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Sugimori art of Pokémon Eggs.

A Pokémon Egg is an egg that will hatch into a Pokémon, introduced in Generation II. A Pokémon Egg can be obtained by breeding two Pokémon in the Day Care Center (leaving them in the daycare at the same time). Pokémon left in the daycare will have an Egg if all of the following conditions are met:

  • Same Egg group (e.g. Lucario and Blaziken, both in the Field Egg group) or one of them is in the Ditto group (which, currently, is only Ditto itself).
  • Different Genders
  • Must not be in the Undiscovered group, containing all Mythical and Legendary Pokémon, and the non-Legendary Pokémon Phione, Nidoqueen, Nidorina, Unown, and Baby Pokémon.

Day Care Centers Locations

In order to produce eggs in the Kanto-based games, Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, the player can sail to Four Island, situated in the Sevii Islands, in post-game.


When you carry an Egg, you need to walk a number of steps for it to hatch. Different Eggs have different amount of steps for them to hatch. The number of steps needed to hatch an Egg will always be the same for all members of that species.

If you carry a Pokémon with the ability Flame Body or Magma Armor in the same party as your Egg, it will cut the number of steps required to hatch the egg in half.

When the Egg is about to hatch, you will receive a message. The screen will switch to a scene of the Egg hatching into the new baby Pokémon inside. The new Pokémon will be at Level 1 when hatched (or Level 5 in Generation II and III).

Happiny Hatching.png



  • Misty had a Togetic that was hatched into a Togepi that Ash found while Brock raised it.
  • Ash:
  • May received her Glaceon as an Egg that was given to her from a day care worker that hatched into an Eevee.
  • Brock received his Blissey as an Egg that he won in a dress up contest then hatched into an Happiny.
  • Dawn received her Quilava as an Egg that she won against Lyra during an event at a festival to honor the Johto region then hatched into a Cyndaquil.
  • Ash:
    • Received his Scraggy from an Egg from a day care worker then hatched sometime later.
    • Was given his Noivern as an Egg by his Hawlucha when he discovered it while he was training then hatched into an Noibat.
  • Lillie was given her Vulpix that would be nicknamed Snowy as an Egg for a class assignment from Samson Oak then hatched.
  • Ash received his Lucario from a Nurse Joy as an Egg then hatched into an Riolu.
  • Although their Eggs weren't shown, Misty received her Azurill from Tracey as an Egg. Also, Iris was given her Haxorus as an Axew by Elder just after he was hatched from an Egg. Prior to their captures, Brock's Marshtomp as a Mudkip, Ash's Greninja as a Froakie and Rowlet were hatched from Eggs.
  • From PJ089 to PJ090, most of everyone's Pokémon devolved and turned back into eggs due to Dialga and Palkia clashing each other and distorting time and space. This was practically against their will because it was all part of the Alternate World Team Rocket's plan of recreating an army of evil Pokémon to take over worlds. However, their arrogance and overconfidence in their plans led to their downfall as Dialga's powers spiraled out of control and defeated the villainous team. Once the legendary Pokémon were calmed down by Arceus and the Red Chain was destroyed, Dialga and Palkia repaired the distortions their battle caused and reversed the devolution effects on everybody's Pokémon, setting them all free from their egg forms.


Samson Oak's Vulpix Egg.


  • A Manaphy Egg was shown in a movie as it hatched. Then, May looked after it until it left for the sea.





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