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PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure is a game available for the Wii console. The game was released on December 5, 2009, in Japan, November 1, 2010, in North America, and July 9, 2010, in Europe. The game features the player being able to play as the Pokémon Pikachu, challenging Pokémon to a Skill Game and partaking in the attractions.


Sky Prism

Mew asks Pikachu to collect the Sky Prism Pieces.

One day, Pikachu, Chikorita, Charmander, and Piplup are happily playing around until Mew appears and opens a mysterious portal. Piplup stumbles into the others pushing Pikachu through the portal and the others jump through after him. As Pikachu falls through the sky after exiting the portal, he receives a vision from Mew. Mew asks for Pikachu's help because the Sky Prism, which protects the PokéPark, has shattered into 14 pieces that have fallen all over the PokéPark. Without the Sky Prism, the Sky Pavilion could fall from the sky onto the PokéPark, causing untold damage. Mew reveals the pieces of the Sky Prism are in the hands of special Pokémon in the PokéPark and begs for his help.

Pikachu awakens on the ground and meets Chatot, the guide to the PokéPark. Pikachu asks Chatot if he's seen his friends, but Chatot hasn't seen them. Chatot, believing Pikachu's friends are at the PokéPark, offers to guide Pikachu there. On the way to the PokéPark, Chatot teaches Pikachu how to dash and jump. Chatot also reveals the Pokémon of the PokéPark like to play Skill Games and plays a game of Chase with Pikachu. After Pikachu wins the game, Chatot explains that by winning Skill Games, they can befriend the Pokémon they played with and receive berries as a prize.

Chatot leaves and a Buneary arrives, who reveals the PokéPark is just outside the forest they are currently in. However, a sleeping Snorlax is blocking the way to the PokéPark and Pikachu is forced to use Thunderbolt to wake him and access the PokéPark. Pikachu meets up with Chatot, who gives him a PokéPark Pad to record the friends he makes.

Meadow Zone[]

Pikachu then enters the PokéPark's Meadow Zone, where he finds Chikorita, who reveals that he got separated from Charmander and Piplup when they fell into the PokéPark. Buneary then recommends the two play some of the PokéPark's attractions. The two go to meet Bulbasaur, the attraction manger of Bulbasaur's Daring Dash, but Bulbasaur reveals that the rules of the Meadow Zone state that attractions can't be played and Pokémon can't leave and visit other zones. However, Bulbasaur decides to let the two play the attraction in secret from the Zone Keeper, Venusaur. Though curious about the strange rules of the Meadow Zone, Chikorita and Pikachu play the attraction.

After the two complete the attraction, Bulbasaur gives Pikachu a Prism Piece, having found it after it fell from the sky and received instructions to give it to whomever completes his attractions. However, Treecko and Mankey discover that the three broke the zone's rules and kidnap Chikorita to bring her to Venusaur. Pikachu goes after Chikorita and finds Treecko blocking the bridge that leads to the other half of the zone and will only let Pikachu by if he befriends Turtwig and completes his bonus on Bulbasaur's attraction. After completing his challenge, Treecko lets Pikachu pass and Pikachu then has to battle Mankey in order to get across the bridge. After he is defeated, Mankey concedes defeats and gives Pikachu directions to Venusaur and tells him to speak with Croagunk.

When Pikachu speaks to Croagunk, he refuses to let Pikachu in unless Pikachu gives him 200 berries. When Croagunk learns the reason Pikachu wants to see Venusaur, he is touched and returns a good portion of the berries given to him. Pikachu finally meets with Venusaur to have Chikorita freed. Venusaur refuses to, claiming that Chikorita and Pikachu broke the rules and if he let them go, others would follow their example and create trouble for the Meadow Zone. Venusaur will listen to Pikachu if he defeats his trusted aides, Croagunk and Spearow in Skill games.

After both Croagunk and Spearow are defeated, Venusaur releases Chikorita, but refuses to let them do the attractions again. Chikorita objects to Venusaur's policies on not playing attractions and unable to leave the Zone and question why he would make such limits. Venusaur proclaims that attractions and other zones are too dangerous and that his methods are to keep the Pokémon of the Meadow Zone safe. Chikorita challenges this by asking Pikachu to play Venusaur's attraction to prove him wrong and Venusaur excepts the challenge and agrees to lift his rules if they can beat it.

