omastar remember Chatot did the same thing during his last visit. Chatot collapses and Kabutops and Omastar attack the Player and Partner. The two defeat Kabutops and the Omastar, who flee upon defeat, and then tend to Chatot. Wigglytuff and Grovyle arrive along with the rest of the guild who discover Chatot's condition. Wigglytuff apologizes for not being there during the attack, but Chatot assures him he is fine, only humiliated by being knocked out the same way for a second time. Wigglytuff reveals that during their last visit to Brine Cave, Chatot shielded him from Kabutops' group when they ambushed them. If Chatot hadn't shielded him, Wigglytuff would have been knocked out and unable to defeat the group. Wigglytuff reveals Chatot saved his life and is his invaluable partner. Chatot is overjoyed to hear this before passing out. Grovyle examines Chatot and reveals he will be okay if he is tended to quickly. Wigglytuff and the guild take Chatot back while the Player, Partner, and Grovyle investigate the pattern at the very end of the cave.

As the three make their way to the pattern, the Partner asks Grovyle how they got to Brine Cave and Groyvle answers that Wigglytuff brought him. Wigglytuff searched for Grovyle and informed him about the clue to finding the Hidden Land. The timing worked out well, because Grovyle has collected all five Time Gears. The three reach the end of the cave, where they discover an opening that connects with the ocean. The Player discovers a pattern that matches the Relic Fragment's on a wall and the Partner brings out the Relic Fragment. The Relic Fragment's prescience causes the pattern on the wall to glow and shoot out a beam of light out to the sea. From where the light shot to, Lapras enters through the opening who knows of the three thanks to Wigglytuff. Lapras introduces himself as the guide to the Hidden Land and reveals that beam of light was the signal for gaining entry to the Hidden Land. Lapras explains he will carry the three to the Hidden Land on his back and the group departs.

Chapter 19 To the Hidden Land[]

Back at the guild, Wigglytuff reveals that Chatot will be fine with some rest, much to the guild's relief. Sunflora asks Wigglytuff to elaborate on their last visit to Brine Cave and Wiggly explains that during that visit, Kabutops and the Omastar ambushed them. Chatot shielded Wigglytuff from their attack and got knocked out. Wigglytuff defeated Kabutops' gang, but Chatot was seriously injured, that's when Lapras appeared. Lapras helped save Chatot and he and Wigglytuff got acquainted.

Meanwhile, Lapras is explaining his history with Wigglytuff to the three. After he saved Chatot, he made Wigglytuff promise not to investigate the pattern at Brine Cave. Wigglytuff honored his promise and shut down all investigations into the cave. Lapras made Wigglytuff promise in order to keep the Hidden Land and Temporal Tower safe. The Hidden Land was hidden in a gap in time by Dialga, and only a special key could access it, the Relic Fragment. Knowing that the Hidden Land had to be found, Wigglytuff contacted Lapras and explained the situation. Lapras revealed that the Relic Fragment choses who is worthy to go to the Hidden Land of its own power, and the one chosen was the Partner.

The next day, Lapras approaches a distortion in the water, which the edge in the gap of time that conceals the Hidden Land. Lapras crosses the "sea of time" and rides it into the sky where the Hidden Land is waiting. Lapras drops the three off on the Hidden Land and points out Temporal Tower floating in the sky. Lapras reveals the Rainbow Stoneship is the only way to reach the tower, and the vessel lies inside the Old Ruins. Lapras, having done all he could bids the others farewell as they leave for the Old Ruins.

After making their way across the Hidden Land the three reach the Old Ruins. There, they find a temple with the same pattern as the Relic Fragment and a hollow spot in the middle. The Player notices a monument with strange writing which Grovyle translates and discovers the temple itself is the Rainbow Stoneship. The hole in the temple pattern is where the Relic Fragment is to be inserted and will activate the Rainbow Stoneship. Before the Partner can insert the Relic Fragment, Dusknoir and the Sableye surround them. Grovyle questions Dusknoir how they got to the Hidden Land and Dusknoir reveals that he had Primal Dialga transport them directly to the Hidden Land so they could set a trap when the three arrived. Dusknoir has the Sableye push the three to the bottom of the temple where another Dimensional Hole is waiting. Before the Sableye can force the three back to the future, they fight back and battle Dusknoir and the Sableye.

