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Poffin are roll-like items that were introduced in generation IV. Thier name is a cross between Pokemon and Muffin, although they don't look much like a muffin. They are used to boost a Pokemon's Contest stats: Beauty, Tough, Cool, smart, or cute. Poffin are like Pokeblocks from Generation III.

Making Poffin

Poffin are made from Berries. The flavor of the berry determines the flavor of the Poffin. You make it at the Poffin house in Hearthrome City. However you must obtain the Poffin Case by the Pokemon Fan Club chairman in Hearthrome City.

Likes or dislikes

Depending on a pokemon's nature, they might prefer Sour poffins, Sweet Poffins, etc. These are the second coming of Pokeblocks from R/S/E. Beware if it overflows or burns because it will worsen the poffin's flavor and the pokemon may dislike it except, if it eats anything happily. The faster you finish the poffin, the bigger the flavor of the poffin and it might even become a Mild Poffin. To get a free one, talk to a Rich Guy in Hearthrome City in the front of the counter and he will give you a Mild Poffin and steps aside and lets you enter a contest. You don't have to always enter the contest although.

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