After Pikachu beats Venusaur's Vine Swing, Venusaur keeps his end of the bargain and lifts his rules, also giving Pikachu a Prism Piece. Chikorita asks Venusaur why is being so overprotective when he knows that the Meadow Zone Pokémon are capable of taking of themselves. Venusaur reveals he had reasons for his actions and it was because he had a fight with Emploeon, the Keeper of the Beach and Iceberg Zones, and Blaziken, the Keeper of the Cavern and Lava Zones over the values of the PokéPark and he closed the Meadow Zone to protect it. Venusaur wishes to mend his friendship with the other keepers and asks Pikachu to speak to them and send his regards to reunite the PokéPark. Chikorita leaves to check out the Meeting Place, the center point of the PokéPark where the Zones can be accessed, and asks Pikachu to follow him when he is ready.

Upon reaching the Meeting Place, Pikachu meets Chatot again who explains that the Meeting Place is the center point of the PokéPark where other zones can be accessed. Pikachu meets up with Chikorita, who reveals she plans to turn the giant tree in the middle of the Meeting Place into a giant tree house. After speaking to Electabuzz to learn about powering up Pikachu's attacks, Misdreavus about how to take pictures, and Drifblim about operating Drifblim Stops to travel to different zones instantly, Pikachu speaks to the gate guard of the Beach Zone, Corphish, about speaking to Empoleon and Corphish opens the gate to the Beach Zone.

Beach Zone[]

Upon entering the Zone, Pikachu sees Azurill and Slowpoke discussing about a fight between a Feraligatr and Gyarados that led to the destruction of most on the bridges that connected the nearby islands. Suddenly, a mysterious earthquake occurs and after it ends, they notice Pikachu and learn the reason he is there. They explain that Empoleon resides in the Iceberg Zone and that Pikachu needs to cross the ocean to reach there and that riding Lapras, who usually comes by the cove, is the best way to get there.

Upon reaching the path to the cove, Pikachu discovers that the earlier earthquake caused a rock to fall and block the way to the cove. Feraligatr offers to destroy the rock if Pikachu brings Gyarados, who proclaimed himself the new Zone Keeper, to his senses. Immediately afterward, Pikachu is called out to by Piplup, who is stranded on a nearby island with a broken bridge along with Wynaut. Piplup recommends that Pikachu speak to Bidoof in the Meadow Zone to have her make a bridge to rescue them.

When Pikachu talks to Bidoof in the Meadow Zone, she asks for Pikachu's help in gathering lumber so she can expand her dam so her family can visit the Meadow Zone. After Pikachu gathers the lumber, Bidoof is able to expand her home and agrees to help Pikachu by having one of her friends travel to the Beach Zone so she can build a bridge.

Upon returning to the Beach Zone, Pikachu meets with the other Bidoof who agrees to build a bridge and asks Pikachu to bring lumber. However, Sharpedo and Carvanha refuse to let the Bidoof build the bridge without Gyarados's permission. Bidoof questions this because Empoleon is the keeper of the Beach Zone and allows the construction of bridges. Sharpedo and Carvanha don't care about Empoleon's rules, but agree to let the bridge be built if they can clear Pelipper's attraction. After Pelipper's Circle Circuit is cleared, Pikachu is awarded a Prism Piece by Pelipper, and Sharpedo and Carvanha allow the bridge to be built. After Wynaut and Piplup get across the bridge, Piplup learns of Pikachu's missions and decides to stay in the Beach Zone for a bit.

After Pikachu provides Bidoof with more lumber, she finishes three more bridges that allow Pikachu to reach Gyarados. When spoken to, Gyarados refuses to relinquish his self appointed keeper status and reveals he has plans to take over other zones as well in order to rule the PokéPark. However, he is impressed that Pikachu has made many friends and agrees to step down if Pikachu or one his friends can clear his attraction and will even give up his Prism Piece. After Gyarados' Aqua Dash is cleared, Gyarados gives Pikachu the Prism Piece. After learning the reason Pikachu is collecting the Prism Pieces, Gyarados realizes the danger the PokéPark is in, recognizes how selfish he's been, and abandons his plans to become ruler of the PokéPark.