After an initial win against Dusknoir and his minions, Dusknoir refuses to go down and prepares a massive attack from the mouth on his stomach. The Player realizes that that mouth is Dusknoir weak point and tells the others to force their combined power down it. Dusknoir fires his attack, but the three are able to push it back into his stomach, critically damaging him and knocking him out. Seeing their master defeat, the Sableye flee into the Dimensional Hole leaving the Dusknoir alone. Grovyle has the Partner activate the Rainbow Stoneship while he and the Player keep an eye of Dusknoir. After the Partner leaves, Dusknoir asks the Player and Grovyle if they truly want the future to change, because if it does, all the Pokémon in and from the future, including the Player and Grovyle will disappear. The Player is shocked at this revelation and turns to Grovyle, who confirms it to be true. Grovyle admits both he and Celebi decided to change the future knowing what would happen, and so did the Player before they lost their memory. If the future isn't changed, time will be destroyed and the planet will be paralyzed and so in order to bring peace to the future, they have to disappear as price for that peace. The Player, knowing what will happen if time is destroyed and regains the resolve to see the mission through. However Grovyle reveals the resolve to the two of them made see through the mission was back when they had nothing to lose, and this changed when the Player became a Pokémon and befriended the Partner. If the Partner discover what will happen the them after the mission to save time is completed, their spirit would be crushed and they would be left alone.

Meanwhile, the Partner has inserts the Relic Fragment into the hole in the temple and activates the Rainbow Stoneship. The activation is noticed by Grovyle, but Dusknoir pulls himself and attacks the Player. Before can he injure the Player further, Grovyle shields them from the attack and is heavily damage. Grovyle pulls himself up, grabs Dusknoir, and begins pushing him toward the Dimensional Hole. Grovyle declares he will take Dusknoir back to the future with him and entrusts the Time Gears he's collected to the Player. The Partner descends to the bottom of the Temple, where they see what's happening. Grovyle reveals he will be unable to return to the past again and entrusts the Player's safety with the Partner. Grovyle says his goodbyes as he pushes Dusknoir through the Dimensional Hole and both disappear into the future as the hole closes. The light from the Rainbow Stoneship interrupts the two's mourning and the Partner collects the Time Gears before declaring they will make the future somewhere Grovyle can live safely, unware of what will happen to the Pokémon in the future. The Player's remembers Grovyle's parting words and realizes that this will be their final adventure with the Partner.

Final Chapter The Last Adventure[]

The two return to the temple where the Rainbow Stoneship is beginning to activate. The two board the Rainbow Stoneship, which flies toward the tower leaving a rainbow in its wake. The Rainbow Stoneship reaches the pathway leading to Temporal Tower and as the two near the tower, the Partner spots a red vortex swirling at the top of the tower. The two reach the tower's entrance, where a short tremor occurs. The Partner realizes the tremor meant that Temporal Tower is beginning to collapse. As the two travel up the tower, the tremors continue, indicating the tower is breaking apart more and more.

When the two reach the pinnacle of Temporal Tower, they see the swirling vortex of red clouds releasing lightning and feel another tremor. The two spot a monument with five slots meant for the five Time Gears. Before the Time Gears can be inserted, a blast of energy forces them back and the Primal Dialga of the present appears before the two. Primal Dialga believes the two are responsible for what's happening to the tower and refuses to listen to the Partner when they try to explain the truth. The Player notices the present Primal Dialga is still not fully consumed by darkness and can still be brought back to reason.

