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|jname= ベベノム Bebenomu
|gen=Generation VII
|species=Poison Pin Pokémon
|ability=[[Beast Boost]]
|metheight=0.6 m
|imweight=4.0 lbs.
|metweight=1.8 kg
|evointo = Naganadel
|evo = [[File:803.png]][[File:804.png|link=Naganadel]]
{{Nihongo|Poipole|ベベノム|Bebenomu}} (codenamed UB Adhesive) is a {{Type|Poison}}-[[Types|type]] [[Pokémon]] introduced in [[Generation VII]]. It is an [[Ultra Beast]].
Poipole are emotional and one can gain the ability to understand human languages if it lives with humans for a long period.
That Poipole are very curious not knowing about the human world, can be mischievous at times. They greet others by squirting ooze or spinning upside down on their heads.
They can use their ooze to make paintings of Pokémon they like as a sign of friendship or express how they feel.
Poipole evolves into [[Naganadel]] when leveled up after learning [[Dragon Pulse]].
==Game info==
===Game locations===
{{Game Locations
|type = Poison
|ultrasunultramoon = Gift from [[Ultra Recon Squad]]
|usumrarity = One}}
===Pokédex entries===
|us=This Ultra Beast is well enough liked to be chosen as a first partner in its own world.
|um=An Ultra Beast that lives in a different world, it cackles wildly as it sprays its opponents with poison from the needles on its head.}}
|type = Poison
|HP = 67
|Attack = 73
|Defense = 67
|SpAtk = 73
|SpDef = 67
|Speed = 73}}
{{Movessettop|type = Poison|gen=VII}}
{{Movessetmid|1|''[[Dragon Pulse]]''|85|100|10|Dragon|Special}}
{{Movessetmid|1|[[Helping Hand]]|-|-|20|Normal|Status}}
{{Movessetmid|7|[[Fury Attack]]|15|85|20|Normal|Physical}}
{{Movessetmid|23|[[Venom Drench]]|-|100|20|Poison|Status}}
{{Movessetmid|31|[[Nasty Plot]]|-|-|20|Dark|Status}}
{{Movessetmid|37|'''[[Poison Jab]]'''|80|100|20|Poison|Physical}}
{{Movessetmid|47|[[Fell Stinger]]|50|100|25|Bug|Physical}}
{{Movessetend|type = Poison}}
====By TM====
{{Movestmmid|TM10|[[Hidden Power]]|60|100|15|Normal|Special}}
{{Movestmmid|TM34|'''[[Sludge Wave]]'''|95|100|10|Poison|Special}}
{{Movestmmid|TM36|'''[[Sludge Bomb]]'''|80|100|10|Poison|Special}}
{{Movestmmid|TM49|[[Echoed Voice]]|40|100|15|Normal|Special}}
{{Movestmmid|TM84|'''[[Poison Jab]]'''|80|100|20|Poison|Physical}}
{{Movestmmid|TM88|[[Sleep Talk]]|—|—|10|Normal|Status}}
{{Movessetend|type = Poison}}
|type = {{Poison}}
|usumspr = Poipole.gif
|VIIback = 803b.gif
|usumsprf = Poipole Shiny USUM.gif
|VIIbackf = 803SB.gif
*[[Ash's Poipole]]
*Early leaks for Poipole and its evolution were leaked. An article can be found [ here].
*Poipole is the first Ultra Beast to have an evolutionary line.
*It is stated that, in its [[Ultra Space|"own world"]], Poipole are used as a common [[Starter Pokémon]].
*Poipole has the lowest BST of all Ultra Beasts.
Poipole is a combination of the words ''poison'' (referring to its type) and ''pole'' (referring to its needle/pole-like shape on its head). Parts of its name also take letters from the word ''purple'' (referring to its color).
Its Japanese name, Bebenom is a combination word of the words ''bebe'' (a French name for baby) ''venom'' (another name for poison used by certain animals like reptiles and insects for most parts, which refers needle/pole-like shape on its head similar to bees and mosquitoes, and its dragonic-lineage which foreshadows its evolved form).
803Poipole SM Anime.png
803Poipole Dream.png
poipole concept.jpg
{{Legendary and Mythical}}{{GenVIInav}}{{Family|[[File:803.png]][[File:804.png|link=Naganadel]]}}{{PokémonPrevNext|prev=Marshadow|next=Naganadel}}
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