Pikachu tells Feraligatr about Gyarados's change of heart and a grateful Feraligatr destroys the rock, unblocking the path to the cove. Soon after, Piplup arrives and discovers an object that Lapras identifies as a deflated and broken balloon. Piplup decides to take the balloon back to the meeting place to get it fixed in order to use it to help find Charmander and the remaining Prism Pieces. Pikachu then talks to Lapras about visiting Empoleon in the Iceberg Zone, but Lapras reveals that Empoleon has hardened his heart after his fight with the other keepers and locked himself away. Lapras notes that the Pokémon of the PokéPark have become heavyhearted and agrees to take Pikachu to the Iceberg Zone.

Iceberg Zone[]

When Pikachu arrives at the Iceberg Zone, he travels Empoleon's area. However, the Piloswine guarding the gate reveals that Empoleon froze the gate shut and that Mamoswine, the only Pokémon that can break it open, has also been frozen by Empoleon. Piloswine asks Pikachu to free Mamoswine and reveals he is currently frozen on the other side of the Zone's lake.

There, Pikachu meets a Teddiursa who recommends he get Froslass's help to freeze the lake to make it able to be crossed. Pikachu learns from a Glalie that Froslass left and agrees to help him build igloos to impress her by bringing him ice blocks. After three igloos are built, Glalie tells Pikachu that Froslass is currently at the bottom of the chairlift and asks him to bring her back. When Pikachu reaches the chairlift, its operator, Prinplup, refuses to let him on unless he defeats him in battle. After Prinplup is defeated, Pikachu is permitted to use the chairlift and he uses it to reach Froslass, who he has to battle to convince to her to come see Glalie's igloos. When Froslass returns to the lake, she agrees to free the lake and Pikachu is able to free Mamoswine, who promptly breaks open Empoleon's gate.

Pikachu finally meets with Empoleon and delivers Venusaur's message for reconciliation. However, Empoleon refuses to believe Pikachu unless he can clear his attraction. Suddenly, Piplup arrives and offers to play the attraction in Pikachu's place and also asks Empoleon why he locked himself away. Empoleon explains he has been trying to obtain "Steel Will", a state of mind unaffected by joy or sorrow, ever since he fought with Venusaur and Blaziken and locked himself in to harden his mind in order to escape the sorrow he felt after the fight.

After Empoleon's Snow Slide is cleared, Empoleon gives Pikachu a Prism but says that he and Piplup are too dependent on emotion to obtain Steel Will. However, he also admits they have warmed his hardened heart and that Steel Will is not the only way to be strong. Empoleon agrees to reconcile with Venusaur and Blaziken and Piplup tells Pikachu that he should go to the Cavern Zone next to meet Blaziken.

Cavern Zone[]

When Pikachu returns to the Meeting Place, Chikorita has built the first floor of the treehouse and Piplup has brought the balloon back, declaring he'll fix it up. Pikachu then talks to the gate guard of the Cavern Zone, Cranidos, and Cranidos reveals that Pikachu's exploits are becoming well known and tells him the Blaziken wants to meet him.

When Pikachu enters the Cavern Zone, he meets a Mr. Mime who reveals that a piece of the rail line is missing, preventing use of the Zone's mine cart, and he asks Pikachu to help find it because without it, the Lava Zone can't be accessed. Mr. Mime suggests Pikachu ask the Zubat, who gossip often, for clues about the missing rail. During the search to find Zubat, Pikachu meets a Mawile, who reveals that the Zone's hot spring dried up during a recent earthquake and because of that, more Pokémon have been leaving the Zone. When Pikachu speaks to a Zubat, the Zubat reveals that he saw Aron drooling over the rail awhile ago.