The two battle and defeat Primal Dialga, who falls unconscious. The two seize the moment to insert the Time Gears, but the tremors and lightning reach their peak and the Tower nears complete collapse. As the tower breaks part, the two move past the rubble and insert the Time Gears. The monument reacts to the Time Gears, but the tower continues to break apart. The Partner worries they may been too late to save the tower and the lighting comes down and knocks the two out for a short moment. When they come to, they discover Dialga has returned to his normal self. Dialga reveals the tower, though heavily damaged, has survived. He then uses telepathy to show the two a vision of Treeshroud Forest's time being restored, which means time has returned to normal. Dialga reveals the planet's paralysis has been averted and the world's peace has been restored. Dialga gives his heartfelt thanks for saving Temporal Tower and reveals that he will see to the repair of Temporal Tower and the Hidden Land, both of which were ravaged heavily.

As the two head back to the Rainbow Stoneship to return home, the Player's body suddenly begins to feel weak and the Player realizes their disappearance is coming soon. Light begins coming from the Player's body and the Player realizes the time has come. The Partner discovers the light coming from the Player and the Player reveals what is happening to them. The Partner is unable to bear the though of the Player disappearing, but the Player encourages them to be strong, keeping life to the fullest, and tell the tale of what happened so history never repeats itself. The light coming from the Player grows stronger and they give their heartfelt thanks for everything and says they will never forget the Partner before disappearing. The Partner is heartbroken at the loss of their friend, but they eventually get moving to fulfil the Player's last wishes. The Partner takes the Rainbow Stoneship back to ravaged Hidden Land, rides Lapras home, and returns to the guild where they tell the tale of what happened to as many Pokémon as possible.

Months pass, and life in the world begins to return to normal. The Partner goes down to the beach to watch the Krabby blow bubbles and reminisces about how the last time they saw the sight was with the Player. This brings up more fond memories which bring the Partner to tears in sheer sorrow. After the game's credits play, the scene shifts to Temporal Tower. There, Dialga, who felt the Partner's sorrow when the left and seeing their feelings for the loss of the Player still exists after so much time, declares the world needs both the Player and the Partner and restores the Player's existence. At the beach, the Player and Partner joyfully reunite and the game ends.


Post Chapter Graduation[]

Several months after the Player's return, the Player and Partner are selected to take the guild's the graduation exam. If they pass the exam, they will graduate from the guild and become independent explorers. Corphish asks why the Player and Partner get to exam before the rest of the guild, who have been members for far longer. Chatot answers that they earned the right because of their many accomplishments, including saving the world. Sunflora reveals that Loudred took the exam last year, but failed utterly. Wigglytuff explains that the graduation exam requires the two to explore Mystifying Forest where the Luminous Spring resides. Luminous Spring was a place where Pokémon could evolve, but because of the imbalance of time, it's powers ceased. The two are assigned to go the spring and return with its treasure. In doing so, the two will be recognizes as a fully trained exploration team and graduate. However, Wigglytuff warns the two that a frighteningly strong enemy known as "The grand master of all things bad" resides there.

The Partner is worried about "The grand master of all things bad" and asks Loudred about him. However, Loudred reveals he is forbidden to talk about him, but reveals the though of "The grand master of all things bad" terrifies him. With no other clues, the two prepare for their exam by heading to Treasure Town. There, they meet an Ursaring and Teddiursa who reveal they are to going to Mystifying Forest to play. The two are seemingly unaware of the "The grand master of all things bad" despite claiming they visit the forest often.

When the Player and Partner reach the end of the forest, the meet up with Teddiursa and Ursaring again. The Player and Partner explain they are looking for Luminous Spring and Teddiursa and Ursaring reveal they know where it is. When the Player and Partner try to follow Teddiursa and Ursaring, the fall through a covered hole and land in a pit. Something covers the hole up, covering the pit in darkness, and "The grand master of all things bad" and his minions announce themselves. Suddenly, the hole is uncovered and the restored vision reveals that the "The grand master of all things bad" and his minions are revealed to be just Wigglytuff and the guild members. Bidoof, who was unaware of the details of the graduation exam, had pulled of the hole covering and ended up ruining the deception. Despite having the cover blown, Wigglytuff keeps up the "The grand master of all things bad" act and he and the rest the guild attack the two.

