Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time (ポケモン不思議(ふしぎ)のダンジョン (とき)探検隊(たんけんたい) Pokémon Fushigi no Danjon Toki no Tankentai) and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness (ポケモン不思議(ふしぎ)のダンジョン (やみ)探検隊(たんけんたい) Pokémon Fushigi no Danjon Yami no Tankentai) is the second set of games in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series. The game was re-released around a year later with bonus Wi-Fi features, extra episodes and 2 new playable Pokémon.


The basic controls have little variance from others in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series. You can set moves and items to certain hot-keys, and you may link moves at Electivire's Link Shop just before heading out on your exploration. There are new items in the game such as Geo-pebbles, a downgrade from the Gravelerocks (items that you throw at enemies.) Another difference is that Heal Seeds and some Orbs become available as early as the first dungeon, unlike in Red/Blue Rescue Team. In the Type quiz that begins the game, there is a feature where you press your finger (or Stylus) against the touch screen so it can detect your "Aura" (this has no effect on which Pokémon you'll play as, but will determine what special item you receive. This feature determines your "aura" by the color you set your DS, DS lite, or DSi's menu for) Also, your Partner Pokémon cannot be of the same Type or Generation as the "Leader"; per example, if you are to be Torchic, you may choose between Generation I Starters, Generation II Starters, Generation IV Starters, and Fire-type choices will not appear. As well as these changes:The feature of Genders among Pokémon is added, along with Eggs, which can be cared for by Chansey at its Daycare Center.


The game begins with an image of a stormy sea, in which two characters, one being the player character, shouting at each other during a time-travelling accident, causing them to be separated. The scene will then move to a beach, where the player character lies unconscious on its shore, being transformed into a Pokémon.

Meanwhile, the partner Pokémon is attempting to enter the Wigglytuff Guild, but is frightened by the sentry system and flees before the door could be opened. A Zubat and Koffing appear hiding behind a rock near the door, and decide to mess with the partner. The Partner then finds the player character passed out on the beach and eventually awakes. The player tells that they are a human, which surprises the partner, who first thinks about it to be a prank. The partner then asks about the player's name — the only thing that the player character knows besides the fact that they were once human. Then, Zubat and Koffing come along, steal the partner's Relic Fragment, and the twosome run into Beach Cave. Deciding to help the partner, the player goes to Beach Cave along with the partner, and eventually battle and defeat the duo, causing them to drop the Relic Fragment and run away.

Both the player and the partner arrive back on the beach, and the partner asks to form an Exploration Team. By accepting, it explains about becoming an Exploration Team at Wigglytuff's Guild. With the help of the player's presence, the Partner finds the courage to enter the Guild.

In the Guild, there are many other Pokémon, Wigglytuff is the Guildmaster, Chatot his right hand Pokémon, Diglett the Guild sentry, Loudred who helps Diglett with the Sentry Duty and wakes the player's duo up in the morning. Sunflora, Corphish, Chimecho, Croagunk and Bidoof are the other guild members.

The Wigglytuff Guild; The Main Team is located to the far Right (Squirtle and Chimchar.)

Once the player and the partner join the Guild and form an exploration team, the first mission will be to do a request for a Spoink to return its lost pearl at the bottom of Drenched Bluff. The reward is 2000 Poké, but Chatot takes it and gives you one-tenth of the value, saying that the rest is given as guild funds. The next day, Chatot asks the team to do another job on the Job Bulletin Board, and this routine follows for a few days. After this, on one day, Chatot asks Bidoof to show the player around Treasure Town. Upon entering, the partner shows you around town a lot more than Bidoof. The only shops that can be entered are Duskull Bank, Kangaskhan Storage, and the Kecleon Shop and Kecleon Wares.

After going to the Kecleon Shop, an Azurill and a Marill are coming to the Kecleon Shop and ask for some Apples. After they leave, Marill discovers that they had an extra Apple, but the older Kecleon tells them that it is his gift. Azurill then stumbles and its Apple rolls toward the player. When Azurill takes back the apple, the player feels dizzy, and soon hears a cry for help. This is later revealed to be Dimensional Scream. After that, the partner asks you what happened. After this whole ordeal, you go back to the right half of the town, and find Azurill and Marill with a Drowzee, agreeing to search for a lost item of Azurill's. He then bumps into the player, apologizes, and

Chatot explains the Outlaw Board.

leaves with the pair. Then, another Dimensional Scream occurs to the player, this time with Azurill and Drowzee in a mountainous region. It appears as if Drowzee is forcing Azurill do something for it, and Azurill wails for help in a similar manner to the first Dimensional Scream. The player tells about the partner what it was, but it shrugs it off in disbelief.