When Pikachu speaks with Aron, he begs Pikachu to bust open a nearby crate in order to get some Iron Ore for him to eat. Once Pikachu gives him some Iron Ore, Aron reveals that Mawile was the one who stole the rail. Pikachu then questions Mawile, who admits she took the rail and refuses to tell where she hid it unleash Pikachu can beat her at Chase. After Mawile is defeated, she reveals that Dugtrio hid the rail and explains that she took it so no more Pokémon could leave the zone. Pikachu then questions Dugtrio and he reveals he hid the crate in the storage area guarded by Marowak. However, Marowak refuses Pikachu in unless he defeats him in a battle and after he is defeated and learns that Dugtrio dug underneath to hide the rail, allows Pikachu to search the storage area.

During the search of the storage area, Pikachu finds a Diglett who reveals he hid the rail underneath Snorlax, who is sleeping where the hot spring used to be. When Pikachu goes to Snorlax, he has to wake him up again with thunder and give him a Big Berry to convince to move. When Snorlax finally moves, the hot spring, in which Diglett inadvertently dug a new channel for the water when he hid the rail, springs back up along with the rail. Pikachu retrieves the rail and brings it back to Mr. Mime, who puts the rail back in. Mr. Mime then asks Pikachu to retrieve the mine cart and Pikachu finds it in the possession of some Gible. The Gible agree to give it back if Pikachu can defeat one of them in battle. Once Pikachu defeats the Gible, the mine cart is returned and Pikachu uses it to travel to the Lava Zone.

Lava Zone[]

When Pikachu enters the Lava Zone, he is greeted by Hitmontop, who teaches him how to operate the Zone's drill to dig for ore. However, the drill is currently overheated, preventing it's use, and Hitmontop recommends Pikachu check out the furnace that is operated by Camerupt. When Pikachu reaches the furnace, Camerupt explains that he has to battle him to use the furnace, under the rules set by Blaziken that only strong Pokémon can be in the Zone. After Pikachu defeats Camerupt, Camerupt reveals that Pikachu has become well known in the Lava Zone under the name "Lightning Strike" and even Blaziken is keeping an eye on Pikachu's exploits. Camerupt then teaches Pikachu how to use the furnace, which Pikachu uses along with the drill to make an Iron Bar to repair the device operating the flame pillars blocking the way deeper into the Zone.

After Pikachu enters the next area of the Lava Zone, he is reunited with Charmander, who reveals he's learned of Pikachu's exploits and learns where Chikorita and Piplup are. He then reveals he almost fell in the lava, but was saved by Blaziken and asks Pikachu to battle him. After he is defeated, Charmander leaves to train with Blaziken.

Pikachu continues on to meet Blaziken and after getting by his guards Farfetch'd and Magcargo, by defeating Farfetch'd in battle and clearing Bastiodon's Block Barrage and Rhyperior's Bumper Burn for Magcargo, Pikachu is allowed to meet Blaziken. When Pikachu meets with Blaziken, Blaziken asks Pikachu to help him reunite the PokéPark under his leadership. When Pikachu asks him to make amends with Venusaur and Empoleon, Blaziken is not pleased and refuses to do so, believing that the PokéPark needs his powerful leadership over theirs. Blaziken tells Pikachu if he plans to stand in his way, they he will have to prove his power by defeating Charmander. After Charmander is defeated in a rematch, Blaziken is impressed and reminded of the positive qualities of his former friend. Blaziken decides to test with his attraction in order to see he can trust Pikachu's strength, agreeing to make amends with Venusaur and Empoleon if the attraction is cleared.

After Blaziken's Boulder Bash is cleared, Blaziken acknowledges Pikachu's strength and gives him a Prism Piece. He then tells Pikachu that the Sky Prism in the Sky Pavilion is said to keep peace and balance in the PokéPark. Blaziken planned to gather the Prism Pieces himself to save the PokéPark himself, but entrusts that mission to Pikachu while he, Venusaur, and Empoleon reunite the PokéPark. Charmander gives Pikachu his support and heads toward the meeting place.