After the two defeat the entire guild (minus Bidoof who was in charge of the covering the hole), the guild members flee in defeat. Though confused by what happened, the two keep going to Luminous Spring. There, they find Teddiursa and Ursaring examining treasure box that wasn't present during their previous trips. The two are unsure about opening it and possibly triggering a trap and the Partner reveals the box is the treasure for the graduation exam. Wary of the two's words about another trap, the Player uses their Dimensional Scream ability to check. The Player sees a vision of Wigglytuff placing the box and opens it to find a Perfect Apple, the treasure needed to pass the exam. Suddenly, light begins shining down on Luminous Spring and Teddiursa thinks it means the spring has regained it's power to evolve Pokémon. A voice emanates from the spring and reveals that with time restored, the spring has indeed regained it's power. Teddiursa uses the opportunity to evolve into an Ursaring. The Partner tries to evolve as well, but the voice of the spring reveals they and the Player cannot evolve because of a distortion in the fabric of space surrounding them. Despite not being able to evolve, the two return to the guild with the treasure.

At the guild, Wigglytuff congratulates the two for graduating, though he and the rest of the guild deny being the "The grand master of all things bad" and his minions. Chatot changes the subject and explains that the two will no longer be bound by the guild's restrictions and are free to operate as an independent exploration team. However, they will still have to pay 90% of their reward money from jobs because even though they are independent, they are still associated with the guild and could only have formed their exploration team because of it. Regardless, the guild congratulates the two for graduating from the guild. The Player and Partner move to Sharpedo Bluff, since they no longer have their guild rooms and promise to keep exploring as they always have.

Post Chapter Scizor the Explorer[]

After a few days, Mr. Mime can be found at the crossroads. When spoken to, Mr. Mime tells them the tale of Scizor, a famous explorer who went missing while exploring and all attempts to find him failed due to the frigid weather. Since then, no explorations have been made to Blizzard Island and Mr. Mime gives the two the island's location.

The two travel to Blizzard Isand, and after reaching the end, discover a hidden chasm inside a wall of ice. When the two reach the end of the chasm, the discover Scizor frozen in ice and are attacked by the Froslass who froze him. After Frosslass is defeat, the ice holding Scizor breaks open and Scizor is freed. The three return to Treasure Town where Scizor gives the two his thanks and decides to repay them by using his status as an honorary member of the Pokémon Exploration Team Federation to bestow upon the two the Secret Rank which allows them to take special missions.

Post Chapter Manaphy[]

A few days after rescuing Scizor, Sunflora can be found at the lowest floor of the guild. When spoken too, Sunflora reveals a new dungeon has been discovered, the Surrounded Sea. The sea has been enclosed by impassible ice until recently when a crack in the ice was discovered allowing entry into the sea. All the world's currents go through the sea and its rumored that many rare treasures were carried into the Surrounded Sea through those currents. When they travel to the end of the dungeon, they find a strange egg and bring it back with them.

The next day, the two discover the egg is shaking before it hatches into a blue Pokémon. The two are unsure of what to do with the newborn Pokémon and the Partner decides to talk to Chatot and see if he knows anything. Chatot determines the Pokémon is a Manaphy an extremely rare Pokémon that lives in the sea and little about them. Suddenly, Manaphy gets hungry and starts crying and Chatot suggests feeding him a Blue Gummi due to him being a water-type. After Manaphy is fed, the Partner decides to take care of him until he's old enough to take care of himself. Chatot objects to this because Manaphy normal live in the seas and there is still so much unknown about Manaphy, but the Partner convinces him to let them take care of Manaphy for a little while.

