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Standard Poké Balls (Japanese: モンスターボール, HepburnMonster Ball) are the major Poké Ball in the Pokémon saga.

This type of Poké Ball is the weakest and the only type that is typically available at the beginning of the Pokémon games. It has a catch rate modifier of ×1 in the catch formula.


The Poké Ball is a sphere. The top of the ball is red, while the bottom is white. There is a black horizontal band circling the ball. The button in its center of its front is either white or light gray.


Generation I[]

They appear in the Poké Marts of:

Generation II[]

They appear in the Poké Marts of:

Generation III[]

They appear in the Poké Marts of:

Generation IV[]

They appear in every Poké Mart. In the Heart Gold and Soul Silver games, they appear in every Poké Mart, (after learning how to catch Pokémon).

Generation V[]

They appear in every Poké Mart,

  • Black City shop
  • Join Avenue (Antique Shop, souvenir).

Generation VI[]

They appear in every Poké Mart,

Generation VII[]

They appear in every Poké Mart.

Other Games[]

Super Smash Bros.[]

One of the items available in the Super Smash Bros. games is the Poké Ball. When you pick it up and throw it, a Pokémon comes out and attacks the other players or supports you. Below is a list of available Pokémon and the moves they use.

  • Venusaur uses Earthquake. This attack causes massive damage to anyone standing near it.
  • Charizard uses Flamethrower. This attack can turn left and right to alternate the direction of the flames.
  • Blastoise uses Hydro Pump. This attack blasts Blastoise back, allowing it to push other players behind it.
  • Beedrill uses Take Down. This attack goes in a straight line in a large area.
  • Alolan Raichu uses Wild Charge. This attack allows Raichu to fly around the stage, targeting opponents and possibly trapping them.
  • Clefairy uses Metronome. This attack allows it to use the move of any other Pokémon.
  • Vulpix uses Fire Spin. This attack allows Vulpix to shoot projectile fire that traps opponents.
  • Alolan Vulpix uses Icy Wind. This attack allows Vulpix to shoot projectile ice that freezes opponents.
  • Meowth uses Pay Day. This attack shoots rapid-fire coins at opponents.
  • Abra uses Teleport. This attack allows Abra to teleport random fighter wherever on the stage.
  • Onix uses Rock Slide. This attack hurls giant rocks from the top of the screen.
  • Electrode uses Explosion. This attack causes a huge explosion in 3 seconds. You can throw Electrode last-second in order to blow away opponents.
  • Alolan Exeggutor doesn't use a move, but acts as a block in the middle of the stage.
  • Hitmonlee uses Jump Kick. This attack lets Hitmonlee hurl itself towards a random opponent.
  • Koffing uses Smog. This attack damages players who go near Koffing. Occasionally, it can juggle opponents left and right.
  • Weezing uses Smog. This attack damages players who go near Weezing. Occasionally, it can juggle opponents left and right.
  • Chansey uses Softboiled. This attack spreads eggs throughout the field, either leaving items or causing big explosions.
  • Goldeen uses Splash. This attack just lets Goldeen flop on the stage, doing nothing whatsoever.
  • Staryu uses Swift. This attack allows Staryu to hover around the nearest opponent and shoot rapid-fire stars at them.
  • Starmie uses Swift. This attack allows Starmie to hover around the nearest opponent and shoot rapid-fire stars at them.
  • Ditto uses Transform. This allows Ditto to transform into its summoner and then attack opponents.
  • Eevee uses Take Down. This attack allows Eevee to lunge towards players that are close. If no one is near, Eevee looks around, confused.
  • Snorlax uses Body Slam. This attack lets Snorlax jump to the top of the screen and come back down bigger, crushing opponents that are underneath or near it.
  • Articuno uses Icy Wind. This attack can freeze opponents and can also launch them.
  • Zapdos uses Thunder Shock. This attack can paralyze opponents if they get caught in it.
  • Moltres uses Fly. Any opponents that touch Moltres while it flies off the stage get massive damage.
  • Mew uses Fly. This allows Mew to fly away from the stage, leaving gifts, points and trophies in its trails. It is considered the rarest PokéBall spawn in the game.
  • Chikorita uses Razor Leaf. This attack shoots rapid-fire leaves at the opponent.
  • Cyndaquil uses Flamethrower. This attack shoots fire out of Cyndaquil's back.
  • Togepi uses Metronome. This attack allows Togepi to use Night ShadeHypnosisLeech SeedPowder Snow, and Magnitude.
  • Bellossom uses Sweet Scent. This attack puts opponents to sleep if they get within range.
  • Marill uses Tackle. This attack lets Marill run across the stage, hitting opponents.
  • Unown uses Take Down. This attack goes in a straight line in a large area. It replaces Beedrill.
  • Wobbuffet uses CounterWobbuffet takes damage and then bobbles towards the opponent that hit it. The more damage Wobbuffet has taken, the more powerful the attack.
  • Scizor uses Metal Claw. This attack lets Scizor run across the stage, flailing its giant claws around.
  • Porygon2 uses Tackle. This attack allows Porygon2 to randomly jet horizontally, launching any players across the stage.
  • Raikou uses Spark. This attack lets Raikou emit small sparks that damage opponents within range.
  • Entei uses Fire Spin. This attack lets Entei boost a large fire pillar that can trap opponents within it.
  • Suicune uses Blizzard. This attack lets Suicune unleash a powerful blizzard around it, trapping opponents inside it.
  • Lugia uses Aeroblast. This attack lets Lugia fly to the background and emit large waves of energy to damage opponents.
