Pokémon Chronicles is a spin-off dub season of the Pokémon anime, revolving around characters other than Ash. It is meant to include the dubbed versions of many side story episodes. This season is listed as season 0 on Poké

Four DVDs have been released in the United Kingdom, with a U.S. release still non-existent. All of the episodes have been released as extras on the first six season box sets of Pokémon in Australia.

This article will list the specials that are included in the specials season.


As Pokémon Chronicles focuses on recurring minor or departed major characters from the main Pokémon anime, its cast shifts from episode to episode, and many different characters have played starring roles. These are listed here in order of appearance:

Main characters

  • Ash Ketchum (Satoshi): Ash's Pokémon get into mischief even when Ash is not around. In the Winter Vacation episodes, they are joined by Pikachu and some of Misty and Brock's Pokémon and meet a group of "Snow Snorlax".
  • Brock (Takeshi): Brock traveled around the Kanto region and the Johto region with Ash but between "Gotta Catch Ya Later" and "You Can Never Taillow", he visited his Pokémon Gym in Pewter City. There he found that his mother had taken over the gym, turning it into a Water Gym.
  • Casey (Nanako): Casey was introduced in Johto, where she met Ash. They met a few times after that, although Casey only got 4 badges in the time it took Ash to get 8. When she is not training Pokémon, she is a big fan of the fictional Electabuzz baseball team. Her Pokémon are Meganium (her starter), Pidgey, Rattata, Beedrill (given by Ash), Elekid, and the dub says she has a Magmar and Rapidash.
  • Gary Oak (Shigeru) Gary Oak is Professor Oak's grandson. He was very stuck-up and traveled with his female cheerleaders around Kanto. He eventually matured after losing in the Indigo Plateau a round before Ash. He re-appeared in Johto, and after losing to Ash in the Silver Conference, decided to become a Pokémon Professor.
  • Jimmy (Kenta): Jimmy is on his way to become a great Pokémon Master with his Typhlosion, so that he can help the kids in New Bark Town. He is based on Ethan, the male protagonist from Pokémon Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold and SoulSilver. He first appears in the first three episodes of the Pokémon Chronicles, called Raikou: The Legend of Thunder.
  • Marina: Marina is an old friend of Jimmy's, and she battles to entertain, always making sure she puts on a good show. She also performs in dance routines with her Pokémon. Marina is based on Kris from Pokémon Crystal. Her favorite Pokémon are her Misdreavus (nicknamed "Little Miss") and Croconaw (nicknamed "Wani-Wani"). Marina also appears in episode 10 of Diamond & Pearl as the poster girl for the Poketch, on the back of a magazine Dawn was reading. She later appears in episode 41 of Diamond & Pearl in a video of her doing a double contest appeal.
  • Vincent (Jun'ichi): Vincent battled Ash in the Silver Conference, although he was known there as Jackson. Vincent's favorite Pokémon is his Meganium.
  • Misty (Kasumi): Misty has travelled everywhere with Ash since he broke her bike, as well as with Brock and Tracey in the Orange Islands. But at the end of Johto saga of the Pokémon anime, her sisters went on a World Tour, and she had to become the official Gym Leader of Cerulean City. She is the major character in "Cerulean Blues".
  • Professor Samuel Oak (Yukinari Okido-hakase): Professor Samuel Oak is the world's foremost authority on Pokémon. When Trainers such as Ash Ketchum and Gary Oak begin their Pokémon Journey, Professor Oak gives them their starting Pokémon - Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle, (or Pikachu in Ash's case) When he is not looking after all the Pokémon that Trainers do not have with them at the time - (each trainer may carry up to six on his or her person) - he is studying them and upgrading the Pokédex.
  • May (Haruka): May is rarely seen.
  • Ritchie (Hiroshi): Ritchie and his trusty Pikachu, Sparky, battled Ash at the Indigo Plateau, and they have been friends ever since, even though they only met once again (in the Whirl Islands.) Ritchie does decide to go and meet Ash in Hoenn, but he apparently decides against it, because he is later seen in the Sevii Islands.
  • Tracey Sketchit (Kenji): Tracey Sketchit traveled with Ash and Misty in the Orange Islands, and is now a lab assistant for Professor Oak. He loves drawing, and has produced many accurate sketches of Pokémon. He is also good friends with Brock.