The two spend the next few days taking care of Manaphy. One morning, the two wake up and discover Manaphy is gone from his bed. They search for him and eventually find him alone at the beach where he collapses with a fever. They bring Manaphy back to Sharpedo Bluff where Chatot learns what happened and deduces it came from living in the wrong environment. The Partner asks Chatot how they can help Manaphy and Chatot reveals there is a cure-all item called Phione Dew that could cure Manaphy. He explains Phione Dew is produced by Pokémon called Phione that are believed to live in Miracle Sea.

The Player and Partner travel to the end of Miracle Sea and find a colony of Phione, but before they can ask for the Phione Dew, a Gyarados appears and declares all the Phione Dew belongs to him from now on. The two defeat Gyarados and run him out of the area and the Phione give them some Phione Dew as thanks for running Gyarados off. The two return to Treasure Town and give the Phione Dew to Manaphy, who instantly begins to recover. Several days later, Manaphy full recovers and the Player, Partner, and Chatot agree Manphy needs to grow up in the sea. Everyone gathers at the beach where a Walrein is waiting to take Manaphy to the sea and raise him. Manaphy is taken away to the sea, despite his protests, in tearful parting.

Post Chapter The Aegis Cave[]

After a few days, special visitors arrive at the lowest part of the guild. The Partner asks Chatot who the visitors are and Chatot reveals they are a Master Rank team of famous treasure hunters, Team Charm. Wigglytuff arrives and Team Charm begins chatting with him, revealing they are old acquaintances. Team Charm reveals they came to the guild to ask Wigglytuff to retrieve a mysterious key they found on one of their old adventures together because they finally found where the key goes, a place called Aegis Cave where a vast trove of treasure is rumored to be found. At first, Wigglytuff seems to have forgotten about the key, but Team Charm manages to coax his memory with a Perfect Apple. Wigglytuff hands the key over to Team Charm and is offered to join them, but Wigglytuff is more focused on his Perfect Apple. When Team Charm begins to leave, the Partner asks them if they and the Player can join the exploration and this spurs the rest of the guild to ask as well. Team Charm excepts their request, gives the cave's location, and leave to open the cave with the key.

When everyone arrives at Aegis Cave, they discover a strange monument and Team Charm challenges everyone to a race to find the treasure. After solving the puzzle of the dungeon's caves and defeating their guardians, Regice, Regirock, and Registeel, the Player and Partner discover Team Charm had been knocked out by Registeel. After Team Charm wakes up, they thank the Player and Partner before promising to give them assistance in finding the treasure. When the two teams reach the end up the dungeon, they reach a chamber filled with statues. Suddenly the statues come alive and the two teams are attacked by a Regigigas and a pack of Hitmonlee and Bronzong. After Regigigas is defeated a stone marker appears and when the Player activates it, Regigigas rises and strikes the ground. The strike causes an earthquake that causes everyone to flee the cave. At first, everyone is disappointed there was no treasure, until they discover the earthquake caused the ground outside to heave up and reveal a gap inside the cliff. Team Charm realizes that Regigigas was unlocking the way to the treasure, but decide to give the credit to the Player and Partner for saving them. Team Charm leaves for their next adventure and promise next time they meet they will be the ones who find the treasure.

Post Chapter Azurill's Nightmare[]

A few days later, a storm comes in and the Player and Partner reminisce about the previous adventures. This reminds the Player about how they and the Partner were told they couldn't evolve at Luminous Spring because of a distortion in the fabric of space around them, and wonders what that distortion is. Meanwhile, an unknown Pokémon in a faraway forest talks to himself about how the distortion of space inside the forest is growing and how the more the distortions in space spread, the greater his own power will be amplified. He muses to himself that he failed to destroy time, but this time he will succeed. His musings are interrupted by the nearing of a Pokémon of Cresselia and he flees, refusing to get caught. Cresselia, arrives and discovers the Pokémon has fled and she vows to capture the Pokémon, whom she reveals to be Darkrai, before the fabric of space is distorted further and the world is put back into danger.