  • Ho-Oh uses Sacred Fire. This attack lets Ho-Oh fly to the background and emit large waves of fire to damage opponents.
  • Celebi uses Fly. This allows Celebi to fly away from the stage, leaving gifts, points and trophies in its trails.
  • Torchic uses Fire Spin. Any players that get close to it take damage from fire.
  • Gardevoir uses Reflect. This attack allows Gardevoir to summon a reflective barrier that stops projectile attacks. Players can go inside the barrier to protect themselves.
  • Gulpin uses Swallow. This attack swallows the closest opponent and damages them until Gulpin spits them out.
  • Metagross uses Earthquake. Any opponents that go near Metagross can become trapped or grounded.
  • Latias & Latios use Steel Wing. This attack allows Latias and Latios to fly across the screen, specifically targeting any opponents.
  • Kyogre uses Hydro Pump. This attack pushes opponents off the stage. Kyogre can follow the opponent by flying.
  • Groudon uses Overheat. Any players that get close to it take damage from fire.
  • Jirachi uses Fly. This allows Jirachi to fly across the stage, leaving stickers in its trail.
  • Deoxys uses Hyper Beam. Any players that get near the beam that Deoxys fires take big damage and also can get trapped.
  • Piplup uses Surf. This attack allows Piplup to surf across the stage until it flies off the edge, possibly taking opponents along with it.
  • Bonsly uses Tackle. It can only use this move if it is picked up and thrown. If it hits an opponent it causes slightly big damage. Otherwise, it just walks back and fourth around the stage.
  • Munchlax uses its Pickup ability. Munchlax slowly walks around the stage, eating any items (besides Smash Ball, Poké Balls and Assist Trophies).
  • Abomasnow uses Blizzard & Ice Punch. These attacks allow Abomasnow to freeze opponents with Ice Punch and to trap opponents with Blizzard.
  • Weavile uses False Swipe. This attack allows Weavile to run across the stage in order to slash opponents. It has a possibility to stun opponents.
  • Palkia uses Spacial Rend. This attack allows Palkia to flip the screen upside-down, causing difficulty until it goes away.
  • Giratina uses Dragon Breath. This attack allows Giratina to push opponents off-screen if they get trapped.
  • Manaphy uses Heart Swap. This attack allows Manaphy to temporarily switch the players.
  • Darkrai uses Dark Void. This attack pulls in opponents and puts them to sleep. Darkrai's Bad Dreams ability causes them to take damage while asleep.
  • Arceus uses Gravity. This attack grounds any airborne opponents. If there is no stage below the opponent, they are immediately KOed.
  • Victini uses Victory Star. This allows Victini to give its summoner Super Armor and raises all of their stats. In Ultimate, it instead grants it's summoner a Final Smash.
  • Snivy uses Razor Leaf. This attack shoots rapid-fire leaves at the opponent. It replaces Chikorita.
  • Oshawott uses Surf. This attack allows Oshawott to surf across the stage until it flies off the edge, possibly taking opponents along with it. It replaces Piplup.
  • Zoroark uses Fury Swipes. This attack allows Zoroark to strike the first opponent it hits and then Meteor Smash the opponent when done slashing them.
  • Kyurem uses Icy Wind. This attack allows Kyurem to release icy blows from its sides, freezing opponents.
  • Keldeo uses Secret SwordKeldeo jumps around the stage, slashing opponents it can reach.
  • Meloetta uses Echoed VoiceMeloetta releases orbs of music that rapidly bounce across the stage.
  • Genesect uses Techno BlastGenesect jumps around the stage, releasing small bullets and then firing a giant beam.
  • Chespin uses Seed Bomb. This attack allows Chespin to release seeds that do damage around it. Chespin can also be pushed around the stage by its summoner.
  • Fennekin uses Incinerate. This attack allows Fennekin to shoot out fire beside it.
  • Fletchling uses Peck. Any opponents near Fletchling are repeatedly pecked and also flinch when pecked.
  • Spewpa uses Stun Spore. When Spewpa is attacked, it releases spores that stun the opponent temporarily.
  • Gogoat uses Take Down. This attack allows Gogoat to run across the stage, running into opponents. The player is also able to ride on its back, but with the risk of Gogoat jumping off the stage.
  • Swirlix uses Cotton Spore. Any players that go near Swirlix move slower as long as they are around Swirlix.
  • Inkay uses Topsy-Turvy. Any players nearby Inkay will trip.
  • Dedenne uses Discharge. This attack allows Dedenne to release an X-shaped electric attack that can trap opponents.
  • Xerneas uses Geomancy. This allows Xerneas to boost all the stats of all players while also giving a bigger boost to its summoner.
  • Bewear uses Brutal SwingBewear walks around the stage, uppercutting any opponents, launching them offscreen.
  • Pyukumuku uses Counter. Any player that attacks Pyukumuku are attacked back with equal force. It replaces Wobbuffet.
  • Togedemaru uses Zing Zap. This attack allows Togedemaru to release giant electricity from it. It can trap opponents that get near it.
  • Mimikyu uses Let's Snuggle Forever. This attack allows Mimikyu to grab onto nearby opponents and trap them while doing damage.
  • Tapu Koko uses Electroweb. This attack spans over a large range and traps opponents. It also shoots out electricity from vertical and diagonal angles.
  • Solgaleo uses Sunsteel Strike. This attack shoots a beam from Solgaleo, launching any opponents.
  • Lunala uses Moongeist Beam. Lunala flies to the back of the screen and shoots a beam, launching any opponents.
  • Marshadow uses Spectral ThiefMarshadow sneaks around the stage and punches opponents, potentially launching them.


