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Poké Ride (ポケモンライド Pokemon Raido) is a game mechanic introduced in the Pokémon Sun and Moon games. To use it, the player needs a Ride Pager.

This feature replaces HMs, as well as some key items from previous generations, like the Bicycle and Dowsing Machine.


Poké Ride is a feature that lets players ride Pokémon in certain places normal travel can't do. They can soar on Charizard, find hidden treasures with Stoutland, fish with a gentle Lapras and much more! Most of these ride Pokémon are rideable by pressing Y then B.

Rideable Pokémon

Pokémon Name Effect Registered
Tauros Charge VII OD.png
Tauros Charge Faster moving speed
Rock Smash
Decreases wild encounter rate
From Hala after finishing his grand trial
Stoutland Search VII OD.png
Stoutland Search Find hidden items
Decreases wild encounter rate
From Mallow at Paniola Ranch
Lapras Paddle VII OD.png
Lapras Paddle Surf (basic) From Lana during her trial
Charizard Glide VII OD.png
Charizard Glide Fly From Kiawe after finishing his trial
Mudsdale Gallop VII OD.png
Mudsdale Gallop Travel across rocky terrain From Hapu on Route 12
Sharpedo Jet VII OD.png
Sharpedo Jet Surf (faster moving speed)
Rock Smash
From Grimsley on Route 15
Machamp Shove VII OD.png
Machamp Shove Strength From Hapu's grandmother in Ancient Poni Path
Mantine Surf USUM OD.png
Mantine Surf Surf between islands Visit the Melemele Alola Photo Club (not registered in Ride Pager; US/UM only)
Ultra Warp Ride Travel tough Ultra Space with Solgaleo or Lunala At the Altar of the Sunne/Moone after defeating Dusk Mane/Dawn Wings Necrozma (not registered in Ride Pager; US/UM only)





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