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Pokémon Horizon: Sun & Moon (ポケットモンスター ホライズン, Poketto Monsutaa Horaizun, Pocket Monsters Horizon) is a manga series based on Pokémon Sun and Moon. The trim size for each volume is 5” x 7½”.

Main characters


# Chapter(s) Cover(s)
Vol. 1
  • Welcome to a New Horizon
  • The Power of Teamwork
  • Travelling Trainer Tokio
  • Mastering the Z-Move!
  • Rockruff's Secret
Vol. 2
  • Lycanroc Evolution!
  • Attack on the Headquarters
  • The Legend Revealed
  • Power of the Bond
  • The Opened Wormhole
  • To a New Horizon!


Author(s) Tenya Yabuno
Anette Roman (editor)
Artists Tenya Yabuno
Takuya Kurosawa (original cover artist)
Julian [JR] Robinson (designer)
Susan Daigle-Leach (touch-up and lettering)
Translators Tetsuichiro Miyaki
Anette Roman (English adaptation)

In other countries and languages

Name(s) Countries Publisher(s) Published
ポケットモンスター ホライズン
Poketto Monsutaa Horaizun
(Pocket Monsters Horizon)
Flag of Japan.png Japan Shogakakun February 28, 2017–August 28, 2017
Zing1ling4 Bou2 Ho2 Mung6 Dei6ping4sin3
(Pokémon Horizon)
Flag of Hong Kong.png Hong Kong Rightman Publishing Ltd. September 12, 2018–November 13, 2018
Pokémon Horizon: Sun & Moon Flag of the United States.png United States VIZ Media
July 10, 2018–August 10, 2018
Flag of Canada.png Canada
Flag of the United Kingdom.png United Kingdom August 23, 2018–December 13, 2018
Flag of Australia.png Australia August 10, 2018–January 11, 2019
Flag of Singapore.png Singapore Shogakukan Asia September 2019–September 2019
Flag of France.png France Kurokawa September 12, 2019–October 10, 2019
Flag of Spain.png Spain Norma Editorial September 28, 2018–July 26, 2019


  • Unlike other media, Pokémon can revert from their evolved forms.
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