Minor characters

  • Delia Ketchum (Hanako): Delia is Ash's mother. She really misses him while he is away, but she is happy at home with her Mr. Mime for company. She is also good friends with Professor Oak and Tracey.
  • Gilbert (Hajime): Gilbert is a new Pokémon trainer (and the mayor's son in the English dub). He dislikes the Kanto starters and wants stronger Pokémon like Torchic rather than the ones that Professor Oak has to offer, but in the end, he chooses a Bulbasaur.
  • Sakura: Sakura is one of the Kimono Sisters from Ecruteak City. She originally intended to join Ash, Misty, and Brock on their Pokémon Journey, but decided to stay at home and learn more first. She is now collecting badges in Kanto with her trusty Espeon and her new Beautifly.

Team Rocket villains

  • Attila and Hun (Buson and Basho): Atilla & Hun are also members of Team Rocket, and are out to capture Raikou. Their names were derived from Atilla the Hun.
  • Cassidy and Butch (Yamato and Kosaburo): Cassidy & Butch do not follow one Trainer around like Jessie & James do. They pick random worthwhile things and Pokémon to steal. Unfortunately for them, they usually choose people linked to Ash in some way. They are the main villains in Pokémon Chronicles. Their names are derived from the outlaw Butch Cassidy. In the anime, all of the characters, including Cassidy (though not as often) forget Butch's real name and calls him by a similar name, after which he gets into a fit.
  • Dr. Namba: Dr. Namba (unseen, but seen with a silhouette) appears after the first couple of minutes in various episodes when Cassidy and Butch are sent for trouble. He orders the 2 rocket members to do all sorts of stunts via satellite chip (well placed usually in various foods), but his plans always fails some way or the other. This is another Rocket member to constantly forget Butch's name.
  • Jessie and James (Musashi and Kojiro): Jessie and James are starting up the Hoenn branch of Team Rocket (along with their talking Meowth partner). When they aren't trying to capture Pikachu, they are spreading the name of Team Rocket for their boss. Their names were derived from the outlaw Jesse James.
  • Professor Sebastian (Dr. Shiranui): Professor Sebastian appears in several episodes in the anime. He orders Atilla & Hun to capture Raikou.

Opening and ending

When shown on Shūkan Pokémon Hōsōkyoku, the episodes did not have a musical opening. Instead, they open with Brock and Misty talking (except for the Team Rocket episodes, where said characters would talk instead). Normally, it would result in Misty hitting Brock with a mallet, fan, or water gun for acting out of line. The endings would normally deal with that episode's character. When released on DVD these sequences were omitted entirely. The Japanese episodes were seen as special episodes, hence the unconventional opening. However, it was dubbed as a completely new series, so a musical opening was required. While the openings from the main series interlink scenes from the related Japanese opening with scenes from the episodes, there was no Japanese opening for Pokémon Chronicles, due to being a dub-only series. Some of the scenes in the opening are taken from the Japanese Legend of Thunder opening, the rest are taken from episodes. There are 42 scenes in 36 seconds.

The ending is a repeat of the opening on the left of the screen, with the credits rolling past on the right. There are a few variations, however. The DVD version and first two parts of The Legend of Thunder shows footage from the battle at the start of Part Two. The ending for Pikachu's Winter Vacation on the DVD rolls over a full screen picture taken from the episode.

The original theme tune is a modified version of the "G/S Pokérap". However, there is an instrumental in the middle, where the narrator basically says what Chronicles is about:

Old friends!
New adventures!
Never before seen stories from the world of Pokémon!

When the series aired in America, starting with the second episode, the intro sequence was changed to a newer version, consisting of a montage of various scenes from "The Legend of Thunder" with more intense music.