Bidoof, remembering the time, tells both the player and the partner to hasten towards the guild before Chatot punishes both. On arriving, Chatot shows the Outlaw Notice Board and explains that that is where all posters for wanted crooks are kept. Suddenly, the board flips and the blank side is revealed. Shocked, the partner asks Chatot what just happened. Chatot gives an explanation of how Dugtrio changes the old requests for the new ones. After it gets flipped back, the partner starts shuddering. On asking him why, he requests the player to look at the top-left of the board, where the Drowzee seen before is shown. Shocked in the extreme, the duo rush out of the guild and find a lone Marill, telling that Drowzee has abducted Azurill to Mt. Bristle, and requests the player to save him. On defeating Drowzee, Azurill and its brother have an emotional moment while Officer Magnezone apprehends Drowzee.

After a few days of normal day-to-day jobs, Chatot will ask Diglett to teach the player how to do sentry duty. You will have to cover Diglett's post from time to time. Then, after another few days of the jobs, Chatot will give the team the first actual exploration, which the player's team have to investigate an unknown dungeon known as the Secret Waterfall. However, when the team reach the place, a deluge of water is seen, and the partner automatically assumes that there is nothing more, but the player feels something from it and decide to investigate further. By running to the waterfall, a Dimensional Scream occurs, and the player see a figure in a dream running through the waterfall and a dungeon on the other side. Having the partner convinced, the team venture through it and ended up in the Waterfall Cave. The deepest part is studded with jewels and colorful crystals. On seeing a huge one in the center, Both characters try to remove it by pulling it, but to no avail. Another Dimensional Scream occurs, with the same figure pushing the jewel and being washed away by a flood. The partner pushes it, and a deluge of water swamps the cave spouts out into the Hot Spring, where Torkoal and a few Pokémon are. The team then decide to rest in the spring before gettibg back to the Guild.

Next, Zubat and Koffing joins the guild as Team Skull, informing that they only lost to the player due to the fact that their boss wasn't around. After this, the boss—Skuntank—climbs down the ladder. The team then decides to leave.

Later, it is known that the Perfect Apples in the storage are being stolen, and Chatot informs the player's team to Apple Woods to get more of them. However, Team Skull appears when the player's team arrives at an apple tree, stealing the Perfect Apples. As a result, the team's mission is failed, and Chatot punishes the team by not offering dinner. Team Skull then gives Wigglytuff a Perfect Apple in front of the player's team, leaving the team look bad. Knowing this incident, Bidoof and Sunflora offer both the player and the partner apples.

After a few days, another expedition begins, and Chatot announces the Pokémon that are chosen to the expedition. According to the plan, the members are split into different groups to reach the base camp. However, when the player's group, the player, the partner and Bidoof, manages to travel through Mt. Horn and finally arrive at the camp, all other members have already arrived. The team then travels through Foggy Forest in order to reach Fogbound Lake, but the player seems to recall the area. The player, partner and Corphish end up in front of a leaning Groudon statue, and two Dimensional Screams occured to the player, hinting to place a red stone the partner found during the exploration inside the statue. By doing so, the fog around the area disappears, and the lake is revealed. Team Skull attempted to knock down the player's team by using their gas combo again, but are interrupted by Wigglytuff chasing after a Perfect Apple. Team Skull battles with Wigglytuff near the statue, with Wigglytuff winning later, and the player and partner go to Steam Cave under Wigglytuff's command, battle an illusion of Groudon and eventually reach the Fogbound Lake. A Time Gear sits in the center of the lake, which makes the player character's heart race when watching it.

After the expedition, it is revealed that Grovyle stole the Time Gear in Fogbound Lake after the guild leaves, despite the guild members claiming that they had not leak anything about the lake. Dusknoir, who is known to be a world-famous explorer, also visits the guild. Team Skull make another attempt to harass the player's team by stealing Azurill's Water Float, but is stopped by Dusknoir.

