Poké Spots are special areas that only appear in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. The Poké Spots are infamous for being able to capture regular Pokémon instead of just Shadow Pokémon. However, in order to catch a Pokémon, the player must first lay down Poké Snacks to attract the Pokémon and it will appear in the Spot Monitor. The more Poké Snacks are put down, the longer it stays to eat it.

Types of Poké Spots

  • Rock Poké Spot: The first Poké Spot visited in the game. The Rock Poké Spot (despite it's name) contains only Ground-type Pokémon such as Gligars, Sandshrews, and Trapinchs.
  • Oasis Poké Spot: The second Poké Spot in the game. The Oasis Poké Spot contains a mixture of Pokémon but the main three encountered are Hoppips, Phanpys, and Surskits.
  • Cave Poké Spot: The third and last Poké Spot in the game. The Cave Poké Spot contains Pokémon that usually lives in the caves such as Arons, Woopers, and Zubats.


Michael is first introduced to the Rock Poké Spot by Duking who is broadcasting it over Orre. Duking explains to Michael how to properly use Poké Spots to capture wild Pokémon by laying down Poké Snacks. After Michael agrees to use more Poké Spots, Duking gives him 10 Poké Snacks and the Spot Montior placed in his PDA. Duking leaves not before revealing the locations to the Oasis Poké Spot and the Cave Poké Spot. Duking also tells Michael if he catches a Trapinch, a Surskit, and a Wooper, Duking will trade them for other Pokémon.

Duking isn't the only one what loves Poké Spots. Miror B. and his minions have set their sights on them due to them having rare Pokémon. Michael first encounters Trudly and Folly at the Oasis Poké Spot but they leave due to Miror B. wanting their assistance. Later at the Cave Poké Spot, Michael finds himself battling Miror B. and defeats him. Miror B. then leaves with Trudly and Folly still promising to capture rare Pokémon. Michael picks up the Miror Radar so that he can track down Miror B. anytime he shows up.

Miror B. can sometimes be battled at any Poké Spot after the set battle at the Cave Poké Spot when there are still Shadow Pokémon that needs to be captured. Also, the Bonsly that escaped from the S.S. Libra may be found in a Poké Spot. Michael has to lay down food and it will eventually show up. Micheal can then give the Bonsly back to it's owner at ONBS for a reward.


Cave Poké Spot

Wanderer Miror B.: Lombre (Lv. 17), Lombre (Lv. 17), Lombre (Lv. 17), Shadow Voltorb (Lv. 17+)


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