# Ep Code Title Image
01 SS005 The Legend of Thunder! (Part 1)
ポケットモンスタークリスタル・ライコウ 雷の伝説
Pokémon: Crystal Raikou - The Legend of Thunder
JapanFlag: December 30, 2001
UnitedStatesFlag: June 3, 2006
02 SS006 The Legend of Thunder! (Part 2)
ポケットモンスタークリスタル・ライコウ 雷の伝説
Pokémon: Crystal Raikou - The Legend of Thunder
JapanFlag: December 30, 2001
UnitedStatesFlag: June 10, 2006
03 SS007 The Legend of Thunder! (Part 3)
ポケットモンスタークリスタル・ライコウ 雷の伝説
Pokémon: Crystal Raikou - The Legend of Thunder
JapanFlag: December 30, 2001
UnitedStatesFlag: June 10, 2006
04 PK008 Delibird's Dilemma
Delibird's Present
JapanFlag: December 22, 2000
UnitedStatesFlag: June 17, 2006
05 PK009 Snorlax Snowman
White Story
JapanFlag: December 22, 2000
UnitedStatesFlag: June 17, 2006
06 SS008 A Family That Battles Together Stays Together!
Brock! Save Pewter Gym!
JapanFlag: December 3, 2002
UnitedStatesFlag: June 24, 2006
07 SS009 Cerulean Blues
Revenge Match at Cerulean Gym!
JapanFlag: December 10, 2002
UnitedStatesFlag: June 24, 2006
08 SS010 We're No Angels!
Persevere! Look Ahead Team Rocket
JapanFlag: December 17, 2002
UnitedStatesFlag: July 1, 2006
09 SS011 Showdown at the Oak Corral
オーキド邸 だいけっせん!
Huge Battle at Oak's Residence!
JapanFlag: January 14, 2003
UnitedStatesFlag: July 8, 2006
10 SS012 The Blue Badge of Courage
Misty! Get the Cascade Badge!!
JapanFlag: February 25, 2003
UnitedStatesFlag: July 22, 2006
11 SS015 Oaknapped!
A Pokémon Dragnet! Search for Prof. Oak!!
JapanFlag: April 8, 2003
UnitedStatesFlag: July 29, 2006
12 SS019 A Date with Delcatty
Misty's Earnest Struggle! She's Risking her Life!?
JapanFlag: September 2, 2003
UnitedStatesFlag: August 5, 2006
13 SS021 Celebi And Joy!
Yet Another Legend of Celebi
JapanFlag: October 7, 2003
UnitedStatesFlag: August 12, 2006
14 SS020 Training Daze
ロケット団 愛と青春の原点
Team Rocket: Origin of Love and Youth
JapanFlag: September 30, 2003
UnitedStatesFlag: August 19, 2006
15 SS022 Journey to the Starting Line!
Pallet Town, Pokémon Trainer's Journey Begins
JapanFlag: October 14, 2003
UnitedStatesFlag: August 26, 2006
16 SS023 Putting the Air Back in Aerodactyl
Pokémon Researcher Gary and Revival of Aerodactyl
JapanFlag: March 16, 2004
UnitedStatesFlag: September 2, 2006
17 SS024 Luvdisc Is a Many Splendored Thing!
Misty and Luvdisc! Love Battle
JapanFlag: September 14, 2004
UnitedStatesFlag: September 23, 2006
18 SS025 Those Darn Electabuzz!
Casey and Charizard! Super Hard Training of Flame!
JapanFlag: September 21, 2004
UnitedStatesFlag: September 23, 2006
19 SS026 The Search for the Legend
天駆ける伝説 ヒロシとファイヤー!
The Heavenly Legend, Ritchie and Fire!
JapanFlag: September 28, 2004
UnitedStatesFlag: September 30, 2006
20 SS013 Of Meowth and Pokémon (Part 1)
Big Town Meetup
JapanFlag: March 4, 2003
UnitedStatesFlag: October 7, 2006
21 SS014 Of Meowth and Pokémon (Part 2)
Meowth with a Part-Time Job!?
JapanFlag: March 4, 2003
UnitedStatesFlag: October 7, 2006
22 PK010 Trouble in Big Town
We Are the Pichu Brothers - Balloon Disturbance
JapanFlag: December 22, 2000
UnitedStatesFlag: October 14, 2006
23 SS016 Big Meowth, Little Dreams (Part 1)
Calling on Mysterious Detective Meowth!
JapanFlag: June 17, 2003
UnitedStatesFlag: October 21, 2006
24 SS017 Big Meowth, Little Dreams (Part 2)
Niece Azurill's a Huge Inconvenience?
JapanFlag: June 17, 2003
UnitedStatesFlag: October 21, 2006
25 PK002 Christmas Night
Let's Play on Christmas
JapanFlag: December 22, 1998
UnitedStatesFlag: November 25, 2006
26 PK003 Kanga Games
Let's Play in the Snow!
JapanFlag: December 22, 1998
UnitedStatesFlag: November 25, 2006
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