Later, Wigglytuff begins another expedition due to Grovyle's actions, and the player's team is asked to go to Northern Desert in search for the third Time Gear, and eventually ends up in Quicksand Desert, a pit full of quicksand, that seemingly hides a Time Gear somewhere. Believing the player, the team plans goes to the desert again the next day. This time, the team jump into the quicksand and end up in Quicksand Cave. In the deepest part of the cave is Underground Lake, where Mesprit guards another Time Gear. After a battle with Mesprit, Grovyle appears and steals the Time Gear, forcing the player's team and Mesprit to retreat immediately.

When back to the guild, Chatot is surprised about the Time Gear being stolen, and Magnezone announces that Mesprit is currently under protection, requests to let the officers know about any cases related to Grovyle, and leaves. During a conversation with the guild members, the partner requests Bidoof to take the crystal he found in Crystal Cave during the expedition to the player. By touching it, another Dimensional Scream occurs, revealing Grovyle steal the Time Gear Azelf was guarding. Knowing this, the guild plans to head to Crystal Cave again.

Deep in the Crystal Cave, the player and partner arrive at a room of three crystals that are able to change color by touch. When solving the puzzle, a Dimensional Scream is triggered, hinting towards the solution of the puzzle. By changing all three crystal's color into blue, Crystal Crossing is revealed. In the Crystal Lake, the player's team see that Grovyle steals the Time Gear in the lake, and then challenges the player to a battle which, regardless of the outcome, Grovyle wins, and the player's team is heavily injured. The other guild members and Dusknoir arrive, and Grovyle dissppears from the area. The player's team are sent back to the guild for treatment.

The next day, the three Lake Guardians reunite at Treasure Town, and Dusknoir reveals that he knows about Grovyle a long time ago in the future world, where time is stopped. After a few days, it is informed that Grovyle is captured, and Dusknoir says farewell and returns to the future via the Dimensional Hole, but dragged both the player and the partner to the Dimensional Hole as well.

The player and partner awaken in the future world, only to know that they are locked inside a stockade. Next, they are tied in ropes along witn Grovyle, and a group of Sableye, commanded by Dusknoir, try to get rid of the trio. With Grovyle's quick thinking, the trio quickly escape the stockade. Grovyle departs from the stockade entrance, and the player and partner go through Chasm Cave Dark Hill and Sealed Ruin to find that Grovyle is being harassed by Spiritomb. After the battle, Grovyle reveals that what causes the whole planet's paralysis is not the absense of Time Gears, but the collapse of Temporal Tower, which would cause Dialga to become Primal Dialga and stop the time, and while Dusknoir is actually an agent of Primal Dialga to stop Grovyle, Grovyle is actually trying to stop the paralysis instead of causing it. He also explains that the stop of the flow of time caused by the removal of Time Gears are only temporary—once they are put into Temporal Tower, time would flow back everywhere. The trio then leaves after Grovyle stating that the next goal is finding Celebi.

They arrive at Dusk Forest to find Celebi, where Grovyle explains that Celebi has the ability of sending Pokémon to the past, and was who Grovyle relied on in order to travel between time. After finding Celebi, the quartet goes on the way to the Passage of Time. Being stopped by Primal Dialga once, the player, partner and Grovyle eventually go through the Passage of Time back to the past world when they are about to be captured, while Celebi seemengly evades the capture herself.

The trio awakens at the beach the player was washed to at the start of the game, and the partner proposes heading to Sharpedo Bluff to rest. Grovyle reveals that the player was a human partner with Grovyle, and the ability of Dimensional Scream played as a vital part of finding Time Gears as Dimensional Screams only occur with a presence of Time Gear. After identifying the locations of where Time Gears would be located in the past, the player and Grovyle would take the Passage of Time to the past, but they encountered turbulence during a time-travelling attempt, causing the player and Grovyle to be separated, and the player got amnesia and turned into a Pokémon.

The partner agrees to find the Time Gears, and the trio arrives at Treeshroud Forest. At the deepest point lies the Time Gear, but time is still stopped at the area. Claiming that taking a Time Gear would not make any difference in an area where time has already been stopped, Grovyle takes the Time Gear. Back in Sharpedo Bluff, the partner says that the planet's paralysis is spreading, which Grovyle replies to be a hint to the collapse of Temporal Tower. He then reveals that Temporal Tower is at a landmass called Hidden Land, and later proposes to split, with him going to collect the other four Time Gear, and the player and partner search for the location of Hidden Land and return to the Guild.

