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Poké Jobs are special jobs that many corporations and universities request the help of Pokémon in the Galar Region. Trainers can check available Poké Jobs at the Rotomi in Pokémon Centers, and you’ll also be able to send Pokémon from their Boxes directly to any job they accept. Their Pokémon that they send will help out with the job, and the experience will even help them grow. 

List of Poké Jobs

One-Star Jobs

Company Task Description Star Rating Preferred Type
LASS Multi-purpose fabric development We're looking for Normal-type Pokémon! Together we can make cloth that you can use in any way you like! Normal
Yoshida's Coffee Add a bit of color and fragrance It would be marvelous if we could decorate our merchandise shelves with lots of plants. Could we have Grass-type Pokémon come help? Grass
Mach Motors Show us your motivation We need Pokémon with burning motivation— a fire in their hearts! We need the heat of your passion! Fire
Surf Shipping Sailing over the water This job involves carrying cargo over the water. We're looking for Water-type Pokémon. Water
Yoshida's Coffee We want to use the best water We want to take particular care in what water we use to brew my coffee. I'd like Pokémon that are knowledgeable about such things. Water
Wyndon Monorail To ensure safe operations We need electricity in order to inspect the monorail! We're waiting for you, Electric-type Pokémon! Electric
Porcini Aiming for that punk look! We want to use poison to dye our cloths in wonderful colors! Please send us your Poison-type Pokémon! Poison
Rondo Floral I want my plants to grow I've got some plants that only grow on rocky terrain. I'd like some rough, Rock-type Pokémon to keep my precious plants company. Rock
Good Fit Showing off the durability! We want to emphasize how durable our shoes are. We would be very grateful if Fighting-type Pokémon could come help out. Fighting
Dream Dairy So that our crops stay healthy We are welcoming Bug-type Pokémon to help thin out the weeds growing in our farmland! Bug
Bob's Your Uncle We've started a food delivery service Food is best eaten hot! We'd like to see some Flying-type Pokémon to help fly our meals directly to our customers. Flying
DENSOKU Just keep running! We need some Pokémon to try on our shoes. To make sure the shoes can handle rough use, Dark-type Pokémon would be ideal. Dark
Galar Taxi Let's see what kind of person they are... We would like to hire Dark-type Pokémon. People reveal their true natures when gripped by fear, after all... Dark
Daily Discovery Making cute designs I'm attempting to create clothing that is cute but also a little mystic. I need the help of Fairy-type Pokémon! Fairy

Two-Star Jobs

Company Task Description Star Rating Preferred Type
Turffield Orchards Help wanted on our farm Nobody can deny that Grass-type Pokémon are the best at handling plants! We would be overjoyed if some could help us out! ★★ Grass
The Captain's Table The basics of cooking In order to ensure the perfect stove temperature when cooking, I want to have Pokémon that are good at burning things come help. ★★ Fire
Celebrity Good cloth requires good string To all Bug-type Pokémon! Please come lend us your strength so that we can create lovely cloth! ★★ Bug
LASS Delicate, high-quality fabric We're looking for Bug-type Pokémon! Let's make the most delicate cloth together! ★★ Bug
Mach Motors Building a solid car Solid, steady Ground-type Pokémon provide the ideal foundation to build cars upon! Let's build cars together! ★★ Ground
Surf Shipping Cruising through the icy waters This job involves carrying cargo over icy seas. We're looking for Ice-type Pokémon. ★★ Ice
Bob's Your Uncle To properly season our dishes Rock salt, as the name implies, can be found within rocks. We need the help of rock-solid Pokémon to get it! ★★ Rock
Jetsetter That extra mysterious touch As a final touch, we like to use psychic powers to make the feel of our cloth truly unique. Would any Psychic-type Pokémon be interested? ★★ Psychic
Cozy Fried Kitchen Surprise delivery We firmly believe that surprise is the spice of life. We'd like to get Pokémon that can bring people's orders with a little dash of horror. ★★ Ghost
Bob's Your Uncle To make our food even more delicious We need Dragon-type Pokémon to help us prepare our food before we cook it. We're not sure why! ★★ Dragon
Galar Taxi To see that we get some magical people We'd like to have some purehearted Fairy-type Pokémon to help us judge the true characters of our workers. ★★ Fairy

Three-Star Jobs

Company Task Description Star Rating Preferred Type
Jetsetter Recruiting detail-oriented Pokémon High-quality cloth requires delicate and precise handwork. Are there any Normal-type Pokémon that would like to try? ★★★ Normal
Yoshida's Coffee What it means to roast beans The temperature needs to be just right when roasting coffee beans. Would you be so kind as to send over Fire-type Pokémon? ★★★ Fire
Steelix Railcars Testing our railcars We would appreciate Electric-type Pokémon that could help power the machinery used in assembly of our railcars. ★★★ Electric
DENSOKU Developing sports shoes We're making sports shoes! We'd like to have Bug-type Pokémon with lots of legs to help us develop them. Thanks! ★★★ Bug
Daily Discovery Making cloth with strong string We would like Bug-type Pokémon to assist us in producing durable cloth. ★★★ Bug
Wailord Aquaculture We need some nets! The only Pokémon capable of creating nets that are both durable and flexible are Bug-type Pokémon! We want you! ★★★ Bug
Macro Cosmos Rail Fixing up the city's electrical grid We need some help setting up power lines. It'd be great if we could get Pokémon that are immune to electricity. ★★★ Ground
Rondo Floral Gotta keep things growing! The dirt dictates how well plants do. We ask Ground-type Pokémon to come and help us create fertilizer. ★★★ Ground
Wyndon Monorail Inspection requires strength We are looking for Fighting-type Pokémon that can use their strength and skill to help with monorail inspection and maintenance! ★★★ Fighting
DEFOG We're making lenses for glasses We use extremely hard rocks for grinding and polishing our lenses. We would like to recruit Rock-type Pokémon. ★★★ Rock
MCR Freight We need Pokémon that can handle cold We need to get our shipments through blizzards, and the best type of Pokémon to do that is Ice-type Pokémon! ★★★ Ice
Celebrity To invent psychic cloth To all Psychic-type Pokémon! Please come lend us your strength so that we can create some absolutely mind-bending cloth! ★★★ Psychic
Bookmark Help wanted finding books We would really be grateful if Psychic-type Pokémon could come and use its powers to quickly search for the books we have in stock! ★★★ Psychic
Good Fit Hardcore Pokémon for a wild product We've made some really wild, hardcore shoes. We'd like to get Dark-type Pokémon to wear them, since they'll fit the image perfectly! ★★★ Dark
Lapras Shipwrights Assembling ships Ship assembly requires a lot of steel to be cut. We're looking for Steel-type Pokémon to come help us out! ★★★ Steel
Sonoqui Customer acquisition We'd like to have Pokémon that are cute and charming come over to help attract customers! ★★★ Fairy



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