Haunted Zone[]

When Pikachu returns to the meeting place, Chikorita has finish build the second floor of the tree house. Pikachu and his friends finally reunite and Piplup tries to get the balloon he recovered into the air, but there is a hole in it, preventing it from leaving the ground. Suddenly, Chatot appears and reveals he has received a message from Mew telling everyone to collect Prism Pieces and bring them to the Sky Pavilion. However, no one know where the Sky Pavilion is and the Meeting Place's Misdreavus suggests that Pikachu ask the book smart Mismagius from the Haunted Zone to see if she knows about the Sky Pavilion.

When Pikachu asks Duskull, the gate guard of the Haunted Zone, about entering, Duskull reveals that the Keeper of the Haunted Zone, Rotom, is missing. Duskull asks Pikachu to help find Rotom and let's him in. When Pikachu enters the Haunted Zone, he learns from the door guard, Drifloon, the he can only enter the Zone's mansion if he can clear Tangrowth's attraction. After Tangrowth's Swing-Along is cleared, Pikachu is awarded a Prism Piece and is allowed into the supposedly haunted mansion.

Once inside, Pikachu meets another Duskull who offers to be Pikachu's guide through the mansion. After Duskull's tour is finished, Pikachu meets a Gastly who offers to show him a hidden room in the mansion and unlocks a locked room. Inside, Pikachu meets a Gengar hiding inside a painting and soon after, a bell goes off, signifying Dusknoir's attraction has opened. After Dusknoir's Speed Slam is cleared, Pikachu is awarded another Prism Piece and is allowed to enter the mansion's ballroom.

There, Pikachu learns from a Pichu the scary ghost Pokémon of the mansion are actually quite friendly. Pikachu then learns from a Misdreavus that Mismagius has locked herself in the mansion's library every since the ballroom's piano broke. Misdreavus asks Pikachu to get some thread from Spinarak to repair the piano and Gastly opens another hidden room. After Pikachu retrieves some thread from Spinarak, the piano's repaired and the music from it draws Mismagius outside of the Library.

When Pikachu talks to Mismagius, she agrees to help find the Sky Pavilion and asks Pikachu to help find Rotom. Pikachu searches the library and learns from Duskull that Rotom disappeared inside the library, that he noticed a book is missing from the shelf, and that the missing book could lead to Rotom. After Pikachu retrieves the missing book from a Sableye and inserts it into the shelf, the shelf retracts, revealing a secret passage. Pikachu finds Rotom at the end of the passage, who reveals that he was preparing his attraction when the bookcase closed and trapped him inside. Once Pikachu has made 85 friends, he is allowed to play Rotom's Spooky Shoot 'em up and is awarded a Prism Piece after it is cleared.

Afterward, Duskull and Mismagius thank Pikachu for finding Rotom and Mismagius reveals she found a book that states the way through to Sky Pavilion is through the Granite Zone. Mismagius also tells Pikachu that the Sky Prism is deeply connected with the bond of friendship in the PokéPark and if one becomes weaker, so does the other.

Granite Zone[]

When Pikachu returns to the Meeting Place, Chikorita has finish building the tree house, Piplup has repaired the balloon with a patch provided from the Haunted Zone, and Charmander is planning to make some fireworks so the Pokémon of the PokéPark can enjoy them together. When Pikachu speaks to the gate guard of the Granite Zone, Skorupi, he refuses to let Pikachu through. Suddenly, another earthquake occurs and Skorupi agrees to let Pikachu to the Granite Zone when he learns from Chikorita about his mission from Mew.

Soon after Pikachu enters the Zone, he is greeted by a Charizard who tells Pikachu he will be tested and express his concern about the recent earthquake. Pikachu also meets a Hoppip who refuses to let him continue unless he can clear Absol's Attraction. After Absol's Hurdle Bounce is cleared, Pikachu is awarded a Prism Piece allowed to travel deeper into the Zone. Afterward, Pikachu reaches a gate called the Promise Gate guarded by a Flygon, who will let Pikachu continue if he can collect three secret words from Pokémon around the Zone.

After searching the Granite Zone, Pikachu learns the first secret word "Love" from a Porygon-Z and the second word "Peace" from a Togekiss. Togekiss then tells Pikachu the third word lies with Snorlax in the Cavern Zone. When Pikachu returns to the Cavern Zone, he is greeted by Mawile who thanks him for helping the Cavern Zone and Pikachu gets the final secret word "Rainbow" from Snorlax.

