Pokémon Fan Club
Pokémon Fan Club House Interior

Inside the house.

Pokémon Fan Club is an organization with at least one Club House in every region except Johto and Alola. The club serves as a haven for people that want to chat about their favorite Pokémon and to show off their own Pokémon to one another. However, most members prefer Pokémon Contests over Pokémon Battles.


Each region except Johto has a Chairman, and one has appeared in every Gym-challenging Pokémon game as the supervisor of the Club Houses. Gabby and Ty will frequently show up around Club Houses in Hoenn to interview the player.

Club House Locations


In the anime, Club Houses and members are never seen; however, in Hoenn's Pokémon Contests, it is revealed that Mr. Sukizo is the President of the Pokémon Fan Club.

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