The next night, the Player has a dream where they meet with Cresselia. Cresselia tells the Player their existence is driving the world to ruin and their existence will eventually destroy it. The Player wakes up and puts off the meeting as strange dream and returns to sleep. The next night, the Player has another dream with Cresselia and they ask her to elaborate on their earlier conversation. Cresselia explains that since the Player was a human from the future, they are a natural part of the world and that is creating a distortion in the fabric of space. If the distortion were to expand, it could destroy the world and they cannot continue to exist. Cresselia disappears from the dream and the Player is awakened by the Partner. The Player wonders about what Cresselia said, but the Partner's optimism renews their spirit.

When the two leave for Treasure Town, Bidoof approaches them and reveals Azurill is in trouble and he's currently at the guild. When the three arrive at the guild, the learn from Marill that Azurill is trapped in his sleep for days and can't be woken up. No knows how to wake Azurill from his nightmare and Bidoof suggests trying to figure out what the nightmare is about to see if it can help wake Azurill. This gives Chatot an idea to find Drowzee, the Pokémon that once kidnapped Azurill, because he has the power to enter other's dreams and if they can get into Azurill's dream, they may be able to find a way to wake Azurill. The Partner asks Deputy Magnemite what happened to Drowzee after he was arrested and Magnemite reveals Drowzee expressed remorse for his crimes and was released. Drowzee left to study self discipline at Mt. Travail and the Player and Partner head to there to find him.

When the two reach the end of Mt. Travail, they find Drowzee and ask for his help. Drowzee, wanting to make up for his past mistake involving Azurill, agrees to help and the three return to the guild. There, Drowzee reveals he can send the two into Azurill's dream and warns them something is wrong with the dream and to be careful. When the two enter the dream, they begin to search for the cause of the nightmare.

When the two reach the end depths of the nightmare, Cresselia appears and the Partner is revealed to have also met Cresselia in their dreams. The Partner asks Cresselia why she said their presence will lead to the destruction of the world and Cresselia answers that if the distortions in space were to expand, the power of darkness will expand with it, eventually trapping the world in a nightmare. Cresselia explains that this has caused Azurill's never-ending nightmare and will eventually spread across the world. The Partner asks Cresselia how the distortion in space causing nightmares can be removed and Cresselia reveals the only way to do that is for the Player and Partner to disappear. Cresselia prepares to make the two disappear, and the Partner protests there must be another way to stop the distortion, but Cresselia is adamant that it is the only way to save the world. Before Cresselia can act, Drowzee interrupts and Cresselia leaves promising to make sure the two disappear. Drowzee, who came in to check on the two, senses the nightmare is more dangerous than he though and takes everyone out.

The two tell everyone what happened in the nightmare, and the Partner asks Chatot about Cresselia. Chatot reveals Chatot is a kind healing Pokémon, something the Partner find difficult to believe considering the Cresselia they met was hostile, who has the power to banish darkness. Drowzee asks the two if Cresselia said anything else, but the Partner denies this, hiding the part where she said the only way to stop the distortion was for them to disappear from everyone. Wigglytuff promises everyone will look into the distortion of space and Chatot tells the guild they will start investigating tomorrow.

That night, the Partner expresses their guilt for lying and wonders if letting the two of them disappear is the right thing to do. Too tired to keep thinking, the two go to sleep, but the Player initially unable to sleep due to their confusion about how what they learned. They remember the morning the Partner was extra chipper and realizes they suspected the Player was also having the same dream with Cresselia and was trying to cheer up. The Player eventually falls asleep, but the eventually awaken and discover the Partner is missing. The Player goes outside and finds the Partner staring out at the ocean. The Partner admits they couldn't sleep either and wonders if they should disappear to save the world. The Partner remembers the Player was willing to disappear to save the world from the planet's paralysis and wonders if this is the same situation. However, the Player feels something is off this time and then realizes that when they disappeared by saving time, it wasn't a choice, unlike this time, and they tell this to the Partner. Even though the circumstances aren't certain this time, the Partner remains doubtful. Dawn comes and reminds the Partner about the conversation they had with Grovyle and his last wishes he entrusted the two before he took Dusknoir back to the future with him. This reignites the Partner's hope and the two vow to stop the crisis with disappearing.

