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Pokémon Masters EX is a downloadable mobile game available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Originally titled Pokémon Masters, it was rebranded to the current name on August 29, 2020, as part of the first anniversary update of the game.

The game is based around battling various Trainers from the different generations and main-line Pokémon games. These include Gym Leaders, past rivals, champions, and even past playable characters.


The story takes place in the artificial island of Pasio, where Trainers from all over the Pokémon world gather in a tournament to determine the world's greatest Trainer. The player character, a customizable male or female Trainer, must befriend various Pokémon and other Trainers and form a three-person squad in order to battle in the tournament.


Gameplay is similar to the rest of the mainline Pokémon games, with some noticeable differences, the most important being that battles are always 3v3. In addition to battles always being 3v3, Pokémon will only have one weakness, even if they're canonically a dual-type like a Charizard or Heliolisk. The game also adds the possibility to befriend dozens of Trainers (some of whom were formerly silent protagonists) and spend time with them.

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