With all three secret words, Pikachu is granted access to the rest of the Zone by Flygon, who warns that the earlier earthquake means bad things for PokéPark and that Pikachu will learn why at the Sky Pavilion. A Jumpluff prevents Pikachu from moving beyond the ruins until he can clear Salamence's attraction. After Salamence's Air Ace is cleared, Pikachu is awarded a Prism Piece and allowed access to beyond the Granite Zone and Shaymin tells him to speak to another Shaymin about reaching the Sky Pavilion.

Flower Zone[]

When Pikachu enters the next area, he speaks with Shaymin who reveals the area is not the Sky Pavilion, but instead the Flower Zone. Shaymin explains the Sky Pavilion floats in the sky and can't guide him there because the mirror needed to find it is missing. Pikachu then speaks to a Mareep who reveals that the mirror fell out of the Zone during the earthquake and landed in the treehouse at the Meeting Place.

When Pikachu returns to the Meeting Place, Piplup reveals the balloon is ready to fly and Charmander reveals he saw the mirror land in the tree house. Pikachu then recovers the mirror and returns it to its proper place in the Flower Zone. When the mirror is returned, it sends out a beam of light that summons Rayquaza, who agrees to reveal the location of the Sky Pavilion if Pikachu can clear his attraction. After Rayquaza's Balloon Panic is cleared, Pikachu is awarded the final Prism Piece and Rayquaza tells him to follow the light from the mirror to find the Sky Pavilion with Shaymin as a guide. When Pikachu speaks to Shaymin, he reveals that he can't guide Pikachu until the Gracidea flower blooms and entrusts Pikachu in finding a way to speed up the blooming process. Pikachu is given a watering can from Bellossom that helps the flowers bloom and Pikachu travels with Charmander, Chikorita, and Piplup on the balloon toward the Sky Pavilion with Shaymin, in his Sky Forme, as a guide.

Sky Pavilion[]

When the group arrives on the Sky Pavilion, another earthquake occurs and Shaymin reveals he saw the Sky Prism was in pieces and surmises it is related to the fighting between Pokémon in the PokéPark. The group decides to speak with Mew and Shaymin warn Mew is a mischievous Pokémon who can transform into other Pokémon. After Pikachu sees through Mew's attempt to disguise at himself as Piplup, Mew reveals himself. Mew then reveals that when the Pokémon of the PokéPark started fighting with each other, the prism shattered and that Pikachu's efforts to restore the friendship of the PokéPark Pokémon have made it possible to restore the Sky Prism. Mew asks Pikachu to play some Skill Games with him to complete the process of restoring the Sky Prism.

After Mew is defeated in Obstacle Hop, Battle, and Chase, the Sky Prism is ready to be restored and Mew reveals that he hoped Pikachu could reunite the Pokémon when he first saw him playing with his friends. The Prism pieces are put back on the Sky Prism and held together with the bonds of friendship throughout PokéPark and the Sky Prism is fully restored, signified by the return of the PokéPark rainbow. The group returns to the PokéPark as the park's residents watch their balloon descend. Later that night, Charmander lights his fireworks and the park's resident's watch, ending the main game.

In the post game, Pikachu is free to explore, play and befriend Pokémon. New Pokémon also appear to play the Park's attractions.


Skill Games[]

The Skill Games consists of five activities that test Pikachu's abilities against Pokémon.


Park Battle

Battling Blastoise

Battling is the main activity in which some Pokémon will challenge you to a duel. During the battle, the player will need to lower the Pokémon's hit points by using a variety of moves at Pikachu's disposal. The battle feature is identical to the battling in the main series game, whereas different types of Pokémon are granted a weakness or immunity against Pikachu's Thunderbolt or Iron Tail.

Hide & Seek[]

Park Hide and Seek

Seeking Oddish

Hide & Seek is another activity where a Pokémon will challenge you to find it. While playing, the Pokémon hides and you'll have to search around the area. However, if the Pokémon is close to Pikachu, its cry can be heard.


