Pokémon Dollars are the main form of currency in the Pokémon World (though they are replaced by Poké in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games). Much like currency in real life, Pokémon Dollars allow people in the Pokémon World to buy whatever they need, such as Potions or clothes. In the games, they can usually be obtained by defeating Pokémon Trainers in Pokémon Battles, selling items, or making use of the move Pay Day. (The amount of Pokémon Dollars earned in a battle can also be influenced by an Amulet Coin or a Luck Incense.)

The sign for a Pokémon Dollar is the letter P with two lines through it (Pokedollar.png), much like the symbol for the Japanese yen. It has a similarity to the Russian Ruble "₽".

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