  • Many Pokémon have a similar appearance to the Poké Ball, like Voltorb, Electrode, Foongus, Amoonguss and Galarian Stunfisk.
  • It is freely available at the start of most Pokémon games and the player character usually receives five of them at the start of a game.
  • Prior to Generation VII, it was the only Poké Ball used by other game characters.
  • Ash keeps Pikachu's Poké Ball on him at all times.
  • While never addressed, it is possible Poké Balls make the Pokémon caught by them obey their Trainers as later in the anime series (as the earlier stories suggest otherwise), even aggressive Pokémon like Paul's Ursaring and Ash's Muk listened to them and seem to instantly become friendly towards their capture.
    • This feature, however, is not perfect, as some Pokémon, such as Iris' Dragonite, still maintain a sense of disobedience.
  • In the early series of the anime, whenever a Pokémon pops out of the Poké Ball, the background would go dim when the white exits the Poké Ball; the lighting would return to normal once the light turned into the Pokémon. This is likely due to the anime being hand-drawn by that time.
  • By Black and White series, the light when Pokémon come out of Poké Ball is changed to a sparkling blue.
    • In Diamond and Pearl, this symbolized releasing Pokémon, which Paul is seen doing when Ash meets him.
  • The Poké Balls featured in Pokémon: Detective Pikachu work slightly differently: before throwing one to either catch or release a Pokémon, the trainer must first press the center to make the middle black line glow white; additionally, when activated, it makes a "powering up", whirring noise.
  • The Poké Balls featured in Pokémon Legends: Arceus are mostly made out of wood, feature a toggle latch (like those seen on toolboxes) on the front and a vent on their tops that gives out a puff of steam when Pokémon are caught. These are shown to be one of the earliest concepts of Poké Balls in the games.
    • It is implied that they were based on the appearances of Hisuian Voltorb back in Hisui.
  • Even though Poké Balls are able to contain strong Pokémon, they are still capable of breaking in different ways. This can be seen by methods such as brute force as seen with Eternatus in the anime, which was able to release itself from a Poké Ball by splitting it in half, and with Gary and Ash breaking one, or by a variety of attacks such as the corrosiveness of Poison attacks.