Park Chase

Chasing Ponyta

Chase is a common activity where the Pokémon will maneuver around the area. During the tag race, Pikachu will need to catch up and "tag" the Pokémon using Pikachu's Quick Attack. Some Pokémon will leave traps that will slow down Pikachu.


Park Quizzes

Corsola gives a quiz

Pokémon will sometimes offer quizzes where the player must answer questions correctly. Even if he Pokémon is challenged repeatedly, it will always ask the same questions. After three consecutive correct answers, the Pokémon will allow you to advance through another part of the zone or befriend them.

Obstacle Hop[]

Park Obstacle Hop

Pikachu hops into another platform

The least common challenge is the Obstacle Hop. The Obstacle Hop is a series of platforms that Pikachu must jump on and reach the goal. The challenge must be completed within the 99 seconds time limit. If Pikachu falls off the platform, it will need to restart from the beginning with the timer still counting down.


Photography returns with Misdreavus running the system. The player can take screenshots, using the minus (-) button on the Wii remote, of the gameplay using the camera given by Misdreavus. If the player speaks to Misdreavus, the player can view the gallery, delete, or save the images to an SD card.

Powering-Up Pikachu[]

Park PowerUp

Electabuzz trains Pikachu's Thunderbolt

Pikachu's attacks can be powered-up in the Meeting Place by talking to Electabuzz, Ponyta, Bibarel, or Primeape to strengthen up Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Pikachu's hit points, and Iron Tail, respectively. In order to power-up, the player must pay them a certain amount of berries.


Article: Poképark (Pikachu's Adventure)


Attractions are the main feature in PokéPark. There are fourteen attractions in total.


