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Pokémon Musical is a feature in Pokémon Black and White that replaced the Pokémon Contests, Super Contests and the Pokéathlon of earlier games. It features dressing up and dancing in its competitions. The Musical Theater building is located in Nimbasa City.

There are four main shows to choose from; Stardom, Forest Stroll, A Sweet Soiree, and Exciting Nimbasa. An additional show, Charming Munna, is available to download from the Pokémon Global Link.

Once you pick the Pokémon you want to use, you outfit them with props that fit the show's theme. The themes are elegant, cute, cool, and quirky. Once the musical is done, you'll have fans who will support you, and have a 50% chance of giving you a prop to use.


It's stated that the concept of using Pokémon in musicals was born when a Pokémon wandered onstage during a human performance and began imitating the actors. The audience thought it was sensational and so the Pokémon Musical was officially born.


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