Later, the Partner begins to feel a connection with the crisis of Temporal Tower and the current distortion of space and remembers Lapras had a lot of insight. The two decides to speak to Lapras to see if he knows anything about the distortion of space. They ask Lapras about the distortion of space, but even though he doesn't know anything about, he knows about a Pokémon that embodies space. Time and space are connected so just as Dialga governs time, Palkia is the being that governs space. Palkia lives in the Spacial Rift, but the two are unable to go there to speak to Palkai because it's location is unknown. The Partner realizes Palkia could have the answers to the distortion in space and the two call it a day, deciding to start searching for the Spacial Rift tomorrow.

That night, an earthquake awakens the two and Palkia warps into the room. Palkia, knowing the two are involved in the distortion of space, teleports them along with himself to the Spacial Rift. Palkia, seemingly furious that the two are distorting space, attacks the two, but they fall off a ledge and escape his wrath. The two land somewhere away from Palkia and the Partner wonders why Palkia is so furious at them. The two decide to leave before Palkia can attack again.

While searching for the way out, the two reach a dead end and are ambushed by Palkia. The two manage to defeat Palkia, who suddenly stops moving. A disembodied voice reveals Palkia has been trapped in a nightmare like Azurill. The voice asks the two if they wish to enter Palkia's nightmare to learn why he attacked them and the two agree.

Post Chapter Adventures Again[]

The two are teleported inside Palkia's nightmare and inform Palkia what happened. Pakia grows furious and prepares to attacked again, but the Partner stops him and asks him why he is so angry at them and the Player. Palkia answers it is because the two are distortion space reckless and to prevent the power of darkness from growing and trapping the world in a nightmare, the two must be wiped from existence. The Partner asks Palkia if they truly have to disappear if Palkia can control space itself. Palkia answers that for the first time, he is unable to control a part of space and the distortion is amplifying. Palkia restates that the two must disappear for the distortion to stop, and the Partner realizes the situation is exactly like Cresselia said. Palkia expresses his remorse for what he has to do, but he will do what has to preserve peace. Cresselia appears and prepares to eliminate the two herself, but after seeing that the Player and Partner are willing to sacrifice themselves, Palkia questions Cresselia's earlier description of the two she told him in his dreams about them being malicious. The Player senses something is wrong when they realize everything Palkia knows about the distortion was told to him by Cresselia. The Player regains their resolve and second Cresselia appears. The second Cresselia uses her power to reveal the first Cresselia was actually Darkrai and pushes him back. The true Cresselia reveals that Darkrai has deceived everyone by creating an illusion of her. Darkrai reveals he is the one distorting space and creating the nightmares and challenges the Player and Partner to fight him at Dark Crater before escaping.

The Player, Partner, and Cresselia return to Treasure Town where Cresselia uses her power to awaken Azurill from his nightmare. Azurill gives his thanks to Cresselia and Drowzee for their help. Cresselia reveals that Palkia is currently trying to fix the distortion in space and that he won't bother the Player and Partner again. Chatot praises Cresselia for her actions and Cresselia explains that while she can cure bad dreams and dispel darkness, Darkrai is the opposite and used his power over nightmares to cast the illusion he was Cresselia inside dreams in order to eliminate the Player and Partner. Drowzee wonders why Darkrai would take such elaborate measure to eliminate the Player and Partner instead of confronting them directly and Cresselia reveals that it was because Darkrai was afraid of them. The Player and Partner saved the world before when they saved Temporal Tower and it was Darkrai who was behind that crisis. Darkrai wants the world to be shrouded in darkness, but when Temporal Tower was saved, he switched his plans to distorting space itself. With the growing distortion of space, Darkrai's power to create nightmares grow with it and he intended to trap all Pokémon in a nightmare. Cresselia also reveals that while there is a distortion around the Player's and Partner's presence, but it far to small to do any damage and it cannot expand any further. Darkrai set everything up to cover his actions and eliminate the two, The Partner is relieved that they and the Player can continue to live in the world without endangering. Wigglytuff and the guild express to the Player and Partner that they are needed in the world and that any doubts about that were Darkrai's doing. Cresselia explains that Darkrai always works from the shadows, never comes out in the open, and flee whenever confronted. However, his challenge to fight at Dark Crater is extremely unusual, but even though it's definitely a trap, the Player and Partner agree to go there and stop Darkrai's ambitions for good. Cresselia agrees to come along since she has been pursuing Darkrai for a long time to stop him, only for him to escape each time, and this battle could finally put an end to it. Others offer to come, but Cresselia explains that too many Pokémon would scare Darkrai off and they rare chance to corner him can't be wasted. Everyone gives their support to the three and they begin preparing to leave for Dark Crater.