By returning to the Guild, everyone is surprised about the return of the team. By explaining the truth about the planet's paralysis, Grovyle and Dusknoir, the Guild members, particularly Chatot, originally do not believe what the partner said, but with the support of other Guild members one by one, the Guild then changes the goal to find the Hidden Land and spread the truth to everywhere, while Wigglytuff recommends the player's team to find Torkoal at Hot Spring for advice on finding the Hidden Land. Torkoal claims that the Hidden Land is a place beyond the oceans and only appears to those with sufficient proof, but does not recall what is needed for the proof. However, Torkoal appears at the guild the next day, finding out that the proof is the pattern found in the Relic Fragment and also the Brine Cave, where Wigglytuff and Chatot went to. The Guild then decides to explore the Brine Cave, and Grovyle leaves a letter to the player and partner that all of the Time Gears are gathered with the coorperation of the Lake Guardians, while noting that Dusknoir may return from the future anytime.

Then, it is shown that Wigglytuff talking to Lapras about a "promise that cannot be afforded". The next day, the guild, without Wigglytuff, explore the Brine Cave and strive to reach the deepest part where the pattern on the Relic Fragment is inscribed. At the Brine Cave Pit, the player's team find out that Team Skull makes another attempt on defeating the player, but was defeated before. The team goes ahead and find Chatot, who alerts the player to stay clear as they are ready to be ambushed by vicious Pokémon. They are revealed to be two Omastar and one Kabutops, and soon Chatot is heavily hurt by them, leaving the player to battle the trio. Upon defeating them, Wigglytuff and Grovyle as well as the remaining guild members arrive, finding Chatot faint before their eyes. Urging Grovyle, the player and the partner to go ahead, the other members go back to the guild in order to cure Chatot.

The trio later goes to the deepest part of the cave, finding the pattern and an exit opening to the ocean. With the partner placing the Relic Fragment in front of the pattern, a blue light is emitted towards the exit, and Lapras appears to take the trio to Hidden Land.

After arriving at the Hidden Land, Lapras tells that they must find the Rainbow Stoneship inside a ruin. At the ruin, they find a temple where the Rainbow Stoneship is located, and the Relic Fragment must be put in one of the indentations on the Stoneship to have the Stoneship activated. Dusknoir soon returns from the future, now trying to stop the trio to alter the future. After defeating Dusknoir, the partner goes back to attempt to activate the Stoneship, and Dusknoir warns that when the planet's paralysis is stopped, as the dark future does not exist anymore, every Pokémon from the future, including the player and Grovyle, will be erased by time. The player accepts this, but hides this to the partner, thinking that the partner cannot accept it as easily as the player and Grovyle can. When the partner finally manages to activate the Stoneship, Dusknoir recovers, intending to attack the player, but Grovyle appears and takes the attack. Desperate, he then pushes Dusknoir back to the Dimensional Hole, gives all the Time Gears to the player's team, and finally says goodbye and leaves with Dusknoir. The player and partner soon rides the Rainbow Stoneship and finally arrives at the Temporal Tower.

At the tower summit, there are five indentations supposed to have the five Time Gears placed on it, but Primal Dialga appears and challenges the player and partner to the battle before they can even place the Time Gears. After defeating Primal Dialga, the partner finally manages to put the five Time Gears to the indentations, but the collapse does not stop immediately, and the player and partner faints. After awakening, Dialga, now returning to its normal form, shows to the player and partner that the time is resumed thanks to their actions right at the nick of time, but the Hidden Land and Temporal Tower remains heavily ravaged.

When returning to the Rainbow Stoneship, the player finally disappears, thanking the partner. Despite being saddened, the partner takes the Rainbow Stoneship, travelled acrossed the now-ravaged Hidden Land, rode Lapras back to Brine Cave, and finally returns to Treasure Town and the Guild, telling as many Pokémon as he could about the story of what happens when saving the world.

Months passed, and the damage of time is slowly recovered. The partner decides to take a walk outside the Guild, and arrives at the beach, commenting about how beautiful the beach is, but also recalling the memories with the player. Bidoof appears, and the partner collapses before him as the staff credits roll. Feeling the sorrow of the partner, Dialga, in the heavily-damaged Temporal Tower, restores the player as a thanks to their heroic actions. The player character reappears behind the player, making the partner overjoyed to see the player again. The words "END" are seen after this.

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