Park Chatot Chatot
Park Chikorita Chikorita
Park Turtwig Turtwig
Park Torterra Torterra
Park Buneary Buneary
Park Munchlax Munchlax
Park Treecko Treecko
Park Mankey Mankey
Park Bidoof Bidoof
Park Bibarel Bibarel
Park Oddish Oddish
Park Aipom Aipom
Park Ambipom Ambipom
Park Leafeon Leafeon
Park Spearow Spearow
Park Croagunk Croagunk
Park Starly Starly
Park Bonsly Bonsly
Park Sudowoodo Sudowoodo
Park Pachirisu Pachirisu
Park Lotad Lotad
Park Shinx Shinx
Park Scyther Scyther
Park Magikarp Magikarp
Park Caterpie Caterpie
Park Butterfree Butterfree
Park Weedle Weedle
Park Shroomish Shroomish
Park Tropius Tropius
Park Bulbasaur Bulbasaur
Park Venusaur Venusaur
Park Piplup Piplup
Park Slowpoke Slowpoke
Park Azurill Azurill
Park Corsola Corsola
Park Wynaut Wynaut
Park Carvanha Carvanha
Park Sharpedo Sharpedo
Park Wailord Wailord
Park Totodile Totodile
Park Feraligatr Feraligatr
Park Lapras Lapras
Park Psyduck Psyduck
Park Golduck Golduck
Park Buizel Buizel
Park Floatzel Floatzel
Park Vaporeon Vaporeon
Park Mudkip Mudkip
Park Taillow Taillow
Park Staravia Staravia
Park Pidgeotto Pidgeotto
Park Krabby Krabby
Park Corphish Corphish
Park Blastoise Blastoise
Park Wingull Wingull
Park Pelipper Pelipper
Park Gyarados Gyarados
Park Glalie Glalie
Park Froslass Froslass
Park Piloswine Piloswine
Park Mamoswine Mamoswine
Park Teddiursa Teddiursa
Park Ursaring Ursaring
Park Kirlia Kirlia
Park Spheal Spheal
Park Quagsire Quagsire
Park Glaceon Glaceon
Park Octillery Octillery
Park Delibird Delibird
Park Primeape Primeape
Park Squirtle Squirtle
Park Smoochum Smoochum
Park Sneasel Sneasel
Park Prinplup Prinplup
Park Empoleon Empoleon
Park Mr. Mime Mr. Mime
Park Mawile Mawile
Park Aron Aron
Park Gible Gible
Park Marowak Marowak
Park Zubat Zubat
Park Golbat Golbat
Park Diglett Diglett
Park Dugtrio Dugtrio
Park Snorlax Snorlax
Park Geodude Geodude
Park Machamp Machamp
Park Meowth Meowth
Park Scizor Scizor
Park Cranidos Cranidos
Park Phanpy Phanpy
Park Raichu Raichu
Park Magnemite Magnemite
Park Magnezone Magnezone
Park Hitmonlee Hitmonlee
Park Electivire Electivire
Park Bastiodon Bastiodon
Park Charmander Charmander
Park Hitmontop Hitmontop
Park Hitmonchan Hitmonchan
Park Camerupt Camerupt
Park Chimchar Chimchar
Park Infernape Infernape
Park Vulpix Vulpix
Park Ninetales Ninetales
Park Farfetch'd Farfetch'd
Park Meditite Meditite
Park Magby Magby
Park Magmortar Magmortar
Park Flareon Flareon
Park Magcargo Magcargo
Park Torkoal Torkoal
Park Golem Golem
Park Quilava Quilava
Park Baltoy Baltoy
Park Claydol Claydol
Park Ponyta Ponyta
Park Rhyperior Rhyperior
Park Torchic Torchic
Park Blaziken Blaziken
Park Murkrow Murkrow
Park Honchkrow Honchkrow
Park Gliscor Gliscor
Park Drifloon Drifloon
Park Kakuna Kakuna
Park Metapod Metapod
Park Tangrowth Tangrowth
Park Riolu Riolu
Park Sableye Sableye
Park Spinarak Spinarak
Park Breloom Breloom
Park Pichu Pichu
Park Misdreavus Misdreavus
Park Mismagius Mismagius
Park Elekid Elekid
Park Electabuzz Electabuzz
Park Luxray Luxray
Park Stunky Stunky
Park Skuntank Skuntank
Park Voltorb Voltorb
Park Electrode Electrode
Park Umbreon Umbreon
Park Espeon Espeon
Park Gastly Gastly
Park Haunter Haunter
Park Gengar Gengar
Park Duskull Duskull
Park Dusknoir Dusknoir
Park Charizard Charizard
Park Flygon Flygon
Park Porygon-Z Porygon-Z
Park Bronzor Bronzor
Park Togekiss Togekiss
Park Arcanine Arcanine
Park Lopunny Lopunny
Park Furret Furret
Park Staraptor Staraptor
Park Skorupi Skorupi
Park Eevee Eevee
Park Hoppip Hoppip
Park Jumpluff Jumpluff
Park Aerodactyl Aerodactyl
Park Jolteon Jolteon
Park Tyranitar Tyranitar
Park Garchomp Garchomp
Park Absol Absol
Park Salamence Salamence
Park Bellossom Bellossom
Park Budew Budew
Park Skiploom Skiploom
Park Cyndaquil Cyndaquil
Park Mareep Mareep
Park Dragonite Dragonite
Park Lucario Lucario
Park Rayquaza Rayquaza
Park Drifblim Drifblim
Park Burmy Burmy
Park Mime Jr. Mime Jr.
Park Abra Abra
Park Mew Mew
Park Jirachi Jirachi
Park Manaphy Manaphy
Park Latias Latias
Park Suicune Suicune
Park Metagross Metagross
Park Heatran Heatran
Park Groudon Groudon
Park Celebi Celebi
Park Darkrai Darkrai
Park Rotom Rotom
Park Shaymin Shaymin
Park Latios Latios
Park Deoxys Deoxys


The game features a password system in which the player can unlock various items and make Pokémon appear in PokéPark. The passwords can be entered through the Password Selection in the main menu.

Pokémon/Item American Code Japanese Code Europe Code
Pikachu's Balloons 99930457 80373821 57429445
Pikachu's Snowboard 67446162 41695651 04823523
Pikachu's Surfboard 02970626 78872252 84925064
Celebi's Appearance 58068773 21154585 99645049
Groudon's Appearance 49446209 93360553 45594012
Jirachi's Appearance 73938790 88484977 82401777
Darkrai's Appearance 65967413 16703396 20433557


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