After the meeting, Cresselia explains that Dark Crater lies in a volcanic island to the northwest and tells the two to speak to her when they are ready to go. The three travel to Dark Crater and when the reach the bottom, Darkrai is waiting. Darkrai then reveals that during the Player's and Grovyle's first trip back to the past, it was Darkrai who caused the accident that separated them, turned the Player into a Pokémon, and gave them amnesia. To fulfill his desire to cover the world in darkness, Darkrai sabotaged Temporal Tower to time would be destroyed. However, when he learned that Grovyle and the Player were trying to change that plan, he attacked them while they traveled through time, but the Player shielded Grovyle from his attack and their will to protect him became entangled with the many forces of the dimensions present during time travel and the result turned them into a Pokémon. Believing he did enough to stop them, Darkrai left the Player to their fate, but they regardless fulfilled their mission with Partner and Grovyle and stopped the destruction of time. Cresselia determines that since they stopped his plan to destroy Temporal Tower, Darkrai set his sights on the Player and Partner so the couldn't interfere anymore and set a trap to take out all three of them.

Darkrai confirms Cresselia's suspicions and makes a surprising offer. He offers the Player and Partner a chance to join him in ruling a world full of darkness. The Partner seemingly gives in to Darkrai's offer, but the Player realizes they are stuck in an nightmare cast by Darkrai and break free by attacking Darkrai. However, Darkrai si far from finished and calls in a group of enemy Pokémon to back him up. The three manage to defeat Darkrai and his allies, but when Cresselia tries to capture Darkrai, he opens a dimensional hole to escape, even though he has no idea where or when he will be taken to, and restart his plans to plunge the world into darkness. However, before he can enter the hole, Palkia arrives to punish Darkrai for disrupting space. Darkrai tries to escape through the dimension hole, but Palkia destroys it with his attack while Darkrai is inside. The Parner wonders if Darkrai is gone forever, but Palkia explains he is alive, though he has been serious wounded and banished to some unknown place. The Partner worries that Darkrai will resume his plan eventually, but Cresselia suspects that the result will be the same as when the Player was attacked while traveling through time, complete amnesia. With his memories gone forever, Darkrai's will no longer follow his dark ambitions and the world is safe. Having completed his mission for justice, Palkia returns to the Spacial Rift and the three return to Treasure Town.

With the fight against Darkrai over, the Player and Partner return and are given a hero's welcome, to their joy, The Partner declares their adventures with the Player will continue and they will keeping living in the world, that alone what they are truly grateful for. They thank the Player for everything and hopes their friendship will last forever.

A few days later, Chatot meets the two at Sharpedo Bluff where he reveals Manaphy has returned and is waiting at the beach. The three head to the beach where they reunited with a matured Manaphy. The three go to Sharpedo Bluff where Manaphy reveals his species have the instinct to return to their birthplace and now that he is old enough to take care of himself, he asks to join the Player and Partner's team to join them on adventures. The two eagerly accept Manaphy's request and he joins the team.

List of Available Starters[]